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Pump: Anything Analog (4026 of 7700 total discussions)  RSS Starter Messages Last
Ye Olde Oberheim Abbey Anonymous 473 08-Nov-12
VEMIA underway again Steveo 2 15-Jun-11
nanozwerg demo cresshead 1 17-Jul-10
DSI Mopho keyboard now shipping R 2 10-May-10
My Jomox Sunsyn is up for sale CThorns 5 11-Apr-10
Moog Little Phatty Questions R 2 03-Apr-10
Analogue Siel Mono 1980 - How do I connect to speakers? candisparkle 2 22-Feb-10
Fubar3 DAC/Headphone Amp Benny234 2 16-Nov-09
discount brand fashion women and men shoes 2 19-Sep-09
Crumar Pojlof 2 06-Aug-09 offer discount fashion shoes ,clothing,brand bag,hangbag and purse 1 08-Jul-09
"NEW" Obie SEM Steveo 2 07-Jun-09
How to fix a Prophet 5 naturalbluesky 1 20-May-09
300 Sequential Prophet VS sounds Whitey 1 19-May-09
Problem with PWM in Juno 106 stalker 2 16-May-09
philip613 2 25-Apr-09
Six-trak problems techsun 1 06-Apr-09
Yamaha EX-5 CS-60 croznest 2 18-Feb-09
NEW OBERHEIM SEM!!! alexp 3 12-Dec-08
£4,000 for a Mini ! ? - Bets please for how long it takes to be sold ! Rt.Hon.Beermaster 5 12-Dec-08
Moog Bring Back The TAURUS 1 !! ! ! Rt.Hon.Beermaster 2 27-Nov-08
EMS ...Info , parts and stuff Steveo 3 26-Nov-08
VEMIA Steveo 12 22-Nov-08
Analog Solutions Leipzig - new analog Steveo 10 10-Oct-08
Six-trak freeze luckymac 4 29-Jul-08
Yamaha CS-30L output problem note 3 18-Jul-08
Monster Synclavier rig for sale Steveo 1 18-Jul-08
OB-SX Service Manual, User Manual, Patch List luxvolcon 1 15-May-08
Just what we need....MORE SYNTH PORN! alexp 2 11-May-08
Prophet 10 Demo - normal stuff Steveo 4 23-Apr-08
RSF Kobol Steveo 7 26-Mar-08
Moog Constellation - ELP Steveo 10 25-Mar-08
Synton 3000 Modular Steveo 3 06-Feb-08
ARP 2500 Video Steveo 3 06-Feb-08
RSF Series II Modular Steveo 2 02-Feb-08
Oberheim 2 voice Steveo 2 01-Feb-08
EMS Synthi - E Steveo 1 31-Jan-08
EMS Synthi 100 Steveo 1 31-Jan-08
Elka Synthex Steveo 1 31-Jan-08
JX8P - Laser Harp sound Steveo 1 31-Jan-08
Prophet10 Demo - cross mod Steveo 1 31-Jan-08
PolyMoog Porn Video Steveo 1 31-Jan-08
Polyfusion Modular Steveo 1 31-Jan-08
EMU Modular Vid Steveo 1 31-Jan-08
Technos Axcel Resynthesizer Steveo 1 31-Jan-08
Con Brio ADS200 restoration Steveo 1 31-Jan-08
Seekers SMS Steveo 1 31-Jan-08
Malfunctional JP-6 HELP! Gil Sicuro 11 23-Jan-08
Let it SNOW ! :D circuit slave 4 13-Jan-08
roland jupiter 8 on ebay firebear45 2 13-Dec-07
Prophet 8 - tested yet ? Steveo 4 06-Dec-07
Why are people still coming here? Elhardt 87 29-Nov-07
DIY BBD FX Jiggity 3 20-Nov-07
WTB Casio HT 6000 yazzofever 1 06-Oct-07
MMM... Something New This Way Comes matrix 1 17-Sep-07
matrix 3 17-Sep-07
DSI "Prophet '08" kybernetik 20 10-Sep-07
Creamware Prodyssey or Radias? AtomiX_303 1 03-Sep-07
need polysix klm367a replacement from old crow endorphinanalog 1 31-Aug-07
My new Synth Videos! hexfix93 4 20-Aug-07
fb 383 help alexp 5 16-Jul-07
ARP Oddy restoring Steveo 5 13-Jun-07
midi to cv convertor unit shootout CoolColJ 2 04-Jun-07
Oberheim XPander CoolColJ 12 24-May-07
Going prices for Jupiter 8? CoolColJ 6 15-May-07
Jomox Sunsyn update DeadZone 1 08-May-07
Donny Osmond Goes MOOG matrix 2 22-Apr-07
VEMIA results Steveo 10 20-Apr-07
ARP Slider Kits - Now Available ! Steveo 12 14-Apr-07
Elka Synthex... worth crippling myself for? FIZMO100 6 08-Apr-07
A6 OS? CoolColJ 6 20-Mar-07
boomchick CoolColJ 2 18-Mar-07
WOoowwzaaa ! ! Rt.Hon.Beermaster 11 14-Mar-07
Hey ii would like some info on buying my first synth! cleastolemyheart 14 03-Mar-07
Evolver vs MFB Synth 2 Pivonik 16 28-Feb-07
Fave sequencer/arp on analog synth! alexp 4 21-Feb-07
who competes with nord lead and virus??? hnmbatera68 32 08-Feb-07
MS50 for sale in Toronto alexp 2 04-Feb-07
If you could bring back an old instrument… kybernetik 17 30-Jan-07
Macbeth X-Factor Mini-Freak 1 27-Jan-07
Good ideas Peake 15 14-Jan-07
New MFB Multifilter jigginz 9 09-Jan-07
Build Journal Jiggity 108 09-Jan-07
Moogy The Cat Campaign!!! matrix 3 06-Jan-07
Usefulness of a Roland MC-8? alexp 10 03-Jan-07
analogue christmas wish list? alexp 9 26-Dec-06
New MacBeth Synth - Xfactor Steveo 6 21-Dec-06
analog is boring ^_^ 6 15-Dec-06
Analog delay alternatives Yonny 11 13-Dec-06
Matrix 6 as a controller keyboard alexp 9 11-Dec-06
My EMS regrets are over ! Steveo 8 29-Nov-06
MiniMoog ahoy! FIZMO100 35 18-Nov-06
tape delay question doctor_mindbender 6 14-Nov-06
Now that IS nice. . Rt.Hon.Beermaster 5 07-Nov-06
One of the first Mellotrons up for sale Rt.Hon.Beermaster 9 02-Nov-06
For Sequential and Dave Smith fans... SekondThought 11 02-Nov-06
For Sale Roland Jupiter 8 /Juno 60 yazzofever 1 31-Oct-06
Taurus Pedals ! Rt.Hon.Beermaster 8 30-Oct-06
So I got a Prophet 5 alexp 9 27-Oct-06
what i need.... doctor_mindbender 16 26-Oct-06
Weather Report : new boxed set + DVD Rt.Hon.Beermaster 1 15-Oct-06
Arpeggiated M3X ocp 7 05-Oct-06
(modern) alternative to juno 6/60/106? kybernetik 16 25-Sep-06
M3X on YouTube ocp 2 23-Sep-06
If you had just one analogue alexp 28 23-Sep-06
Klangbox Steveo 2 23-Sep-06
AKAI AX60 rotating white noise on output? terminating angel 6 15-Sep-06
ms10 lfo mod alexp 7 12-Sep-06
Where do they find these things? jigginz 4 08-Sep-06
ATC-1 filter cartridges UK? dx2 2 31-Aug-06
Bass pedal question. alexp 1 19-Aug-06
Nice toys on RL music ! Rt.Hon.Beermaster 7 12-Aug-06
new analog? passedover 37 05-Aug-06
How is the MAM ADX1? Bach2 13 04-Aug-06
This place dies without me! LOL hexfix93 38 04-Aug-06
Matrix 6 Unison mode alexp 5 01-Aug-06
OBX-a alexp 9 31-Jul-06
Synth Sound Fetishes FutureBop 12 31-Jul-06
Midi Retro-fits with Portamento? FutureBop 1 29-Jul-06
Dissapointed with My Model D FutureBop 8 28-Jul-06
SEM module hexfix93 17 27-Jul-06
analog is dead CoolColJ 43 20-Jul-06
New analog synth - real or unreal Zone36 4 19-Jul-06
That" Analog Sound" Tom Lockwood 2 18-Jul-06
Chroma Polaris alexp 4 17-Jul-06
recording cv to tape ocp 5 12-Jul-06
Analog Poly Purchase Advise jrmatix 9 11-Jul-06
CoolColJ's XOXBOX Jiggity 154 06-Jul-06
listen to the Persephone gemman 6 06-Jul-06
MAM Rs3 Appreciation society jigginz 11 06-Jul-06
yamaha cs01 Alexandro 3 29-Jun-06
EoWave Persephone impossiblesound 2 27-Jun-06
Analog is nearing Critical Mass 3vcos 9 09-Jun-06
I made a module that works! Jiggity 3 09-Jun-06
Another cockamamie audio circuit Jiggity 3 06-Jun-06
Whos up for an analog patch contest? alexp 27 05-Jun-06
Alchemists of Sound SynthBaron 8 20-May-06
looking for a novation super bass station ganJAHman 9 14-May-06
SH1 demos up, if anyone's interested... FIZMO100 26 12-May-06
Perfourmer jigginz 1 30-Apr-06
AHNE 2006 pics up Revtor 3 30-Apr-06
Sequential Circuits Pro One - opinions/price DeadZone 20 26-Apr-06
Cwejman S1 vs Semtex XL knarr 18 12-Apr-06
Droool... Yonny 14 10-Apr-06
Interesting........ alexp 1 07-Apr-06
I NEED YOUR HELP!!! synth2themax 27 02-Apr-06
New Moog Speculation. alexp 41 29-Mar-06
Sonoric synth victor_bln 26 26-Mar-06
Gear Porn!!! alexp 11 23-Mar-06
`ARPing ON!.. .. the ARP Forum Anonymous 44 21-Mar-06
Kawai 100F gieck 10 18-Mar-06
Eaton/Moog bug 5 16-Mar-06
is this the croatian female keith emerson? morley 41 07-Mar-06
Just bought a Theremin fac 9 27-Feb-06
Arp Odyssey Foot Pedal type? fingers27 3 26-Feb-06
Beermaster - polyFusion Steveo 8 24-Feb-06
AH meeting.... alexp 12 23-Feb-06
Matrix 6 alexp 35 23-Feb-06
Minimoog Voyager Glide Gothicindustrial 1 22-Feb-06
This is analogue...... alexp 40 17-Feb-06
What's so great about the Wasp? Jiggity 19 17-Feb-06
Omega 8 smoo 3 13-Feb-06
Jupe 4 - SH1 redundant? FIZMO100 25 13-Feb-06
Micromoog problem agmedia 1 10-Feb-06
Chroma Due to land soon. . Rt.Hon.Beermaster 23 09-Feb-06
midifying an eml101 3001 6 09-Feb-06
boss dr110 synthonic 5 06-Feb-06
matrix 1 02-Feb-06
