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Average rating: 4.0 out of 5
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m0use a part-timer user from Zimbaubway writes:
this is just the greatest live use sampler around!!! it will cost 400 or so bucks more to make it really playable (getting scsi, and expanded memory) but it is sooooo worth it. the only thing that sucks is importing samples. even after geting suci you still have to import them with floppies...... but you can save it all to the scsi and never have to do it again... but still, yamaha should have let you import samples from the scsi drive. oh well.....

i talked to a roland rep today, and he was trying to sell me on a sp808..... whatever.... it only has four polyphony... ha ha ha. he said that with the internal zip drive you have access to 100 meg out of the box. with a fully expanded su700 you have 68. Well as i explained to the roland rep, all of those tons of megs the sp808 have are going to be wasted on variations of samples.... ya see the su700 can have a base drum loop going, a snare loop, hi hat, toms, and what ever else going making the foundation of a song. lets say you want to have a break where the hi hats go out, you just mute it, but on the 808 since you can only have four samples at one time and you have to resample a bunch of samples that should be playing separatly to one track. you have to make a whole new sample to make the hi hats go out. hope ya understand this.

the su700 rules

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Thursday-Oct-14-1999 at 03:12
Speckled Omen from OZ writes:
I don't entirely take back what I said in my latest review, but this fragger has just frozen on me twice, while she was playing! (one minute I am cruisin to a freshly made composition, next I am pulling my hair out in frustrato!). I still think it's a great instrument (and yes I do have v.1.03) but this glitch 'bugs' me . It seems to freeze very randomly (I have been monitoring when it does, and there is no solid pattern forming as yet), but it does tend to freeze when I have a really good track in the making (good IMO) that hasn't been saved yet. Getting the A3000 for now, I know it's a different beast, but I am finding it harder to work this way. I know some of those who have no bug problem will be sick of my voice by now, but for those who have, I'm going to the gas station now for some discussion/surveying...............see you there............ Cheerio


Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Oct-13-1999 at 20:36
bruceS a professional user from USA writes:
I'm using standard SIMMS, 68mb total. I think you might need fastpage (older SIMM), I don't know if EDO SIMMS work. There has been no trouble whatsoever. I was told a similar story, you need "professional quality" RAM, they were trying to stick me for $200. Standard SIMMS work fine. Update on previous review.... Still like the unit. Because I tend to think more linear the composed loop tracks are of less interest to me than the free loop pads. The loop pads can be a bite getting the beats to match. Beyond this critisim I still think the SU is an awesome box. It's used mostly live and with the SCSI card added. I haven't crashed the unit...yet. There's always another gig to do so. Hope it doesn't happen as it takes about six minutes to load 63.5mb of data. Oh, one last thing, it really is fun synching it up with Acid and a hardware recorder, the MTC is very stable, hardly any drift, at least nothing serious up through the 20 minute range, haven't done anything longer.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Friday-Oct-08-1999 at 12:49
Speckled Omen (Anthony) a part-timer user from OZ writes:
I have decided to update my review of this sampler with more positives (plus I know you love it when there's something new posted in a stale review column). The SU700 is amazing. I am the guy who has been warning you about the bug in earlier reviews. I got OS 1.03 (yes it is well & truly released) and had a freeze even after I put the new chip in (two lock-ups in fact). The thing is, that happened about two months ago, and hasn't happened since. This is good.

I am still returning the SU700, because I got myself a different priority ( A3000 ), but as soon as I get the cash, and I am guaranteed no freezing (in writing!), I am purchasing another. They seem to be going down in price graually too (perhaps because of the bug).

For composing whatever loop based music you can imagine, I cannot name any machine that will do a better job, by itself, or coupled with even just one good keyboard for melodies (+ sequencer) it is killer! Acid (P.C) is a similar deal, but the realtime diversity of controls is just not there compared with the S U.

Gotta go now, but I will continue this review later.......................

Peace Speckled Omen

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Friday-Oct-08-1999 at 08:46
bruceS a professional user from USA writes:
A quick followup on my last post.

Got the SCISI board and installed it (it wasn't configured like the manual but not terribly difficult), set up the JAZ drive and wrote a set of material for an upcoming gig. It took about 15-17 minutes to save 53mb of sample and sequence data. Uploading took about 6 minutes.

Regarding Keyboard's review, haven't seen it but they've been off many times. The SP-808 has an audience of it's own. If I was running tracks that weren't going to be manipulated frequently I'd consider the Roland unit, it's much faster to load.

That's not what I want from the unit. Anthony, can you explain what problems you've had and how they came about? I have the version 1 OS but so far haven't experienced problems.

Bruce S.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Sunday-Jul-11-1999 at 22:02
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