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Average rating: 4.0 out of 5
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faust a hobbyist user from San Francisco, US writes:
Just a couple of comments, I just got my unit today.

Build Quality: Excellent, the thing is rock-solid and looks like it could take a lot of abuse.

Features: Sampling, sequencing and effects are great. Unfortunately, it's almost a given that you'll have to buy the SCSI board [US$200], as floppy disks won't do it for anything more complicated than the demos... Also put another 64 megs of RAM in or you're going to have some issues.

Ease of Use: I don't have a lot of experience sampling stuff but I was able to get stuff into it within the first 30 minutes. It's a blast to tweak knobs, etc.

I'll post a more thourough review when I've put this thing through its paces...

posted Friday-Oct-22-1999 at 19:12
deceptix a part-timer user from canada writes:
I have owned this machine for three months now and it has crashed four times. I am trading it for an A3000 as soon as i can. This sampler has wasted to much of my time, buyer beware!

Rating: 2 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Oct-19-1999 at 17:30
SpeckledOmen from OZ writes:
Hey steini, you could keep the SU700 for a better than excellent drum, bass and sounds machine and invest in a cheaper traditional sampler (lower end Akai's go cheap new or second hand) for melodies. You still have an excellent ground base to work from, and can sample the buggery out of keyboards and other stuff to do melodies with. Sequence with a Roland MC-500 or somethin' of the sort, or even an old Atari (unless the SU700 can do it, I haven't tried that with this machine yet). Just a suggestion..........Next time I'll take it to the GAS station tho...

posted Sunday-Oct-17-1999 at 01:37
Anre a part-timer user from Sweden writes:
That's the concept of a phrase sampler- Arranging loops and single sample hits etc. If you need to make melodies you should get a "normal" sampler like the Akai S2000, Emu ESI4000, etc!

Rating: 3 out of 5 posted Thursday-Oct-14-1999 at 16:40
steini a hobbyist user from iceland writes:
I have just bought the su-700 and i had a kind of a shock when i started trying it out: there seams to be no way of making mellodies with this devel. Is there some way of making mellodies that you know or is it only for loops like the program Acid? It didn't even cross my mind that it i could not make mellodies on SU-700 and when i asked the store they did not belive it. can anyone tell me the truth about this?


posted Thursday-Oct-14-1999 at 16:22
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