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Average rating: 3.8 out of 5
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Lynn a hobbyist user from Va. writes:
Well... I was really excited when i copped this little peice of equip. I got it at the local pawn shop for 26$ It looked like it was a little profesional so i figured hey 26$ i could use it. I LuV it. Especially w/ the audio plugs on the back so u can hook it up to your stereo or mixer like i do. I use it w/ my beatz i make on the music generator and i think it's tight, i figured i'd come on the web and research it to learn a little more. I found out that it came out in 1986. Yea wow...pretty old, 2 years younger than me. lol well if any1 see's this anywhere i'd recamend it it's really cooL. You can always use another keyboard!

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Saturday-May-25-2002 at 23:59
DJ Robotomizer a part-time user from USA writes:
I borrowed one of these from a school chum in 1991 or so. He moved to New York, and then to California, so it essentially became mine. It was little more than a toy to me, until I discovered that if you get a 1/8" to 1'4" male-to-male adaptor, you can run it through all your favorite FX pedals!

I got the best results with the Jazz Organ setting. It sounds great if you run it into a distortion pedal (I like the ProCo Rat) and then an envelope filter, such as a DOD FX25. I actually had them duct-taped over the speakers for easy access! If you get the filter set just right, you get a subharmonic growl with your left hand and a godawful squawk with your right. Of course, you can also hold down a note or chord, and then twist the sensitivity knob on the filter to make groovy "bwow-wowp" noises.

I later added a Boss Super Shifter for octave sweeps, and a SmallStone for a spacy, orbital phase sound. The problem I had was that the PSS-460 makes a "breathing" sound when you're not playing. Run through my Rat pedal, it came out sounding like somebody using sandpaper on concrete! It was especially bad in live situations, when a song would end and all you could hear over the PA was this huge, nasty rasping sound... "HHHaahh... HHaahh... HHaahh..."

The "Digital Synthesizer" feature deserves a mention. The 6 sliders seem primitive and useless at first, but after some experimentation you'll find some nice sounds. My favorite was a big, angry, almost Moogy sound by setting the sliders like this: 3, 1, 5, 5, 1, 3... Try it!

The backing rhythms and accompaniments are pretty bad. You can program your own 2-measure beat with the 5-piece kit, but it sounds BAD. If you like obselete technology, or maybe you have a Devo fetish, or you're just insane (like me) then you'll have fun with one of these, otherwise get a REAL keyboard... y'know, one with full-size keys and maybe a MIDI interface. Anyway, Yamaha doesn't make this baby anymore, so if you want one, your best bet is Ebay or the local yard sale.

Rating: 3 out of 5 posted Saturday-Mar-02-2002 at 10:39
Max a professional user from Québec(Canada) writes:
Bonjour! Quel outil fantastique! J'en possède un depuis 1988 et il fait toujours un excellent travail! Je fais parti d'un duo de musique clownesque appellé LES BOUFFONS PSYCHOTIQUES et je l'utilise sur scène sans gêne. Pour le prix, il est complètement stupide de s'en passer! J'utilise même le set de drum intégré et je réussi à faire bouger 150 personnes dans les bars où nous nous produisons! Quel farce! J'ai d'ailleurs changé le panel avant où YAMAHA est inscrit. On peut maintenant y lire: HAHAHA...Buy it now!

posted Wednesday-Feb-07-2001 at 14:43
Jeremiah Michael Stanfill a part-time user writes: first programmable synth with 6 live, very ridged programmable faders and a laffable but real time 5-piece programmable percussion section and a few pet-circus-tricks options but nevertheless even with its limitability it does have some good sounds You can knock out of it if You can get past the idea that it was geared more for the home user typically under twelve years of age -- hence the small keys!! The best of the best I've found it for is soft, maybe slightly percussive drony-pad-pipe, flutey, type of sounds; soft wurlitzer-farfisa-RMI type of sounds; a few soft to clangerous typical FM bell sounds.

posted Monday-Oct-02-2000 at 16:05
Zenn a professional user from USA writes:
Well... We had one... and it was absolutely awful sounding.... It made some of the most nasty sounding crap noises possible... The sliders did not make anything sound better usually... I dunno... It was never right.. It was either too thin or too fat and now it isn't working anymore.... We smashed it. And we will smash it more on stage, while our keyboardist uses a good keyboard to play a good slow song.... If you want to find a cheap keyboard for a very very very cheap price...great.....get this...but you'll only end up hating it...

Rating: 1 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Jul-04-2000 at 22:05
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