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Average rating: 4.7 out of 5
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Allan Naeslund a professional user from Sweden writes:
This card is truly amazing! A complete and professional studio on one singel card! Together with the DSP Factory mixing card it makes an even greater system. An MU100R module together with a totally integrated 12 channel mixer, you can add new hardware (XG Plug-In boards), monster efx unit...I could go on. Just check it out! It beats the dust out of the toy card EMU Audio Production Studio!

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Friday-Dec-18-1998 at 13:45
Christian Dillner a professional user from Norway writes:
For me SCSI is the only choice. I made up my mind several years ago. I have a all SCSI system (2 scsi 2 disks AV) and they are prefect for recording. Very fast + multitasking. But I have to emphazise that if you choose SCSI there is no point in buying the cheapes disk. Only the most expencive AV disks stand out in preformance compared to IDE disks. Your better of buying a IDE disk than a cheap SCSI disk.

I have 233MHz MMX, 96 MB ram and 2 SCSi 2 disks. The realtime SW effetcs does not at all eat up cpu time. That's the beauty of this card. It's all in the card, so your cpu can do the regular things like maintaining the operative system ect while the SW deals with recording.

To Roger Prescott : Download XGedit 2.6 from It's got the complete voice/instrument/patch list.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Friday-Nov-27-1998 at 07:43
Christian Dillner a professional user from Norway writes:
Josh Williams, I dont know what you did expect of this card, but it says on yamaha's web pages that it's a mu100r with recording capabilities. And that is excatly what it is. Are you shure you got the right card ? Iv tested every single sound of both mu100r and SW1000XG (wich I 'v now had for a month) and they are exactly the same, so how you get flat and dull sounds is a mystery beond me. Both MU100r and SW1000XG are the best all in one modules ever made in their price range. But I have to ask, what did you excpect of the card ? What are you comparing it to ? You have to find a similare product, meaning a all inn one product and test it (the individual sounds, and up against a sequencer) and se what price difference they got. Then you can make up your mind about it. Anyway, it sounds to me that you got the WF192XG, and not the SW1000XG. Check the cover man.

posted Tuesday-Nov-17-1998 at 03:54
Josh Williams a hobbyist user from USA writes:
There seems to be a big conspiracy, and I can't seem to get my hands on anything that actually sounds good. I don't know why but despite all the trouble I went to and all the hype surrounding this card, I can't make it sound like a MU100. It really is frustrating to finally install this thing in my computer and find out the sounds are like anything that comes out of a soundcard: cheap, flat, and down right pathetic. Yamaha, shame on you! Ya, know you didn't have to add a audio recorder to it, just center on making it sound like a awesome tone generator would've been fine. Arrrgggg!!!!

Rating: 2 out of 5 posted Thursday-Nov-12-1998 at 12:54
Christian Dillner a professional user from Norway writes:
Finally i got it, and it's truly fantastic. Those sounds and effects are really professional sounding.

Check this out: Use XGedit, find the guitar patch called Tin, set the variation effect to system, set the dry button for Tin patch to 0, find the effect called TouchWah2 from the variation effect and apply it max to the Tin patch. The Touch Wah2 effect is velocity presshure sensetive. Now check that sound out.

This is just one of hundreds of killer sounds you can achive with SW1000XG and XGedit. You can just save it as an midi file and import it into your favorit sequencer and off you go.

Also real killer realtime non destructive audio effect, meaning you only apply effect to playback wavefiles wich can give you back the original dry file if your not satisfied with the effect. You can of course record with effect also. You can get reverb, chorus and variation effects as system effects, still you have 2 effectblocks for killer synth patches + EQ. Global EQ for audio and channalized for all 32 midi channels.

Youv got to experience this card.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Oct-13-1998 at 03:48
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