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Average rating: 4.4 out of 5
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Alan a part-time user from Central California writes:
Ok...I have heard all of the garbage about the Yamaha camp dislikes the Korg/Roland camp, etc.etc. I have been a BIG Roland fan for years, starting with the JP-8 and continuing with my Fantom X8. But I have to tell you, I love the Motif ES7 as well. Each one has it's own strengths and weaknesses, and it's up to each person to determine which one suits them best. Even though I love the piano weighted keyboard of the Fantom, I bought the Motif ES7 because it's considerably lighter; and for a synth action, it's really nice. The Fantom has (IMHO) a better acoustic piano sound, a better string sound, and those awesome trigger pads...but the Motif has really great electric piano and clav sounds, as well as great acoustic instrument emulations (try the flutes and violins)...and it's drum/bass/guitar/arpegiaator combinations in the performance mode are so far ahead. But either instrument could be played on its own superbly. Personally, I don't care much for the Tritons...but in the hands of others, they are great instruments as well. Each to his me, the Motif ES and Fantom X are alike in that every time I play one, I think "Wow". They never fail to inspire me to be a better player.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Monday-Oct-11-2004 at 17:50
ddb a part-time user from madison, wi writes:
an amazing keyboard with amazing possibilities.

i create pure drum & bass on this board and it's STELLAR

don't miss it

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Thursday-Sep-23-2004 at 15:28
Pro 5 a professional user from Orlando Fl writes:
I own a Motif classic and when it came out, i was considering buying a Roland XP60, because my XP50 got stolen which was fully xpanded.I spent alot of time customizing the Xp50 sounds. I love Rhodes Fender Jazz bass,Mini moog bass&Leads and Drum sounds are a must since i do alot of drum programming.I heard about this Motif on line and like the spec's on it.When i heard it, i began to remember Earth,wind&Fire,Micheal McDonald Stevie Wonder. Thats what the Motif Classic did for me.I wanted those type of sounds because i like jazz fushion and Neo Soul.Thats why i got it It's Vintage sounding,thats why we buy minimoog's and VA synth's, we want to capture what once was. Beleive me, where would we be with out those old school sounds today.If your into Neo soul,Jazz,smooth R&B, slow soul, this is the board for you, it has that vibe about, no it will not cover techno,trance erc.. but add a Studio electronic ATC or access Virus+Korg TR rack to this board, you have cover your sound pallet. Let's "Enjoy" the Motif while we can. THe DX7 came with a bang, many hit's were made, the same can happen with the Motif. I already have my eye on a ES because it has more of what i wanted my Mo classic to have.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Saturday-Aug-28-2004 at 01:23
coo coo cracker a part-time user writes:
was at the music store for bought 5 hours today i played the roland fantom and the mofit the mofit dosent seem to be vary stirty probly wont stand the test of time futhermore the mofit is seems very dificult to use and sounds are all alike but so r most of rolands this is becus they design keybords that can olny edit stupid shit like your (chois of tones (4tones make a patch))insted of being able to edit the tone itself. the fm tone is made up of Oscillators 6 or 8? on this keybord im guessing. each one of these Oscillators are made of small simple waves like ,tri, saw,sine and all of these waves interact with eachother in such a complex way that you can design tones like bass , piano ,strings ect. insted of just mixing tones to make a patch your computer sound font is all 4 op of 2 for drums. i haven found a good editor librean yet if you find a good one let me know. any wayz if your intrested in this type of sound check out fm synth or fm sound genoration yamaha used to make keybords like this back in the 80s but becarefull if your purchising one make shure you can edit most of the parimeters on the bord insted of useing a computer to edit it also check out revewz on the yamaha dx 1 fm tone genration is nothing like sampling.

Rating: 3 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Aug-24-2004 at 02:00
In response to the message below I must say that I don't like Roland either but the Motif is not convincing at all. Most "all in one" synths are not very good. That's why companies make expansion boards for these units. They sell an average synth to make people buy the expansion boards. So they make double money. As far as I'm concerned, the motif is nothing special or novel.

Rating: 1 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Jul-14-2004 at 07:15
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