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FX:  GRM Tools

26-Dec-01 (Spectralab)
28-Dec-01 (emulator)
28-Dec-01 (Spectralab)
28-Dec-01 (Spectralab)
28-Dec-01 (emulator)
29-Dec-01 (Spectralab)

Original Message
Spectralab.... GRM Tools (26-Dec-01  10:17PM )

- Maybe I shouldn't be posting here if this pump is only for hardware FX, but I am anyway, so deal with it =0

Besides, this pump has been pretty dead for a while, so maybe some discussion here will liven it up a bit...

Basically, I just had a blast of a tweak session with the GRM Tools plugs and wanted to gush about it somewhere ;o)

The CombFilter is very cool... capable of the usual tones one can acheive with comb filters, such as flanging etc... it's funny though: I remember I had a hard time selling my Quadraverb a while back, because I was in love with it's "resonator" effect. Well, since playing with this 5-band CombFilter, I realized that this was exactly what I was missing, minus a few parameters, from the Quadraverb. The Quadraverb effect is basically 5 tuneable resonators, and that's what you get here as well. Except with more parameters and more control. And capable of a much broader range of timbres. So it's official: I don't miss my Quadraverb anymore.

The PitchAccumulater is also quite a trip... I didn't spend as much time with it as I probably should have, if only because I found it hard to get away from flange-y tones. I'm sure with some more tweaking I'll get my head around this one and start acheiving results that I like, though...

The real treat for me this evening though, was the Shuffler. Very cool. What it does actually bears some similarities to granular synthesis: it takes your audio file and breaks it up into smaller fragments. Nowhere near as fine as granular synthesis does, but the principle is the same, IMO. The fragment sizes and envelopes can be altered, various pitch parameters are available (including some random pitch modulation). The stereo/mono slider brings it all into the center at the latter extreme, while leaving both sides of the image doing something completely different at the former. Density controls how many fragments are generated. Basically, I feed a Wavestation patch (a pad with some amplitude modulation and slight pitchshifting applied) into it... most of the parameters were static, with a few percentage-points of pitch modulation. Then I opened up the automation track for the Density parameter... even with everything else static, this parameter alone morphed the Wavestation patch - from a few chirping birds at one extreme to a gushing waterfall at the other. Fun was had by all...

Anyway, I'm done geeking out on this stuff for now. Just thought I'd see if I could spark up some conversation... be warned though: automating these puppies is a time-consuming process - as some of you well know ;o)


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emulator.... Re:GRM Tools (28-Dec-01  01:04AM )

- You should try GRM Tools volume 2 as well. Alternatively, if you have a Mac, check out Pluggo by Cycling 74. It's a little less sweet sounding then GRM tools, but alot weirder if you like that sort of thing.

Spectralab, do you know where I can find some literature on automating GRM tools? It does seem to be a bitch to do, and I aquired the software the not so nice way, so I lack a manual. Please don't judge me too harshly about my means of software aquisition:)


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Spectralab.... Re:GRM Tools (28-Dec-01  12:00PM )

- what host application are you using?


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Spectralab.... Re:GRM Tools (28-Dec-01  12:01PM )

- by the way, I'm on PC, so Pluggo is not an option for me... I've wanted it for a while, but I'm not prepared to switch platforms just yet... wish they would come out with PC-VST version already, sheesh...


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emulator.... Re:GRM Tools (28-Dec-01  09:43PM )

- I'm on Cubase VST 32 for Windows. My copy of VST is legite, so I feel less slime ballish:)


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Spectralab.... Re:GRM Tools (29-Dec-01  08:58AM )

- Hm... never tried to automte them in Cubase... I was doing it in Nuendo. In Nuendo you can fold down as many automation layers as you please. When you Add a new parameter for automation, a list pops up containing every parameter in the FX/Dyn/EQ/Ins/whatever window for that channel. If you have a plug-in selected as an insert on that channel, all of it's parameters will be part of that list.

I don't do any audio work in Cubase, except for the initial tracking, so I haven't really looked into that aspect of the program or how well it might work. I would imagine it would be something fairly similar, though.


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