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Average rating: 3.1 out of 5
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swordmaster a part time user from the netherlands writes:
wha this thing IS fun.. just bought it for about 12 $ and I immediately gone play with it and sampled some cool tings and added 20 fx on it.. really cool for chemical music IF you have also got a sampler + fx unit.. buy this one if it's not too expensive! (which it can not be)

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Thursday-Aug-06-1998 at 00:21
Avery Brooks a professional user from USA writes:
Nice machine. I like the interface, very easy, I learned it in

about an hour, with the occasional help of a very inaccurate

manual (meant for the RX5, so it wasn't completely right).

You can do 4th, 8th, 16th, and 32nd notes, and triplets of each.

The samples onboard (pcm, i think) are (1 each!) snare, bass,

ride cymbal, crash cymbal, open/closed hh, claps, and shaker.

The claps are nice and harsh, and allmost make up for the

mediocre snare. The snare by the way, is one of the worst I've

ever heard (with the exclusion of the snares on my MT-240!! ha).

The song/pattern editors are fairly nice, easy to use.

It is pretty well suited to most non-standard types of music.

Don't buy it to use as a substitute for a real drummer!

Besides its faults, an okay machine. You can have a lot of fun

with it.

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Thursday-Aug-06-1998 at 00:21
Steve B. a hobbyist user from New York, USA writes:
I have an RX-17 with literature. Perhaps the manual will provide some clues

to the RX-15 operations. I'll check back at this post.

Quality wise, I find underlaying snare beats with timbales gives

a fuller, more realistic snare drum sound. Underlaying cymbal crashes with

an open hi-hat gives a more wide-spectrum cymbal sound.

Rating: 2 out of 5 posted Thursday-Aug-06-1998 at 00:21
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