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General:  Elektron

24-Aug-02 (dleyva)
24-Aug-02 (C_Beefheart_UK)
24-Aug-02 (meriphew)
24-Aug-02 (aeon)
24-Aug-02 (tortoise)
25-Aug-02 (dleyva)
26-Aug-02 (Texas Noise Factory)
26-Aug-02 (Texas Noise Factory)
28-Aug-02 (Malfunkt)

Original Message
dleyva.... Elektron (24-Aug-02  05:33AM )

- I'm interested in a machinedrum and I would like to ask the users if the machinedrum can deliver hiphop kind of beats? Can it do sp1200 type stuff, as it mentioned something about it being able to reproduce some sp1200 stuff (?), tr's ect.. I listened to the demos on the elektron site and it mainly showed the electronic dance/modulated type beats. If anyone can help me out here, I would greatly appreciate it. Also some user mp3's would be great. Thanks!


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C_Beefheart_UK.... Re:Elektron (24-Aug-02  07:30AM )

- Hi, I've owned the Machinedrum for quite a while and have used it extensively. I make electro and instrumental hip hop, and I was in a similiar situation to you trying to decide whether to purchase it and if it was right for me. For electro and probably all music with synthetic style drums, there's nothing better you can buy. For hip hop it's a hard choice. I was very dissapointed with the E12 section (sampled percussion) at first. Although with lots of experimentation you can get good results. I sample the Machinedrum into my MPC2000xl - I make loops on the Machinedrum and then treat them as sampled loops - chopping them up, EQ etc. You can get fantastic results this way. The Machinedrum has a very clean sound, which is obviously good for electro but not for hip hop. The hip hop I like is things like Cannibal Ox and EL-P where the drums are raw and gritty, but have a slightly electronic sound. I have made beats with the Machinedrum that sound awesome for that kind of hip hop. But then again for slightly electronic hip hop all four synthesis types are great. Basically, if you think the machinedrum can replace an SP1200, you will be dissapointed - it can't. But if you want a really inspiring piece of kit that is perfect for more experimental, synthetic hip hop and can touch upon strange acoustic drum sounds, then buy it, I am very happy with mine. An ideal situation for drums would be an MPC2000xl, an SP12 turbo and a machinedrum....that would be the best of all worlds. But also expensive. There are lots of little things I don't like about it, but I would never sell it. In music magazines it quoted the all inclusive price (machinedrum, power supply, shipping), as around £840. Mine came to £900. I hope this helps...


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meriphew.... Re:Elektron (24-Aug-02  01:31PM )

- Abso-frickin-lutely.



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aeon.... Re:Elektron (24-Aug-02  01:52PM )

- it can absolutely capture that early 80s sampling drumbox flavor, but it does it with a 21st century twist. ;)

so I guess it depends on the kind of hip-hop tone you are looking for.

sidenote: E12 + LFO1 mod retrig + LFO2 mod LFO1 + LFO3 fast square wave mod level = glitchy goodness!


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tortoise.... Re:Elektron (24-Aug-02  02:34PM )

- Very versatile sound, but it may take some tweaking to get the specific sound you are looking for. But then, the level of tweakability is on of its strongest points. Once you get used to the machinedrum, it is pretty easy to get the sounds you want out of it.

Or at least, it is easily the best drum machine I've ever used, and sounds wicked.


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dleyva.... Re:Elektron (25-Aug-02  06:19PM )

- Thanks for the input guys, I really appreciate it! I'm still a little weary on whether or not it can do what I'm looking for, but like you guys said with some tweaking it may be able to deliver with its own character. From the reviews it seems like a hell of a drum machine, of course also compared to my trusty Roland R-8 which I have been using for years.

If anyone has an mp3 of the machinedrum doing hip-hop beats, I would love to hear it :)

Thanks again!


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Texas Noise Factory.... Re:Elektron (26-Aug-02  04:01AM )

- here's a good story...

A friend of mine recently got a machinedrum, and I had him make me a demonstration of what it was capable of. He recorded and mp3'd and sent me about a 3 minute section of what he was playing with. I liked what he did, so I converted it back to .wav, and threw it into acid with a bunch of loops and FS1r samples, and odd sounds from my nasty Casio and built this song. The MP3ing of the sample really grunged up the machinedrum which is all done funky breaks like. I'd guess it's a bit dirtier than the Machinedrum normally sounds, but It gives the track an oldschool flavor that I like. :)

Link: ...

Texas Noise Factory

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Texas Noise Factory.... Re:Elektron (26-Aug-02  04:01AM )


Texas Noise Factory

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Malfunkt.... machinedrum timbres (28-Aug-02  01:23PM )

- Hi Bach, now I haven't had the machinedrum for a while but consider myself a seasoned veteran to programming synths. The Machinedrum has a great set-up as far as synthesis goes. While the sounds may not have a dedicated ADSR you will be able to use the variety of LFO routing features to use as envelopes. The ER-1 does not come close to the range of sounds the Machinedrum can produce (though I quite like it). I wouldn't say the Machinedrums strength is making synth sounds but I was able to get TB303 squelchy blurps out of it, punch basslines, and some really dissonant FM textures. The key here was to use the LFO to modulate one another or use as fast envelopes.

From the sounds of it you are hoping t use the Machinedrum as a groovebox of sort. I don't think you will be disappointed. I even was able to convert MIDI notes (that it can send) over to a track that used a Machine instrument and it converted the note scaling to proper tuning! That's cool. You really can plug yourself into it without anything else and get lost for hours. The fact that it has 2 audio inputs is even better. Combine it with any synth and you are set.


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