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Pump: Emu/Ensoniq (1052 of 2859 total discussions)  RSS Starter Messages Last
Help getting MR-76 to playback all MIDI tracks mpisani 3 25-Jan-11
E4K Pitch Bend Wheel Reset - How? musicarr 2 12-Jan-11
guccishop 1 05-Jun-10 Cheap wholesale ED hardy T-shirt, Armani T-shirt wholesale4shoes 1 10-Mar-10
KS-32 transpose help joelbeyers 2 21-Feb-10
disk drive for eps16+ lynn1102 1 06-Jan-10
VFX fixes? Calibration? Heat sink? Also where to get carts and possible to up grade OS? nitro 1 29-Dec-09
Eps 16 plus turbo Isaiah08 1 02-Dec-09
TS 12 On and Off? kytoolman 1 18-Nov-09
MR 76 midi issues (need help!) p.diezel 1 30-Oct-09
E-MU/PROformance + problems... phogstr 1 12-Jul-09
Ensoniq Kt 76 teddeebaar 1 28-Mar-09
abdul_tom 1 07-Mar-09
E5000 problem bjeme 2 02-Feb-09
Will corrupted disk play distorted on ensoniq eps ? chollyive 1 14-Dec-08
Help with Ensoniq SQ2 Please Lauramarie 1 09-Dec-08
Ensoniq Eps makes garbled sound when disk is loaded chollyive 1 07-Dec-08
Ensoniq SD-1 Sequencer Software johnnyowens 3 06-Oct-08
How to tell if expansion card is present MR61 curtismayfield 1 18-Aug-08
EXP-3 Urban Dance expansion board blichtman 4 18-Aug-08
ensonic eps: keybord failed , whats on?? soundlimit 3 18-Aug-08
"DISK DATA CORRUPT" I HAVE A WAY TO FIX ENSONIQ ASR-10/EPS-16 DISK! spiritovermind 3 10-Aug-08
Updating Eos lnoyl 1 08-Jul-08
Can't erase preset on the harddisk ChrisCraft 1 26-Jun-08
ESQ1 -battery replacement and factory presets mof 3 08-Jun-08
Ensoniq Disc to WAV Files acidoklysm 1 18-May-08
manh 2 08-May-08
ESI32 samples... Revtor 2 02-Apr-08
Can someone help me please CDUNN 2 30-Mar-08
TS-10 ACTING CRAZY saxy 4 01-Mar-08
ensoniq halo zenboom 1 22-Feb-08
Looking for a LCD cover for EMU B3 dr_chopz 1 19-Feb-08
where can i get update drivers for my emu e6400 ultra gromitt 2 26-Jan-08
Ensoniq Expansion ROMs - Midnam files? composerm23 1 26-Dec-07
My record button isn't worken on my ASR 10... any ideas whats wrong??? vinnie vega 3 09-Dec-07
Ensoniq SD1 display board wanted frankie333 1 03-Dec-07
send track versus send base Toaster2000 2 02-Dec-07
Ensoniq Halo editor, where can i find? derocker 2 24-Nov-07
Ensoniq KT 88 Maestro Denny 1 02-Nov-07
Top 5 Samplers - Mirage footage? Simon Power 5 08-Oct-07
Ensoniq kt 76 teddyb 1 07-Oct-07
mirage massos cactusd1 2 10-Sep-07
EMU Ultra Proteus replacement bflat00 2 04-Sep-07
back to the 80's bobsonjazoe 9 10-Aug-07
ts10 daddy 3 30-Jul-07
SD-1 Battery Replacement landshark 1 19-Jul-07
Software for thte Ensonic DSk panamared 1 11-Jul-07
Emulator X Sounds Plus Instructional Videos on Sale at kcrosley 3 04-Jul-07
emu vintage keys instrument definition titor 1 16-Jun-07
ESQ1 Carts alexp 2 14-Jun-07
Resetting E6400U teknon 1 04-Jun-07
TS10 parts anyone? furter4 4 23-May-07
ericlien 1 23-May-07
How to load mp3 samples into Ensoniq TS-10? bbtienne 3 23-May-07
problems with ensoniq sq1 aym49 4 06-Apr-07
ASR-10 BUTTONS/PARTS dvus 2 06-Apr-07
aym49 1 18-Mar-07
Anybody know where I can download a manual for the Ensoniq SQ-1? boggsintransit 1 14-Mar-07
EMU EIV Emulator 4 Need Help Larry Laughlin 1 24-Feb-07
Mirage info needed. alexp 1 04-Feb-07
EPS 16+ and Mirage Sound Editors/Librarians menninsv 1 08-Jan-07
Proteus Part docmanny 1 21-Dec-06
Ensoniq ASR-10 Parts For Sale spiritovermind 6 17-Dec-06
Ensoniq SD-1 Screen going out kschaffer 2 03-Dec-06
Anybody have this problem with their EMU sound module? ESwerve 2 12-Nov-06
Proteus 2500 Rom vs Composer Rom? chrisakaneelix 2 31-Oct-06
Midi hookup--keep pedal control tfinn 2 02-Oct-06
E-Mu XtremeLead-1 and E-Loader? ESwerve 2 21-Sep-06
ASr 10 rack sampler LCD problems A Fifth Column 1 13-Sep-06
EPS 16 PLUS RACK Problem DJAndreas 1 05-Sep-06
SQ80 negative envelope uses Chris McMasters 1 31-Aug-06
Sequencing with the ASR-10 ESwerve 1 24-Aug-06
eps drumkits dyl 1 23-Aug-06
Questions about Output Expander and Sequencing? ESwerve 3 23-Aug-06
ESQ-1 no sound Guitar459 2 18-Aug-06
ESI4000 Malfunctioning lowaz 1 14-Aug-06
Proteus X impossiblesound 2 12-Aug-06
asr 10 soul973 3 12-Aug-06
Ensoinq Mirage help!! alexp 1 06-Aug-06
Can another midi controller be used on the ASR10? ESwerve 7 20-Jul-06
ESQ-1 dead battery/sounds zerosignal 2 18-Jul-06
How to re-initialize a Proteus1 Edgar05 2 18-Jul-06
Cell Holders ! instead of scalpo &scissors Tom Lockwood 1 15-Jul-06
what are you ensoniq users using to load or send sysx files? Tom Lockwood 1 15-Jul-06
