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Average rating: 4.0 out of 5
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Koolz1200 a hobbyist user from UK writes:
I'm trying to get some form of advice. I basically do recordings purely via turntables recording tracks onto an 8 track and have only ever had a Yamaha SU200 sampler -which whilst basic and a bit dodgy on sound quality playback i still have only good things to say about. Basically i now need a sequencer/sampler. This may sound dumb but is the Akai MPC 3000 THAT much better than the Yamaha 7000? Budget wise luckily i could just about afford a MPC 3000 but which is better mainly for sample playback wise? Does the 7000 operate just like an SU 200 with a sequencer thrown on board?

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Saturday-May-31-2003 at 17:20
Karmakarma a hobbyist user from USA writes:
Great machine with unlimited potentials. I use it for constructing loop based tracks ( ala Acid ).

Pros: good sound quality, plenty knobs for realtime control, creative loop functions, mind boggling effects, scenes feature is very useful,intuitive and user friendly interafce.

Cons: Conspiciously missing is the loop divide and loop remix functions of their other samplers (man I really miss this one!).The " compose loops " button (4 banks X 4 buttons = 16 total) is essentially useless, I wish these were implemented as " free loop " buttons instead.

conclusion: A massive piece of hardware looping sampler/sequencer that is only limited by your imagination. I give it a strong " 4.5 ".

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Saturday-Apr-12-2003 at 18:16
Ilja Thomassen a hobbyist user from Netherlands writes:
The SU700 was the first peice of hardware I got (well actually the DJ-X keyboard was, but i'd rather not talk about that ;-)) To stubborn to read the manual I spend one week trying to figure this thing out and I didn't get much farther than scratching samples and messing around with the FX's. After a few quick glances at the manual (it's not a difficult piece of gear, really good lay-out,hands on machine) a lot of things became clear and from that moment it was a blast to use!! You should really get the 2 expansion boards and get 64 MB memory (EDO-ram from Compaq works nicely!) Then get a SCSII hard disc. The floppy's are a pain in the ....

I use this machine pure for live performance, and the ribbon-controller linked to Cut-off is a succes every time! The FX are great, you can route the FX busses to each other (make the reverb go thru the amp-sim, crazy things possible)

The roll function is great. The only thing that can be a bit difficult to do live is a roll, and then try to switch pads, because you have to press the [mute on/off] button right after you let go of the [roll] button, and the machine doesn't react fast enough then.

It also can make strange ticking/clicking noize when you use a lot of echo and the machine is slaved. Usually raising or lowering the BPM by .1 solves the problem. But on the other hand, it has it's charms, I use the clicking sounds on purpose in some songs (sounds like a vinyl record)

I wil never sell this machine, and would love to get a second one. It's perfect! The limitations on this thing are a good thing, they give a unique sound to it!

I'll give it a 4, because nothing is perfect, but for me this thing is.

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Friday-Feb-28-2003 at 08:23
Presethead writes:
@ Boris

the SU does not store it's samples when turned off so if you want to keep your sequence you'd have to save it. You can use the internal diksdrive for this but due to the limited storage capacity of floppy disks this only allows saving of tracks that consist of little and relatively small samples. If you want to save bigger samples and sequences you'd need the SCSI expansion board and a SCSI storage device of some kind (HD,Zip)

posted Sunday-Feb-16-2003 at 19:32
dj donau a hobbyist user from Holland writes:
Question: Does one lose his present samples when the power is turned of? I've never used a sampler before, so can anyone tell me what possible flaws to look for when buying the SU second hand? What should I ask the seller to demonstrate me? Maybe I'm a bit suspicious, but i don't want to go back and slap him with it, plus I work for a minimum wage.

Thanks a lot.


posted Wednesday-Feb-12-2003 at 18:06
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