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Yamaha:  dumb questions?

20-Sep-03 (judy) 22-Sep-03 (the Whiz)

Original Message
judy.... dumb questions? (20-Sep-03  07:24PM )

- i'm a guitarist who recently has gotten into trying to learn to play keyboards. on ebay i bought some cheap small keyboards and i am having serious fun playing around with them and trying to learn. I have some problems though and have been searching the web, looking for message boards or email lists where i could ask my newbie questions. As a guitarist, i know of many many guitarist websites, my favorite is, where people can go and chat about guitars and can ask questions and get help with things, including newbie help. I have not been able to find anything like that for keyboards. What i have found seems to be at much too high a level for me. I'm just wondering if anyone knows where i can find a site wehre i can ask about my cheap vintage keyboards and other generic questions.

Like for example, i got a yamaha PS-3 and i really like it, but it has one key that doesn't work. Also, the volume gets staticky and cuts out in the lower end. And sometimes the keyboard shuts off, but if i open the battery compartment and twist the batteries around it comes back on. Where can I take a keyboard to get it repaired? I've searched the web and my local area, but everything seems to be only for high end keyboards. Can any electronics place fix them, like radio shack. I don't know anything about electronics but is it easy stuff that i could learn to do myself? I have a couple other keyboards that have problems but are still really fun, both Casios. I just want to know how i can get them fixed.

thanks for reading.


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the Whiz.... Re:dumb questions? (22-Sep-03  11:31AM )

- There is a section here at the Gas Station called "Newbies," where one can post whatever keyboard-related question one wishes, without fear of ridicule. It's usually a good idea to split your questions, though. Still, let's try to answer a couple of yours right out.

What do you mean, the key doesn't work? Is it broken and won't travel? It travels but doesn't sound? This could be for a number of reasons. Be more descriptive of the problem.

The volume being staticky may indicate a dirty volume knob or slider. With the keyboard off, slide the volume control from one extreme to the other, repeatedly, for about a minute. Did this clear it up?

If the keyboard shuts off, it could be that you have dirty battery contacts. You could look at the contacts, and if you think they are dirty, you can lightly sand them. That should improve the situation.

It could be that all these symptoms indicate some other problem, like a drink being spilled on it at some point. Such a thing could have caused all the above problems, with sticky soda syrup interfering with the key contact, the volume control contacts, and the battery contacts. If you open the battery compartment, and see some kind of goo, you could either take it to some small electronic repair shop in your area, or dare to open it yourself. Post here, and if you decide to go the DIY (Do It Yourself) route, I'll be more specific, most likely offline.

Good luck!

the Whiz

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