Is there a multiple out option for the asr-10? ESwerve 5 14-Jul-06
emu esi 32 tnt1 2 02-Jul-06
Ultra Proteus Tutorial terri 1 26-Jun-06
asr 10 fail code 040 dqsmooth00 3 01-Jun-06
How to copy a sample? MadRat 1 30-May-06
purchased an asr 10 keyboard on the net....didn't get the manual....SOS beatumup 2 21-May-06
emu proteus 2000 ken baker 3 19-Apr-06
Ensoniq VFX pdf manual victor_bln 1 17-Apr-06
Ensoniq SD-1 H3rnan 1 10-Apr-06
Volume won't go up or down on EMU MP-7 Psalmist 3 02-Apr-06
Ensoniq ESQ 1 wesshayes 20 30-Mar-06
Battery Replacement Trash 5 06-Mar-06
Can't access Proteus 3 sounds bank 65 & higher sonicbob 2 03-Mar-06
USB to SCSI converter davejen72 1 27-Feb-06
ESQ Dying voice quick fix Jiggity 7 26-Feb-06
The best Ensoniq synth? DeadZone 7 21-Feb-06
ESQ-1 Demo mp3- good listenin' Jiggity 2 21-Feb-06
ESI-32... RAM? Revtor 7 27-Jan-06
Z plane filters alexp 5 26-Jan-06
Initializing the sequencer Penty 1 20-Jan-06
ASR-X Pro data storage options macro55 2 15-Jan-06
fizmo manual whodabigguy 2 02-Jan-06
volume is too low or dissapears!!! fullpull 2 14-Dec-05
i cant hear my 76-kt sound at all ddle 1 14-Dec-05
command station seqencer problem s-elerator 6 27-Nov-05
soundkit volume mr...producer 2 04-Nov-05
Free 60 Meg Multi-sampled Trumpet for Emulator X / Proteus X / Proteus X LE at kcrosley 1 04-Nov-05
sp1200 monitor sign broken? ftslc 1 29-Oct-05
ASR Floppy conversion - help!! Anudeva 1 25-Oct-05
samples for Ensoniq EPS soundguygary 1 19-Oct-05
loading wave ramon4 1 08-Oct-05
New Emulator X / Proteus X Video Tutorial at kcrosley 1 18-Sep-05
ESQ-1 problems... acidchild 4 17-Sep-05
ASR-10 Screens... new purple vs. old lcd hedpeace 1 09-Sep-05
manual zincdoc 3 09-Sep-05
why the esq1 is so damn good.... alexp 93 04-Sep-05
ASRX help edjwise 3 09-Aug-05
Proteus 2000 series expansions, to be found where? 14 26-Jul-05
E-mu Classics - Best synth of the 90's Mr.Ron 9 26-Jul-05
MP7? ESwerve 3 08-Jul-05
ESI-4000 to Powerbook via SCSI? phxom 1 18-Jun-05
Proformance/1+ Polyphony Question kotm14 1 16-Jun-05
ensoniq eps operating sytem disk is gone does anyone have one we can discuss price e-mail me at gartee 3 30-May-05
E-MU Drumulator Eproms, Mods & Midi Kit! dJ dAb 1 14-May-05
Finally a patch editor that works for the Proteus Series Cerebral Infect 3 27-Apr-05
ESI-4000 os psammel 2 20-Apr-05
Emu EOS Sample Disks Neelix 4 18-Apr-05
Sequencing ves120 1 09-Apr-05
SP1200 Sampling Time jamador11 1 07-Mar-05
PROTEUS 2000 Patches criostoir 2 02-Mar-05
CD Rom Drives sethspins 3 26-Feb-05
ensoniq eps.........any for sale? invisiblemcs 3 11-Feb-05
Free E-mu Emulator X Sounds Online at kcrosley 1 29-Jan-05
asr-10 need help 45 7 29-Jan-05
EMU ESI 2000 - A question.. madridmusicdesign 2 24-Jan-05
Emu systems O.S. upgrades? where ? Tom Lockwood 15 08-Jan-05
Cheap ROMS!! CrypTECH 2 24-Dec-04
quinseyalan 1 22-Nov-04
Ensoniq SD-1.... dleyva 6 15-Nov-04
Audity 2000 OS 2.01 available 2 31-Oct-04
Ensoniq MR RACK OSROM v2.0 - help!!! Techtone 1 29-Oct-04
Emu Usb Drivers Tom Lockwood 1 28-Oct-04
asr-10 kash 5 23-Oct-04
Save and Playback on MR-76 pjoynerjr 1 18-Oct-04
soundbank hint for upgrading mp7,xl7 and px7 epidemic 4 29-Sep-04
What's the big deal about Zplane filters? digiphallus 4 18-Sep-04
Proteus 2500 Instrument Definition Retnab3 2 14-Sep-04
What is the weight of Ensoniq KS32? delky28 1 08-Sep-04
Sounds of the ZR Emu ROM DjXSoundz 4 31-Aug-04
Any one out there with a ZR-76 for sale swift_tee 3 18-Aug-04
Ensoniq Sounds Whitey 3 26-Jul-04
Emu Proteus 2500 Instrument Definition file settingsun 1 20-Jul-04
ENSONIQ TS-12 dnkduke 1 08-Jul-04
ESQ1 Cartridge nhawes 2 26-Jun-04
SQ80 OS Help chipster 2 25-Jun-04
setup for external software with MR-76 tbrave 1 09-Jun-04
Help support our Straight SP-1200 User Group HonestMike 1 08-Jun-04
Ensoniq ASR 10 rulibuli 4 03-Jun-04
why does the volume on the ts-10 get louder when it is pressed saxy 1 01-Jun-04
ensoniq sound cards PIANODUDE 2 31-May-04
emu newbie needs help industrialized 9 30-May-04
Upgrade kit for Orbit v1 djgozum 1 28-May-04
cords for loopcontrol butterandy38 1 26-May-04
emax rackmount llingoApt 2 21-May-04
esq-m castironbob 1 25-Apr-04
Vintage Ensoniq neomatrix 5 25-Apr-04
Does anyone know how to copy data from one scsi drive to a blank one, desparate please help!! nezbeat 1 15-Apr-04
Proteus Expansion Roms bestoffer! 7 14-Apr-04
Help with Yamaha QY700 and Proteus 2000 David Carter 3 13-Apr-04
