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Akai:  MPC Zip Kit

16-Oct-01 (riso972)
19-Oct-01 (hitjob)
19-Oct-01 (riso972)
20-Oct-01 (hitjob)
20-Oct-01 (riso972)
23-Oct-01 (hitjob)
24-Oct-01 (soulboy)
24-Oct-01 (hitjob)
25-Oct-01 (riso972)
25-Oct-01 (hitjob)
25-Oct-01 (hitjob)

Original Message
riso972.... MPC Zip Kit (16-Oct-01  11:00AM )

- I have just recently bought a new Akai MPC2000XLSE2, it has 8 outs, effects board and 32Mb memory. I have just bought the internal Zip drive kit ( KITMPCZIP ) which I recived today, but there are no fitting instructions supplied.

I called Akai tech support here in the UK and I had a very simple question for them which they would NOT answer ( they said that I should'nt have been sold the update kit and that only a qualified Akai service person should fit it ), and as I bought it mail order, there is'nt much I can do about it ( as the store is 250 miles away ), which brings me to my question....

On the back of the Zip drive, there are SIX pins ( a single jumper has been supplied to cover TWO of the pins ), but I don't know which two it should cover. There is an option list printed on top of the Zip which shows the following options :


Does anyone know which one it should be or has anyone already fitted one and could give me some help ?

Many, many thanks !!!!


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hitjob.... Re:MPC Zip Kit (19-Oct-01  09:46AM )

- I dont know personally, but from setting many a SCSI device, I would set it to master.

If that doesnt work you are nt going to hurt anything, just adjust the jumper to the next one down the line. Make sure you unit is unplugged is all :-).

Why did you buy the yellow one? ...?...?



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riso972.... Re:MPC Zip Kit (19-Oct-01  01:55PM )

- hitjob - thanks for the advice, it was "Master" and it's now working with no problems :-)

"Why did you buy the yellow one?" Well, it was'nt my plan....I got a standard MPC2000XL last week, but there was a fault with the display, so I had to send it back to the store. I was in the middle of something urgent and I could'nt wait for it to be fixed ( and they did'nt have anymore in stock ). The store had just recived a new SE-2 and said I could have that if I wanted it, so that's what I decided to do!

I don't know if you've seen it for real ( or just seen website pic's ), but it's better than you may think ( more orange than yellow ), and mine came with an EB16 effects card for free :-D

....I would rather have had an SE-1 though, but the store could'nt get one !


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hitjob.... Re:MPC Zip Kit (20-Oct-01  03:13AM )

- Glad you got it working. It took me a few hours of deep thought and lot of sweariing to finally get my MPC, S5000, CD-ROM and Zip to talk to each other, but I came out a little wiser.

I actually have the SE3 (silver and black) I saw it at GC, they had a used one in, I had them order me the last one out of Chicago the same day.

I have seen the SE-2, what really got me was the pinkish pads with cow spots. Eeesh. It isnt something that can be denied though, it is one unique piece.

You got the FX free? Very nice. how is it out of curiousity, I havent ever heard it and dont want to spend $300.00 on a unit that I havent tested.

Glad I could help.



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riso972.... Re:MPC Zip Kit (20-Oct-01  05:59AM )

- hitjob - I'm very jealous that you have an SE-3, they only made 50 of those ( they made 100 SE-1's and 150 SE-2's ), and that was another one the store could'nt get for me ;-)

The pattern of the pads of the SE-2 is different on each one and on mine, there is quite a lot of white them, so it does'nt look too bad.

As for the effects board, it's great! Some people may think it a little dull by some of the effects found on say, the Roland SP-808EX, but they are good effects and I would rather have them than have none ( though if you wanted SP-808-like efeects, you could always get something like the Boss VF-1, which is an excellent unit for the money ).

The effects board has two multi and two reverb units, and the effects are :


Distortion, 4-band filter, Modulation ( Phaser, Flanger, Chorus, Rotary Speaker, Modulation/Auto Pan, Pitch Shifter, Pitch Shifter and Feedback ), Delay/Echo ( Mono L, Mono L+R, X-Over L&R and Stereo ).


Hall, Room, Large Hall, Small Hall, Large Room, Small Room, Gate ( Gated 1, Gated 2 Reverse ).

Hope that helps!


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hitjob.... Re:MPC Zip Kit (23-Oct-01  10:32AM )

- I have quite bit of outboard gear, so I have shyed away from the FX board, but it is really nice to have the option there.

I just put in the 8 out board, that one is a must.

Well, thanks for the review of the FX.



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soulboy.... Re:MPC Zip Kit (24-Oct-01  03:24PM )

- what is it with Akai tech support? I only hear bad things about them.