DIY Oakley synth, nice rids 5 02-Feb-06
Cwejman - M.I.A. ...? bug 2 29-Jan-06
Matrix 1000 DCO2 pitch perma-shift jbf 9 08-Jan-06
are modern synthesizers too "bright" ? ^_^ 47 08-Jan-06
jbf 2 31-Dec-05
ARP Odyssey ll iguana 16 28-Dec-05
CS-80 not popular Oberday 53 21-Dec-05
Hammond Novachord SynthBaron 21 15-Dec-05
Hammond Stage 11 Rythym SpeckO 1 15-Dec-05
Arp Axxe WhiteJerome 5 10-Dec-05
Moog/A6 MP3 SynthBaron 15 08-Dec-05
Any Vermona DRM1 MkII owners? llexam 11 07-Dec-05
Protools VS logic express for Analog Junky stereo_78 1 06-Dec-05
Macbeth M5, M3X, Moroco leeboy 2 05-Dec-05
Xbase 999 CoolColJ 6 05-Dec-05
Buchla 20e review and audio clips CoolColJ 15 26-Nov-05
My Sh101 went "Pop" .. isospin 14 25-Nov-05
Polyvoks incoming... FIZMO100 9 24-Nov-05
Time to pick Modular Modules! Need help choosing ridszero 27 20-Nov-05
ELECTRONIC MUSIC Allen Strange 2nd edition Revtor 1 17-Nov-05
Korg Polysix; The Saga Continues stereo_78 8 17-Nov-05
SemTex XL over a Red Square? rids 14 15-Nov-05
MAM RS3 question... Freq Band 1 13-Nov-05
Sherman FB Mk.III (sort of)... bug 2 13-Nov-05
Alisa 1387 Jiggity 5 12-Nov-05
x0xb0x CoolColJ 73 07-Nov-05
New Toys rockmanrock 46 06-Nov-05
Getting THAT sound out of a Matrix 6 alexp 8 18-Oct-05
Red Square and Cwejman S1 on ebay! ridszero 6 17-Oct-05
AcidLab CoolColJ 6 17-Oct-05
So i've moved near Trumansburg, NY... Yonny 13 13-Oct-05
SH101 trick - filter FM and AM! Andreas 14 13-Oct-05
Polysix VS. Juno 60 stereo_78 13 12-Oct-05
How does analog chorus work? Jiggity 20 09-Oct-05
mini mini ...? bug 6 02-Oct-05
OBX vs. new hardware synths rednote 11 01-Oct-05
Minimax demo victor_bln 11 30-Sep-05
Bill Leeb 'Blowout' on Ebay! nSCOURGE 12 22-Sep-05
x base 9 or tr 909? bobsonjazoe 55 20-Sep-05
SH101 ext clk in - broken? Andreas 7 19-Sep-05
Funky Analog Monos ridszero 45 19-Sep-05
Ion and Micron hexfix93 4 17-Sep-05
Roland JX10 vexliv8 4 15-Sep-05
Andromeda Arp fun - it's addictive! CoolColJ 3 10-Sep-05
Goodbye hexfix93 24 27-Aug-05
x0xb0x Jiggity 3 19-Aug-05
Msk50 hexfix93 14 18-Aug-05
I can't control my Monopoly w/ CV??? ridszero 5 18-Aug-05
New Nord Website synthlord 3 16-Aug-05
help with pricing a roland sh101 isospin 2 13-Aug-05
Help. hexfix93 9 12-Aug-05
Just finished up building my first analog sequencer! projekt 2701 16 12-Aug-05
Sh2 is sweet as a nut :) CoolColJ 38 12-Aug-05
Are Modulars good FX processors? ridszero 7 12-Aug-05
Why do we love analog? panopti 28 10-Aug-05
Got a OB-1 and Monopoly coming my way! ridszero 15 09-Aug-05
Poly Evolver at GC. hexfix93 58 08-Aug-05
Voyagers - WTF CoolColJ 71 08-Aug-05
DSI PEK ... Gonkulator 64 08-Aug-05
footswitch and exp pedal for arp odyssey? eatingfood 1 29-Jul-05
In 10 years what will analogs be worth? ANTILIFE 76 23-Jul-05
Korg Trident original patch data cassette? iguana 3 20-Jul-05
Mks80 - rev 5 vs rev 4 CoolColJ 16 20-Jul-05
Waldorf Pulse Pljus as Cv midi unit? CoolColJ 1 16-Jul-05
I love eBay... it is a source of great joy! FIZMO100 27 13-Jul-05
Tr-909 clone kit CoolColJ 3 13-Jul-05
andromeda vs xpander samscats 66 12-Jul-05
Sh2 - RIP CoolColJ 4 07-Jul-05 we still post VA related threads here? SyNtHpLaYa 32 04-Jul-05
Sonic differences between nords? moogah 26 02-Jul-05
D-train - sweet riffs and bass CoolColJ 2 02-Jul-05
Jupiter 6 owners moogah 12 30-Jun-05
Schematics optinone 2 27-Jun-05
Be the first on your block to get one! 3DarkHours 2 26-Jun-05
Tuning an Arp Omni II mätta 5 20-Jun-05
lintronics upgrade for memorymoog+ Giant Robot 1 18-Jun-05
Roland SH3 and ElectroComp101 Kenton Help FlashingLight 2 12-Jun-05
Juno 60 seqencer seggesstions youkreeps 5 31-May-05
Farewell TR-909! dj_calyx 33 28-May-05
Toxic Coma Remix. hexfix93 12 25-May-05
My Minimoog Experience Jiggity 9 22-May-05
JX8P problem silversurfer1919 2 21-May-05
MKS-80 to MPG-80 Mr.Ron 12 19-May-05
Oddy slider caps Steveo 6 18-May-05
Virus TI? hexfix93 24 16-May-05
Future Retro Revolution JB 4 13-May-05
My poor sh2. hexfix93 20 13-May-05
Studio Electronics ATC-X? hexfix93 13 12-May-05
MIDI to CV and portamento 2pulse 22 11-May-05
just got Korg Trident & Hohner Pianet T for $100 iguana 14 05-May-05
new analog synths? Camembert 21 05-May-05
Jupiter 8 parts? DeadZone 2 04-May-05
LL Electronics ROZZBOX ~~~~ Anyone ridszero 57 01-May-05
andromeda filters samscats 2 28-Apr-05
compressors you use on synths samscats 27 27-Apr-05
Voyager 50th Anniversary FIZMO100 35 26-Apr-05
juno 106 bad #5 button mono_vco 7 25-Apr-05
SEMtex Modular Synth.. Moogulator 5 24-Apr-05
New Aurora Monosynth Steveo 21 24-Apr-05
What the hell? Jiggity 15 23-Apr-05
Tom Oberheim - now? Moogulator 5 23-Apr-05
Spectralis digilogz 1 22-Apr-05
any thoughts on the SH-3a? Spectralab 30 21-Apr-05
Voyager Rack or SE-1x? Gonkulator 13 21-Apr-05
so it's come to this... bug 9 21-Apr-05
MAM ADX-1 rockmanrock 15 17-Apr-05
Roland SH-5 blows away any lead! marsmusic 68 11-Apr-05
Any truth to the rumor... Gonkulator 29 10-Apr-05
Creamware Minimax ASB and Profit-5 ASB rockmanrock 19 09-Apr-05
Musikmesse pictures ocp 1 07-Apr-05
Steve Miller Band Synths AnalogBastard 3 06-Apr-05
MacBeth M5 001 pic uploaded Ken McBeth 15 06-Apr-05
Jupiter 8. The ultimate. hexfix93 64 05-Apr-05
Please can someone remove this temptation! FIZMO100 5 04-Apr-05
obie 2 voice keyboard... is it versatile? loverboy 13 04-Apr-05
Korg Trident iguana 8 04-Apr-05
MacBeth M5 versus Cwejman from MP3's smoo 9 02-Apr-05
Colin, sh2 mods. hexfix93 4 02-Apr-05
where to repair synth and filter hardwares? khusuk 6 01-Apr-05
New Behringer Analogs? ppgwave 6 01-Apr-05
Cwejman S2 Specifications jigginz 17 30-Mar-05
effects for analogue synths vaughanm 34 29-Mar-05
Help identify this synth... Matthew Davidson 19 29-Mar-05
Criminally under-rated... FIZMO100 38 25-Mar-05
oberheim matrix 6.... alexp 20 25-Mar-05
Matthew Davidson 1 24-Mar-05
vocoders samscats 14 22-Mar-05
New German modular Steveo 9 18-Mar-05
replacing a juno 106 power cord dj2sday 2 15-Mar-05
Fancy an EMS VTSi ? Lookee here.. Steveo 4 14-Mar-05
Things about synths that dissapoint you SynthBaron 40 14-Mar-05
Don't see these often Calyx93 10 12-Mar-05
Replacing a juno 106 0gre_jr. 20 12-Mar-05
Jen SX-1000 inocybe 12 09-Mar-05
Retroverb.....Nice! jigginz 1 09-Mar-05
Andromeda A6? PWM 22 06-Mar-05
MKS80 Health check... FIZMO100 10 04-Mar-05
Waldorf Pulse Vs. Moog/Studio Electronics Gothicindustrial 19 04-Mar-05
Making a programmer? pulse_divider 8 01-Mar-05
Is the CS-70m disappointing or just unjustly ignored? ridszero 10 01-Mar-05
technically, this is analog i suppose bug 3 25-Feb-05
My bands. hexfix93 3 21-Feb-05
Sh5 I'm pissed at myself CoolColJ 14 20-Feb-05
ok ok i used the lomox sequencer bobsonjazoe 12 19-Feb-05
Korg MS-20--Crazy People 0gre_jr. 31 17-Feb-05
Octave cat CoolColJ 4 17-Feb-05
ARP Quadra - Steveo 123 16-Feb-05
Sequential Prelude for $300?!? impossiblesound 11 16-Feb-05
Ken Macbeth interviewed for the BBC ocp 5 15-Feb-05
Aphex Twin/Analord my god what joke.. nubilee 32 13-Feb-05
jupiter 4 arpeggiator, arpeggiators! dj_calyx 10 12-Feb-05
Anyone have a Sherman Filterbank? digiphallus 15 09-Feb-05
prodigy cv retrofit c.bill 4 02-Feb-05
NAMM pics anyone? ocp 10 31-Jan-05
Poly Evolver Keyboard ocp 68 29-Jan-05
New Cwejman S2 ?? jigginz 6 29-Jan-05
Six-Trak jrmatix 5 28-Jan-05
Taking it too far Steveo 9 26-Jan-05
Access Virus C vs A CC 15 23-Jan-05
Is there a MF-106? Lobo 1 20-Jan-05
TR-909 compression??? dj_calyx 9 20-Jan-05
Future Retro REVOLUTION photos schism 11 19-Jan-05
Studio Electronics ATC, any good? 0gre_jr. 14 18-Jan-05
Microkorg vs alesis Micron zombie13 16 18-Jan-05
analgue synth repair in the UK eric144 7 17-Jan-05
Which analogs you use? CC 62 17-Jan-05
How long do you leave your equipment on? dj_calyx 12 14-Jan-05
Arturia 2600 matrix 49 13-Jan-05