How do I restore factory resets? wesleyshallow 3 29-Mar-04
Emu Costumer Support 8 22-Mar-04
TS-12 How does it open? dxman 1 19-Mar-04
Trouble getting the USB to work Tom Lockwood 4 14-Mar-04
Emu Samplers filters?? ddeez 13 07-Mar-04
Proud new owner of SQ-80; help needed donato 7 03-Mar-04
DP4 problem Lotic 1 22-Feb-04
Perfect instrumental looping for the ensoniq eps macmoses 1 17-Feb-04
New Studio setup 'good' or 'cheese!' bestoffer! 8 16-Feb-04
EOS Link 2 13-Feb-04
Proteus 2000 crashed?! Steve in VB 2 09-Feb-04
Ensoniq VFX-SD MacDaddy 1 14-Jan-04
Ensoniq VFX-SD MacDaddy 0 14-Jan-04
px7...anyone have one? the_popes_astronomer 4 06-Jan-04
I have broken ASR-10 frontpanel fader that needs fixing. any advice. anygood prices???? Qvo 2 04-Jan-04
emu procussion???? ddeez 6 01-Jan-04
How to morph P2500 z-plane filters? nebulus 3 24-Dec-03
proteus 2500 does it have same sounds as ddeez 2 14-Dec-03
Emu EIIIXP Operating System Disks djorlando24 6 08-Dec-03
output expander? h3 1 12-Oct-03
No title djma1 0 29-Sep-03
6400 ultra manual eyerichards 3 26-Sep-03
emu sp 1200 released blue? monkeyman 3 19-Sep-03
Ensoniq TS-12 DJ928 1 14-Sep-03
EsqM digiphallus 6 12-Sep-03
ensoniq ts10 wldbill 3 08-Sep-03
mr61 nebr 1 02-Sep-03
Ensoniq ESQ-1 Problem superkaz2k 5 12-Aug-03
help with cubase sx and emu xk6 will this let me post a message? brianjdc 0 12-Aug-03
help with cubase sx and emu xk6 this one should actually have a message brianjdc 0 11-Aug-03
help with cubase sx and emu xk6 brianjdc 0 11-Aug-03
help with cubase sx and emu xk6 brianjdc 0 11-Aug-03
EMU CD-Rom Blowouts PG 1 29-Jul-03
Fizmo Rack worth CC 6 24-Jul-03
TS-10 OSROM files? seergreen 1 13-Jul-03
Emu Emax HD OS problems TheoTN 3 13-Jul-03
EMU XK6 Rich E 8 12-Jul-03
Velocity and pitch control for Esi-32 AEK 3 11-Jul-03
Ensoniq TS10 Floppy Drive julians 0 10-Jul-03
Ensoniq TS10 Floppy Drive julians 0 10-Jul-03
Sp makes strange sounds when sampling motzekryen 2 07-Jul-03
sp 1200 disks motzekryen 2 07-Jul-03
emu e6400 wav problems E6400 6 06-Jul-03
EPS 16+ Rack Module: anyone have any experience with it? recon-element 11 29-Jun-03
Vintagr Keys Plus OS upgrade puck 2 14-Jun-03
Does anyone have...? swift_tee 1 09-Jun-03
I have broken ASR-10 Qvo 2 09-Jun-03
SP1200 Good or Bad DJ_Tyshaun 36 06-Jun-03
how do i reset xl-7 command station rave808 1 04-Jun-03
ESQ-1 replacement battery (UK) james002 1 04-Jun-03
does anyone know where I can find a used ensoniq sd-1 keyboard? Thanks mandas 2 01-Jun-03
difference between EMU MP-7 and EMU XL-7 aaron66 2 29-May-03
ASR10 Internal Zip drive digiphallus 2 29-May-03
Ensoniq SQ 1 Presets BlessedMuzishin 0 27-May-03
Ensoniq SQ 1 Presets BlessedMuzishin 0 27-May-03
1x dp4 vs. 2x dp2 machinapathy 1 26-May-03
Emu Drumulator Drum Machine swisigseries 85 1 26-May-03
trouble with randum keys playing sound aljoseph 2 23-May-03
Difference between ESQ-1 and SQ80 headhunter 8 20-May-03
No title headhunter 0 15-May-03
e64 bank+samples saves in my HD pc and back to my e64 anthony lamb 1 11-May-03
external sequencing on a command station? machinapathy 2 06-May-03
Ensoniq -> PC files convert Problem! Evgeny 2 03-May-03
Ensoniq MR RACK kimogod 1 02-May-03
New E-mu Command Station O.S. 2.0! noision 2 16-Apr-03
Emulator III OS 2.42 freakydancer 2 16-Apr-03
Cubase SX device file for Ensoniq TS-12? xango man 1 11-Apr-03
SD-1/32 not working Cakewalk P.A. 8 jjmeier 1 01-Apr-03
SD-1/32 not working with Cakewalk P.A. 8 jjmeier 0 01-Apr-03
eps 16 cheshurecat 2 31-Mar-03
planet phatt tidbit 0 27-Mar-03
Proteus 2000... New OS... USB... wasabi 1 21-Mar-03
Ensoniq VFX SD for sale BlessedMuzishin 1 20-Mar-03
Why isn't my keyboard transposing keys? The numbers change but keys remains the same. Please Help! BlessedMuzishin 2 14-Mar-03
Ensoniq VFX roegster 5 26-Feb-03
Hardware replacing hardware? wasabi 3 24-Feb-03
Ensoniq DI-10 (for ASR) wasabi 2 24-Feb-03
Drum Machine on MR-76 JDR 1 24-Feb-03
his cousin just got a synth thought you should read this here if you wanted birdbrain 2 21-Feb-03
new user stevedec 1 15-Feb-03
ESQ-1 Help Rotting27 2 13-Feb-03
help! buggy ESQ-1 display... geronimo 4 13-Feb-03
ESQ-1 Question Synth72 6 23-Jan-03
Emu/Platinum E4 RFX Card Fulte 3 23-Jan-03
ESQ1 tape sync problem willy751 2 22-Jan-03
esq-1 ttspider 4 19-Jan-03
How much does the SQ-80 weigh? fac 5 18-Jan-03
Mo Phatt rom soulboy 7 15-Jan-03
Pro2000 instrument list nickdaweuk 1 14-Jan-03
