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Average rating: 4.2 out of 5
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D Smythe a professional user from USA writes:
I had an SY85 that got stolen from the school where I taught music classes. I replaced it with a TG500 module and other than the lack of the sample playback from the sequencer, there is little difference in the two synths. The added polyphony is a definite plus for the TG500. It has aged quite well and sounds great with the newer synths I have purchased here in the last one to two years.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Sunday-Aug-06-2006 at 00:33
Henry a part-time user from Sweden writes:
A great buy! :) This thing has some really nice resonant filters, good effects, 64 notes polyphony and separate outs. The menus are a bit awkward, quite hard to really get a grip of whats going on in there, that could have been better. Little too tricky for me to learn so guess I will look for some sysex banks or edit sounds via soundiver or something.

Soundwise it is warm and "open" in comparison with other similiar units from the early 90´s. I have a M1R and the two are quite similar but of course the TG500 is a more potent machine while the M1 is more of a classic "must have" unit for me. I think I will use the TG500 for lush pads, synthetic basslines and ambient effects. But the acoustic sounds are great too, especially horns and reeds. The piano is useable and acutally quite good IMO. It would have a 5 if the menu system were better.

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Saturday-Dec-31-2005 at 07:36
Neil a hobbyist user from UK writes:
Picked one of these up about 3 weeks ago for £100. This is a very good synth. It has high quality sounds that sit well alongside my Wavestation SR.

It has good effects and decent poly, and a really nice effects processor.

This is a great synth buy, with lovely etherial synth pads/stings etc... Get onee now !

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Friday-Feb-11-2005 at 08:03
Ant a professional user from UK writes:
I recently got one of these and My mate was banging on about it saying it was an unbelievabley powerful synth. I must admit, the presets are not my cup of tea, but this thing does really have great samples for the time, I own a Triton, A Roland JV5080, and this thing with tweaking is really breathtaking, i was shocked, how the modulation and envelopes could be extensively changed, and you can get all sorts of Analogue heaven out of this synth, as Well as crystal clear timbres, and the strings with a little bit of opening up, sound less compressed than my Triton, and the JV5080. I have made "shine on you Crazy diamond" by pink floyd, using all of this, and the moog lead sounds better than my Virus A, it also makes some great bass for my Trance ventures, and im using it extensively for pads which is its forte. The effects are brilliant too, and its this which makes it all come together, the Filter is excellent for A digital repro, this Thing can sound really big and awesome. Forget the presets, tweak the voices to your own taste, im making some great sounds on this and i can see why the SY85 is a true classic. Except you get 64 notes rather than 32. Never will sell mine. one downside is the editing, but even thats easy enough once you get the hang of it, Ive configured my OB12 to edit the main parameters of the TG500. This makes it quicker. Perhaps i shouldnt say this Or i will bump the prices up too much, as they are going way cheap.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Monday-Dec-13-2004 at 17:23
andrew heath a hobbyist user from UK writes:
I had one of these and quite liked it. Editing etc is fiddly, but worthwhile. Its got tons of sounds on it, with additional sounds available.

The sounds are sometimes thin and bland, but with some rework, will fill the track nicely.

I wouldnt mind another one if I see one cheap enough.

posted Thursday-Dec-11-2003 at 10:14
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