Anyone here using the Macbeth M5? monads 4 12-Jan-05
alpha juno 1 question bobsonjazoe 4 12-Jan-05
need some ms 20, and a few pro one samples 0gre_jr. 9 10-Jan-05
Rambo II - Good stuff Rt.Hon.Beerma§ter 3 10-Jan-05
is tcchnosaurus no more? COALSLAG 7 09-Jan-05
OBX-a Voice Cards ADINFINITUM 15 04-Jan-05
juno 6 arp question bobsonjazoe 9 02-Jan-05
Akai SG01V Platon 1 01-Jan-05
Hammond XK3 The Real MC 12 29-Dec-04
Phobos Red Square, anyone? FIZMO100 51 28-Dec-04
new A6 homepage CoolColJ 18 28-Dec-04
Roland SH-1 FIZMO100 17 26-Dec-04
Need Roland MC 500 System Disk mfb_typ 8 22-Dec-04
PURE EVIL ! Rt.Hon.Beerma§ter 15 21-Dec-04
voyager question samscats 7 20-Dec-04
Pretty Toy Video. hexfix93 32 20-Dec-04
Analog toms digilogz 3 17-Dec-04
OberheimDX companion needed. . . ???? Revtor 10 14-Dec-04
MFB Synthlite Mk2 jigginz 17 14-Dec-04
Alesis Micron Gothicindustrial 7 14-Dec-04
Toxic Coma hexfix93 1 13-Dec-04
UK Guys - Aaronsound Steveo 14 10-Dec-04
Help me choose a Modular to start building... ridszero 110 09-Dec-04
whats up withVermona? dj_calyx 11 09-Dec-04
Octave Voyetra 8 ridszero 6 07-Dec-04
pro one or MS 20 ? 0gre_jr. 29 07-Dec-04
Will Moog release any more Moogerfoogers? jigginz 56 07-Dec-04
Analog poly idea Jiggity 26 07-Dec-04
CoolColJ's sonic wonderland :) CoolColJ 317 04-Dec-04
Revolution promo movie ocp 9 03-Dec-04
thoughts on the drum station bobsonjazoe 12 02-Dec-04
holycrap the micron arp. rocks! bobsonjazoe 4 30-Nov-04
A/S Semblance jigginz 1 28-Nov-04
Hotrodding the Voyager shoshin 11 27-Nov-04
tested the Andromeda... shoshin 48 26-Nov-04
Modular newbie... FIZMO100 7 26-Nov-04
'analog' vst instruments eric144 1 25-Nov-04
can't wait!!!!!!fr revolution is here! bobsonjazoe 21 24-Nov-04
Alpha Juno VS ESQ1??? Icaros3 8 23-Nov-04
will there ever be another analogue polysynth? shoshin 45 23-Nov-04
Anyone play with a PerFOURmer? donato 7 22-Nov-04
Andromeda possibly being discontinued donato 6 22-Nov-04
Getting in site a Andromeda ? cool_blue 7 22-Nov-04
Ridszero-Please email me cool_blue 7 20-Nov-04
Access virus classic desktop synth Gazzam 2 17-Nov-04
Peavey Paradox website & sounds here ridszero 17 15-Nov-04
Colin Fraser P3 tabletop sequencer schism 9 14-Nov-04
What is your method for creation? Bach2 27 13-Nov-04
read Synthesizer Technique? bobsonjazoe 6 13-Nov-04
Voyager mk.II ...? bug 3 11-Nov-04
SH-5 keys, signal leak 2pulse 33 10-Nov-04
Analog Blissssss.......sssSSSS ridszero 13 10-Nov-04
lookin' for a basic bass synth krylenko 55 09-Nov-04
Happy MonoMachine owner? CC 5 09-Nov-04
neptune 2 thoughts? samscats 1 07-Nov-04
I want to know what people really think of the Andromeda A6 The SynthWizard 176 07-Nov-04
Macbeth M5 is ready for production! ocp 54 06-Nov-04
I believe VA's are killing modern music The SynthWizard 437 05-Nov-04
Does anyone have thoughts with regards to the MAM MB33 mkII? Bach2 2 05-Nov-04
Finished my first working/useful module!!! Jiggity 8 03-Nov-04
Why doesn't anyone discuss the Synth2 from MFB? Bach2 29 03-Nov-04
Difference CS-30 and CS-80 Filters? smoo 1 03-Nov-04
Yamaha CS-10 0gre_jr. 6 02-Nov-04
Pop Quiz: How many dif. Modular companies can you name? ridszero 10 02-Nov-04
Poly Evolver utility for custom user Waves schism 3 01-Nov-04
Anyone Hear the Buchla 200e at AES? monads 3 01-Nov-04
help me with my juno 106 bobsonjazoe 31 01-Nov-04
Sequential Multi-Trak opinions... syd 2 31-Oct-04
What to use for Drum n Bass analog? ridszero 15 30-Oct-04
ME. hexfix93 43 30-Oct-04
This is awesome guys. Like the guy says.....this is rock 'n' roll The SynthWizard 2 29-Oct-04
Voltage control Pedals for Synths marsholie 4 29-Oct-04
If i were to build a mega synth. hexfix93 17 27-Oct-04
Who needs synths... SynthBaron 17 27-Oct-04
A/DA analog Flanger: original vs re-issue Yonny 8 26-Oct-04
New Moog products at Winter Namm donato 21 26-Oct-04
How much is too much? donato 3 25-Oct-04
Best Resonant High Pass Filter for sweeps hexfix93 11 24-Oct-04
MFB 502 analog drum machine digiphallus 3 23-Oct-04
Anyone have an OSCar? ridszero 56 21-Oct-04
Hexfix93's sonic Hell hexfix93 136 21-Oct-04
Analog to Digital to Analog to Digital (etc) bug 1 21-Oct-04
Oscilators... hexfix93 83 21-Oct-04
Spectralis filter demos CoolColJ 17 20-Oct-04
mfb 502 bobsonjazoe 11 19-Oct-04
Oberheim Xa 0gre_jr. 27 18-Oct-04
MFBerlin MFB Synth Fluxburn 8 18-Oct-04
Analog Semi-Modular Synths burster1 8 17-Oct-04
Fluxburn 1 17-Oct-04
Boss SYB-3 CoolColJ 13 15-Oct-04
Hohner International String Melody, anyone have any idea what it is??? Icaros3 3 15-Oct-04
Why doesn't the Evolver sound as "analog" as the Pro-One? Bach2 28 13-Oct-04
Portamento! hexfix93 20 12-Oct-04
ms10-ms20 together alexp 15 12-Oct-04
MXR 114 10 band tabletop EQ, holy crap this sounds incredible! nubilee 4 11-Oct-04
Got my Jupiter 8 :)))))))) hexfix93 239 11-Oct-04
On the road: chips or discrete? shoshin 136 10-Oct-04
Jupiter 8 oh no! GRRR! hexfix93 26 10-Oct-04
Sh-1001 :) CoolColJ 2 09-Oct-04
best osc sync in a monosynth hexfix93 59 08-Oct-04
Thinking of joining the club, but need advice 1st! FIZMO100 12 07-Oct-04
How do you use your MoDular in music? ridszero 3 06-Oct-04
Microtuning demo paults 1 04-Oct-04
DiY Buchla BPF - yum CoolColJ 8 04-Oct-04
JX-8P vs Juno106 victor_bln 58 03-Oct-04
Synths i really want. hexfix93 66 27-Sep-04
MC-202 problem: Is this possible? Lotic 9 24-Sep-04
Motus Mavis anyone? ocp 31 24-Sep-04
censor hexfix93 27 22-Sep-04
The Synth Prayer Steveo 4 21-Sep-04
Analog Percussion endorphinanalog 24 20-Sep-04
what synth uses the CR2016 battery? headhunter 3 20-Sep-04
analog effects for synths samscats 7 19-Sep-04
New Analogs (and semi-modulars)- which one do you like the best! ridszero 32 15-Sep-04
JP 6 -$400 vs JP8 ridszero 14 13-Sep-04
Cwejman S1 MKII + new sound samples shoshin 23 13-Sep-04
Juno 60 CoolColJ 64 12-Sep-04
A new place to go. hexfix93 2 09-Sep-04
Free Reason Refills (NN-XT's of Analogs) ctrlshft 1 06-Sep-04
polysynths with stereo chorus endorphinanalog 25 05-Sep-04
Pro-one vs. Mono/poly floe-moe 17 03-Sep-04
Oberheim Matrix-12 slimey 4 02-Sep-04
Jupiter 4 for $200 Canadian iguana 106 01-Sep-04
Snappy Moog bass? dx2 2 31-Aug-04
Syncing SH101 to Xbase09 - How??? oxacachaka 16 31-Aug-04
digital vs. analogue: a competent perspective shoshin 47 30-Aug-04
SH2 vs Sh09 CoolColJ 7 29-Aug-04
b52s? hexfix93 9 29-Aug-04
The "Analog Washing Machine" Viper 21 27-Aug-04
interview on synthtopia metasonix 1 27-Aug-04
Jomox Sunsyn mp3s!:D ^_^ 10 27-Aug-04
Analog Buying Advice Viper 89 19-Aug-04
Roland Juno D hexfix93 7 15-Aug-04
Korg EX/DW 8000 shoshin 33 13-Aug-04
What's going on here? Tubby_Lumpkins 17 06-Aug-04
What is Sample & Hold ? digilogz 7 06-Aug-04
MPG-80/MKS-80 problem fligsy 6 04-Aug-04
Just got a SH-1000 alles_ist_dada 6 29-Jul-04
SunSYn multimode demo CoolColJ 31 28-Jul-04
bandpass leads 2pulse 19 26-Jul-04
Got my Minimoog :) CoolColJ 170 26-Jul-04
FR Revolution mp3 CoolColJ 11 23-Jul-04
I GOT NO LIFE :===== Al_Bot 7 23-Jul-04
Collectors Item Viper 3 22-Jul-04
SCI Prophet 600 l8rdood 5 19-Jul-04
Got my SE-1X :((((( 2pulse 33 18-Jul-04
Got my, er, Sh101 :-)))))))))))))))))))))) Wild Jagd 13 17-Jul-04
Spectralis CoolColJ 8 16-Jul-04
Got my sammich : =========== / dwaldman61 15 16-Jul-04
Cool new synth schism 49 14-Jul-04
Moogish leads Carey M 23 12-Jul-04
Korg MS20 CoolColJ 9 06-Jul-04
Roland Jupiter-4 Arpeggiator Silver Droid 2 06-Jul-04
ALISA 1387 teanager 4 04-Jul-04
303 cpu replacement project CoolColJ 2 03-Jul-04
Sh2 - Filter tracking via CV CoolColJ 4 29-Jun-04
billy meiers ufo sound ??? :P divykecks 5 29-Jun-04
ms20 modded out alexp 13 28-Jun-04
SH-1000 and other insanely cheap analogs Jiggity 12 28-Jun-04
Tb303 clone CoolColJ 1 27-Jun-04
Would you rather have a Korg Polysix or a SCI Pro One? ridszero 10 26-Jun-04