Asr-X vs. ASR10/ASR-Rack digiphallus 4 14-Jan-03
just what do people use Transwaves for? The Human Bong 18 10-Jan-03 I sent my E5000 back... soulboy 4 08-Jan-03
scsi lawrosa 2 03-Jan-03
audity 2000 upgrade makalei 2 28-Dec-02
ASR-10 Internal Zip 250 mod micheal 4 24-Dec-02
vintage keys plus luca1999 1 19-Dec-02
need directions to open ASR 10 dagnome 2 18-Dec-02
Ensoniq Project ROM? Anyone? TJ Teru 1 17-Dec-02
Is an Emu IIIxp worth 199$ ? kypski 44 10-Dec-02
ASR-10 Disk compatibality hv909 6 08-Dec-02
Programming my new Vintage Pro. rpieket 3 03-Dec-02
zr 76 or kt 76 wanted oceansong 1 02-Dec-02
zr 76 ROAD WORTHY??? oceansong 1 02-Dec-02
Ensonic EPS crash--help ! seano 5 01-Dec-02
Using basic EOS FX? ViS 6 29-Nov-02
Fizmo Rack: how many made? MasterB 15 26-Nov-02
MIRAGEREPAIRS T00tuff54 1 26-Nov-02
MIRAGE DSK8 REPAIRS T00tuff54 0 26-Nov-02
RE:MIRAGE DSK8 REPAIRS T00tuff54 0 26-Nov-02
RE:MIRAGE DSK8 REPAIRS T00tuff54 0 26-Nov-02
Ensoniq SQR Battery Replacement scooterjt02 1 25-Nov-02
RFX32 Card louiloomis 6 21-Nov-02
Upgrading EOS trouble soulboy 10 20-Nov-02
No title louiloomis 0 19-Nov-02
RFX32 Card louiloomis 0 19-Nov-02
audity verboten69 0 19-Nov-02
New EOS 4.7 released emulator 7 18-Nov-02
Hard drives soulboy 1 18-Nov-02
CREATIVELABS birdbrain 1 17-Nov-02
Emu Vintage Pro? Wild Jagd 1 13-Nov-02
Need ESI4000 samples toddw 2 13-Nov-02
MP7 DjXSoundz 2 13-Nov-02
ASR 10/Bias Peak Question hv909 4 09-Nov-02
possible reasons for asr 10 keyboard calibration failure dagnome 2 01-Nov-02
E-mu Esi-32 device driver for XP Aleek 2 31-Oct-02
KS-32 vs T12- Same keyboard Mechanism? tom2323 1 21-Oct-02
OEX-6sr output expander PL 0 17-Oct-02
sqr lopedeaguirre 1 09-Oct-02
Ensoniq EPS 16 Plus: Need manual ilbernet 1 28-Sep-02
Please send OS Disk for SD-1 rexmedia 4 24-Sep-02
Manual for SQ2? qbush 1 21-Sep-02
Command Station Custom dirtymike 11 20-Sep-02
ASR-10 Sequences to Logic sonic aggregate 3 17-Sep-02
Would an Audity 2000 and an XL-1 be overlap? tdm71 3 05-Sep-02
Ensoniq DS1 jimgo 1 04-Sep-02
ASR 10 ZIP DRIVE ISSUES hv909 1 27-Aug-02
I need some help with Ensoniq SD-1 Vasiliy27 4 27-Aug-02
SQR Battery? weedsyouneed 1 23-Aug-02
Does anyone know where I can get a battery for a SQR module? weedsyouneed 0 23-Aug-02
TS-12 Keyboard Setup for Multi-Bank/Patch MSB/LSB in Logic Platinum 4.8.1 j9songster 1 23-Aug-02
My ESI-2000 worked before... z-ko 8 12-Aug-02
Does the ZR-76 and MR-RACK have similar soundsets?? tdm71 3 10-Aug-02
ESQ1 Filter Button Problems machinapathy 4 09-Aug-02
emu esi 4000 floppy drive out of order ljelr 7 08-Aug-02
Emulator III neworder 6 06-Aug-02
Which Emu sampler would you recommend? james002 9 06-Aug-02
emu esi32 and popping sounds test3 3 01-Aug-02
Command Stations MP-7 / XL-7 dirtymike 2 24-Jul-02
Memory for MR-61 gforce7 1 24-Jul-02
zr-76 paulmiele 1 23-Jul-02
SD1 OS Disk needed - oh please? rexmedia 1 21-Jul-02
Emax II CD-ROM Calyx93 2 18-Jul-02
Emax CD-ROM Calyx93 0 18-Jul-02
SQ-80 reliability question Synth72 12 17-Jul-02
emu modular for sale in LA denshi 1 16-Jul-02
VFX buttons Jacobstj 1 12-Jul-02
SP1600 sampling drum machine - some info Wild Jagd 16 09-Jul-02
EOS : How to trigger one-shot sample? ViS 4 09-Jul-02
E-MU APS PCI Recording Sound Card? Any Good? Von Hoven 2 08-Jul-02
i want to buy a SD-1 in México or other country Dorian 2 29-Jun-02
Knobs for VFX Jacobstj 2 26-Jun-02
asr 10 sey ong 9 25-Jun-02
VFQ? Jacobstj 2 25-Jun-02
DP/2 Bank Select Question hv909 5 19-Jun-02
Anyone else having problems with creating new effects with the new RFX plug-ins for your RFX-32? emulator 2 16-Jun-02
EMU Ultra : IDE HDD Installation ViS 12 16-Jun-02
EPS-16+r F.U.B.A.R. Parakeet 2 13-Jun-02
Halo? Lilith 1 13-Jun-02
Sending sysex patch data to Ensoniq TS-10 SF_USER 3 11-Jun-02
Emulator 5? pook187 2 07-Jun-02
ASR-10 Fervio 8 04-Jun-02
No title bigyellowfish 5 03-Jun-02
SQ-80 LFO's Calyx93 3 31-May-02
Nuts! soulboy 2 29-May-02
Does anyone know where I can get a hard drive small enough for my Ultra? soulboy 3 27-May-02
Anyone tried the MP7 yet? vvdleun 3 26-May-02
B3 fac 11 20-May-02
Filter tracking on EMU ultra leitner6 1 20-May-02
Need feedback on the new MK-6 (mo'phatt keys) kevikev 4 18-May-02
How does the ZR-76 compare to a MOTIF? Which to choose? Robert J 1 18-May-02
asr sequencers? jnorth 1 06-May-02
Anybody tried the new PK-6??? clockworkresearch 8 04-May-02
Proteus midi volume question Don 2 02-May-02
e5000 editing via PC ViS 3 01-May-02
