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Jill a part time user from time user writes:
First off, thanks Eugene for the awesome, well thought out review. You really understand the SK-15 for what it is, a gorgeous, rare, "diamond in the rough." I've often made the Hammond B3 organ comparison. I'd like to add, though, some features that I use quite regularly with that organ. There's a tremolo that peals with a sharpness to cut above all else. Alone, or in combination with the speed button it is quite easy to emulate the output of a Leslie speaker. But wait, there's more! Those spinning rotations that *gather speed* when the speed button is activated can be controlled with the LFO "vibrato" section. Oh, and when the speed button is pressed again, the rotations slow down and even out so smoothly! The Yamaha SK-30 is quite a force to be reconed with. It has all that the SK-15 has, and more - another "module" of controls including 4 assignable tremolo settings, more LFO control, dual VCO tune/detune, unison detune (?)and a PHAT mother of all polysynths control station with different waveforms. (Saw, sine, square? It's been a while. I think there's at least 3.) Eugene, I must encourage you to buy the SK-15. As you will note it's quite portable for it's output (think of all the weight you'll save carrying that *little Hammond*,) plus it is rugged enough to stand travel I think. Just be careful of the wood sides. (It's pressurized stuff with vinyl coating, sorry to dissapoint..) I have used it live and it stands up. It does! By the way, you were once again on the button with the polysynth/string - arp string comparison, again, I thought the same thing myself!! The polysynth ensamble with the ASDR set to a gentle arc. Try it: (CF 5, Res 5, A 6, D 7, S 7, R 6) - adjust the res or CF to your liking. I LOVE how the polysynth in this mode gushes out, spills out of the envelope and surrounds the organ, or even alone it sounds good! I searched long and hard for this sound to emulate the ARP esque "dream weaver" strings, remember those? Oh yeah. THose are even fatter on the SK-30. I got my SK-15 for $75 in a pawn shop. it was my first analog synth and still is my finest-(would you believe even next to my Roland and Moog?) BYE! Oh yeah, my email's up there if anyone wants to write to me about their SK!! I'd love to hear how you use it!

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Thursday-Aug-06-1998 at 00:22
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