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Average rating: 4.0 out of 5
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Ed from Oz writes:
It isssssssssssssssss GOOD

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Sunday-Jun-13-1999 at 03:18
Anthony a part-timer user from Australia writes:
Last week I recieved word that the Blue Beast had indeed arrived in my land. My first act upon hearing the news was to send out the retrieval scouts. My second act was to welcome them and my brand new Box of Blue into open arms. Suffice to say, many a sleepless hour were spent delving back into the glorious depths of this Seraphim of sampling. The Passionate Outpourings of my last script still stand true, yet so does my dark disdain for a fault that will solely decide this beasts fate. I hearby decree, if yon software or mehanical failure, resulting in the freezing or frozeness of all systems,leaving one with no option other than to switch off power, losing all ones handiwork, or dignity( in the intstance of a live performance situation)in the process, this otherwise beautiful machine will be considered banished for this lifetime from my kingdom. If any others have heard news or experienced similar or the same difficulty, please post a review or/and Email me. May your timestretches be stutter free. Anthony. -1 for the fatal flaw called freezing!4outof5

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Saturday-Jun-05-1999 at 23:11
Anthony a part-timer user from Australia writes:
I had been waiting, no, hanging for the moment I had enough money to finalize the lay-by payment for this Beast of the Sample Kingdom. That moment arrived a few days ago. Needless to say at least one sleepless night found me exploring her 'capabilities' with a lot of satisfaction to be had from her various buttons and.......lets just say it would have been a sleepless week I think, had not the disk drive failed and the dark blue beauty frozen frigid on me not once, but three times. It's kind of disconcerting when the last few hours of pushing buttons and fondling knobs goes down yon drain, and this otherwise beautiful box of corners & curves leaves one with no option other than to switch off, losing all one's handiwork in the process. Alas, she is on her way back to Fort Yamaha for some serious TLC, the likes of wich I cannot provide. No matter, For while the jesters' responsible are beaten, The Kings warranty officials are packing me a brand new Blue Beast, due for arrival in my land in but a few days. Even though our initial meeting was short & sweet, It sparked a passion in me that I have never felt the likes of. I love her loop matching, her effecting, her sampling grade, and the way she takes my acoustic sounds and twists them, turns them around,sends them to the stars brings them back again and then allows me to send them on an optical journey into four track land. Now, patience is indeed a virtue, so I await the arrival of my new S U, and will soon again send the herald with new news. Till then ,may your start and end points be true. Anthony

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Tuesday-May-25-1999 at 23:22
Casten Kuhoff a part-timer user from Germany writes:
I sold my A3000 V2 to buy this baby for one major reason: For my music i wanted to have a sampling/sequencing unit and there has been no real alternative until the SU700 appeared. From the first time on i read about it i could'nt wait for it's release. I thought i could live without many of the really professional features the A3000 provides - some of 'em i miss already (filter types, more flexible effects setup, 'virtual' sample-copies etc.), but i'm glad what i got instead with the sequencer. First of all: the machine is really fast and intuitive, though SCSI is very slow. It sounds really great, brilliant effects and filters, tight timing. I don't think it's a problem that you can't assign different funtions to each knob, everything is just the push of a button away. Sampling has never been this easy, and i nearly never hear any clicks while tuning the start and end points of the samples. I assume it uses a kind of Autozero algorhythm like the one the A3000 provides, but the SU's is much faster. Sad that you can't change start and end points while the sequencer is running. A great plus is the synched LFO and synched effects, though i don't like the way insert effects are restricted. I don't understand why they did'nt use the way the A3000 offers, the same goes for sample copies and missing filters. I'd pay more for those features, maybe an update will add them (at least the filters). What bothers me most right now (got it for 3 weeks now i guess) is the ridiculous way scene switchings are recorded (on RELEASE of the button) and that they can't be edited like events. I totally hate it and will try to not use it. Another thing is the chopyness when slicing the loops - percussive samples work out quite will, but forget about anything else. Yesterday i found out that the only workaround is to change bmp tracking to pitch shift - works ok for me. Another thing i really miss is that you can't move note events while the sequencer is running - this is essential for intuitive, loop-based working! Please, Yamaha, add it in the next update!!! And to finally add yet another bugger: bpm changes cannot be recorded. Oh, and i nearly forgot: resampling is mono only - WHY?!? Uhm... and: You can't import samples out of A3000 volumes (SCSI-zip) - sad, very very sad... got to do it all over again... I rate this machine 4 out of 5 though... well, you won't get a perfect machine for this really great price: it's still a monster, great-sounding, rockin'(!), intuitive, fast, cool, sick, progressive, new. I really needed this machine as i hate working with software sequencers. I wanna make sick stuff and this machine lets me do it - more than i expected. I MIDI-synched an R-8 drummachine, no problem, 1 press of a button. I bought a cheap Bob Marley CD, recorded a very well known vocal phrase, and within seconds i turned it into a bubbling groovy bass-arpeggio, not noticable any more!!! My friends could'nt believe it as i changed the sample slowly back to normal - and you can even record it!!! You can record everything, nearly every parameter, and it can sound so sick! Wow! Keep in mind though that it's made for loop-based music, i guess Techno, House and bigbeat(!) people will love the machine... d'n'b is harder to achieve as event editing is not intuitive enough. I can't wait to get familiar with this machine, the startup is really fast, hope i don't find more to bother. This blue devil will become a classic!

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Monday-May-10-1999 at 12:54
um a part-timer user from usa writes:
had a look at the manual( and it turns out that the knobs are able to all have a seperate function. cool.

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Mar-31-1999 at 14:15
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