Digital Camera = patch storage :) CoolColJ 12 26-Jun-04
Tubes Are Analog ! Are they not ? Tom Lockwood 27 23-Jun-04
Octave Cat avmus 1 22-Jun-04
Instant ORB CoolColJ 5 22-Jun-04
Roland Svc-350 vocoder CoolColJ 12 22-Jun-04
Korg mono/poly fishjaco 22 20-Jun-04
Macbeth M3X Mk 2 is out! ocp 3 19-Jun-04
I stumbled upon Mike Peake's music :) CoolColJ 5 17-Jun-04
jp8, jp6, mks80, juno 106? hexfix93 22 16-Jun-04
BASS!! dranodrinker 49 15-Jun-04
WHAT'S THIS?? IS THIS FORUM DYING? metasonix 16 13-Jun-04
Matrix 1000 and Doepfer Drehbank smeyer 1 11-Jun-04
the bass sound on Autobahn machinapathy 6 10-Jun-04
looking at open labs/ alesis/tascam/mackie Tom Lockwood 1 09-Jun-04
Amplitude Modulations + Vocoding Jiggity 4 09-Jun-04
musashidan 1 08-Jun-04
Matrix1000 = Matrix 6? Andreas 24 07-Jun-04
Matrix 12 vs. Andromeda dwaldman61 184 06-Jun-04
Kenton midi kit for Minimoog? CoolColJ 9 05-Jun-04
ION vs MKS-80 hexfix93 73 04-Jun-04
free Roland MKS-80 editor fligsy 12 04-Jun-04
Alan R Pearlman? morley 25 01-Jun-04
Vocoder version of Cole Porter Song Rowboffin 2 31-May-04
Hard SID CoolColJ 29 31-May-04
Fully restored Minimoogs with Lintronics midi? CoolColJ 110 29-May-04
Vostok monads 17 29-May-04
cv/gate cables? samscats 13 29-May-04
Obie 8 voice Steveo 9 28-May-04
AC ADAPTER FOR KORG POLY 800 MK 2? cider8 6 28-May-04
oh how i <3 playing the voyager FlukeWurm 13 26-May-04
Oakley Orbital CoolColJ 5 26-May-04
MidiMini? CoolColJ 12 25-May-04
I missed out! CoolColJ 6 24-May-04
SH2 calibration CoolColJ 1 24-May-04
Patch Cables for Modular Synths monads 5 23-May-04
using a scope... shoshin 13 22-May-04
Prophet 10 have midi? CoolColJ 22 22-May-04
MFB-synth II, Review/Test Patrik 24 19-May-04
WHite ARP Odyssey - worth getting? CoolColJ 33 18-May-04
SEM like toy CoolColJ 14 18-May-04
Interesting Moog Source :) CoolColJ 74 17-May-04
Hey,nobody mentioned this before? Ison 26 15-May-04
Virtual vs Real :) CoolColJ 58 15-May-04
Typical Price --> Roland Jupiter-4 Silver Droid 5 14-May-04
Sampling with C64 (SID) shoshin 4 13-May-04
Midi to CV units CoolColJ 47 13-May-04
Midi to CV unit for Arp Odyssey monads 10 12-May-04
New Behringer controllers: BCR-2000 and BCF-2000 synthmax 2 12-May-04
Analog Phaser Gothicindustrial 19 11-May-04
220volt synth with 240volt feed? CoolColJ 3 10-May-04
Alien project hexfix93 12 09-May-04
Juno 106 US/UK mains power? dx2 4 09-May-04
Minimax vs Minimoog CoolColJ 32 06-May-04
Bring the bass out of my Andromeda SCORPION2K4 66 06-May-04
Analog Synth Designs Kelly64 7 06-May-04
Rhodes Chroma - Thoughts Please ! Rt.Hon.Beerma§ter 13 05-May-04
Multimode Filter. hexfix93 2 03-May-04
HOLY MUTHA OF GOD !! !! !! Rt.Hon.Beerma§ter 28 03-May-04
Waldorf Microwave hexfix93 21 01-May-04
Well..I finally got an OB-Xa Oberday 10 25-Apr-04
Juno-106 - demo samples Patrik 6 25-Apr-04
freebase servicing alexp 1 21-Apr-04
my sh2 and micromoog. hexfix93 17 21-Apr-04
Micromoog hexfix93 2 19-Apr-04
Matrix-6 vs. OB-12 Oberday 56 15-Apr-04
Evolver SynthBaron 9 12-Apr-04
New Doepfer modules sonichighway 64 08-Apr-04
Access Virus Classic - Keyboar Mag Ad matrix 28 06-Apr-04
Digging the Evolver Peake 40 02-Apr-04
Dated sounding analogs Oberday 16 30-Mar-04
The mother of all analogs. To bad it never happened. whoremonger 5 29-Mar-04
Studio Electronics ATC-1 digiphallus 4 26-Mar-04
new dual multimode wasp filter from cyndustries denshi 1 26-Mar-04
Good stand for a prophet VS? whoremonger 6 25-Mar-04
Favorite MIDI controller for Evolver?? Dr. Whammo 12 22-Mar-04
A new love: Kawai K3 cuari7 30 21-Mar-04
Akai AX-80 donato 1 21-Mar-04
VCS3 MK II Datanomics on Ebay bpt114 10 19-Mar-04
Pulse + MF-101 = Mini? Gothicindustrial 16 17-Mar-04
OBXa "Jump" preset A1 question Oberday 16 16-Mar-04
does anyone need a ws-1 programmer for their cr-78? caustech 2 15-Mar-04
Jupiter 6 with europa? hexfix93 3 13-Mar-04
If you could only own ONE analog synth digiphallus 72 12-Mar-04
How do I get my TB303 to sound like this ? divykecks 68 09-Mar-04
SH101 or CS-10 Andreas 11 09-Mar-04
The MAM Taurus clone monosynth JB 6 06-Mar-04
bloody pots........ alexp 7 06-Mar-04
What the hell is this? dwaldman61 8 05-Mar-04
Roland MKS-80 and MPG-80 Strange303 11 03-Mar-04
question about MKS-70 O.S. version 1.08 Dr. Whammo 7 03-Mar-04
Roland TR-808 with Silver Faceplate Silver Droid 1 01-Mar-04
More JP-8 Questions b3keys 3 27-Feb-04
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O MAN! alexp 8 26-Feb-04
Jup 8 Unison? Viper 3 25-Feb-04
A dream of the SUN and a SYNth ridszero 26 23-Feb-04
Just got my Monomachine dasuberman 93 23-Feb-04
Various questions thread diy-sigh 1 19-Feb-04
Dream Synths. hexfix93 45 18-Feb-04
peavy paradox alexp 39 17-Feb-04
Cheap CV unit for my SH2 :) CoolColJ 8 16-Feb-04
Analogue Is Better Than Digital Silver Droid 30 15-Feb-04
Casio HT-6000 (no, seriously!) inverseroom 1 14-Feb-04
what to buy rowlend106 18 12-Feb-04
curtis chips cem 3042 3 12-Feb-04
OutKast Rt.Hon.Ciderma§ter 11 11-Feb-04
Four Voice - What a Synth ! Rt.Hon.Beerma§ter™ 31 11-Feb-04
Some goodies in the local paper CoolColJ 1 10-Feb-04
real analog only alexp 119 07-Feb-04
Polyphonic Moog Voyager schism 1 06-Feb-04
SCI Pro1 vs. Roland Sh-09 digiphallus 26 06-Feb-04
who the??? asshole 12 06-Feb-04
what the?? whodabigguy 14 05-Feb-04
Prophet VS organism 1 03-Feb-04
Radikal / Spectralis ?? Revtor 40 02-Feb-04
New Polyphonic Moog? Dave B 30 02-Feb-04
OB 1 cem 3042 2 02-Feb-04
Think someone f***ed up here? dwaldman61 2 02-Feb-04
A dream has come true! ridszero 3 31-Jan-04
NEW KURZWEIL VA SYNTH!! Dr. Whammo 123 30-Jan-04
sh09 help needed! reactor303 3 30-Jan-04
Need help with Roland JP-8 b3keys 5 30-Jan-04
My tr808 no longer keeps time, what possibly could be wrong? nubilee 14 28-Jan-04
Surprise!!! Platon 7 27-Jan-04
Guess The Synth 24-bit 12 26-Jan-04
Serge T-shirts denshi 5 26-Jan-04
ideal wedding gift ... bug 2 26-Jan-04
1915 Exposition Organ to be installed in San Francisco outdoor pavillion neutrino 24 24-Jan-04
generating formants? ^_^ 14 17-Jan-04
Composition Contest for 2004 stretta 56 14-Jan-04
sh101 novamods reactor303 1 09-Jan-04
BEst synth for PWM pads? string sounds? cider8 67 09-Jan-04
repair person for sh101? knoware 5 08-Jan-04
Replacement Drives for the Prophet 2000/ studio 440 4amour 4 08-Jan-04
CS question for Old Crow Richard 13 07-Jan-04
TB-303 mods divykecks 2 07-Jan-04
Roland RS-09 hv909 2 05-Jan-04
MAJOR problems with my Andromeda dwaldman61 14 03-Jan-04
Omega 8 is king * * melody 42 02-Jan-04
Clavia Nord Lead 2 vs 2x CC 15 30-Dec-03
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Got my Andromeda today.... dwaldman61 46 26-Dec-03
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Best synth for explosive diarrhea sounds? AllYourBaseAreBelongToUs 20 22-Dec-03
Hidden CS Machines oldcrow 25 22-Dec-03
I just bought a 303 and 606 for $400!! montana 25 42 20-Dec-03
My analogue mono synth is really digital! iguana 11 19-Dec-03
Analog vs Va: THE VERDICT Viper 28 19-Dec-03
Best Drum Module For The Money? parhelion 33 18-Dec-03
My ancient Korg EX8000 crapped out -- any ideas where I should send it for repairs? nubilee 4 16-Dec-03
I Love My NordLead2, BUT... digiphallus 8 15-Dec-03
Andromeda questions dwaldman61 52 15-Dec-03
Cwejman S1 Zakmakhak 1 13-Dec-03
repair services for octave cat? mutantanus 1 13-Dec-03
Face The Music! (Or: To Drift Or Not To Drift) shoshin 30 10-Dec-03
The week I lost interest in it all Rt.Hon.Beerma§ter™ 89 08-Dec-03
Moog and ION Drift Examples Peake 104 06-Dec-03
a thread for the Cwejman S1 shoshin 24 05-Dec-03
SUNSYN News shoshin 14 05-Dec-03
How did Depeche Mode play live in the early 80's ? Andrew Fastow 18 04-Dec-03
oberheim obx Claes 9 04-Dec-03
i need some help with my mc to use it with midi, raptor 12 03-Dec-03
