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Off Topic:  Inocybe wins "most helpful post" award

26-Oct-01 (mainframe)
26-Oct-01 (inocybe)
26-Oct-01 (mainframe)
26-Oct-01 (syntax)
26-Oct-01 (tlotoxl)

Original Message
mainframe.... Inocybe wins (26-Oct-01  05:01PM )

- just wanted to point out an exceptional post that inocybe offered to a new mac user over at the general pump.

since there's been a lot of focus on the amount of flaming and questionable posts here recently, i feel that this post is a great example of why TGS is so vital, and why i like "hanging out" here.

with that said, i hope everyone has a great weekend.


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inocybe.... Re:Inocybe wins (26-Oct-01  05:13PM )

- Thanks mainframe... don't know what to say about this...

3001.. is that the word on the streets? .... lol..



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mainframe.... Re:Inocybe wins (26-Oct-01  06:27PM )

- just trying to encourage positivity....


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syntax.... Re:Inocybe wins (26-Oct-01  10:49PM )

- yep Inocybe is certainly one of the good guys.
i also dont think that the flaming etc on gas is that heavy. i lurk on a fair few discussion sites and they are a lot more "low grade" than gas :)


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tlotoxl.... Re:Inocybe wins (26-Oct-01  11:07PM )

- yeah, that was a pretty good post.


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