What can I do with a Procussion? suitandtieguy 1 30-Apr-02
Proteus 2500 Final Questions spec 4 30-Apr-02
Fan removal on e64 charras23 2 29-Apr-02
PROTEUS 2500 spec 4 26-Apr-02
Ensoniq ESQ1 battery replacement james002 2 26-Apr-02
I have an E-synth I bought on digibid don't need it. I have 2 others. $708. papadave 1 26-Apr-02
ASR 10-EPS16+ Compatability hv909 11 24-Apr-02
LaunchPad review synthonic 2 23-Apr-02
E-Synth vs E4K dirtymike 3 22-Apr-02
Ultra vs non-Ultra dirtymike 5 18-Apr-02
Buggy EOS v4.61??? soulboy 3 16-Apr-02
EPS Disk computer program...need help... NSO4LIFE 1 15-Apr-02
What's the diff between Ensoniq DP/4 and DP/4+??? Mr.Ron 3 13-Apr-02
emax + dr660= poor mans sp1200??? crumbs 6 10-Apr-02
FIZMO rack DrummerBoy 4 08-Apr-02
Please help! How can I do this?? DJ Don 2 08-Apr-02
Asr-X question elsewhere84 1 07-Apr-02
SCSI and the ASR-X: What the hell Teebee303 3 05-Apr-02
ASRX in london uk jpeg 3 03-Apr-02
Burning an EOS CDR Analoguesque 4 02-Apr-02
anyone see the new kb synths from E-mu? fireclown 29 29-Mar-02
Anyone using EMU sample cd's? t.o.t.s. 14 28-Mar-02
cubase mix map? reactor303 1 27-Mar-02
EMU Esynth (EOS) Sound Banks Analoguesque 1 25-Mar-02
ESQ80 manual bonetruth2 2 24-Mar-02
e4 question reactor303 2 22-Mar-02
SCSI Upgrade for ASR-X Jokerswild420 2 19-Mar-02
Emax problems jamesbondmcm 1 18-Mar-02
zplane filter ? soviet-pop 16 17-Mar-02
ESI32 Memory upgrade Gia 10 13-Mar-02
Orbit/Planet Phatt/Carnaval Editor verdin 2 12-Mar-02
How are those command stations? DrummerBoy 1 11-Mar-02
e6400 e5000 ultra samplers hexfix93 4 11-Mar-02
Proteus/2 XR fac 1 05-Mar-02
E-mu ESI32 Software for PCs? KStumblebum 2 05-Mar-02
ESI SCSI help needed ivan 1 05-Mar-02
One shot triggering on E5000 soulboy 9 02-Mar-02
MP7/XL7 PADS as good as MPC2K?? DJ Don 9 02-Mar-02
No title street 0 28-Feb-02
EPS 16 Plus Flash Memory Question Kapten Fruktkaka 1 26-Feb-02
Emax question rjx 13 26-Feb-02
my ensoniq SQ-1 is freezing, please help.... h3 4 24-Feb-02
MP7/XL7 and Proteus 2500 rpieket 4 24-Feb-02
Emax II LCD contrast adjustment Calyx93 2 23-Feb-02
DP/4+ - how to change battery? Matthew Davidson 1 21-Feb-02
How do I retreive the presets and use them in my seq on the ts 10 amd how 2 get eps seq to play? flexx 2 20-Feb-02
How do I retreive the presets and use them in my seq on the ts 10 amd how 2 get eps seq to play? flexx 0 20-Feb-02
How do I retreive the presets and use them in my sequences and also how can I get my eps seq flexx 0 20-Feb-02
How do I retreive the presets and use them in my sequences and also how can I get my eps sequnes t flexx 0 20-Feb-02
how to ts 10 flexx 0 20-Feb-02
Anybody know where to get info. on EMU's new software sampler? DJ Don 5 19-Feb-02
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6400 ultra and Peavey 1600 serotonal 3 13-Feb-02
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What producers use the ASR as their main sampler? AL_DOGG 10 21-Jan-02
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Does anyone know a site where I can download a free manual for the ASR-X?, I'm dyin' here...... Doctor_Uno 5 13-Jan-02
How do I go about getting the OS v2.67 for my ASR-X???? Doctor_Uno 2 13-Jan-02
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EPS and EPS 16+ synth-freak 4 11-Jan-02
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Software to put SD-1 tracks to something a PC can use, then record to CDR? John O 5 10-Jan-02
Price of the used ASR-X jinman 2 10-Jan-02
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e-mu mo`phatt questions,,,please help!!!!!!!! noodelz 2 26-Dec-01
esq1 good for experimental/noise? dragnalus 21 23-Dec-01
Ensoniq KT76 sounds???? Yonny 1 23-Dec-01
e-mu mo`phatt noodelz 1 22-Dec-01
Anybody now where I can get modified EPS software? Ideal 2 18-Dec-01
Does anyone know if the new Proteus 2500 is just an XL-7 without pads Karplus 9 14-Dec-01
Eps or eps 16 pus or ts12 . I have and eps an have an opp to purchace a 16 plus or ts12 whic is bet flexx 2 29-Nov-01
OS 4.10 upgrade charras23 2 29-Nov-01
Anyone used any of East-West's ProSamples series? Green Man 1 28-Nov-01
Does the ESI-32 really suck? dj Kypski 10 27-Nov-01
E-SYNTH KEYBOARD eunlah 1 25-Nov-01
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Is it possible to upgrade the ORBIT V2 to V3? spec 2 23-Nov-01
live performances help fizztech 2 23-Nov-01