Best rack analog? hexfix93 36 03-Dec-03
The Gas Station re-visited Graeme 1 02-Dec-03
Who wants a mono-Sunsyn? bulldogge 11 02-Dec-03
best bass and fx synth with fast attack? gammra 19 01-Dec-03
Defending VA's dwaldman61 12 01-Dec-03
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vco, dco, and va? samscats 50 29-Nov-03
All Day I Dream About Synths Strike 4 28-Nov-03
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Challenge Evaluation shoshin 3 28-Nov-03
Analog Veterans Need Your Suggestions Keys64 17 27-Nov-03
Real CS80 vs. Arturia CS-80V KnobMan 21 26-Nov-03
Virus C "Moog" Filters Gothicindustrial 23 26-Nov-03
Aliasing on VA synths SynthBaron 113 25-Nov-03
Got my SunSyn yesterday... shoshin 7 24-Nov-03
Anyne know about this MOOG TRAVELER? Lobo 19 23-Nov-03
ion: vocal sounds hexfix93 2 23-Nov-03
So, will there ever be an A6 rack? KZ 23 23-Nov-03
Gear Lust -Tim- 22 18-Nov-03
MacBeth moroco filter processor - first pics are up on website! Ken McBeth 30 17-Nov-03
Prophet5 pedal inputs shoshin 1 15-Nov-03
Comparisons: minimoog-SE-1X-M3X Mini-Freak 1 15-Nov-03
SE-1 or Macbeth M3x CC 36 14-Nov-03
cr-78 paddington 4 14-Nov-03
Arp Odyssey slider shaft replacement? Tony S 3 10-Nov-03
Anybody who wants to buy plugins + soundcard Flame 1 09-Nov-03
analog interface for Yamaha breath controller shoshin 4 08-Nov-03
New PC1600x Presets for Evolver 2.0 Dave 2 06-Nov-03
Man I wish they'd reissue the Arp 2600 dwaldman61 32 06-Nov-03
Evolver 2.0 Now available! Gonkulator 11 03-Nov-03
Moog Source CTL knob + VCF tracking Jiggity 1 28-Oct-03
SPL KuLTube! CoolColJ 26 28-Oct-03
CHECK THIS OUT !!!!!! Rt.Hon.Beerma§ter™ 6 28-Oct-03
Details of ION recall? macshit 14 27-Oct-03
Cuari Cwejman Demo is Up! konkuro 479 24-Oct-03
anyone with oscar experiencE? ^_^ 6 24-Oct-03
Design Considerations oldcrow 52 24-Oct-03
Emulating OBXa with Nord Modular swordfish 17 22-Oct-03
Sh-2, SH-5 and Pro One :) CoolColJ 14 20-Oct-03
A couple of A6 tricks I found. SCORPION2K1 18 17-Oct-03
too bad hexfix93 2 16-Oct-03
off topic... Platon 2 14-Oct-03
HARINGTON 1200 ! Rt.Hon.Beerma§ter™ 3 14-Oct-03
Alesis A6 serial number verification puck 26 13-Oct-03
Manual for Chroma Polaris? NHM1 8 12-Oct-03
Some Moog Modular Peake 40 12-Oct-03
TB303 hexfix93 19 12-Oct-03
Omega 8 Help Al_Bot 2 11-Oct-03
Buchla modules for sale SKuehnl 4 11-Oct-03
mixers? hexfix93 15 10-Oct-03
Prophet 600 membrane panel replacement Calyx93 7 08-Oct-03
Jomox Sunsyn rjx 23 04-Oct-03
Chroma Polaris organism 1 02-Oct-03
how can you simulate the evolvers feedback parameter on an old analog synth? caustech 9 02-Oct-03
Arp 16 voice piano projekt 2701 3 30-Sep-03
help me find a synth reedrichards 18 29-Sep-03
Gnat Synthesizer Company unckle spike 11 29-Sep-03
Circuitry, baby! Frequency to CV question + more Jiggity 8 26-Sep-03
EMS 100,000 auction...such a deal dwaldman61 17 24-Sep-03
power plug for the old roland analogues daryl 7 24-Sep-03
Roland Juper 6 Viper 3 23-Sep-03
JP-8000 Jupiter Edition organism 7 23-Sep-03
Creamware Prophet VS emulator portobelloroad 4 22-Sep-03
What's the most synths you've had on stage at one time? puck 15 21-Sep-03
If you where going to buy one synth puck 54 20-Sep-03
Ion, anyone hexfix93 59 17-Sep-03
Ive got to tell someone!!! synthacon 27 16-Sep-03
pro one toshiro 4 15-Sep-03
The bass award - Juno106 vs. Pulse digiphallus 16 12-Sep-03
output replacement costs Chris McMasters 5 09-Sep-03
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will a sherman FB 2 make my Digital sound Analog? COALSLAG 5 08-Sep-03
Macbeth M3X Blowout! zurich 1 08-Sep-03
Explain "discrete" components digiphallus 10 08-Sep-03
Favorite Analog Preset Patch Chirp Chirp 1 05-Sep-03
CV cables TemporaryShrimpBasket 4 04-Sep-03
"Lost" picture of Mitchell Thereminette konkuro 4 02-Sep-03
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A6 tuning problem saga SCORPION2K1 31 01-Sep-03
Drummachine used... Platon 23 30-Aug-03
Akai Vx 600 vs Ax 60 ridszero 38 26-Aug-03
EBAY!!!!!!!!!!! Lucid484 11 25-Aug-03
Best Oberheim strings in a song Oberday 49 23-Aug-03
differences between the MFB synth and synthII? machinapathy 4 22-Aug-03
FOR SALE: MF-104 ANALOG DELAY cuari7 30 22-Aug-03
Please tell me what the word 'FAT' or 'PHAT' etc means in synth terms divykecks 30 21-Aug-03
oscilators which sound good with an open filter machinapathy 33 21-Aug-03
Really stupid question! AtomiX_303 1 20-Aug-03
Pro-One review with samples tommyc 15 19-Aug-03
SE-1X or Andromeda passionmax 5 18-Aug-03
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FR-777 macshit 25 18-Aug-03
synth sudjestions dranodrinker 11 18-Aug-03
help me get this synth sound! ^_^ 20 17-Aug-03
JoMoX MBase-01's arrive in U.S. johnnyvn 44 15-Aug-03
How to save sounds on a Prophet 600 Bubs 2 14-Aug-03
Opinions on waldorf pulse, microwave 2 >< Are they that great? ridszero 4 14-Aug-03
Has Anyone Seen Old Crow (Scott Rider) Around? 24-bit 3 12-Aug-03
Synth Schematics and calibration info etc CoolColJ 4 09-Aug-03
Midi>CV TemporaryShrimpBasket 18 09-Aug-03
Old modular synth EEF information zipo 1 07-Aug-03
Recommend Lead Synth piano boy 21 07-Aug-03
to Sh5 or not ot, that is the question.. CoolColJ 33 07-Aug-03
Access Virus B/KB OS Gothicindustrial 1 06-Aug-03
KOTO-Bass Andreas 12 01-Aug-03
Nice quote CoolColJ 9 31-Jul-03
Juno 106 replacement parts dualvco 4 30-Jul-03
kawai xd 5 ddeez 9 29-Jul-03
Simmons? dualvco 7 29-Jul-03
New Revised 'N to Z Of Analogue Synths' Rt.Hon.Beerma§ter™ 17 26-Jul-03
Has anyone tried the Omega 8 revelation 33 25-Jul-03 ASEQ-1 Sequencer jpavone 24 24-Jul-03
GAK!!! How cheap and BRAND NEW!!! MetalMuse 29 22-Jul-03
help me achieve this sound. firstarsbrnwhite 14 22-Jul-03
is the ws-1 programmer for the cr-78 useful at all? caustech 4 22-Jul-03
synth production numbers LoHr 26 20-Jul-03
PolySnobs!! LoHr 39 20-Jul-03
The best synth ever made ?'s a fake Pascal 9 20-Jul-03
Jan Hammers Crockett's threme morten 8 18-Jul-03
My guitar is analogue optinone 26 17-Jul-03
Question for Mac people Flame 2 17-Jul-03
Jupiter-8 vs. VariOS-8 drbryson 4 17-Jul-03
no one get an ion yet?:O ^_^ 49 17-Jul-03
Is this the right thing to do? patches 28 16-Jul-03
Casiotone question flabbitydoo 2 15-Jul-03
Too many synth companies? SynthBaron 58 14-Jul-03
A little high? dualvco 7 14-Jul-03
midimini cem 3042 7 12-Jul-03
sixtrak question... cupid stunt 3 11-Jul-03
Just finished my first attempt at electronics.. ViS 17 10-Jul-03
Spectral Audio gear LoHr 28 10-Jul-03
Nord Lead 3 - can't find 2 useful functions! DiscoKing 4 09-Jul-03
im selling my beloved jupiter6 mavingo 4 08-Jul-03
Neuronal synthesizer ... Pascal 11 07-Jul-03
Korg MS2000 troubles Aurora 12 06-Jul-03
Spectral Audio Neptune - Impressions? Anonymous 10 06-Jul-03
HELP ME with my Sid Station!!! forrestperez 20 03-Jul-03
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Prophet-five REV2 Owner/Tech manual.. PWM 2 01-Jul-03
Kraftwerk Bootlegs with KlingKlang ID? Peake 6 01-Jul-03
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Andromeda vs. OB matrix 1000? tootith 12 28-Jun-03
I finally have Real Analog SCORPION2K1 80 26-Jun-03
Andromeda A6: Advice Needed parhelion 0 26-Jun-03
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Help with my anal log Yonny 27 23-Jun-03
Voyager/VX-351 as MiniModular ed_fig 10 22-Jun-03
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And it even has MIDI... SynthBaron 5 20-Jun-03
Where is everybody? jerrysashi 32 20-Jun-03
Arp odyssey VS sci PRo one hexfix93 27 18-Jun-03
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Virus B vs Andromeda questions... 20 17-Jun-03
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Ahh, you were looking for a controller? SynthBaron 30 15-Jun-03
