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Average rating: 4.5 out of 5
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Tassilo v.Parseval a professional user from Germany writes:
In my opinion the EX5 is Yahama's attempt to build the ultimate Synth. As a matter of fact it won´t be possible to create a synthie with VL, analogue modelling, ROM-player and sampling option. Such a machine cannot match a studio setup, such as A3000, AN-1X, SY99 and a good tone generator such as the Roland JV-2080. I admit that all this stuff will cost more than one EX5 but you don't have any limitations in using them. I am refering to the fact that using VL or analogue modelling takes away a lot of EX5's performance. Let's regard this example of an ordinary techno song: 1) You need a drum-loop! (Best way is still the sampler) 2) You need to have access to the basic sound parameters such as cutoff, resonance, pitch (of each drum-instrument), attack, decay. 3) One needs a good and powerfull bassline which can be wunderfully generated by a SY99 or the AN1-X (for those who like the tough sounds. 4) A pad sound can be made by the sampler as well. Since the A3000 has got excellent filters a great sweep should be no problem. 5) At least one sequence is obligatory. The AN1-X has enough power for bassline and sequence. So does the SY99. That means that two sequences are easily possibly. 6) Now we must care for a lead sound. Standard leads (e.g. in Eurodance) are found in the JV-2080. More interesting ones can be produced by our A3000. The best sounds (and the most expensive ones, I guess) are done by the Clavia Nord Modular. A bit cheaper is the Access Virus. I'm quite sure that EX5, at least in parts, can generate these sounds at one time. On the other hand you might get problems with the onboard audio outputs of the EX5. The drum sounds should come seperately into the Mixer and then put together in one sub-group. The standard drumkit consists of at least for elements: bassdrum,snaredrum, open and closed hihat, high, low and perhaps mid toms. That makes four mono outputs. Then one bassline, one or two sequences, one pad-sound and one lead make another four outputs (five respectively). In addition there is still the question of using stereo outputs for each sound in order to create a panning delay (very good for the snares) or anything else related with panorama. Anyway, although the EX5 was meant to be as comprehensive as possible (AN,VL,ROM, sampler, complex effect-routings) the EX5-user won't be able to avoid buying additional stuff, especially as the sampler-unit of the EX5 is incomplete. So in my opinion: Leave the EX5 alone and get for about twice as mutch proper single machines.

Rating: 2 out of 5 posted Thursday-Aug-06-1998 at 00:19
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