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Average rating: 4.5 out of 5
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phil a hobbyist user from USA writes:
OK-I've owned it over the weekend now,so I guess that makes me qualified to comment on it...

One thing that really impresses me is how well designed it is.I like how the user memory works-there's never a "store" or "save" command needed-once you do something it just hangs out till you decide to change it.I like the way everything is layed out sort of multidimensionally kosmik!}.You can really *play* the thing in real time.Everything is really snappy-it performs so smoothly. It works great as a self-contained system.Curling up on the couch with the RM1x and headphones is so much comfier than sitting at the synth keyboard,then moving over to the computer to mouse around in cubase,then moving back to the keyboard,etc....

I'm not a huge fan of AWM,and 4 meg of ROM sure doesn't sound that impressive,but this thing sounds GREAT! If you look at it as a synth then it's pretty unexciting,but I guess nobody is going to buy it just for the sounds.

I'd give it at least a 4.5,but Yamaha needs to be punished for making gear that doesn't synch LFOs and fx to midi.Shame on you!!That's about the only negative I can come up with so far...

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Monday-Dec-06-1999 at 01:17
pibi a hobbyist user from Slovenia writes:
If you have time to go thru all job and edit tasks, you will be delighted ! This piece of hardware + MIDI kbd (any- i have DJX) + PC gives you fun and fun and fun. I have noticed that many of you do not explore preset patterns. There is a lot of useful tracks on patterns - just to be pulled out to user patterns, switched drum sets plus all of nice analog effects. Just try and experiment with mute presets, combination of same track twice on different instruments, and much more. I bought it on a second visit on Yamaha store in Ljubljana - price is acceptable, and i just love it. Somebody will say - Ok, go and buy yourself a cheaper toy but for me new musical experience was never so easy: push the tracks, change the speed, record over again and again, save and load from disk,grab all new patterns from the net. Only thing I miss are some Latino type patterns and maybee some clasical patterns - but I am shure that with this machine or new RM2x (hard disk, direct RS232 to PC,...) tons of new patterns will arise from profis and hobbyst. I just love my RMx1 ( + my Rebirth 2.01) I get it for my 49 birthday (from my money) and i wish that everyboy is so enthusiastic with it as I am. Where is ROM signature ? (version number )

bye pibi

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Monday-Nov-29-1999 at 15:07
mustapha el itani a hobbyist user from canada writes:
i have orbit v2 and mc 303 and mc 505 and now i just got the rm1x its a very cool box and powerfull sequ.... mc 505 got a better sounding and easy navigation efx rm1x got better sequencer editing and full controls and more trax 16 multi timbral. i love all of them but i love my rm1x like my baby and its my dream machine and i still discover it... if you looking for g good box take my advice and get rm1x .. you will not regret it trust me finelly sory for my english writing cause its not my leng.....

posted Saturday-Nov-27-1999 at 16:03
Rov Ostrov a professional user from Blanketsick, CA writes:
I didn't want to tie up my computer for sequencing, so I bought the RM1X and must say that I am pleased. Frankly, I'm surprised you don't hear more about it. But one admonition: If you are interested in using the RM1X as a sound source, I would not recommend it. The RM1X's sounds are in-between the AN1x and DJX in terms of quality. I only use it to trigger my AN1X and JV-2080.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Sunday-Nov-21-1999 at 02:49
InSub a hobbyist user from USA Louisville,KY writes:
When trying to decide whether to buy the RM1x or the MC-505 one must weigh the package in its entirety. Personally, I'd choose the RM1x anyday. I have had experience using both so here's what I've discovered in my limited use. I really like Roland's sounds better. Also, the 505's not as techno oriented (although both are very techno oriented). MC-505 qualities: 1.more arpeggio patterns + ability to save your own. 2.D-beam controller (its simply a gas). 3.ability to save manipulated sounds. 4.onboard part mixer(allows mixing of all tracks or other parameters simultaneously). 5.DAMN! only 8 tracks. 6.easy realtime controler recording. RM1x qualities: 1.16 TRACKS!!!! 2.more effects and more can be used at a time. 3.extremely easy-to-use, diagrammed step-time recording. 4.more sounds than 505. 5.each percussion instrument has its own track so effects can be run seperate(also a "divide drum track" tool). 6.sounds great too (not as good as 505 to my ears but check for yourself). 7. BETTER PRICE-nearly $400 cheaper! Basically, I love both machines, but the RM1x is definitly more bang-for-your-buck.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Friday-Nov-19-1999 at 00:24
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