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Moog style synth bass sounds TOMAS DRTINA 38 13-Jun-03
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No title axentric- 1 11-Jun-03
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Andromeda impressions and mp3s CoolColJ 1361 11-Jun-03
Monosynth keyboard covers hexfix93 6 10-Jun-03
Keyboard covers hexfix93 2 10-Jun-03
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JoMoX price increase johnnyvn 25 09-Jun-03
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Lucky Best Aleatoric Contest Peake 9 07-Jun-03
New & Improved Aleatoric Contest The Real MC 2 07-Jun-03
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ACCESS VIRUS C OS update now available Aurora 1 06-Jun-03
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EvolveR? ^_^ 148 05-Jun-03
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MacBeth moroco sounds are up! Ken McBeth 4 03-Jun-03
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Aleatoric Robert McFerrin SynthBaron 2 01-Jun-03
tr 909 orig manual wanted omarpichette 1 01-Jun-03
Juno 106 Voice Out........ PWM 8 01-Jun-03
Roland SH2 External Input Rowboffin 13 01-Jun-03
DCB anyone? jp8, juno 60 hexfix93 22 30-May-03
best synths for $500 range. reedrichards 21 29-May-03
help a newbie pick out beginner modules aeser 21 27-May-03
Progress in Digital Synths catching up to the sound niche in analogs? Chirp Chirp 97 26-May-03
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Arg, Modulars, where to start. hexfix93 18 23-May-03
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Voyager Sadness In London Rt.Hon.Beerma§ter™ 18 19-May-03
multimode filters, why, how, when, where. hexfix93 47 19-May-03
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HOLY SH*T, look at this MS-20!!! dwaldman61 22 13-May-03
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:( matrix 3 05-May-03
Battery replacement in vintage synths cuari7 6 05-May-03
No title matrix 1 04-May-03
Arp 2600 - whats your loves (or) gripes? stripcircuit 7 01-May-03
EMS PolySynthi Chirp Chirp 12 01-May-03
Sidstation or micormod? syrusate 22 01-May-03
roland sh3 poyao 40 30-Apr-03
Korg Mono Poly key chop off ridszero 8 30-Apr-03
jx10, prophet 600 and machinedrum reactor303 1 29-Apr-03
Controller for Roland MKS-80?? CC 2 28-Apr-03
Who wants an SE MIDIMINI ??? bbtheory 4 25-Apr-03
Progress in Digital Synths catching up to the sound niche in analogs? Chirp Chirp 0 24-Apr-03
Kawai K3: analog AND digital oscs? tortoise 4 22-Apr-03
help put a 303 rumor to rest. reedrichards 5 22-Apr-03
Wow - PS3300 for sale !!! Rt.Hon.Beerma§ter™ 11 22-Apr-03
microwave 1 or xt? reactor303 7 21-Apr-03
The worst synth of all time! noision 27 21-Apr-03
what are your top 5 favorite synths? ^_^ 87 20-Apr-03
Tb 303 short? jeff1x 1 20-Apr-03
No title reedrichards 0 19-Apr-03
Jupiter 6 gobotz 6 19-Apr-03
Analogue Systems drunk kid catholic 20 18-Apr-03
My Bad/ What are your top 5 favorite anolog synths(No VA' allowed) only kidding kman 11 17-Apr-03
analog mixer Rookie of the Year 0 15-Apr-03
any know of a good liquid /bubbly sounding analog omarpichette 14 15-Apr-03
V E M I A ! Rt.Hon.Beerma§ter™ 18 14-Apr-03
anyone ever try anything stupid like filter inputs for a kawai xd-5 caustech 9 13-Apr-03
tr 808 sync omarpichette 1 13-Apr-03
Casio CZ or VZ? rrooyyccee 11 12-Apr-03
could someone with an edp wasp do me a favor? caustech 11 11-Apr-03
The worst synth of all time? noision 3 10-Apr-03
There should be an Anything Digital Pump Teebee303 21 10-Apr-03
Help me find this analog sound! (w/link) emagic 12 09-Apr-03
Virtual Analogs.... Which to buy? muzcmn 36 08-Apr-03
Synthex song Zinovieff 8 06-Apr-03
Dirty pots on a Mono/Poly?? NHM1 1 05-Apr-03
Analog synth for leads? CC 29 05-Apr-03
Pro-One Question !?!?!? bbtheory 5 04-Apr-03
andyone here use a mb33mk2 or a next 4.4? brianjdc 1 04-Apr-03
Unloading my MINT Virus B MichaelMcKane 3 03-Apr-03
Help! Advice for Andromeda PCMCIA card. YaDaddy 4 02-Apr-03 unovis 43 01-Apr-03
NEED HELP!!! - Prophet 4? matrix 3 01-Apr-03
Help! Adice for Andromeda PCMCIA card. YaDaddy 1 31-Mar-03
Marion hexfix93 86 31-Mar-03
Leslie 145 chipster 1 30-Mar-03
What kind of synths did The Police use ? Olsen5 15 30-Mar-03
VAs and PWM... peabreu 2 29-Mar-03
Synth ideas! hexfix93 239 28-Mar-03
HexFix93 Answer me this?!? synthacon 10 25-Mar-03
Air Synths machinapathy 15 25-Mar-03
Where to get sliders, knobs and switches? headhunter 7 25-Mar-03
ImpOSCar VSTi mp3 demos rockmanrock 2 22-Mar-03
Analogue Systems RS240 Frequency Shifter mp3 schism 3 22-Mar-03
what is it with the nords???? divykecks 61 22-Mar-03
MFB Synth Lite Scandal! rockmanrock 25 21-Mar-03
Moog Voyager mp3s here schism 13 18-Mar-03
What do you do to customize your synth? Rogue 7 18-Mar-03
Doepfer mp3s here (couple) schism 1 17-Mar-03
Any Q+ users here? ^_^ 11 17-Mar-03
which synth best for trance? headhunter 33 17-Mar-03
analog lfo gamera 23 16-Mar-03
Reliable Analog Poly synths. hexfix93 58 16-Mar-03
Why does Gary Numan love his Qudrasynth ? patches 20 15-Mar-03
Alesis Aurora A6 :-) 3DarkHours 168 13-Mar-03
Arp Odysseys Mangobob 3 12-Mar-03
parameter smoothing snappar 14 12-Mar-03
Novation SN and SN2 differences? CC 3 11-Mar-03
PG-800 not working? ridszero 4 10-Mar-03
Evolver vs. Absynth hooptyheaven 16 10-Mar-03
Sequential Pro-One vs. SixTrak & MultiTrak Mangobob 4 10-Mar-03
Hillwood, Firstman product Info. Super Rare Stuff!! transanalog 14 09-Mar-03
what kind of synth is this? bertrandla 6 08-Mar-03
MKS 70 bummer hexfix93 87 08-Mar-03
Midiwall? hexfix93 2 07-Mar-03
Andromeda bass demo The Real MC 22 06-Mar-03
Looking for an analog polysynth Mangobob 13 06-Mar-03
Access Virus a vs b..... jeff1x 18 06-Mar-03
Anyone know what ELEKTRON's new mono synth will be like? gobotz 8 06-Mar-03
What are some good exercises for playing synths better ? patches 13 05-Mar-03 hurts.... projekt 2701 3 05-Mar-03
OBXA hexfix93 24 04-Mar-03
new clavia? samscats 11 04-Mar-03
International TB 303 Day! pnedito 7 04-Mar-03
SCI prophet VS: thoughts and opinions? ^_^ 54 03-Mar-03
stand-alone analog filters Viper 16 03-Mar-03
Analog Synth unovis 14 03-Mar-03
Juno 106: need to replace slider suitandtieguy 3 01-Mar-03
Voyager user group donato 1 01-Mar-03
The making of the Oxygene album by Jean Michel Jarre zugel 19 01-Mar-03
Analog phasers and flangers 80s hexfix93 9 01-Mar-03
Old, cheap analogs? Viper 16 28-Feb-03
David Daydodge return my oberheim tvs1 arpmoogscience 13 27-Feb-03
voyager and evolver elirentz 4 27-Feb-03
Vermona - New Analog Synth Bullring Brummie 40 27-Feb-03
Best phaser for Arp/Solina String Ensemble zugel 3 26-Feb-03
How to make Pads? hexfix93 42 25-Feb-03
ARP solus? hexfix93 2 25-Feb-03
English people... synthacon 20 24-Feb-03
Minimoog Voyager? ChemVein 12 23-Feb-03
yamaha cs10 hexfix93 3 23-Feb-03
Riddle+ guess-the-synth game rockmanrock 1 23-Feb-03
2nd monosynth competition ^_^ 4 22-Feb-03
PADS hexfix93 8 22-Feb-03
Compare please: OB8, Jupiter 6, Prophet 5, JX-10/MKS70. hexfix93 54 20-Feb-03
David Daydodge return my oberheim tvs1 arpmoogscience 0 20-Feb-03
SPACE morten 13 20-Feb-03
Which single osc mono Jonl 23 20-Feb-03
Slight customization(knobs,casing,etc) TemporaryShrimpBasket 14 20-Feb-03
Buzzzzz. which synths? hexfix93 17 18-Feb-03
Analog FX! hexfix93 17 18-Feb-03
Spectral Audio Neptune II rockmanrock 8 16-Feb-03
Vermona DRM1 MKII lostwire 10 16-Feb-03
Is the Sequential split-eight rare? alles_ist_dada 5 14-Feb-03
whic analog is the best controller? besides the a6. hexfix93 39 13-Feb-03
help!! buggy ESQ-1 display... geronimo 4 13-Feb-03
alesis ion samscats 38 13-Feb-03
Chip uses analog samples Jiggity 1 13-Feb-03
analog = yummmy ^_^ 11 12-Feb-03
