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Korg:  Help; is my Korg MS20 broken?

23-Apr-02 (dirtrock) 25-Apr-02 (impossiblesound)

Original Message
dirtrock.... Help; is my Korg MS20 broken? (23-Apr-02  10:19PM )

- Hi, I'm not sure if my newly aquired MS20 works as it should...

When pressing down 2 keys at a time, I'm used to monophonic synths re-triggering the first key when the second key is let go (like holding down one key while tapping another to alternate between notes). However on my MS20 there is no re-triggering at all; each key must be individually pressed.

Is this the correct way that the good 'ol MS20 is supposed to operate or do I have a problem on my hands?

thanks for the help,

- Brian


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impossiblesound.... Re:Help; is my Korg MS20 broken? (25-Apr-02  10:19PM )

- It doesn't re-trigger notes, i.e., it doesn't start again at the attack stage of the envelope. However, sustained notes should continue to sound when doing what you describe. Also keep in mind that the MS-20 has low-note priority, instead of the more common last note priority, which you might not have encountered before.

Set the ADSR so you have sustain at max and everything else at min, and try it that way. Hit any note, and continue to hold it while hitting a second, higher note. If the original (and lower) note doesn't sound after releasing the second note, then yeah, something's not right.


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