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Average rating: 4.5 out of 5
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joe a hobbyist user writes:
i have to agree with devil. its a sequencer, mainly. but the sounds are 'ok'. i just also got a an1x to go with will be arriving in the mail. i am thinking of using a ES1 korg for sampled drum sounds and the an1x for leads and basslines. but i will say this. i had a rm1x..took it back and got a FUCKING beefed up PC. big mistake the rm1x is badass for beginners, i like it because i am hands on, but i find the layout of it very simple yet it is still complex.

posted Sunday-Dec-23-2001 at 05:46
djkyrias a professional user from athens greece writes:
rm1x is a great hardware sequencer. the sounds are good 4 trance/house/techno music a have make a good sound collection from rm1x sound library. i love that machine is the best way for me to control my staff live.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Thursday-Dec-20-2001 at 20:10
The Devil a part-time user from Hell writes:
OK We all know the sequencer kicks on the RM1x but I am going to defend the sound in this post. OK people let us review what the RM1x offers you to do with your sound.

1. Filters ( I will agree a little weak but good nonetheless) 2. ADSR Envelope 3. LFO's 4. 656 Waveforms to choose from. Old analog's had 4 if you were lucky.

Ok so what is it missing? well alrighty you can't really have addative synthesis on one channel. Well use 2 and combine waveforms however copy your phrase so they play together or transpose one to get those detuned saws.

Ok you really can't fine tune a waveform Ok and you really can't do any form of Mod Sync

But even considering those last 2 you still have a lot of power. Now one reviewer here said good sounds don't need effects. That is a very ignorant thing to say in my opinion and here is why. Ok every sound you hear has effects to some degree. Especially reverb which is nothing more than a sounds effect when in a given room. Synthesizers do not have a room unless they are rompler's or samplers where the original sample was recorded is a given room and well it has the verb in by default. All the top keyboard sounds people hear that they sound great have effects. I will say that a good portion of the acoustic simulations are weak. Ok one rack sampler and you got that fixed. Lastly since I do agree that fine tune and of course the mod sync not available to build your own (other than a couple of the AWM waveforms that are set to emulate that) an EA-1 or maybe a redsound Darkstar or some other VA will generate that. But all in all the machine has the sounds to get you there if you work at it. It takes time and you have to work your mix. This machine can benefit greatly from a user who knows how to be a good studio engineer cause you can dive in and work the levels and the effects to get everything to sound sweet together. Now my gripe I would like an EQ for each channel but I hear the RS has that. People there are times when you need that stellar one of a kind sound and it takes some heavy duty (or vitage and rare) to get that out NO GROOVEBOX WO FULL SYNTHESIS WILL DO THAT. But there is so much in the RM1x that until you get to that one thing you need which doesn't happen all the time you can do whole productions in the RM1x. All of you reviewers make it hard I think for the people who come here to see if a piece of gear is right for them. So bottom line, if you want to get into producing and writing music and you are not in the computer mode or prefer something easier to take to shows the RM1x is it. Powerful and maybe one day you will want to expand but that just depends where you want to go and maybe you wil be content all your days with the rm1x sounds. I mean come on a saw wave is not a dated sound what some people filter it and lfo it as comes to be that but the rm1x gives you the waveform to work with it. As for you users with a big warehouse of gear already. Well it can compliment your set nicely however if you have a certain piece of gear that has grown in your heart for its sounds then no piece of gear will ever really sound better to you. Oh well to wordy for a work day. Later.

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Dec-18-2001 at 11:14
William Orbit a professional user from England writes:
The RM1-X is simply the best available hardware sequencer on the market (second hand and new). I have 3 units. The only other main instrument I use is the Roland Juno-106. The sounds work well within my soundscapes and it's portability and flexability is fantastic...William.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Monday-Dec-17-2001 at 07:48
Immon talebian a hobbyist user from Brighton - England writes:
This baby is pretty good, now it may have been said before but; sounds are generally a bit disgusting but well usefull in the context of a mix. Pretty damn nifty at sequencing (I'm still only scratching the surface after 5 months, and I'm gifted!). It's a great "first" bit of gear and you really can quite, nicley, - lay down you ideas. I love moody funk!

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Saturday-Nov-24-2001 at 16:53
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