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General:  RE: DAW's with games, internet etc.

12-Oct-05 (SpeckO)
12-Oct-05 (SpeckO)
12-Oct-05 (FIZMO100)
13-Oct-05 (emulator)
15-Oct-05 (.humanoidalert)
15-Oct-05 (Revtor)
16-Oct-05 (Giant Robot)
27-Oct-05 (SpeckO)

Original Message
SpeckO.... RE: DAW's with games, internet etc. (12-Oct-05  04:58AM )

- My PC music workstation has been going strong for about two years now. I'm happy with what it can do, and wouldn't dream of an upgrade until the next gen of 64 bit music apps & games have been spawned. My PC pleases me and my clients and musicians using it's capabilities.

The funny thing is, I always used to warn against the dangers of using a PC for critical music purposes whilst also delegating tasks like internet, games and porn to the same machine.

You hear it a lot. Just don't do it. Have two machines.

Well, against all advice from my own self and the plethora of others, Not only do I use the same machine for internet and games as all my critical music work, but I play games and surf the net while recording up to sixteen tracks, without a single glitch or dropout, no problems whatsoever.

I am typing this now as I record a four piece using fourteen mics recorded to 14 tracks. I have Opera browser active, Skype open (set to do not disturb ), Some winamp stuff open for checking samples for the band for later.

I just finished playing an hour session of LAN United Offensive, my fave LAN game at present. The band is still going. They like it if i'm scarce shile they go for it and forget I'm here. The ting is, I've done this gaming whle recording/surfing thing for ages now. This computer is the BEST MOST SOLID piece of ANY type of hardware I've ever owned. I've owned a lot. older stuff, newer stuff, buggy stuff, stable stuff... this PC is still the most solid and reliable unit I've ever come across. I'll stop there as I really don't want to jinx anything.

So my point? If you're game, try it. Try pushing your machine a bit to see where it an go and if t really can do far more than you thought as far as multitaking goes. Or don't. I'm still all for the ALL MUSIC DAW, and if my backup system wasn't so extensive, I'd probably kepp it that way. But I love playing Call of Duty or Generals, and surfing doing all my ebay stuff while capturing a live performance in the studio next door.. I really like having the option to do it. Even if I had aother PC, I'd still use this one for everything. Even Solitaire.


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SpeckO.... Re:RE: DAW's with games, internet etc. (12-Oct-05  05:00AM )

- Sorry for the typos, perhaps I it was the multitasking!


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FIZMO100.... Re:RE: DAW's with games, internet etc. (12-Oct-05  09:20AM )

- Yup - I've just got the one machine for everything, and it's fine. It was total crap for a year or so, but that was due to a dodgy processor - it's sorted now, and so far hasn't caused any problems.

It's a funny mental image of the guys in the other room giving it their all, pouring out all their emotions into a piece of music, while you sit casually behind a soundproof window playing online shoot 'em ups.



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emulator.... Re:RE: DAW's with games, internet etc. (13-Oct-05  09:55PM )

- I find having an instant messenger program really helps me. the reason is music making can be a lonely thing, especially when you're one othe people that does it all by yourself with electronics. I don't even really talk that much on trillian when I'm making music, but it's like working with co-workers around you can talk to if you feel the need.

right now where I am I can't do that as where my music machine is there is no internet, b ut there is in the basement. I find when I have free time I spend time going to the basement computer to see if anyone's online instead of making music in solitude.

I just bought a wireless router though, so I should be able to do both soon. My productivity went up when I did that last.


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.humanoidalert.... Re:RE: DAW's with games, internet etc. (15-Oct-05  01:26AM )

- xp has opened up things like this on the pc. i think its just a great os like that.


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Revtor.... Re:RE: DAW's with games, internet etc. (15-Oct-05  09:51AM )

- Hey speck-o, if youre getting paid to record these guys, I would think twice about what youre doing. I know that your machine is so solid, etc, but if you mess up their whole track because of some selfish "multitasking" then they're gonna be pissed, and youre to blame..

Would you want the guy who is recording your band to be playing games while hes supposed to be monitoring things???

get another computer ~Steve


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Giant Robot.... Re:RE: DAW's with games, internet etc. (16-Oct-05  10:58PM Edited:16-Oct-05  11:00PM)

- >>>Would you want the guy who is recording your band to be playing games while hes supposed to be monitoring things???


I hate to say it but Steve's right. What happens if one of the channels clips and you're too busy doing whatever else to hear it until after the fact..? What if your computer crashes from one of the extra apps you're running- and it just might no matter how rock solid it normally seems to be.

If you're getting paid (which I hope you are) you owe it to your clients to be giving their project 110%. Even if you're not getting paid much- you never what know kinds of great work a fantastic job on just one crappy project may lead to, I can tell you this from personal experience.

Giant Robot

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SpeckO.... Re:RE: DAW's with games, internet etc. (27-Oct-05  01:44AM Edited:29-Mar-06  05:11AM)



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