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Average rating: 3.9 out of 5
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boaz prince a hobbyist user from india writes:
it's really fantastic. i think the sound quality is really good. i play the psr 740 in the church. it has got fantastic styles and the piano... it's really good. i think every music freak must own this one.

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Apr-05-2005 at 02:12
Faustine a professional user from Sabah, East Malaysia writes:
To get the sound quality through the psr740 keyboard speaker, try connecting the psr740 to an amplifier NOT through the output behind the keyboard BUT from the headphone jack in just underneath the microphone input. You can even control the volume on your keyboard

posted Sunday-Nov-02-2003 at 09:49
Faustine a professional user from Sabah, East Malaysia writes:
PSR740 is my first keyboard. I really like most of its functionality (styles and voices). But some shortcomings like the metronome function should be like the PSR2000 which is a separate button which i can use even while the start button is not pressed yet. this is very useful in playing songs where free accompaniment is needed and then the drums and bass come in so that the tempo is correct. Another thing, only 3 user styles - this is sick and stingy. I need to program ethnic Asian rhythms. The regist memory is somewhat slow in changing sounds. no way to get the footswitch to control the drum fill-in. the bender and vibrato is located too near for comfort. i suggest the vibrato should be somewhere else. the organ flutes and other organ sounds are set too loud at default. the psr2000 is much better but sadly, the number pad is gone. i need it for fast changing. i hate the ATM machine-like operation of the styles and voices. maybe because i play non-stop music of different styles and voices that i find psr2000 inconvenient and psr740's number pad as convenient. if only the number pad and style and voice numbering still exist in psr2000 i would certainly traded in my psr740

posted Sunday-Nov-02-2003 at 09:39
Rich a hobbyist user from USA writes:
I have owned the PSR740 for about 3 years now, and must admit that the keyboard has stood the test of time. There are 2 rather important shortcomings of the keyboard that are critical if being used by a professional. First is the limited user memory storage. Better have a computer of lots of floppy disks if you want to play something that isn't pre-programmed into the unit. Yamaha addressed this issue with the PSR2000's release, but I think it would have been better address with a USB port that allows direct hard drive connectivity. The second shortcoming is the vocal harmony processor. I own a digitech vocalist VR, and in comparison it is like night & day. I think the problem might be the mic input could be underpowered. Otherwise, the sounds are great-the accoustic sounds. The synth sounds are a little thin, but if you don't use other synths you might not be able to tell. The styles are good, but to make them shine you need to tweak them up with the onboard mixer.

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Thursday-Aug-28-2003 at 09:12
extremusic a professional user from Spain writes:
I'm a user of the Psr740 and i've been working with it for 4 years. Sound is reallygoodif you listen to it through the keyboard speakers, but if you plug the keyboard to an external amplifier you will get very dissapointed. It sounds awful!! The only keyboards I've listened to that don't lose sound quality when they get plugged to an external amplifier are Roland ones, but Korg's TRITON is the best.

posted Saturday-Apr-05-2003 at 15:13
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