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is the emu emax similar in sound to sp1200? jeff1x 3 14-Nov-01
is the emu emax similar in sound t sp1200? jeff1x 0 14-Nov-01
is the emu emax similar in sound to sp1200? jeff1x 0 14-Nov-01
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Emax OS petey-g 0 02-Nov-01
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Sample Dumps from Sp1200 to Sound Forge 4.5c or Mpc2000xl boy1der 1 10-Jul-01
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how much do you actually use your sq-80? 22 06-Jul-01
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MP-7 16 23-Jun-01
I need atari editor for the Emax 1 sneakysi 1 22-Jun-01
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Envelopes In the Ultras : when does the release stage engage ? 6 21-Jun-01
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where do I get os for sp1200: 6 18-Jun-01
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XL-7/MP-7 UK release date 1 16-Jun-01
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E-6400 non-ultra question 0 17-May-01
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ENSONIQ KS32 repair center 0 09-May-01
Emulator IIIX Remote Controller and PowerMac G4 2 08-May-01
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clock in/out on emax I/II ? 4 07-May-01
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EPS 0 29-Apr-01
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Anyone got an EIII manual? 5 25-Apr-01
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mellotron samples for asrx? 2 21-Apr-01
How the heck do you turn up/down the volume on a Emax ? 3 20-Apr-01
DVD-RAM...anyone??? 1 18-Apr-01
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planet earth users??? 2 17-Apr-01
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New P2k Roms coming out? Hutch 6 10-Apr-01
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note stealing problem with proteus 2000. Jon S. 3 28-Mar-01
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XL-7/Mp-7 price? Anonymous 11 23-Mar-01
Ins. files for Mo'Phatt ...need them BAD! for cakewalk Reggie 1 23-Mar-01
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kerala,india 4 help shajip 2 06-Feb-01
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Is there going to be an Audity rom for the p2k? Jon S. 3 01-Feb-01
Harddisk solution for my EIVK Salomon 1 31-Jan-01
EIII Keyboard O/S versions JB 1 31-Jan-01
using drum pads to trigger loops grutko 2 31-Jan-01
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P2k MIDI connection ligux 2 27-Jan-01
E-64 or ESI-4000? Please advice drek)(hed 6 24-Jan-01
ESI4000 Digital Tools issue quantise 4 23-Jan-01
This may be a stupid comparison/question but...... Simon 16 20-Jan-01
instrument definition peterdino 2 19-Jan-01
instrument definition 1 19-Jan-01
E6400 Classic CPU Ram & OS 4.10a??? bassfreq 2 18-Jan-01
Syncing E6400 to MTC Mr Andersen 1 15-Jan-01
Anyone Use the EMU Edrive and Ecard?? gsm5 3 14-Jan-01
ESI-32 compatible SCSI hard disk Spectralab 5 13-Jan-01
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FX option on the e6400 2 09-Jan-01
Better filters...Emu or Kurzweil? 7 09-Jan-01
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SP 1200 13 06-Jan-01
esi-win 2 06-Jan-01
Is the ASR X a proper sampler? 2 04-Jan-01
ESI 4000, SCSI and PC: alternative to an external/internal media storage? 5 03-Jan-01
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MR-rack vs ZR sound set?? 1 30-Dec-00
Did anyone try the Planet Earth yet? 1 28-Dec-00
The EMU E Card & E Drive ????? 5 22-Dec-00
proteus2000 5 20-Dec-00
Looking for Emax rack ears... 2 19-Dec-00
E-mu E5000 Ultra or Akai S3000XL?? 11 18-Dec-00
any upgrades for asr-10 sampler rack 1 18-Dec-00
i want to booting diskett! 2 17-Dec-00
ESI-2000 (w/scsi & wav file converter) 6 15-Dec-00
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No title 2 13-Dec-00
SQ-80 vs. ESQ1 5 12-Dec-00
Audity on the web ????? 2 11-Dec-00
ESI2000 and Zip drive 2 11-Dec-00
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E6400 Memory 4 05-Dec-00
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RFX is coming. 9 04-Dec-00
Emu Sites 2 03-Dec-00
Drumulator/Apple IIe 1 02-Dec-00
Proteus 2 vs EMU soundfonts 2 01-Dec-00
ensoniq prices 8 30-Nov-00
megadisk 2 for the EPS16+, anyone? 1 30-Nov-00
SQ-80 14 29-Nov-00
sq80 user dicussion 11 28-Nov-00
P2K gm rom? 3 28-Nov-00
