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Average rating: 4.5 out of 5
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prodrome17 a hobbyist user from france writes:
je pense que c'est une trés bonne machine mais la documentation est un peu dificile a comprendre

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Sunday-Jul-16-2000 at 14:25
Christopher Lau a part-time user from USA writes:
The RM1x is great for writing Hard House/NRG stuff!! I don't use the internal sounds much except the drums. But this thing blows away any Roland wannabe!! Great value for the money.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Sunday-Jul-09-2000 at 23:37
C.A. Todd a professional user from The heating duct, covered in play-doh writes:
Well I'll add my post to the ever growing 505 vs. RM1X debate.

First I'll just say that I had a chance to really get into both of these machines before buying one (that was 2? years ago) since I knew people that had both.

My first impression was that the RM1X was the much more capable machine, seeing as it had twice the tracks, more in depth editing, etc. The 505 didn't look incompetant, just a bit more basic.

After spending a good two weeks fiddling with both, I came to the realization that where one machine comes up ahead, the other compensates for its shortcomings in a completely different area... For instance: The RM1X has weaker filters, but you can get (possibly) better sounds out of it due to the more intricate editing of sounds. Another example: The 505 has half the tracks, but is alot easier to put together a live set real quick.

Let's face it, these machines are pretty equal in the most basic sense, and to really make a decision you simply need to ask yourself what you want in a beat box/ sequencer. If you want a midi file player/remixer, go for the RM1X. If you're looking for something to put original songs together, and play them live (it's good for this because of the 6 outputs) get the 505.

Rating: 3 out of 5 posted Thursday-Jun-29-2000 at 05:11
oshen a professional user from america writes:
first i'll give my opinion on the 505 vs rm1x debate. i had a 505 and currently own an rm1x. the roland box is more user friendly. easier to figure out but that's because there's not as much control. not that the yamaha unit in incomprehensible. you have to apply yourself to learn the rm1x but if you're lazy and just want to start pressing buttons then the 505 is more your speed.

the sequencer in the rm1x, as has been mentioned a million times, is excellent. here's why. the resolution is extremely fine so its accurate in its timing. you'll get back what you put in. the sequencer also has a very impressive editing menu. more than just cut and paste. it has all sorts of handly tools to help you make kickass rythms. its also makes it easy to change a lot of parameters and settings real time so you can tweak on the fly. this way you can mess with your beat till you hit what you want or find somehting interesting along the way.

you can also use midi control to do filter sweeps, apply effects, etc. this is an excellent unit for controlling an outboard tone generator.

you can dj with this box. the mutes carry over from pattern to pattern and you can save mute settings to five different buttons. that way you can automaticall mute out all the drums or all the synths or whatever in the press of one button. the patterns don't carry over the way the 505 does. in the 505 the next pattern doesnt start till the current one ends. you can set up the rm1x to function similarly though. again the rm1x is for programmers. people who want to get into the guts of the machine and come up with their sound.

the sounds on the rm1x are fine. there is a lot of room for sound shaping and in my opinion the internal sounds are superior to the 505's. again, it takes more work on your part to get the sound you want. the drum sounds are okay but if you are serious about drum sounds you need a sampler.

also the rm1x can load midi files. this means you can load up keyfaxs whole library of hip hop, drum n bass, rnb, basslines, arpeggios, whatever. although i havent' tried to do it you should be able to load up midi files of music by famous artists. it loads format 0 so as long as its compatible it should work.

the arpeggiator is not as developed as the 505 but hey, you can program arpeggios.

although people recommend this machine on the basis of its sequencer i want to again stress that you can come up with some kewl sounds on this box. you're not limited to shitty pac man sounding presets.

this machine is for the more serious musician. the 505 is for the guy who just wants to dj his own house party without having to put too much effort into. if you're serious about music then get the rm1x. if you just wanna fuck around and impress the chicks get the roland box.

i will say though that if money was no object i would get a 505 again because there are cool sounds in the box. its not a piece of shit by any means. it depends what you want.

i really recommend the rm1x. i could go on about if but you can read the other reviews. i'm just saying that if control and editability are what you're after you wont' be dissapointed. this is a damn good instrument.

peace oshen

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Jun-28-2000 at 20:17
morgan a part-time user from usa writes:
Initially I was expecting this to be another groovesh*t box. Damn was I wrong. I have to say that this machine is rather intuitive and VERY deep. It's true what they say about the manual, however, I was able to get X0X style grid sequencing going without refering to it (a big plus in my book!). I was also able to figure out how to edit the effects, sounds and setup the machine to playback my Logic sequences. I have to say that I am extremely impressed with this unit. The *.smf playback is absolutely flawless, no lock ups or glitches. Some of my sequences are really thick in the controller data department too. The machine has a terriffic event editor, much like the one in Logic. The event editor allows you to insert, delete or change midi event types. I was able to add my MSB/LSB/program changes in the event editor just as I would on my computer. Hook this thing up to your sampler and start going nuts. I don't see how one could possibly go wrong using this machine in a live situation with the various playback modes. Set your sequences up as patterns or simply playback your *.smf's. If you are ballsy then you can do an improv show using only the X0X Grid mode. Consider the internal sounds to be an added bonus , they are not the focus here. If the RM1-X had no squelch or boom built in it would still easily be a steal. This thing is so damn good I may just buy a second one. If you have any aspirations of getting your a$$ out of the studio and onto a stage, go buy one!

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Tuesday-May-23-2000 at 12:48
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