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Average rating: 4.6 out of 5
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Rich a hobbyist user from USA writes:
Excellent sounding unit-dated technology. I basically picked up this unit used for $500.00US. I must admit the sounds are definately useable-especially the pads, keyboards, and synth sounds. They action of the keyboard is flimsy-but this might just be on mine-not indicative of all SY99s. The polyphony is probably the biggest drawback to this excellent sounding synth. (only 16-32 note)

Rating: 3 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Jun-27-2000 at 10:58
Paul Warfel from USA writes:
I started with a Korg MS-20, and DW-6000 and ARP Oddessey in 1984. I quickly dropped the DW6000 when the DX-7 came out, and learned to program FM synths. I currently have three FM synths an SY77, a TG77 and a SY99. These all have advanced FM with 16 different waveforms, not just the sinewave. These are also sample playback synths with several megs of excellent sounds. The sample playback side of the synth creates great beautiful washes, while the FM side can make extremely percussive hard edged sounds. All of these are great synths and it is nice to have all three but they all have there own special quirks and benefits. The best sounding of the whole bunch is the SY99 as it has better DA converters and a later SPX sound effects processor and 76 keys. Also, the SY99 lets you download a small sample and use it as a waveform to feedback into an FM algorithm. (If that sounds like greek just believe me it can be real cool) The next best sounding is the TG77. I believe it was released later and probably has better electronics inside as was Yamaha's policy at this time. The TG77 is the cheaper of the three but it doesn't have the sequencer and disc drive of the two keyboards. The last in the heirarchy is no slouch. It has 61 keys and the disc drive and sequencer of its big brother. It sounds great compared to most synths of its time and most synths that still follow. But the sounds are a little dryer and thinner than the SY99, but that just makes it under the SY99 but still heads above most other synths in control capabilities. The sequencer is extensive and fairly user freindly in these 16 voice multi timbril and 32 voice polyphonic synths. A great buy if you find any of the three.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Feb-08-2000 at 04:31
Ed Burke a professional user from USA writes:
In the following review, I accidentally hit a rating of 4-out-of-5 instead of what I intended to be a 5. This will throw the average, so I hope it's caught by someone at synthsite and remedied. Once again, the Yamaha SY99 has a rating of FIVE, if not higher. The following review explains why:

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Nov-09-1999 at 18:52
Ed Burke a professional user from USA writes:
This synth achieves sonority at a level that inspires a wide range of compositional possibility. Most synths(if not all)are incapable of providing top notch sounds in every category, but the SY99 covers its bases extremely well. For example, I sequenced 3 Rippington compositions (Thanks for your genius, Russ) to within striking distance of perfection on the 99 alone, before waving the white flag due to the superiority of outrageously expensive studio magic.(MORNING SONG, ANGELA, & MIRAGE.) I then turned around and manufactured the instrumental version(minus GTRS & VOCALS)of Van Halen's RIGHT NOW, coming dangerously close to the original tracks. The SY99 lives up to its reputation as the superior synth over its proclaimed rival and contemporary: the Korg Wavestation. Its many features and powerful intestines ensure its place in history as probably Yamaha's crowning achievement of the 90's in the area of synthesis. I need not go in to detail about the 99's unique hybrid combinations. One can research that elsewhere. I'm talking about the Bottom Line here. It's Toasty!!!! Contact me for snippet examples that I can send via internet for demonstration purposes on the aforementioned musical examples. This is not a paid promotional advertisement for Yamaha. (But, if they'd like to send me product or money, they need to attach no return address.) Hats off to all struggling artists!!!!!

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Nov-09-1999 at 18:43
David Parker II a professional user from USA writes:
Hi I just purchased a SY99, and I think it's awesome. However I am in need of some patches. Please Email me if anyone can make them available. Thanks!


Rating: 3 out of 5 posted Monday-Aug-10-1998 at 21:12
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