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Average rating: 4.5 out of 5
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GERRY AIRE a professional user from us writes:
I find the qy-70 sounds best when you print all your parts to multi-track, one at a time. This way, you can improve the sound dramatically with EQ and compression. Also, try recording 2 (or more) layers of any bass lines to thicken the sound nicely. Look up my label, Traffic Lite Records, coming to the Net this summer(2001)to hear my album, CITY LIGHTS, which I recorded using only the QY70 for all music tracks. This will give you the opportunity to hear the qy70 in the context of a real recording situation...more useful than just listening to the pre-programmed demo tunes.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Monday-Feb-05-2001 at 23:04
William Kurniadi a professional user from Indonesia, Jakarta writes:
All I can say that the qy700 is awesome, I bought it 2nd hand from my phal for just US$200 including the adaptor (no manual) in mint condition but some cosmetical things. This is the 1st time for me to own a Yamaha Synth (beside Korg, Roland and E-mu that's in the studio), The output is very clean and the Filter is ssooo Phat, I love the Bass sounds, also the Phrases quality is top notch, very easy to make a demo songs and we can always sample all those crazy loops, this is really a very good buy, and off course with that we got an XG/GM Synth,...Good Work, Keep on making, Yamaha!!!

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Monday-Sep-18-2000 at 22:54
Marc a hobbyist user from paris, france writes:
Ooops! I almost forgot. There is a QY70 users' forum at Some good things to be learned there.

Happy tracking! Marc

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Jan-11-2000 at 17:15
Marc a hobbyist user from paris, france writes:
I have had the QY70 for over two years now. I bought it to replace the Roland PMA-5, which I had bought to replace the QY20. (I skipped the QY22, as it offered very few advanteges over the QY20.) I am a guitarist/songwriter and use the unit as a "band in a box". The QY70 performs this function exceedingly well. With the PMA-5 and the QY20 I always felt like there weren't enough backing tracks, but the QY70 has solved that problem. The Phrase-based architecture and Expand Backing job make it an extremely flexible tool, as does the ability to edit voices and FX.

I really only have two gripes, notwithstanding the 5 out of 5 rating I give it. 1) The frustrating time lag whenever a new pattern begins. I know it's because there is an "XG reset" message at the beginning of each pattern, but I still can't help thinking that those geniuses at Yamaha could have worked their way atound it. 2) Too many techno/dance patterns (but that's a question of personal taste, isn't it?).

Oh yeah, gripe number three: the stupid paint job. It rubs off even if all you ever do is look at the damn thing!

All in all, an incredible piece of equipment for those of us on the move!

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Jan-11-2000 at 17:12
Mike a part-timer user from Phoenix, AZ USA writes:
I walked into the music store to buy a "drum machine", and walked out with the QY-70. Being a guitarist, this is my first synthesizer. Now since I got it, I have bought two more keyboards. It is awesome.....don't care what anyone says...rubbery buttons....thin sounds.....can't see the display in the sunlight.......geez....take some people back a few years and watch them tune oscillators when the temp changes 3 degrees, and there wasn't a display to even see, and batteries weren't an option. This device, and the preset phrases will help you get "unstuck" on an original song, and inspire ideas you couldn't even think of. It's made to slap in a briefcase and go, not live gigs, or solo keyboard. It's a composer. Try laying in bed at one in the morning, headphones on, writing drum tracks with your Kurzweil in bed with you. It has it's purpose and it serves it well. Absolutely awesome.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Jun-15-1999 at 20:25
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