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Average rating: 4.5 out of 5
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Rave Man a professional user from USA of course writes:
I love this thing. I just bought mine. I did read about the bug, but I have no reason to upgrade since I'm using it stand-alone.

I have found the demo's extremely impressive!! I have found the sounds very streamlined, and the sequencer, although a bit difficult at first, once logic is understood, very nice.

The phrases are wonderful. I have had no issues and have been using this for 2 weeks now.

This is a solid piece of gear.

To the guy that disrespected this Yamaha gear. I too have had bad experiences. Yes, Mine was with Access the people that make the Virus, you know -- sometimes people get stuck with defective products. Try to upgrade yours, you may be happy, but please don't post remarks that are nonsense all over this board.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Thursday-Jan-31-2002 at 16:55
tone deaf a part-time user writes:
480 ticks-per-quarter resolution makes it enough of a pro sequencer as it needs to be. i have it running a sampler and 2 bass synths. a ton of fun to say the least. it all depends on your set up and what you want to do. don't listen to this last person leaving multiple slams against this box. it is evident that he/she is expecting the the rm1x to do it all. maybe an MC303/505 would best be suited for this inexperienced individual. i got a super-fast laptop just recently with the purpose of using it as my master sequencer, but i can't find myself being able to dump the oh-so user-friendly rm1x.

just started collaborating with a buddy who uses an MPC2000. we use the MPC as the master sequencer, but we still program on the rm1x and sync it with the MPC. his MPC does all the drums and we use the rm1x to control all the external synths.

even had the rm1x synced with Acid 3.0 (before i got the sampler) - created some drums and bass line sequences on the rm1x and used acid for vox samples and again, no problems whatsoever. the only limitation that occured was with my pc's soundcard.

agreed: the sounds of the rm1x's tone generator are a bit tinsy. a lot of tweaking can change that, but it's time-consuming. get an rm1x for it's sequencer and buy a phat tone generator/keyboard and you'll agree that the rm1x is more than well worth the cash.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Jan-30-2002 at 12:18
miker a part-time user from Australia writes:
having only just got into making music i was hunting for something to get me started. this thing rocks. having not had too much experience with other equipment i don't really have anything to base a comparison on. all i know is that this thing is fun. it's fairly straight forward. the manaul is great. i love the sounds (admittedly some of the string and wind sounds are a bit hollow but i wanted to make trance/tech and if i want strings or whatever i'll sample them when i get around to it.

only negative... severe absence of sleep since purchase.

rock on

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Saturday-Jan-26-2002 at 23:33
david g a hobbyist user from swizerland writes:
i dont agrre with rodney, i think the rm1x is a REAL pro sequencer (they basically took the sequencer part from the very pro & expensive qs700, i guess)packaged and marketed as a pseudo-groovebox.

it says "sequence remixer" on the top, so i guess its meant for sequencing. forget the sounds anyway, theyre ok for sketching stuff though. i dont know about the rm1x, but i heard that many pro studios use the mc505. personally the whole groovebox thing is getting on my nerves, but there are artists that use them (orbital use an electribe). i still believe that there is no better sequencer than the rm1x out there, apart from stuff 3 times more expensive.

i like yamaha because they put a lot of cool features into their gear and sell it at an affordable price (look at the a3000 or the an1x some years ago). theyre a huge multinational company, but they remain innnovators (first digital synth which hit the mass market, the dx7, first phisical modeling synth...). im not saying this beacause i happen to own an a3000 and an rm1x, i have other gear as well which i love as much, but i think yamaha deserve some credit for putting out very good musical instruments (dont forget theyre ONLY instruments, its you who push the buttons and twist the knobs...).

in the end its also a matter of taste and of how you go on with your gear. listen to the music with your emoions and with your body, not with your ears....

sorry for my rantings, david

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Saturday-Jan-26-2002 at 04:27
clarion a professional user from U. S. writes:
I owned an RM1X for about 6 months and then sold it. Its an excellent machine for the house, techno, drumnbass, whatever - as long as it has 4/4 and it loops - producer. For progressive music, or music that tends to have more complex sequencing, the RM1X may not be so useful. It's a performance machine. Don't expect to be programming it (since software sequencers have much better interfaces), and don't expect to use its internal sounds. After realizing this, is $600 really worth it for a sequence remixer and some midi knobs? No. At least not anymore. I'm not trying to be a salesman, but I do really like this new program called ableton live ( Although it may not be exactly like the RM1X, it can certainly be a worthy surrogate live box, especially with external controllers. Perhaps an even better solution would be an RM1X synced with ableton... But the point is to make sure of what you want and what you'l be getting before you make that hefty investment on gear.

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Monday-Jan-07-2002 at 16:50
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