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Average rating: 4.5 out of 5
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Torstem a hobbyist user from Cologne (Germany) writes:
I bought my RMx1 three weeks ago. Very cool machine!

If you need a live-sequencer, buy it! (It controls all my other synths via midi including PC and SysEx...)

If you need some more instruments, buy it (A lot of usefull stuff, except for the bassdrums...)

It is 1000x better than my MC-303, which I used before. Programming is very easy, no timing problems, drumkits useable on any of the 16 parts, definable knobs (cutoff on part 3, volume on part 7...)

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Sunday-Jan-23-2000 at 10:43
ben a hobbyist user from USA writes:
So, there's been alot of debate on which is the better unit, the MC-505 or the RM1x... i think that if you really consider the matter, you will find that the RM1x is the better deal for people who have external gear, and the MC-505 the best for people who don't intend to use any other instrument. Why? Well, the RM1x is probably the best hardware sequencer out there for people who need a live/improvisational sequencer... the mc-80 and qy-700 being more for people who fully compose a track first. The MC-505s sequencer cannot hold a candle to the RM1x as far as features go, anyone who says otherwise hasn't fully researched the matter, though of course the taste in the actual sequencer OS is personal (though i would argue that the RM1x is still far better, with a MUCH larger screen and well layed-out job system) As far as sounds go... i find the Rm1x's sounds to be lacking (except the pretty good drum sounds). The MC-505 has a stripped down version of the JV-1080, and i think generally sounds better, and has a much more in-depth sound architecture... As far as price goes? the Rm1x is about $400US cheaper, last i checked... for a little more than that you can buy a REAL jv-1080 used (currently around $550US), and then have the best of both worlds, for about the same price as an mc-505... all in all i think that an RM1x is a more professional instrument, the sequencer is top notch, and i don't ever really use the on-board sounds anyway... i think anyone who plans to expand beyond their first purchase will soon tire of the mc-505, and become frustrated with the under-powered sequencer (and lack of disk drive!!)

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Jan-18-2000 at 16:49
Daniel F.S. a hobbyist user from Spain writes:

This sequencer is fantastic. I´ve bought it two weeks ago and I´m surprised. I like his patterns and sounds very very much, and I think that is a great machine for beginners and profesional users. I´m only 19 years old and I have been making music for three years (with a Korgsynth), but this year with the RM1X will be very special.

Bye, and enjoy your RM1X. (If you can, of course).

Rating: 2 out of 5 posted Monday-Jan-17-2000 at 14:12
rDog a professional user from San Francisco, CA USA writes:
Three words: THIS THING ROCKS!!! If you need GREAT sounds with tweakability LOOK NO FURTHER!! We looked hard at Roland's MC505 and while good - with lots of features - it sounded lame next to the RM1X! Amazing presets! Really demostrates what this machine is capable of doing. Well priced. Forget the D-Beam, it's gimicky and you'll use it once. Go buy this machine, you won't be sorry.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Jan-11-2000 at 02:50
D.C. a professional user from Amsterdam, the Netherlands writes:
I think the RM1x is a very good sequenser with good sounds. I use this one for my live setup with a lot of other midigear and it works very good. The only problem i have is that the RM1x has not enough memory. When i'm on stage i have to load after performing 6 tracks. And that takes for about 2 minutes. So i'm forced to put in a pause in my set.So please Yamaha, make it possible to expand the memory!!!

But it's a wicked machine.

posted Monday-Jan-10-2000 at 10:28
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