"Lost" vocoder demos rediscovered konkuro 8 11-Feb-03
Some Sunsyn Demos CoolColJ 32 11-Feb-03
Prophet VS thoughts and sounds schism 21 10-Feb-03
Waldorf Pulse or Bass Station???? jeff1x 8 08-Feb-03
OBMX fixed, who can host samples for me? bbtheory 11 07-Feb-03
The Casio Hut! Anonymous 139 06-Feb-03
New Hartmann Neuron Samples up pnedito 78 06-Feb-03
Prophet 600: bad envelopes and thin? machinapathy 15 06-Feb-03
Waldorf Q & Q+ ? KZ 23 05-Feb-03
ACCESS VIRUS C OS update now available Aurora 2 05-Feb-03
The best synth for silly noises? dwaldman61 35 05-Feb-03
FR-777 or MFB Synth? pook187 12 04-Feb-03
which new analog? A.D.D. 20 03-Feb-03
What synths have the gooiest filters ? Gucci Crew 14 01-Feb-03
Why is the OB12 rare and now becoming a collectors item? FlukeWorm 144 30-Jan-03
76 or 88 keys... Platon 11 29-Jan-03
Drool...Syrinx auction... syd 6 29-Jan-03
Norl Lead 2X--any info? jimkost 11 28-Jan-03
No title Rt.Hon.Beerma§ter™ 20 26-Jan-03
really namm disappointing bug 4 25-Jan-03
Jupiter-6... one week & you're mine! lostwire 3 25-Jan-03
Aleatoric Monosynth Compition Results SynthBaron 47 24-Jan-03
MFBsynth/MFBlite compared STicKX 7 23-Jan-03
AlphaJuno keybord? Andreas 12 23-Jan-03
analogs wiith filter control eric144 6 22-Jan-03
No title headhunter 0 21-Jan-03
Waldorf Analog Filter Bank pnedito 38 20-Jan-03
Legendary Pink Dots hexfix93 20 20-Jan-03
monosynth contest rules and times bulldogge 143 20-Jan-03
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New Analog Synth CoolColJ 3 17-Jan-03
New analogsynth from Alesis? CC 5 12-Jan-03
Voyager - Sent back from UK Customs ! Rt.Hon.Beerma§ter™ 13 12-Jan-03
deep bass 9 pacman 6 12-Jan-03
New analogsynth from Alesis? CC 0 11-Jan-03
MAM MB-33/Freebass FB-383 Andreas 8 10-Jan-03
Modern equivalent for SH-101? silmu 21 09-Jan-03
Sysex for Crumar Bit One Retep 1 09-Jan-03
Jupiter 8 Repair Help CThorns 10 08-Jan-03
what do yOu want to see coming out! ^_^ 48 08-Jan-03
Micromoog vs. Axxe vs. Sh-09 digiphallus 7 07-Jan-03
a tiny oberheim to call my own machinapathy 22 04-Jan-03
New analogue polysynths machinapathy 18 03-Jan-03
paging rjx ^_^ 5 02-Jan-03
any synth with cross mod or FM w/sine w~ on2 vcos samhain 25 02-Jan-03
Moog, Juno 106 or Prophet 5???? intheailse 5 01-Jan-03
Passport Trax not seeing MIDI In pcmentor 1 01-Jan-03
PROPHET 2000 4amour 7 01-Jan-03
Vainqreue Elevations what synth does he use? scion basic channel substance porter ricks samhain 0 01-Jan-03
Roland SH-7. Any good? Andreas 7 31-Dec-02
Question about jupiter 4 Arpeggiator ^_^ 4 31-Dec-02
Yamah VL1? ^_^ 52 31-Dec-02
Sherman Filterbank 2 vs Filter factory jeff1x 6 30-Dec-02
Cheap Monos 3DarkHours 25 30-Dec-02
Evolver for Bass? machinapathy 3 29-Dec-02
Nova or K-Station?? the_juggernaut 31 28-Dec-02
battle of the little moogs! ^_^ 18 27-Dec-02
sh-5 sh-09 sh-7 system-100 model 101 OB-1 cv ins thru internal portamento insteadof bypassing 2 vco samhain 2 26-Dec-02
waldorf microQ problem elektro 1 25-Dec-02
Sh101 vs JX10????? player 4 25-Dec-02
KS4 or Supernova II victor_bln 1 25-Dec-02
KS4 or Supernova II victor_bln 0 25-Dec-02
fr 777 plus peavey 1600 to make a midi arp 1622 type sequencer ? samhain 1 25-Dec-02
any osc oscar users here? ^_^ 3 25-Dec-02
What is the Omega 8 like? jerry1 8 24-Dec-02
Good places for rare synths jamesbondmcm 12 24-Dec-02
AN-200 vs AN1X vs CS6R any differences ? samhain 2 24-Dec-02
Walter Carlos psychoanalysis.. Yonny 120 24-Dec-02
PPG..Anyone ever A/B software vs realthing jrmatix 7 23-Dec-02
Would you rather have an MKS-70 w/ PG-800 or an MKS-80? ridszero 43 22-Dec-02
What drummachine used in... Platon 6 22-Dec-02
Hows the Super Basstation for leads? 3DarkHours 8 20-Dec-02
Can a juno 106's sliders transmit SYSEX??? jeff1x 2 19-Dec-02
PPG..Anyone every A/B software vs realthing jrmatix 0 19-Dec-02
Russian synth database+demos Andreas 3 19-Dec-02
a Oberheim Xpander or a Access Virus C RM 20 19-Dec-02
Snappy bass in a rack+midi? Andreas 20 18-Dec-02
are the yamaha cs5 synths worth 300$$? dj2sday 5 16-Dec-02
Aleatoric Competition #2 - Listen and Vote! Mark Pulver 1 16-Dec-02
pulse vs. evolver machinapathy 9 13-Dec-02
ACCESS not analog, but nowhere else to post machine101 4 11-Dec-02
microkorg reactor303 25 10-Dec-02
Moog sonic 6 Zinovieff 11 10-Dec-02
Nord Modular v4.0 cancelled! speedDevil 9 08-Dec-02
Problem with micromoog! :( player 5 07-Dec-02
new analog ignatius 16 07-Dec-02
mc202 cv/gate problem eric144 4 07-Dec-02
thinking bout buying a SCI P-600 @$700 Cdn iguana 6 05-Dec-02
OSCs vs. Filters matrix 21 04-Dec-02
What are some of the best vintage electric piano's ? kypski 40 04-Dec-02
jupiter6 at $1100----good price? abcdefghi 31 04-Dec-02
jx8p&jx3p vs juno series? caustech 22 03-Dec-02
Need help with a mono purchase blahblahblah 14 02-Dec-02
New Killer Synth : Lassence µVentury II sl 2 01-Dec-02
jupiter6 at $2100----good price? abcdefghi 2 30-Nov-02
SunSyn review in KEYS magazine johnnyvn 8 27-Nov-02
How to build a VCO ? enapa 2 27-Nov-02
Can someone recommend an 808 repairman ? Gucci Crew 7 26-Nov-02
80s polysynth ID Alexus 27 25-Nov-02
EML quality? machinapathy 7 24-Nov-02
Yowsa! (Obie on the 'Bay) Andrew 15 23-Nov-02
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Guess The synth DoctorModular 34 22-Nov-02
Looking for 80's most distinctive cheezie synth....... player 41 21-Nov-02
vintage synth online store ? abcdefghi 18 21-Nov-02
digital synths? reedrichards 24 20-Nov-02
Evolver Site Upgraded Dave 2 20-Nov-02
triggering SCI sixtrak from TR606, HELP! Chris McMasters 9 19-Nov-02
The coolest monosynth EVER! Viper 8 19-Nov-02
matrix 12 musiqueconcrete 10 19-Nov-02
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ACCESS VIRUS C Aurora 3 18-Nov-02
Analog polyphony discussion squirtle 5 17-Nov-02
Oberheim manuals - a GOLD MINE ! Rt.Hon.Beerma§ter™ 3 16-Nov-02
Resonance, d00d! schism 17 15-Nov-02
Can't talk...Evolving bulldogge 3 15-Nov-02
Evolver knob smoothing - NEED MORE!! Dr. Whammo 1 15-Nov-02
Gazebo--I like Chopin abcdefghi 1 15-Nov-02
MAM CF1 phazer/flanger demo's entron 1 15-Nov-02
New VERMONA Perfourmer demos entron 7 15-Nov-02
Praise for Evolver bbtheory 3 14-Nov-02
Rush 2112 intro Persona non grata 12 14-Nov-02
VEMIA Steveo 19 14-Nov-02
Xpander question Zinovieff 14 13-Nov-02
Evolver vs FR-777 juno0synth 4 12-Nov-02
Do certain keyboards require a special way of playing ? kypski 15 12-Nov-02
prophet600 abcdefghi 26 12-Nov-02
Should I sell my SH3 and get an Evolver? Bach 4 12-Nov-02
monosynth contest bulldogge 168 12-Nov-02
Obie not working, any tips...? sepe8 14 11-Nov-02
worth of the pg800 daryl 3 10-Nov-02
Evover vs FR-777 juno0synth 0 08-Nov-02
Let's Hear it for the Boy=Analog Genius CheeseMaster 65 06-Nov-02
What did New Order put in their Emulator ? Gucci Crew 3 05-Nov-02
Novation/Propellerheads ReMote???? moocow 3 05-Nov-02
best real sounds dranodrinker 16 04-Nov-02
Don't Laugh :) OBMX Question! bbtheory 12 04-Nov-02
Polyvoks or Minimoog Voyager? stchris88 13 04-Nov-02
What sound card should I get For my PC? Teebee303 4 03-Nov-02
MFB synth AntKu 2 01-Nov-02
Analog sound, Oberheim Matrix 6R or Cheetah MS6 ridszero 2 01-Nov-02
VA synths with sine waves and cross modulation samhain 30 31-Oct-02
octave plateau voyetra 8 zipo 12 31-Oct-02
Interesting analogue feedback loops schism 4 30-Oct-02
what dose a mellotron sound like? COALSLAG 10 30-Oct-02
alpaha juno chorus ? eric144 7 29-Oct-02
Which to Buy? MiniMoog, Q+ bbtheory 12 28-Oct-02
ROLAND SH-2 shelfman 24 27-Oct-02
wich synth are these? abcdefghi 1 22-Oct-02
SE1 or Pulse or ? OUI 45 22-Oct-02
10 Most historical synths... Revtor 44 20-Oct-02
Analogue Solutions Red Square Wild Jagd 7 20-Oct-02
Stand Alone Fileter........................................... Viper 7 19-Oct-02
