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Average rating: 4.4 out of 5
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KAREN MANOKIAN a professional user from SWEDEN writes:



Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Thursday-Sep-13-2001 at 10:44
Analog Phreek a professional user writes:
Phat. Features, Features, Features. And finally a sampler like ensoniq has had for years. IT RESAMPLES WITH FX, AND THE FX ARE GOOD! It works like a had recorder with ram instead of HD. Very cool setup, not hard once you play around a bit and read .. This think simply blows the competition away, and frankly i think the raw sounds with fx turned off sound better than the over priced underfeatured kurzweil boards that still cost an arm and a leg. It covers all ground, Wish there were more choir type vocal patches, cant have everything i guess..AWESOME. Easy to use.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Sep-05-2001 at 22:13
matt mc a hobbyist user from USA writes:
I apologize to those 'professionals' who don't want to hear from us 'hobbiests'. I've been palying synths for a long time now, but I am far from a professional. And for now, I only write music in my home. So sue me for making a comment here, but I think I have something to say about the Motif that everyone should hear. I haven't bought mine yet. I have been doing extensive research. Spent about 20 hours on it at the local Guitar Center, and spent a ton of time on The thing that most impresses me about this board is that there seems to be an answer for everything. I have read hundreds of commetns and tips on and the coolest thing is to see that almost every question is answered. Most everyone that has a problem or a concern usually finds out that they simply did not know how to do it. Go and check it out for yourself. Motif suredly is not like any other workstation I have ever worked with, but one things for sure; once you get to know it, this thing (according to what I have read at and what I have seen myself) is a screamer!!!! Yamaha deserves recognition. Not only for the board, but for the support they are offering. I have never seen anything like it! I will be buying one soon. So go and fetch your Kurzwell for three to six times the price. Fine with me! You may even be able to do a few things that I can't. But if your smart, you'll take a keen and unbiased look at the Motif. Save a ridiculous amount of money and get a keyboard that when compared to the K2600 is maybe not so good in some ways, just as good in most ways, and better in some ways. I hope that made since. Just give it a chance! Peace out! matt mc

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Monday-Aug-27-2001 at 01:22
nathan kaines a professional user from Cali writes:
Ive never really been into workstations, but as my gear has come and gone because of how picky i am, and as my musical tastes have changed i realized the need for natural sounds, not just analog or noise. I also wanted to get away from computer sequencers, so i looked at the choices, akai mpc, roland mc, kawai q80, and then get a good module for natural sounds, but i found i didnt like any of those sequencers, and i didnt like many sound modules, the proteus 2000 is ok but the sound doent hit me, the roland jv series doesnt hit me at all, alesis qs? no thanks. So then i thought about workstations, ill mainly be driving external gear with it anyway, so as long as the sounds are good, and the sequencer is easy to use as well as being powerful, that will work. Korg trinity? too limited, Korg triton, touch screen rules, sequencer is ok, but the sounds, are very brittle and dry, they lack feeling. Roland xp....sequencer sucks, the sounds are cool, but its not a machine i can get into. Kurzweil? hmm great sounds, good sequencer, too damn expensive, the kurz is good standalone, but i dont have enough cash to but one of those and all the other gear i have.

The i read about the motif, ive always liked yamaha, i mean if they can make keyboards and motorcycles, theyr doing something right. The interface rules, enough realtime control, and the machine is very deep, the sounds, rule. and the sequencer rocks, its like the one in the rm1x, so you have overdub, replace, and step, the step record shows a 16 step grid on the screen so you can visually see what you doing, not like the tracker style step that the mpc's have. And its expandable soo much, plg cards, and the fact that you can hook a 31 gig hard drive to it, and it as a full blown sampler, and midi, and patch storage. I have no need for my yamaha a3000 anymore.

This machine is great, doesnt have any fancy tricks and cant really play for you like the Korg Karma does. And with a plg150DX, i have all the DX7 sounds i ever wanted.

So sequencing, sampling, natural sounds, 76 keys, great sounds, deep synthesis, and all the DX7 fm sounds i could ever need.

Hats off to Yamaha for another great machine, that has finished off my studio, and filled a huge gap.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Friday-Aug-24-2001 at 05:53
Nick Howes a professional user from London writes:
As someone who worked extensively on the Motif development & voicing I can assure you that it is NOT a repacked EX5, it shares virtually non of the arcitecture, has much faster SCSI, far greater expansion capabilties, with PLG, sounds totally different (and according to EVERYONE that has heard it, one of the best sounding synths we have ever made), much more comprehensive integration with computer software, solid sequencer timing..shall I go on?

The K2600 is a nice instrument, it is worthwhile mentioning it in this thread. However...everyone has the option to choose what they please, and I hope that when you actually listen to Motif, it will convince you that Yamaha have worked very hard on creating an instrument that is aimed at people who want to play music.

posted Friday-Aug-24-2001 at 05:22
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