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General:  Hey Guys! I'm Back!

28-Jan-06 (JohnNyC)
28-Jan-06 (Jiggity)
28-Jan-06 (JohnNyC)
29-Jan-06 (Dave B)
31-Jan-06 (.humanoidalert)

Original Message
JohnNyC.... Hey Guys! I'm Back! (28-Jan-06  03:18AM )

- Hey everyone! I have been a TGS frequenter (is that even a word) for over 7 years now. I haven't been here in so damn long though and decided to say wassup again. I just finished moving to my new house and also a huge career change. I am now doing audio for a living! I am an Audio Engineer at WABC in New York City and absolutely loving it. I am also starting to make money on my music. I would just like to say thank you to all the old shcool cats on TGS. You guys are the shit and have helped me out alot through the years. I'm glad to be back guys and I hope the community has stayed as weird and fucked up as ever. LoL. Check out my site below for some of my older works, older studio pics, etc. All new updates will be up by mid febuary including new studio pics and my new single.




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Jiggity.... Re:Hey Guys! I'm Back! (28-Jan-06  04:16AM )

- hay hay hay



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JohnNyC.... Re:Hey Guys! I'm Back! (28-Jan-06  10:41PM )

- Haha thanks Jig.



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Dave B.... Re:Hey Guys! I'm Back! (29-Jan-06  04:26PM )

- Good to hear from long time users

Good luck

Dave B

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.humanoidalert.... Re:Hey Guys! I'm Back! (31-Jan-06  01:48PM )

- i think they intend to cleanse the board shortly.


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