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Average rating: 4.3 out of 5
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giovanni alexi a hobbyist user from USA writes:
I have this unit and it is great.The sounds,true yamaha,the keys are DX11 style(great keys),the sequencer..The best for the money(86,000note internal,1.44mb floppy storage as standard midi files dos format,16track,and better than roland MC50mkII).The lcd display is great but when you use the board for a long time the backlite turns off by it self leaving you with a non lit display.Youll need a desk lamp nearby if this happens to you.Overall great synth/workstation.Try the new motif for better analog sounds and more powerful features that the QS300 trnd started.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Monday-Apr-29-2002 at 17:41
Gary from China writes:
After playing around with many korg craps,i missed my qs ,which was sold years ago.Oh i was stupid. I played some up-to-date synth,like Korg Triton (Pro X),none are satisfying.Korg sounds made me sick coz they sound like shit in multi mode.Even recorded to harddisk recorder,Triton sounds bad in the mix,even with all individual effects to each sound.It's not the case with Yamaha. Qs sounds don't have as complex ,swirling,moving texture as found in Triton,but they sound fantasitic in a mix.The drum sound samples are not intended for r&b,but are full of dynamic for pop&Rock.So are the deep deep bass patches. The sound editability is extremely good on QS.It has very deep resonant filter.The effects are professional quality.You may feel only one insert effect is not enough,but remind you,qs sounds mostly sound good even in the multi mode,so you don't have to fix them with insert effects,as how Triton tortures us. I believe some later XG modules or synths don't have as good XG sounds as QS300 has.During a gig,i played a midi file from Carlos Santana on my QS300,and it fooled everyone by its wonderful sound effects of imitating a whole band(with big string sections and ethnic arrangemants). Don't get fooled with Korg effect-soaked sounds.They are only fun to play with. My another synth is Korg x5d.To be fair,it sounds well for accomanying some Chinese pop songs,which require some beautiful Ep,string,pads. I'm not an advanced player in a "musically advanced" country or region.But i gradually come to know that a synth is like a person,so you need some time to dig,to discover his/her personality.Never get fooled with the first impression

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Thursday-Jan-03-2002 at 13:33
smax a hobbyist user from uk writes:
I still use the qs for live stuff and I find that it's still a good synth. the sounds r full and of high quality, I,m looking to upgrade but i,ll chose carefully having used the qs.

posted Wednesday-Apr-04-2001 at 18:07
gavin a professional user from uk writes:
i purchased a qs300 about three years ago, i use the sequencer for studio and live use and i can say that it's never let me down, loads of playing features, nice strings and you can pick them up (second hand) for around £300 ($400) it may seem out of date now but considerng the age of it, it still keeps up with the best of em..down side is it lacks out puts so i give it 4

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Saturday-Jan-13-2001 at 15:58
Brandon a hobbyist user from USA writes:
This was a pretty good workstation when it came out, however all the recent advances in music technology in the last couple years have pushed the average used price way down so depending on the style of music you make and your working methods, if you can get one for around $800-$900 bucks it's definitely worth checking out. (NOTE: The following info is based on using this as a stand-alone hardware device) Lots of good, fully editable voices to work with. You can also create your own sounds using any 4 of the 205 different waveforms for each voice. Good selection of effects too (reverbs,choruses,and 42 variation fx), however only one variation effect can be used at a time. The 16 track sequencer is actually pretty darn extensive (that is if you can get by with 32 note polyphony and don't need much real-time control). Aside from the song sequencer (which can store 10 songs/86,000 notes at a time), you also get separate phrase and pattern sequencers, perfect for recording short loops. There's also over 3000 preset phrases for backing nearly any style. Editing songs is very proffesional with nearly every sequencer trick you can think of. Seq resolution is 96ppqn, not the tightest but just fine for most applications. Lastly, All user sounds and sequences can be saved to 3 1/2" floppys. Also, standard midi files, ESEQ, and QY300 files can be imported. Overall, a pretty solid piece of equipment, and if it had a little more polyphony and real-time control, I'd give it 5 marks.

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Mar-30-1999 at 12:32
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