Help me my analog studio set up please. samhain 6 18-Oct-02
mam warp 9 vs frostwave resonator ^_^ 22 17-Oct-02
Ripped Off II CThorns 14 15-Oct-02
Envelope shapes? jerrysashi 2 14-Oct-02
What synth can do this? SCORPION2K1 27 12-Oct-02
Real MC how does your band like LH Moog bass? suitandtieguy 6 11-Oct-02
CS-80 Owner Roll Call 24-bit 123 09-Oct-02
Ripped Off!!! rickson 15 08-Oct-02
Modern Analogs machinapathy 12 07-Oct-02
jx10 questions reactor303 1 04-Oct-02
Andromeda or Oberhiem Xpander ? KZ 93 03-Oct-02
Pro 53 hexfix93 22 03-Oct-02
midi synth with fast envelopes ? eric144 15 02-Oct-02
eml301 anyone got info? ^_^ 8 01-Oct-02
Casio VL-1 analog? STicKX 38 01-Oct-02
any thoughts on seil synths? marty the monitore 12 30-Sep-02
Evolver Site Updated Dave 61 28-Sep-02
Cheap new 3-osc mono with (shock, horror) a keyboard! Araby 24 27-Sep-02
Roland Juno 106 repair info... dleyva 14 23-Sep-02
Emax vs. DSS-1 digiphallus 10 22-Sep-02
perFOURmer monopoly/4voice?? Moogulator 8 22-Sep-02
Andromeda question Andreas 18 20-Sep-02
sh-5 mp3s schism 12 18-Sep-02
PPG realizer elektro 11 18-Sep-02
Roland SH 9 output problems, techs please reply :) endorphinanalog 8 17-Sep-02
Punchy bass... digiphallus 34 17-Sep-02
Pitch bend on AN200 Parakeet 8 16-Sep-02
Official Waveform Database request to all 3DarkHours 21 15-Sep-02
Help with Akai Ax-60 Gothicindustrial 4 14-Sep-02
recently bought a Pearl Drum-X oKseR 8 13-Sep-02
So whats the cheapest analog synth? jamesbondmcm 30 12-Sep-02
Mono/Poly prtamento poblem drglas 2 11-Sep-02
Evolver News Dave 5 11-Sep-02
SH-101 Tuning Problem (Need Help) Warped 7 10-Sep-02
VA keyboard split.... Revtor 3 10-Sep-02 Andreas 27 09-Sep-02
DCO's, considered analog or not? STicKX 16 09-Sep-02
Sh 09 has the same circuitry as a tr 808 Bach 11 09-Sep-02
Lassence Modules/System Users sl 1 09-Sep-02
what kind of synth>? elektro 11 07-Sep-02
Next RA vs VA Thread 3DarkHours 181 06-Sep-02
jeff mills strings via soft synths?:o ^_^ 1 06-Sep-02
What can complement this synth? elektro 12 05-Sep-02
Lassence - new analogue modular synth sl 19 04-Sep-02 A brandnew TR-909 fansite Azimuth 1 04-Sep-02
.: Juno 106 :. axentric_ 6 03-Sep-02
analog advice ershin 9 02-Sep-02
ElKA X705 stevepunter 1 01-Sep-02
New alesis synth ion hexfix93 295 29-Aug-02
Still noone who has actually heard the MAM Taurus? Retep 4 29-Aug-02
Soft Synths = Fools Gold pnedito 168 28-Aug-02
Wonky waveforms Jonathan 21 27-Aug-02
Analog Sequencer kitz?? Teebee303 37 27-Aug-02
ARP 2600 Grey Meanie curtis_f 3 26-Aug-02
an1x-virus sdp 3 26-Aug-02
analog worth the money player 0 26-Aug-02
ms2000 or jp8080? axentric_ 42 26-Aug-02
I've got some weird tubes and a weird thingy... Teebee303 1 26-Aug-02
Nord Lead 2 or Access Virus B Lagduf 6 25-Aug-02
nobody will answer my question! Viper 7 24-Aug-02
In thefuture prices will go up for special synths oldanalog 18 23-Aug-02
a few Prophet-5 problems/questions hilliard 9 23-Aug-02
Anyone else ripped off by jeff1x 38 22-Aug-02
Rackmount Analog Polys??? slaave 22 22-Aug-02
Korg Poly 800, Any good? Aurora 2 22-Aug-02
Oberday's band w/MP3 downloads Oberday 10 22-Aug-02
Poly -800 A classic? goatexplojon 14 21-Aug-02
My 106 is sick... Platon 3 20-Aug-02
Wu-Tang Clan Basslines from 36 chambers nin759 17 19-Aug-02
The internet makes it all happen oldanalog 3 19-Aug-02
Strings on old disco tracks... freq3 5 17-Aug-02
Dave Smith’s Evolver aeon 35 16-Aug-02
Its not the sound only but what it looks like oldanalog 10 16-Aug-02
I have access to old vacuum tubes Teebee303 2 16-Aug-02
Q Plus vs. Q Comparison Demos 3DarkHours 12 15-Aug-02
Can an analog synth just up and die if not used? And how to get it working again? synth-freak 8 15-Aug-02
Howling moog sound player 25 15-Aug-02
Check this out.. dleyva 32 15-Aug-02
My 106 is sick... Platon 0 13-Aug-02
In the future we will all get older Lava 10 13-Aug-02
minimoog vs sh5 abcdefghi 17 13-Aug-02
MFB Synth skinnyjap 39 12-Aug-02
SH7 vs. SH5 smoo 12 12-Aug-02
Russian Synths Teebee303 19 10-Aug-02
going back to analog from soft u 2 ? miziq 3 09-Aug-02
where can i hear sh5 leads in action ? abcdefghi 15 09-Aug-02
is it analog? Viper 10 09-Aug-02
This thing is weird kypski 27 08-Aug-02
sh-09 sicalfred 5 08-Aug-02
Studio Electronics ATCX suthnear 41 07-Aug-02
who knows or can recommend me how to fix novation bassstation keyboard? poyao 7 05-Aug-02
sh101 no power! samscats 3 05-Aug-02
Feedback on a CS-30: dangerous? smoo 4 05-Aug-02
OB8 vs Obx? player 14 05-Aug-02
Monowave Update lord_avon 1 05-Aug-02
JX-10 Display Teebee303 2 05-Aug-02
Osc sync Parakeet 1 05-Aug-02
casio cz230s geronimo 1 04-Aug-02
VX-90: my first analogue Mr.Ron 12 04-Aug-02
Monosynths Vs Polysynths for Leads Gothicindustrial 45 03-Aug-02
Matrix-1000 Blackface vs. Whiteface Synth72 5 02-Aug-02
This bothers me please read. SCORPION2K1 250 01-Aug-02
Pops in the electribes sound LO Tech 1 01-Aug-02
Sunsyn OS Update!! PWM 1 01-Aug-02
the five best monosynth abcdefghi 34 01-Aug-02
Arp Axxe opinions?? projekt 2701 18 01-Aug-02
Manual for CS20M? stark 7 31-Jul-02
New Omega 8 mp3s speedDevil 11 30-Jul-02
warm analog at around $500? ^_^ 163 30-Jul-02
red hot chili peppers johnny ooh 8 30-Jul-02
No title pnedito 0 29-Jul-02
Why analogs have a signature sound Oberday 3 29-Jul-02
bbq snappar 9 29-Jul-02
MAM Taurus cyberamus 6 29-Jul-02
im going to buy synths for 10 000 us dollar please help ! mavingo 33 28-Jul-02
Mks-80 hexfix93 47 28-Jul-02
Micromoog! please help! hexfix93 1 28-Jul-02
'who do you think you are kidding mr Turnkey' Rt.Hon.Beerma§ter™ 30 27-Jul-02
Oberheim Matrix 6 or Juno 106? dleyva 36 26-Jul-02
10 000 us dollar for synths ONLY mavingo 12 24-Jul-02
No title monkeychicken 2 24-Jul-02
Votrax SC-01 impossiblesound 1 24-Jul-02
JX-10; a good first analog? Mr.Ron 22 24-Jul-02
Waldorf Q+ or Alesis A6 ??? KZ 27 23-Jul-02
kpr-77 trigger pad attachment? IX.lab 1 23-Jul-02
yamaha CS-20m question... kybernetik 8 23-Jul-02
analog prices keep dropping? ^_^ 40 22-Jul-02
Arp solus? hexfix93 4 22-Jul-02
I, Attack Clown, am a pest Attack Clown 7 21-Jul-02
RAWNESS!!!!! reedrichards 24 21-Jul-02
Gamelan synthesis Flame 2 21-Jul-02
memorymoog vs omega-8 ? mavingo 10 20-Jul-02
Technosaurus Selector C/D CThorns 10 20-Jul-02
jp-8 question analogdream 6 19-Jul-02
synth in no ufos? ^_^ 21 19-Jul-02
Dual osc with detune unison with detune hexfix93 20 19-Jul-02
Multi and micro moogs hexfix93 2 18-Jul-02
Way Ahead Of Their Time ! Rt.Hon.Beerma§ter™ 11 18-Jul-02
odissey vs sh5 abcdefghi 11 18-Jul-02
Best poly for pads/strings at $1500 and below hexfix93 25 18-Jul-02
synth in no ufos? ^_^ 1 17-Jul-02
synth in no ufos? ^_^ 0 17-Jul-02
Reel to Reel tape recorders Flame 14 17-Jul-02
Filter this, filter that... phazor 26 16-Jul-02
From the specs and sound samples alone... DrummerBoy 10 16-Jul-02
looking for synths with that "liquid" sound projekt 2701 33 16-Jul-02
DX-x or FM7? Andreas 20 16-Jul-02
odissey-vs-ms20 abcdefghi 1 13-Jul-02
odissey vs ms20 abcdefghi 12 13-Jul-02
Studio Electronics Omega- Opinions Rowboffin 26 13-Jul-02
MS-20 revisions? kybernetik 12 13-Jul-02
Poly synths with Self Osc filters hexfix93 16 12-Jul-02
I, Attack Clown, was hijacked by Attack Clone Attack Clown 9 12-Jul-02
Anyone know this funky analog track? CoolColJ 6 12-Jul-02
the five best polysynth abcdefghi 83 12-Jul-02
Why? envs? i think so! hexfix93 177 12-Jul-02
Where can i buy parts for analogs hexfix93 11 12-Jul-02
Cheaper Analogs vs. Cheaper VA's Synth72 37 11-Jul-02
Mark Shreeve Parakeet 5 11-Jul-02
in wich songs i can hear jup8 and pro 5 in action ? abcdefghi 25 11-Jul-02
CV/Patchbay question hv909 9 10-Jul-02
"Images and Words" Dream Theater synths abcdefghi 4 10-Jul-02
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