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Average rating: 4.0 out of 5
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Juliophunk a part-time user from UK writes:
The SU just gets better with time......but you do really need to accept it for what it is. For loops it is the don.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Feb-13-2001 at 22:56
Dizz a professional user from the Netherlands writes:
If you are into loop/phrase based music then now the SU700 is the way to go especially since it so "cheap" now to get one. It is a fun and inspiring tool. This is one of the hottest All-In-One boxes ever. One of my greatest experiences with Sue is that somehow (almost) everything you sample will sound great like some magic is added. But of course Sue is not perfect. Consider slow loading/saving times (68 Mb loading takes about 19 minutes using 100 Mb zip drive), no PC/apple connection for i.e. song management(could be very handy if songs are spreaded over several Zip disks and you want to compile a (new) set now there's no easy way to do it), restrictive midi implication, this make it a true stand-alone-box. Hook it up with some kind of groovebox (R1MX, MC-303, MC-505) and you've got a killer-groove-combination. But your future synths will be left in the cold. After using the SU700 for some 18 months now I still think it is a great unit but since my music became more complex the Sue doesn't cut it anymore. My conclusion: I repeat, if you are into loop/phrase based music only then the SU700 is the thing. If you want more musical diversity or are in doubt what direction lies ahead of you then... you need more cash and go for the MPC2000XL or a PC/Apple for sequencing with a "true" sampler.

Cheers, Dizz

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Monday-Feb-12-2001 at 08:08
Ernst Granthamhill from Holland writes:
I run a su700 next to MPC 60II and it works fine together.The only thing i like to comment on is YAMAHA being very slow on releasing a new and improved OS.Also would be nice to see the SCSI more compatible(Hooking it up to a coputer or so). It souds great,a lot of people back in holland seem to think this device is a toy.As a seller it was a flop and i see them coming loose on the second hand market for 500$.Yamaha is going to release a new box action packed and all..... Check it out.....

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Jan-30-2001 at 13:27
AZIZ a professional user from usa writes:
Yo I've had my unit for about 2 years and its sick what I can do with it....first go and load up memory you can get some computer simms for about 20 bucks so now with 68 megs of memory you will never run out of sample time.... Get the Scsi interface and a zip 250 or a harddisk now your ready to rumble, cause if you have to use floppys well 10 floppys a songs isn't pretty!!!

Anyway you can use this unit as a looper or a drum machine you can control each track with its own knob. which make the real time functions real nice you got 16 pads for drums or sequenced sounds 16 pads for free sample triggers, and 8 pads just for endless loops. and you can drop each pad on its own track.... Plus this is the best turntable scratch emulator know to man. I've engineered over 100 songs for various artist and they all love the ablitiy to adjust the su700 on the fly



posted Tuesday-Jan-30-2001 at 12:29
lee jackson a part-time user from brooklyn writes:
Ive been using the su700 for House and hip hop styles...Its definatley a hot item Though im using in sync with my QY70 sequencer I feel the su 700 is not really made for sequencing individual patterns and notes its more about working with loops and dishing out the base of a track, but it can still do it all..combine it with another hardware or software sequencer and youve quadrupled your creative tools.

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Friday-Jan-26-2001 at 07:05
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