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Anything Analog:  arp 2600 or minimoog

03-May-02 (dongsy)
03-May-02 (nick@sonic)
03-May-02 (NormV)
07-May-02 (zipo)
07-May-02 (Brasco)
08-May-02 (^_^)
09-May-02 (Brasco)
09-May-02 (php)
09-May-02 (^_^)
09-May-02 (Brasco)
09-May-02 (^_^)
13-May-02 (louis-s)
14-May-02 (RYAN MOD)
15-May-02 (Buchla265)
18-May-02 (Clockwork Banana)

Original Message
dongsy.... arp 2600 or Minimoog (03-May-02  04:45AM )

- can anyone tell me! well i try to get either one of those but not sure which one should i get it first and the different between those 2??


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nick@sonic.... Re:arp 2600 or minimoog (03-May-02  05:34AM )

- ARP is very flexible. We use one a lot for filtering external sources and reverb etc - that's what we mostly use it for.

The mini well - it's a darn site easier to get stuck in and make a playable sound though in my experience the sound can be quite hard to place in a mix cuase it's so enormous - bass that is.

If you are more of a player then I would suggest the MINI, more into the wierd then the Arp


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NormV.... Re:arp 2600 or minimoog (03-May-02  05:48PM )

- I agree with Nick.

Norm (I've always felt that the Minimoog is rather limited, sound-wise. If i'm spending Big Bucks, i want a good variety of sound, which the ARP has!).


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zipo.... Re:arp 2600 or minimoog (07-May-02  04:58PM )

- buy the arp-2600, moog is a warm dark sound.The arp is very flexible, good for bases& leadsounds but it's is truly a Fx-unit as 2600 is better.


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Brasco.... Re:arp 2600 or minimoog (07-May-02  05:06PM )

- They're both great! Get both when money lets you. Minimoog limited? As I once said before, it's as limited as the user.


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^_^.... Re:arp 2600 or minimoog (08-May-02  03:25PM )

- minimoog is definately limited. heheh if you don't think you're a crackhead:D, but just because a synth is liimited doesn't mean you can amke a bunch of sounds on it :)....arp2600 is far more versatile. I've only noticed a few good sounds come out of a minimoog, bass+leads...


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Brasco.... Re:arp 2600 or minimoog (09-May-02  01:30AM )

- Limited as the user!

Sure it doesn't have the same functions as a 2600, but I wouldn't say it is "definately limited". I guess anyone who would say that is on crack themselves. :P

"but just because a synth is limited doesn't mean you can amke a bunch of sounds on it"

Is that right?

"I've only noticed a few good sounds come out of a minimoog, bass+leads..."

Since you call the shots can i have permission to laugh?



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php.... Re:arp 2600 or minimoog (09-May-02  10:39AM )

- I've owned both a Minimoog and an ARP 2600 and IMO the ARP 2600 is much more versatile especially for the more abstract types of things. I'd have to agree that the Minimoog by comparison is much more limited and no matter how good the user is, the Mini is doesn't have near the same capabilities. This is not to say that it isn't excellent at the sounds it can produce, just not as many possibilities as the 2600.


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^_^.... Re:arp 2600 or minimoog (09-May-02  11:06AM )

- there are limitations on the minimoog, no lfo, having to use an osc as an lfo...that's a big limitation in my eyes, no adsr? patching, normalled wiring. That's pretty limited in my eyes. true the arp2600 doesn't have an lfo(cept for later models), but you can just buy an lfo from a new modular company, can also gfet a mooger fooger cv thing, add another s+h

really dongsy the arp2600 and minimoog comparison isn't really valid cuz one's a semimodular and one's normalled. And another big factor is that the arp2600 is going to cost quite a bit more. For instane my friend's having a hard time selling his mint minimoog at 1500, *but" get an arp2600 and you'll be able to easily get 2000-2200 on it, *easily* arp2600s also continue to raise in value every year. Who knows what will happen once the voyager comes out, and that the orininal minimoog might not be the ultimate for *that* sound...i guess we'll have to wait and see.

brasco, if you say there are no limitations on a minimoog, and it's as limited as the user. Can you make me a sound with one sawtooth triggering the envelope, with a 3 osc sound all slightly detuned with S+H modulating resonance, whiile a slow sine wave modulates cutoff. with 3 other lfos each modulating each oscillator with a very slow sine? then how about having 3 different envelope modulations on each osc to make the sound turn awefull disturbing sounding? heheh...if you can do that on a minimoog, you are minimoog god!O_o


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Brasco.... Re:arp 2600 or minimoog (09-May-02  04:39PM )

- Of course you can do more on an Arp 2600 since it obviously has more functions. I wouldn't put them into the same category, but I always come up with new sounds on my limited Minimoog, and not just leads & bass. I still say it is as limited as the user.

^-^----Do you or have you ever owned a Minimoog? Not to question what you say about it, but just curious. And I am the Mini god!


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^_^.... Re:arp 2600 or minimoog (09-May-02  04:59PM )

- onpe never owned one used one extensively though :)


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louis-s.... Re:arp 2600 or minimoog (13-May-02  11:33AM )

- ARP is without any doubt much more powerful for many reasons : - the ARP Moog-style ladder filter called "4012" is quite as good sounding as the Mini's - the ARP has infinite possibilities whereas the Mini is not an "open" system. There's no patch limitations : any audio signal can be used as a control signal. for instance you can process external audio signals thru the sample&hold and connect the result to the VCFcontrol .... - the oscillators of the 2600 do not drift out of tune ; the 2600 is quite reliable : look for users comments on any Web pages about it

Having both Mini and grey 2600 I definitely rate the Mini at 8/10 and the 2600 at 9,5/10 but expect tp pay about $500 more for the ARP.


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RYAN MOD.... Re:arp 2600 or minimoog (14-May-02  02:25AM )

- Should I get an Austin Healey or a Rolls-Royce?


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Buchla265.... Re:arp 2600 or minimoog (15-May-02  07:14PM )

- If you can play keyboards, get the Mini. If you can't, get the 2600.


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Clockwork Banana.... Re:arp 2600 or minimoog (18-May-02  11:53AM )

- Someone posted an interview with Brian Eno, where he talks about Minimoogs, and how it's possible to really get to know them as instruments, because of its timbral limitations (as compared to something like a 26000). Kind of excited me and made me want a Mini.

Clockwork Banana

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