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hitjob.... Re:MPC Zip Kit (24-Oct-01  06:38PM )

- Well, Akai has done me wrong before, but not nearly as much as they have helped out.

A couple of examples:

I bought an Akai S5000 as soon as it came out, OS 1.0. The OS was bad, very bad, it froze all the time, half the functions werent implemented, and a week after I bought it the backlight on the screen died. I was exceptionally unhappy, I called the company that sold it to me, he conferenced with Akai, they said the fix was free but I had to pay shipping to Texas. Well, the S5000 weighs in at around 30 lbs. and I didnt want to shell out $30.00 for shipping, bing that i had just paid to have it shipped to me the week before. So, I actually ended up talking to the national Akai sales director, the owner of U.S. distribution and several other VIP's via conference call. They paid next day air shipping to and from the repair faciliy. I ended up returning the unit anyway, as the OS was to buggy, but a year later I bought another one that I am looking at right now and I wouldnt be without it for the world.

Moral of the story is, as with all techs and customer service rep's, if what you want is not unreasonable, just keep going up the chain until you get someone who can actually relate to you, and get something done. I would rate Akai service 7/10. Akai products are a 10/10.

Again, my opinion.



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riso972.... Re:MPC Zip Kit (25-Oct-01  01:34PM )

- Funny you should be talking about the S5000, because a friend of mine who works for a music store here bought one when it first came out and had much the same kind of problems with it....but the interesting thing he found out why the OS was so bad in the first place !

As, I'm told it - the story is that the OS fr the S5000/6000 was'nt done by Akai, but by a third-party software company and just weeks before the machine was about to be released, Akai had the bright idea of asking the company to sign over the rights of the OS software to them - the company said "NO!" and walked with much of the OS....Akai had to work fast and wrote a framework OS to make the machine work - they knew it did'nt do much of what they said it would, but had no choice but to release it.

They then got to work on the OS, but it took them ages to actually get it right and now that they have, it's being replaced by the new Z-range !


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hitjob.... Re:MPC Zip Kit (25-Oct-01  04:30PM )

- Thats interesting about the S5000 OS. I am glad they got it right eventually, the 2.0 release is phenominal, and each update makes it better.

I disagree about the Z series though. I dont think they will in any way replace the S5000/S6000 series. I think perhaps we can look for an S5000XL and S6000XL next year or so, but the Z series merely reflects the decided upswing in DJ kids.

I hate to say it as I am probably offending half of Sonic State, but I dont hink the DJ's are musicnas by any means. I like some of the stuff they do, some of the DJ Dan, DJ Micro, and Acucrack, but I dont thnk that spinning is an art form. The Z series represents Akai falling in line with growing market demand for college kids, and 17/18 year olds with a parents credit card and a whim. I see alot pf products built with ease of use and simplicity in mind, ala the AirFX, Kaoss Pad, Electrix stuff, Boss SP-202, DR-202, SP-808, Yamaha Rm1X, RS7000, ...dont get me wrong it isnt that those priducts arent useful, I own the electrix series, had an Rm1X for awhile and sold it, have two Kaoss Pads. It is just the most of it isnt up to professional spec.

Everyone has a crippling flaw. The SP-202 uses smartmedia, this will NEVER catch on. Not like Zip or CD-ROM. The DR-202 screen isnt backlit, meaning it is impossible tp use live, the SP-808 doesnt have onscreen graphic editing (not everyone wants to computer edit all the time) The Rm1X was so damn buggy, both me and a friend of mine confirmed that Yamaha had indeed perfected A.I. Not only that, no expansion, only 100,000 notes memory, no way to delete the rediculous factory patterns. The RS7000 has outrageous SCSI time, cheap build, I have seen four broken already, Yamaha has not built up alot of consumer confidence, they had better get their ass in gear if they want to top Akai.

Anyway, the Z series has all the batchy features of any other DJ friendly box, but first it is ugly as hell, second it has 2 outputs standard even on the more expensive module, only one SCSI port, and a smaller screen than the previous model. Stupid. People arent going to lay $2000.00 on the table for a bunch of filters. . . as is proven by the Yamaha A4000. IT has tons of filters and FX, came out a year ago at $1399.00, not Guitar Center cant give them away at $699.00.

Just my outlook, I have been monitoring tech since the Akai S2000 was $1299.00, so rougly five years....shrug, that makes me a rookie in some circles and a v


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hitjob.... Re:MPC Zip Kit (25-Oct-01  04:33PM )

- Pardon my spelling and grammar. I type fast or I lose my thought.



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