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Emu/Ensoniq:  ESQ Dying voice quick fix

20-Feb-06 (Jiggity)
20-Feb-06 (Jiggity)
21-Feb-06 (Cerebral Infect)
22-Feb-06 (Jiggity)
22-Feb-06 (Cerebral Infect)
26-Feb-06 (xonox)
26-Feb-06 (Jiggity)

Original Message
Jiggity.... ESQ Dying voice quick fix (20-Feb-06  11:14AM )

- Don't ask me how or why this works, and maybe it only works for me, but it works.

Every 8th key you play is dead. Your frustration is immeasurable.

Tap a key till it cycles through to the dead note and hold it. Just keep holding it... keeeep holding it... voila, it comes back to life.

It'll probably go dead again after a few hours or so, but this has worked for me every time I've tried it.


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Jiggity.... Re:ESQ Dying voice quick fix (20-Feb-06  04:43PM )

- Ok I think all of that is BS. I just tried it again and it didn't work- maybe it's just going on and off by itself. Sorry to get any hopes up- it's still worth a try though. Seems like if you use the voice a lot it eventually just comes on. Who knows.


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Cerebral Infect.... Re:ESQ Dying voice quick fix (21-Feb-06  04:09PM )

- sheez... thanks for telling. I've been holding one note for 2 days now.

Cerebral Infect

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Jiggity.... Re:ESQ Dying voice quick fix (22-Feb-06  12:39PM )

- my apologies;) You know, the more I screw with it the more I think it's the DCA. When I hit a dead key, the osc can still be very faintly heard. But when it comes back to life, there is usually something wrong with it like a gritty sound or screwed up amp envelope mod or some strange thing like that. We did a little recording with it just last night and it ended up being a plus on some of the riffs, but a big problem for strings.

Actually, I'm not totally sure how the DCAs work as far as stereo, but if you've really got a "dead" voice, try simply using the right output rather than the left/mono. I'll give it a shot later on and report.


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Cerebral Infect.... Re:ESQ Dying voice quick fix (22-Feb-06  06:31PM )

- lol, I don`t have a ESQ1. But I did circuit bent my juno-106 (by accident) once and I have troubles resetting everything.

Cerebral Infect

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xonox.... Re:ESQ Dying voice quick fix (26-Feb-06  12:51AM )

- you know about dying cem chips, do you ? The ESQ1 uses cem chips for filters. If one of those chips goes bad, it will affect one of the 8 voices. I don't think the dca set has a dedicated chip for each voice.

If i remember correctly, after you turn on the unit, it always plays voice 1, then voice 2, then 3 and... you know it.

If it's voice 3 that is bad, try swapping the cem chip of this voice with another. If the problem has gone to the other voice, you know it's a bad cem chip. The chips are on sockets so they are fairly easy to remove and move around.

You might need the info from the buchty website to find out which chip goes with which voice.

Feel free to ask questions here again



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Jiggity.... Re:ESQ Dying voice quick fix (26-Feb-06  01:20AM )

- Thanks, xonox. I'll make a recording so you can hear what's going on. I don't think it's the CEM because you'll be able to hear how the DCA does strange things while the osc is still audible- like messed up attack/release. But there could be a problem in the filter too.. I'll just record it tomorrow or monday.


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