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Average rating: 4.6 out of 5
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orso bubu writes:
well, this thought kick ass

it's 10 times better then the mc-909, i love to work with it on live.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Sunday-Dec-29-2002 at 19:38
Bubbaloha a part-time user from HI writes:
Im really impressed with my buddy's RS7000. Have played with it some, but not enough to know if its what I need. He love it!! ...and he also really digs my QY700....which brings me to a question. Since I already own a QY700, and a maxxed out Emu e5000 ultra it seems to me that I have the bases covered pretty well. Am I missing something? Would there be any HUGE advantage in switching over to the RS7000 and selling those 2 other machines? My instincts say no, but I thought id better check in here with the experts. I really like the combo of the QY700andE5000Ultra...very much, but I have more $ tied up in those two machines than the cost of a RS7000. So, in other words I could sell the Qy700 for like $600 buck and the maxed E5000UltraTurbo for about $900....and the RS7000 would only set me back about a grand "used" so I could end up with $500 cash to buy other gear. Would this be stupid tho? I dont want to step down in capabilities and something tells me to stay put, but I am tempted by the RS7000. Any thoughts from folks familiar with the options?

posted Sunday-Dec-22-2002 at 04:20
goodboy writes:
I agree with oscar finch...i had an mc 307, but replaced it with rm1x (much better), and then now i bought a yamaha motif and an rs7000 to replace the rm1x.

I tell you , the motif (with all plug ins installed) is about the only thing you need to make any kind of music, but if you want to do more remixing, add the rs7000 to the motif...these 2 are the only things you will ever need to make your own music (any style!)...get the plug-in-boards for motif as well.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Thursday-Dec-12-2002 at 20:53
Töm a professional user writes:
It´s true, the OS v1.2 is available now. And they not only improved some features, added new ones, like filters...they also upgraded the FX-algorithms....look what someone said about the new OS...on the RS mailing list:

Is it just me or has anyone else noticed this. I've been messing around with all the new filter configurations. Firstly I'd like to say that they make a MASSIVE difference to the SynthMaterial Bank (particularly dual LP/HP with offset), the bass sounds are much rounder the Laddered 18db filter is very very 'analog' sounding and the LPF24A does monster things to the bass patches. It literally sounds like a new machine. Not only is it "Yamaha crisp" but it is dare I say it very "Roland warm" in an equal measure of both parts. That said has anybody else noticed the delays and reverbs sound far more refined and smooth with a clarity and class I'd swear they never had before. The insert effects seem to have more bite using these filters , try the Ring/TalkMod EFX and the distortions are smoother and more detailed. I thought it was just my imagination so I reloaded Mouth of Madness and altered some of the filter configurations too new ones and was like OMFG !!! this sounds so much richer,plumper fully bodied. The RS7000 is starting to mature nicely indeed. Even the Plate reverbs I had used in the track and the delays had better prescence without swamping the mix at all ...more "pro" sounding if you will. Maybe it's my imagination but I have a pretty sharp ear for subtle nuance and fine detail in a mix. Strings and Pads now sound UBER LUSH ;) really warm and dare I say it phat (as much as I hate the word). The 303 waves sound killer thorugh the new filters, infact lots of the EthnicBanck is way more useable too. Overall I am really impressed. It is definately now IMHO sonically on par with other units in it's price range. I'm still curious as to wether or not there was some system/effects algo tweek they're not mentioning because I cant see the filters making this much of a difference. massive sound palette potential now too. Ohhhhh and what they do to samples. The OS refinements are excellent and useful. I can piss of my electribes now cause this grid mode with variable step amounts and track monitoring is da bomb shit I tell you. This is really more than I could have hoped for really. I'm very happy Yamaha have given us this level of support and gone the extra yard with a few "added" suprises I wasn't expecting.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Thursday-Dec-12-2002 at 17:12
Phone'soffLine a hobbyist user from Australia. writes:
Yep RS7000 V 1.2 is here and this really is hte bizz , what was great just got way way better :P. As stated you can cut in and out of record/play modes , notes are now visible on the keypad (re-led light) when using grid or step record. So we now have full keypad led display. All sections A-P can now be switched via the front PADS. You can temporarily disengage realtime record and monitor an input passage before commiting it to a track. Grid Record is now OFFICIALLY THE BOMB !!!! This is off the hook :) You can play any or all selected tracks whilst recording. Note scan to access specified notes for editing in a sequence and munch on this you Roland XOX-ers.You CAN set step resolutions from 128th notes to 8th note triplets in any time signature you so choose. You can also move to and hold any measure whilst sequencing and editing in grid mode with aformentioned full monitoring of all or any tracks. The big kahoona is the bolstered filter section. Get this ;) Wipes brow and breaks into sweat. BYPASS - direct throughput LPF24D -dynamic 24 db res. filter with digital characteristics. LPF18 - 3-pole 18db LowPass Res. Filter LPF12 - 12db/oct LowPass Res. Filter HP24D -dynamic 24db/oct digital resonant filter BPF - 12db/oct BandPass Res Filter BEF - 12db/oct BandEliminate Res.Filter LPF24A - 24db dynamic lowpass filter with analog modelled characteristics LPF18S - 3pole 18db/Oct Staggered LowPass Res Filter LPF6 - 1 pole 6DB low pass filter (dynamic cut-off no resonance) HPF12 - 12db/oct High Pass res.filter BPFw - 12db/oct combination high/lowpass filter with resonance BPF6 - 6db/oct band pass res. filter BEF6 - 6db/oct beand eliminate res.filter Dual LPF - Two 12db/oct LowPass res.filters in parrallel Dual HPF - As above in Dual LPF Dual BPF - As above in Dual LPF Dual BEF - As abouve in Dual LPF LPF+BPF - combined Low and High pass resonant filters.

All dual filters have a distance parameter set between resonant cutt-off and filter peaks per voice assignment . All in all a great package just got a hell of a lot better. Nice to see Yamaha giving us all some SERIOUS support . Am I happy oooh hell yeah. This rocks big time. Thanks Yamaha you came good on this one ;)

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Thursday-Dec-12-2002 at 06:01
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