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General:  Country Western or Trance record Labels?

13-May-04 (Deo)
13-May-04 (alexp)
14-May-04 (FIZMO100)
14-May-04 (Deo)
14-May-04 (Deo)

Original Message
Deo.... Trance record labels (13-May-04  02:48PM )

- Does anyone knows of good US based trance record labels? I am thinking about sending out demos, so your input will be greatly appreciated.



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alexp.... Re:Trance record labels (13-May-04  07:10PM )

- What sort of trance is it??


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FIZMO100.... Re:Trance record labels (14-May-04  07:18AM )

- You may get a more informed response here, too:



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Deo.... Re:Trance record labels (14-May-04  09:59AM )

- i make old school trance, hard trance and sometimes psy, none of the mainstream boolshit with singing


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Deo.... Re:Trance record labels (14-May-04  10:03AM )

- anyway, i was thinking about submitting my demos to the neurodisc records. any ideas if it's good or not?


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