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Average rating: 4.6 out of 5
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astronomer from u ass writes:
yeah...the new version of the os (v1.2) has cleaned up things quite a bit...better grid functioning...16 track access from the surface...non-stop rec->aud-> also seems to sound better than i remembered (hadn't played it much since about the third month after it came out) now, what i'm thinking is that a performance setup could be reduced to just the rs7000 + a laptop + 828 mk 2 + midi kb controller...anyone trying this? this way...i can use either ableton live or the rs7k for, for $5KbUSh dollars you can get the deluxe setup: rs7k + px7 (w 3 sound roms) + laptop + 828 mk 2 + kb controller...tempting (but then, $5KUS can buy an awful lot of computer)

posted Thursday-Nov-13-2003 at 17:21
one of the best hardware sequencers in the world; the only hardware sequencer that is better is the AKAI MC4000, which is actually a combination of sequencer and mixer and CD burner.

i put the rs7k up against a roland mc909...dude RS7000 blows away the ass of mc909 into kingdom come! with the new os v.1.2, the grid record mode can do anything the computer sequencers can do. With OS1.2, grid mode has several enhancements such as 1)scanning notes 2)shiftbutton+press a key on the rs7000 to locate the tone of the note! 3) several resolution modes for tighter midi programming.

The main thing i love about rs7k is that you can create a 1 bar phrase and loop it along with 2 bar phrase, and another 6 bar phrase. And if in another section, you want to enhance the 1 bar phrase, all you do is to append the phrase to itself, and voila! a new 2 bar phrase is created!

Great great sequencer, and wonderful sampler with real time loop remix. only thing is sampler doesn't support multisample recording, but with it, you WILL be able to play multisamples on keys including velocity and aftertouch!!

I don't use the sampler for much except for voice recording or remixing virus synth parts. I however use the rs7k midiouts to control external synths.

IF you own a rm1x, let me tell, you the rs7000 is 100000 times better, everything is far better and accurate. I had a very hard time programming using grid mode in rm1x, because rm1x had no note-scanning whatsoever like the rs7000, so locating notes that you programmed was difficult. also, when i used to record CC into rm1x, it used to fuck up bad sometimes, with rs7000, its very accurate.

Go for the rs7000 YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED. I also happen to own a yamaha motif and a korg triton, 2 supersynths, and neither of them have the sequencer the rs7000 has, and those workstations are actually intended to be used with external sequencers, like RS7000! or some software sequencer. And yamaha released the new motif es...even the motif ES sequencer is similar to motif, and not advanced like the rs7000...motif es has no grid record mode! My opinion grid record is the best ... you can divide a bar into 16/20/32/64 sections! with the new os 1.2...great resolution of rs7000 is 480 ppq, compare this to other sequencers like roland mcxoX with only 96 ppq or the korg triton studio with only 192 ppq!

Regarding softies, I really hate the reliability software sequencers, and the frigging mouse. but even if you use yamaha control stations like 01x with an apple computer, the price of an apple is toooo high like some 3000 bucks!!! with 3000 bucks, I can buy great hardware stuff! And about pcs, don't even think of using a PC for live performance!

That's all...hope you get a hold of this beauty!

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Thursday-Nov-13-2003 at 13:09
seinfeld writes:
rs7000 is a MUSIC PRODUCTION STUDIO while the mc909 is a SAMPLING GROOVEBOX....this is on the front panel of rs7k and mc909....

the descriptions fit the products very well! rs7000 is a professional studio while mc909 is what it says it is 'a sampling groovebox' toy.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Oct-08-2003 at 08:13
jim woods from arkansas, usa writes:
yamaha exterior design always looks better than roland and korg...roland and korg grooveboxes look like toys with colored case and plastic buttons and flashy script...yamaha looks more solid and professional...same with sound...

as far as i am concerned, yamaha will always be my number 1.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Oct-08-2003 at 00:51
pHiL - K a part-time user from FRANCE - Metz writes:
I had used a KORG TRITON for 4 years now, and i just bought these famous YAMAHA RS-7000 &... the ROLAND MC-909..! Nothing to compare with the i decided to give it up : too much "polyvalent" because my sound in general is TECHNO. Nevertheless, have a look to my web site where 5 tracks made on my TRITON are online ( ) with many styles of techno-tracks : but i repeat, nothing to compare with both RS & MC... These 2 "BIG" Groov'box-Workstation-Sequencer-Sampler are realy fantastiK ! All the patch & samples are oriented "elektro-techno" of course & U have all U need about drums, in elektro style or some more classical ! Same opinion about all real-time controlers & effects & compressor sound really professionnal ! YeS !!! I get a "little" Compressor more at the end of my configuration, a SAMSON C-COM16 : but i do not use it everyday : just with one of these RS or MC, U're able to mix in a party ! But using both.. the Greatest Live'Configuration in the World lol !!! Just have it..! ;-)

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Monday-Sep-08-2003 at 11:31
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