Sample playback using the e5000 6 25-Nov-00
Techno Construction ROM for XL-1 13 25-Nov-00
Cakewalk INS definition for XL-1 2 24-Nov-00
audity, xl-1, proteus & house music 2 23-Nov-00
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E Synth sampler 8 21-Nov-00
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using the onboard sequencer in an e6400 8 17-Nov-00
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Info on JUST Ensoniq EPS...??? 8 14-Nov-00
Can the emu proteus 2000 replicate the vintage keys? 7 07-Nov-00
ESi operation system 3,2 2 05-Nov-00
RFX-32 News 2 03-Nov-00
Thinking about buyin an ESI2000 sampler, anybody got any comments to make on the unit 2 27-Oct-00
how is resampling in 12 bit on E-5000 not as effective for real punchy drums as using an sp12? 7 25-Oct-00
esi32 + internal zip drive 4 23-Oct-00
esi4000 problem 9 23-Oct-00
MR-Rack 2 17-Oct-00
? ESI2000 internal zip or ? 1 17-Oct-00
Esq-1 xcontrol - it don't work ! 4 16-Oct-00
How is an e-6400 when using it, filters effects etc. 6 13-Oct-00
EMU'S mo phatt 2 11-Oct-00
MOC on the APS ?! 1 11-Oct-00
EOS Filters, does the sound differ among versions? 1 10-Oct-00
Emu/Ensoniq at sep AES show. New Products? 10 09-Oct-00
problems with asr-x sequencer... 2 09-Oct-00
Are the bass sounds in the SQ1+ decent? 2 08-Oct-00
A thought about the ASR-X.... 5 05-Oct-00
Multiple Sample Methodology 4 03-Oct-00
esi4000 turbo sounds? 5 01-Oct-00
emax 1 -> emax 2 -> esi2000 conversion extravaganza (help?) 2 26-Sep-00
esq-1 - any good for thumping bass lines ? 4 25-Sep-00
esi-32 questions 4 21-Sep-00
is the sp 12 as good as the 1200? 32 21-Sep-00
ESQ Sequencer Cartridge 1 18-Sep-00
can somebody tell me where i can get a asr-10 at please and e-mail me at tydeeb@aolcom 3 17-Sep-00
Lets exchange some cords-spec 2 15-Sep-00
Setting up a Z-plane filter 9 15-Sep-00
Does ASR-X have step recording/editing?? 1 14-Sep-00
Upgrade to ASR-X??? 2 14-Sep-00
ESI4000 needs a new floppy 1 14-Sep-00
Hard Disk for E6400ultra???? 10 13-Sep-00
SP1200 drum kits on CD? 5 12-Sep-00
SCSCI for ESI4000 3 12-Sep-00
E4XT/E6400 non-Ultra samplers 11 11-Sep-00
Classic Keys vs. Vintage Keys 2 08-Sep-00
Ensoniq DP/Pro 5 08-Sep-00
Good Breaks Sample CD For ESI-32 3 07-Sep-00
ensoniq sq1+ original patch+seq 1 07-Sep-00
Difference between DP4 and DP4+? 1 07-Sep-00
E-Prime intermittent problem 2 05-Sep-00
ensoniq asr 10 sampler 1 04-Sep-00
back up options 1 03-Sep-00
Is the ESI-2000 cool for stealing triton sounds?? 1 03-Sep-00
ESI-32 and System Exclusive messages 4 02-Sep-00
ESI-2000 SCSI Problem 11 01-Sep-00
ESI2000/4000 Looping 1 01-Sep-00
EOS link fort EMU samplers.... Has EMU the software on the market yet? 5 30-Aug-00
E6400ultra as a realtime multiefx 3 30-Aug-00
ASR-10 HARDWARE 3 29-Aug-00
1 29-Aug-00
Planet Phatt or should I go for XL1? 9 28-Aug-00
TS-12 1 27-Aug-00
Ensoniq E-Prime last rev 7 26-Aug-00
Proteus 2000 vs..... 5 23-Aug-00
can't get asr-x pro work with zip drive 4 18-Aug-00
e5000 - Cords-functions 3 17-Aug-00
transwave creation 22 14-Aug-00
ZR rom for P2K 3 10-Aug-00
Turbo option for XL1 4 10-Aug-00
EMU E64 EOS 2.5 2 08-Aug-00
sp 12 4 07-Aug-00
E5000 - Can someone tell more about looping & beat munging on this sampler? 7 04-Aug-00
GM for UltraProteus 1 04-Aug-00
emax 2 drive follow up Q 2 01-Aug-00
How do the ASR-X pro sounds sound like??? 7 01-Aug-00
RFX. 2 31-Jul-00
emax2 question 2 30-Jul-00
Emax 2 question 2 30-Jul-00
how to connect an interal HD in ESI32? 3 28-Jul-00
Upgrade the ESI 2000/4000 8 27-Jul-00
EPS 16+ 2 22-Jul-00
E5000 with ROM, stopgap having to buy a seperate module? 5 21-Jul-00
XL-1 Arpeggiator and MIDI Clock in Cubase 2 19-Jul-00
My E5000 and my Zip 250 won`t talk. 14 19-Jul-00
Can`t turn off SoundSprint on my! 1 18-Jul-00
SP1200 2 17-Jul-00
is there anyone in this universe that has an eps16+ 3.5 drive? 2 14-Jul-00
emu ram need better price pls!!!!!!! 3 14-Jul-00
Emu Emax I RS422 problem 1 12-Jul-00
ASR-X/ASR-X Pro Question 8 10-Jul-00
Is emu ever going to... 42 09-Jul-00
Can you install a HD into ESI-32? 11 07-Jul-00
i'm having the same problem.... 1 03-Jul-00
Audity Question for fellow EMU users 15 23-Jun-00
strange noises in imported Akai libraries. 1 22-Jun-00
Morpheus... a bad move? 15 22-Jun-00
E5000 new user, needs advice 2 21-Jun-00
how's the esynth????or e4K???? 7 19-Jun-00
FIZMO Avanced 7 19-Jun-00
IDEdrive on E5000ULTRA 3 15-Jun-00
Emu users- I need some general info! 2 12-Jun-00
