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Mixing:  Podcast: Sonicstate TALK 001

13-Jun-06 (nick@sonic)
13-Jun-06 (phraggle)
13-Jun-06 (Steveo)
13-Jun-06 (Wild Jagd)
14-Jun-06 (SpeckO)
14-Jun-06 (mindcurve)
14-Jun-06 (Jiggity)
14-Jun-06 (nick@sonic)
27-Jun-06 (Jiggity)
28-Jun-06 (Jiggity)
06-Jul-06 (nick@sonic)

Original Message
nick@sonic.... Podcast: Sonicstate TALK 001 (13-Jun-06  09:43AM Edited:13-Jun-06  09:45AM)

- Okay, episode 1 is online of our new podcast - heck everyone's doing it, so why not eh?

basically, we sit around and talk about stuff in the news and synths and things.

Going to try and do it weekly - got one for next week, then I'm on holiday so will be a break for 1 or 2.

We have set up a Skype account for people to leave comments (which may be played on subsequent episodes) or requests to be considered for a part on the show.

To contact us leave a message using Skype on sonictalk or if you want to use the phone, our number in the US is:

US Tel: (312) 376-8089

Listen here: Sonic TALK001

(ducks for cover)


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phraggle.... Re:Podcast: Sonicstate TALK 001 (13-Jun-06  10:08AM Edited:13-Jun-06  10:10AM)

- Nice - I enjoyed listening to this, Nick.


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Steveo.... Re:Podcast: Sonicstate TALK 001 (13-Jun-06  04:41PM )

- Hey the Podcast was great ! The discussion about the Dual OS Mac was really interesting to hear.

You could also include in the podcast maybe quick snippets from site users in the "Listen to this" pump - like mini reviews with some quick comments from the Podcast crew.

And to anybody who didn't listen to the PodCast ....get out and BUY any cables you are gonna need NOW ! trust me go now , dont ask why , go do it quick , quick!!!


Music is the art of thinking with sounds.

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Wild Jagd.... Re:Podcast: Sonicstate TALK 001 (13-Jun-06  05:30PM )

- Pretty good! Although I have to ask... is there a ducker/gate at work on the audio? Some of the voices get quite wobbly in parts, like they were being pulled up and down by a gate that hasn't been set up right. It's quite distracting, especially with the background noise cutting in and out. I'm not having a go, it's just a technical thing that I think spoiled it a bit, as said above the discussion itself was great (Andy Jones doesn't half sound like ex-England cricketer Alec Stewart, though).

Wild Jagd

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SpeckO.... Re:Podcast: Sonicstate TALK 001 (14-Jun-06  12:27AM )

- Yeah it is good to 'ear your voices after all this time. And the same will go for hearing each other when we start to do this.

I can see why podcasts are becoming popular. They allow a new dimension through the internet experience.

This should be a grand thing for the place.


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mindcurve.... Re:Podcast: Sonicstate TALK 001 (14-Jun-06  12:55AM )

- Only caught a few minutes, but sounds like a nice maiden voyage.

Can we subscribe? If so what link should we put in the aggregator?

mindcurve and die every day...

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Jiggity.... Re:Podcast: Sonicstate TALK 001 (14-Jun-06  01:14AM )

- Nice to listen to! Good stuff

More analog!


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nick@sonic.... Re:Podcast: Sonicstate TALK 001 (14-Jun-06  02:46AM Edited:14-Jun-06  10:24AM)

- Phew! Glad you enjoyed it folks, the ducking part is an unfortunate bi-product of the conferencing software (Skype) as one of our panel didnt have a decent mic setup so we got a lot of noise in the room - this stuff will be fixed.

This first go was intended to be a trial run, but it seemed to work out so I published (and be damned!).

We will put an RSS feed to gether for it, but it'll have to wait for a little while, I'm on holiday for 2 weeks. Next episode is going up next week.

Hey, did someone make this topic sticky? (wasnt me)


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Jiggity.... Re:Podcast: Sonicstate TALK 001 (27-Jun-06  06:12PM )

- Hey Nick how'd it go? Lots of downloads?


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Jiggity.... Re:Podcast: Sonicstate TALK 001 (28-Jun-06  02:08PM )

- Why are threads ending up in the mixing pump?


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nick@sonic.... Re:Podcast: Sonicstate TALK 001 (06-Jul-06  03:11PM Edited:06-Jul-06  03:12PM)

- Folks, just put Sonic TALK 003 online. A little short this time due to holidays and lack of companions.

Oh yep, also put the Arturia Prophet V review up too. Lots more stuff in the pipeline...


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