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Average rating: 4.0 out of 5
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Anthony a part-timer user from OZ writes:
I am telling you, this machine is great but it definitely crashes! It is just a matter of time! Get this: the model I tried in the store froze on me, and the staff couldn't explain it. I thought nothing of it at the time, and lay-byed one a few days later. After a short bout of usage at home, the bugger froze on me (this was definitely a new unit, not the shop demo). I returned it and awaited a new new one. Got it in a couple of weeks and took it home and guess what????!!!! Yes, it froze, or crashed, or whatever you want to call it. This is called a bug, is it not? It does not make for a good live situation to have a central machine in your setup to be dying on you mid-set does it? No, it is Fucked Up, I believe. If this has not happened to your SU700, then that's definitely a good thing, and may mean you have version three as opposed to version one. This version is said to fix this bug, but there are no conclusive reports yet. I was told I would get mine in a week......nearly three weeks ago now! Call me impatient if you will, but I want this blue beast to grunt NOW, not later. If people who have yet to purchase one don't want to listen to one opinion about this situation, read an earlier review on this unit, and perhaps e-mail some other owners a while down the track to see how their units are going.

This review is merely intended as a warning to prospective owners, and an aid to present owners, . I personally believe that appart from this bug, the SU700 is the best beast in its class, and for live and studio (minus step programming!!!) work, as a desktop combo, it just can't be beat! Maybe we should wait a while for further developements?

For those who have a unit already, there is a later version that as I said, supposedly may fix this bug. Contact your Yammy dealer for info (tell them to ring Japan). To test what version you have, Turn the unit off, now hold down SONG and SYSTEM keys (on the job grid) then turn the unit back on. This will give you the the SU TEST info and if you have verion 1, will say 100 100

Hopes this helps those of you with intentions to buy and those with buggy machines.

Cheerio Anthony

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Saturday-Jul-10-1999 at 01:22
Bruce Satinover a professional user from USA writes:
I've just started digging into the SU700. Unlike many users I started sampling using computer based hardware systems and haven't used rackmount units.

I bought the SU700 to try and use as a hardware style box that worked like ACID. I checked out the SP-808 and for what it is it's alright. A few friends own them and like them a lot. But for what I wanted to do, trigger samples both in sequence and as a realtime trigger device this box does what I expected and a bunch more. The unit sounds great and looping couldn't be easier. The effects processing, filters and sound processing are excellent, far beyond what I expected.

The only things I had disapointments on were the need for ram (which is fairly cheap) and the SCSI board which is necessary if you want to do any serious work. Yet another friend said the SCSI interface was slow. I'll find out when I get the board, it's backordered.

The ads for the SU are somewhat misleading. Not many people are going to use it with it's internal 4mb ram and even less will spend the time swaping out floppies for a fair sized mix. Which makes me wonder why Yamaha didn't at least offer MIDI sample dump.

Also, I have some concerns about crashes. One of my SP-808 user friends returned his SU700 after a major mix crashed. Then again he didn't back it up. I read here someone else has had operational problems. This concerns me.

Until I get the SCSI card I'm not going to do any major projects, too many floppies. However I've loaded up 50+ mb of samples, created mixes and improvised; tweak-city. I'll be able to do live work easily with the SP700. People don't mention that you don't HAVE to sequence on this unit, you can set up scenes press play and work from there.

For it's minor faults the good qualities of this machine far outweigh them. Just being able to work live without using static samples is a beautiful thing, being able to mutilate and twist the samples only makes performances better.

Now if that freaking board would ship....

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Monday-Jun-28-1999 at 02:14
lester a professional user from mexico writes:

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Saturday-Jun-26-1999 at 20:13
m0use a part-timer user from usA writes:
the su700 is the best live use sampler there is. it is soooooo much more than the crap sp808 with its four polophony (spelling on purpose). and its shit noisy slow zip drive. Playing the su700 is almost like playing a "real" instrument as opposed to pressing play on a sampler and letting it go. all functions are acessed with at the most 2 button pushes, and those knobs kick so much ass!!!! its not a sound module type sampler though if thats what your looking for (a3000) its a phrase sampler and it kicks ass at doing that. oh and a correction of one of the earlier reviews, no you dont write a song all at once, you get 8 different scenes and 8 markers in each song and who says a song has to only have 1 "song" in it. so you can compose as many little chunks ya want to put together in what ever order ya want to and alter any time you want.....

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Saturday-Jun-26-1999 at 20:12
Robert Rada a professional user from USA writes:
The Su700 is what the SP808 should have been. Plain and simple. This is an excellent product. As far as gliches, I haven't noticed one yet. I'm not going to spend time describing it. Basically, if you want what it's got, it don't lie like most other machines. It is what it is. :) On the bad side, sampling is not my bag, so, yet again, I'm selling another sampler. Anyone want a 4 week old su700?

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Friday-Jun-25-1999 at 02:04
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