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Average rating: 4.2 out of 5
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x a professional user from USA writes:
I hate groove boxes, really I do. But of late some have been pretty cool. I liked the Electribes, at first kind of expensive, now reasonably priced and now, the AN200 and DX200.

It was a difficult decition, I like the AN1x a lot and wish I'd bought one when I had a chance. But I read the main reivew of the DX200 and listened to some of the truly demented sounds (meant in a good way) coming out of this box and decided it was worth purchasing.

The drums are weak but useable. The bass timbres included work well once effects are used. The DX7 engine sounds great with effects and some tweaking of filters.

Here's how I see it, you have a inexpensive FX setup, some drum and bass samples and 16 notes of 6 operator FM. The sequencer is easy to learn although one measure is not much. Compared to an Electribe you get 1/4th the amount of pattern storage.

This is a deep machine, a bit harder to get a handle of but capable of far more than the Electribes or MC303, it's competitors. This brings up another consideration, in a sense the DX200 is much different from the kind of groove boxes availabe. It is a complete synthesizer with a modest memory of groove oriented samples, but you are buying this for the synth, or at least that's what I think would be the best reason to purchase this box. Considering what you get it is a reasonably priced synth. Check for deals though, I got mine for $440.

The software enhances this synth's value. You can program every single atrribute of the DX200 as well as the DX7. With thousands of DX7 patches on the net and a dead simple intermediate setup to work with until you feel like tackling FM synthesis I can't think of a better deal.

I read people complaining about the cost and yes, you can buy FM modules cheaper. If you have editing tools it's probably a good deal but I don't think it'll as entertaining as this box.

If you don't have a computer that puts a damper on things although you can still get plenty of DX7 patches off the net into whatever you use as a data filer.

This is a good box with a few design issues. The manual is task oriented. It is pretty easy to deal with although I would have liked some more information on programming the DX200 and FM synthesis. You'll probably want to get resources off the net and maybe a 3rd party book on the DX7. In the software there is a virtual DX7 used for programming FM although here are simpler, more limited edits available through the on screen DX200. Very cool, way deeper than other beat boxes and capable of virtually any style of music, technophobes can like this box. Try some of the techno patterns in user memory at different tempos and just play around, you'll find you can change patterns into something useful for you. I'm imagine no one will want to use the presets as anything other than a starting point.

BTW, it is dead easy to tweak in realtime and you can change the settings through a keyboard on the fly as well.

Very flexible stuff, worth getting especially if you're interested in unique sounds. Honestly, I can't think of any electronic musician that couldn't put this box to use.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Monday-Jun-11-2001 at 00:49
necro a part-time user writes:
Just got this thing this morning. I hate grooveboxes, really I do, but this one is different. We're talking FM baby!!! I bought it because it can make some really cheesy sounds as well as ear drum popping noise. One the most harshes instruments on the market right now. I like the sequencer... Alot. It's very fun to use. Finally an FM synth with knobs! That reason alone is good enough and you're getting loads of other features like the software editor, a sequencer and cool effects. The only thing I don't like about it are the drum sounds. They're usable but they're kind of weak. One of the best buys out there. And no, I don't work for Yamaha (I wish I did)

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Sunday-Jun-03-2001 at 22:03
SpeckO (Anthony) from OZ writes:
Just wanted to add to the review I wrote when I added this synth to the site (click on 'DX200' above for info). I meant to put higher marks for the following qualities of the synth: pads, analogue & organ sounds, and also for the interface, which is easy as piss to operate. I will add my opinion of the computer editor later, as I said, the editor can only make life easier ( at least for those who have a computer in their setup!).

I'll give it a five for now, cos I have yet to find any significant fault with it.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Sunday-Jun-03-2001 at 03:47
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