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Cakewalk:  Newbie Question...

05-Dec-05 (passedover)
02-Feb-06 (baked_lotsa_cakes)
09-May-06 (synth2themax)
19-Jun-07 (Karlin)
26-Jan-08 (Etu)
27-Jan-08 (fac)

Original Message
passedover.... Newbie Question (Sonar 4)... (05-Dec-05  06:48PM )

- I'm trying to use Sonar 4 Producer Edition. When I record any audio tracks, there is a steady, regular noise in the background. It almost sounds like closed hi-hats. What is it and how do I make it go away?


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baked_lotsa_cakes.... Re:Newbie Question... (02-Feb-06  02:10PM )

- It sounds like you're hearing SONAR's metronome sound. Either you have it enabled during playback - if so just disable it.

Or you're recording the metronome sound into an audio track accidentally. That's easy to do if you have a consumer audio card and you have a recording option enabled called "What U Hear". Telling us what audio card you're using would be a big help.

If you don't want to hear a metronome either during playback or recording, you can disable it in the Options menu, Projects. Then go to the Metronome tab.

But it's handy to use the metronome. Then editing is easier since your notes will align to measure boundaries.

Good luck - Adam


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synth2themax.... Re:Newbie Question... (09-May-06  03:17PM )

- i agree with whats just been said. i also think the metranome can get a little annoying. but it is easy to take away.


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Karlin.... Re:Newbie Question... (19-Jun-07  12:47AM )

- Yes, agreed, and by the way...

Could try this - Record a silent audio track - no vocals - and see if/where the sound is.

[when recording audio, there can be other sound sources we forget to turn off like speakers or headsets]

and too much info: That metronome can be set to use any of the sounds on your drum track, with those two little 'note boxes' at the bottom of the box you get when you open the 'metronome dialogue box'[eg. 1st beat can be sidesnare note C#3, and 2,3,4 as handclaps on D#3 ].

That may be where the closed hi-hat is coming from.

Good luck.


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Etu.... Re:Newbie Question... (26-Jan-08  03:36PM )

- Do you get that while playing back the recorded track?


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fac.... Re:Newbie Question... (27-Jan-08  07:44PM )

- Could it be the metronome bleeding into your recording?


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