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Average rating: 4.2 out of 5
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Payvand a hobbyist user from USA writes:
This, and the AN200 are good machines because they sound good, and they make it easy to create your patches using all those knobs and what not. The software editor does not seem to work 100% with my computer in that when editing user patches, it can not read a user patch that already exists in the machine; but rather can only save to a user spot. But for now, I am having enough fun just tweaking the pre-exisiting user patches from the machine's front panel. After a full day at work, I don't want to continue looking at a computer monitor anyway. I use it strictly as a sound module, with an external sequencer and keyboard. For the money ($200 new for the DX and AN is what I paid), it is well worth it. My wish? That it was at least 2 or maybe 4 parts multi-timbral on the synth section. An extra 2 or 4 sound outputs would have been good also. But still, you can make some killer sounds for a reasonable price with this machine. And it is easy to program if you don't know too much about what you are doing. Its drums can be used along with my other modules to add rhythmic complexity although some of the drum sounds are not good. Get one if you find it. I am hoping Yamaha will follow up on these two machines and make something with more audio outputs, 4 part multi on the synth section, and maybe audio ins. Maybe a groovebox that includes not only 4-layer PCM, but also AN modeling, FM, 32 track sequencer, and a good sampler.

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Thursday-Oct-23-2003 at 13:32
Slug a part-time user from NYC writes:
The creators of the DX200 ment well, I mean it sounds create as a FM synth module, and is very approachable to FM programming. But...sadly they kinda screwed up on the "groovebox" part of it. The Dx200 is a good box for someone who wants to learn how to program Frequency Modulation, but the drum machine is a bit basic and weak. The sequencer for some reason skips the 1st step when a new pattern is played...why this was overlooked i dunno. But just get a midi controller and ya a midi cord and this thing is an awesome synth module. And the drum parts isn't too bad to write down a groove that might just pop in ur head. And hell ya, this thing is a bargain for the price it's going for, so you get wut ya pay for. Overall the Dx200 is good but could've been much better.

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Monday-Sep-01-2003 at 01:17
steve Hegman a professional user from usa writes:
This is a great module. FM is a brillant way to aproach synthesizer music. it really is a super TX7. You can't get to all the parameters but you can tweek enough stuff to make this a fun axe and there are sooooooooo many DX sounds on the web to draw from. killer organs, guitars & new- different-exciting- funtional synth sounds. if they gave me more dials and 8 operators I'll give it a 5

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Sunday-Jul-13-2003 at 12:54
a part-time user writes:
If your intrested in FM synthesis programming, I would recomend this unit. When creating patchs turn off the effects the filter and work on the 6 operators like 2 at a time. To lessen the comlication of the unit, turn off operators 3456 and work on op1 as your Fundamental Bass pitch for example. Slowly raise operator 2 Modulation depth into OP1 and change the Frequency of op2 in Harmonic intervals (1p, 2xp, 3xp, 4x... or another way 0 semitones, 5 semitones, 7 semitones, 12 semitones, 19 semitones, and 24 semitones) These series modulate slowly form SINE to TRIANGLE (1x1) to SQUARE(1x1+) to SAWTOOTH (1x2) and so on.

If you sequence it right, you can do psudo waveform modulation with your sequencer. This is a very unique synthesis method. Then when your done with your patch, add effects and filter.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Friday-Jun-13-2003 at 20:56
"because it's mostly a toy aimed at ecstasy- popping dance music "sequencer start button" -pushing freaks."

Whats wrong with ecstacy? What, do you play in a church or something? Are you a republican? There are real musicians doing real music with this thing. Don't be jealous cause we're having more fun at it than you are, pilgrim.

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Thursday-Jun-12-2003 at 12:51
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