Emu XL-1 users tips and advice 4 08-Jun-00
EPS manual 1 07-Jun-00
ESI-32 OS 2 06-Jun-00
I need a SCSI-card to my esi-4000. what should I buy? 5 06-Jun-00
asr-x sequencer question 25 06-Jun-00
E-Synth keyboard upgrades? 5 05-Jun-00
ESI-32 Factory Floppy Collection 1 31-May-00
Emax-1: how much? 5 29-May-00
Anybody has an XL-1? 30 27-May-00
strange problem: the rack ears on my E5000Ultra won`t fit. 1 26-May-00
E-Synth as controller? 1 26-May-00
Sequencer Expansion for the ESQ-1 2 24-May-00
E4XT Ultra questions!!! 22 23-May-00
E4: RAM, disabling internal HD. 7 20-May-00
Memory Expander for VFXsd Sequencer 1 20-May-00
alchemy?or any other editing software for emax2 2 18-May-00
i need emu ultra os4.02 8 15-May-00
EPS 16 Plus NEEDED!! 1 14-May-00
A new E-Synth keyboard??? 2 12-May-00
Which Emu? 15 11-May-00
EMU Ultra and Digital Performer 6 10-May-00
ESQ-1/SQ-80 Differences 15 09-May-00
Proteus, audity or XL-1 4 07-May-00
ESQ Cartridges and Seq Expanders 2 05-May-00
eps 16+ MIDI out not working 2 28-Apr-00
Anyone have the EIV sysex? 1 14-Apr-00
Where can I get an EPS manual? 2 12-Apr-00
What are the problems with Audity2000 rev 2.0? 11 12-Apr-00
SQ-1 LFO Sync 1 08-Apr-00
Tweak the Audity 2 05-Apr-00
Difference between asr-10 and eps-16 3 04-Apr-00
EPS sequencer any good? 5 04-Apr-00
new B3 rack,worthwhile or not? 14 03-Apr-00
ESQ-1 Battery replacement questions 2 01-Apr-00
Q: Waveboy Efx & the output busses 1 27-Mar-00
major eps16+ crashes 5 27-Mar-00
Is this a good deal on an EMAX I? 1 27-Mar-00
Emu filters 3 26-Mar-00
Will waveboy disks work with ASR-X PRO? 2 24-Mar-00
Proteus 2000 User's Group 7 24-Mar-00
What sample libraries are easiest to load into Emu Ultra series? 9 21-Mar-00
Difference between E4k and E5000ULTRA?? 12 20-Mar-00
Can some1 send me TS10 Cake Dump Request macro ? 2 18-Mar-00
EIII help me please!! 2 10-Mar-00
XL-1 12 05-Mar-00
scsi for black asr-x 1 04-Mar-00
Emulator I Brother? 2 03-Mar-00
E4k, E-Synth, differences? 5 02-Mar-00
ESQ1 2 01-Mar-00
E-mu samplers and Zip drives 3 01-Mar-00
thereisno orchestra 3 29-Feb-00
Vintage Keys expansion board 4 29-Feb-00
E6400 opinions please. 6 27-Feb-00
esi2000 2 23-Feb-00
more asr-10 questions 2 20-Feb-00
Sequencing with E4 Ultra.... 3 19-Feb-00
Which is better for realistic sounds, the emu procussion or roland r8M? 3 15-Feb-00
Very dumb EOS question re:metronome 3 13-Feb-00
Morpheus - price ? 2 11-Feb-00
Holy Grail piano review 8 11-Feb-00
command/env1/env1-help I'm scared 5 10-Feb-00
loop-forward hijinx 2 09-Feb-00
E5000Ultra and making CDs 1 07-Feb-00
Fizmo 47 03-Feb-00
E4XT upgrade to Ultra? 1 03-Feb-00
Ensonic Mirage 3 02-Feb-00
CDs included with E6400 Ultra 8 01-Feb-00
How much should I pay for an EIII keyboard? 2 31-Jan-00
New sound module?? 13 27-Jan-00
esi32 + win95 bootmessage 1 27-Jan-00
esi-32 floppy 1 25-Jan-00
EMU 'KEYS': Classic Vs. Vintage 2 24-Jan-00
sequence dumping 10 23-Jan-00
ESI 4000 Realtime Control Question Anonymous 2 20-Jan-00
Proteus 2000 program change bug? 10 18-Jan-00
Wishin' Emu made a hw sequencer.... 6 14-Jan-00
Emu ESI-32 Any good 4 14-Jan-00
Ensoniq TS-10 3 14-Jan-00
Esi-4000 funny problem 12 14-Jan-00
floppy disk drive for ensoniq eps 3 11-Jan-00
Classic Keys 2 09-Jan-00
ensoniq sound card 1 06-Jan-00
ASR-10 not "recording" knob movements from Fizmo 4 02-Jan-00
Hurray for E-mu 46 25-Dec-99
ESQ-1 sysex help 8 24-Dec-99
esi sample transfer from 2000 to 32 2 22-Dec-99
esi 2000... i don't get it... 7 20-Dec-99
Emu II 6 11-Dec-99
emu e 5000 so how are the z-plane used? 2 01-Dec-99
Upgrades to EPS 16+ 4 30-Nov-99
Audity 2000 Upgrade and X-treme ROM-How is it ? 10 30-Nov-99
How do I upgrade one e6400 ultra OS 1 29-Nov-99
How about that Holy Grail Piano? 1 27-Nov-99
Proteus 2000 songs 5 26-Nov-99
EOS4 in older Emus? 8 25-Nov-99
E-mu APS 3 25-Nov-99
How is Ultra 5000 sampler? 2 25-Nov-99
replacement keys for mirage 3 22-Nov-99
ASR-10/EPS16+ 7 21-Nov-99
Emu EIII vs ESI 4000 2 19-Nov-99
dumping my sounds away... 10 14-Nov-99
asrx / asrx-pro ... what is the difference? 2 13-Nov-99
Korg Vs Emu Vs Access 9 12-Nov-99
emu esi-2000?? 2 12-Nov-99
esi-4000 powerful? 7 28-Oct-99
VFX opinions 9 24-Oct-99
Does the ESI 4000 perform better with extra RAM? 4 20-Oct-99
Asr-x Pro receiving midi dumps? 1 19-Oct-99
DP/Pro MIDI?? 1 19-Oct-99
What do you think of the Fizmo? 18 14-Oct-99
HOW MUCH............ 4 13-Oct-99
E5000 making my life rougher already 9 12-Oct-99
Best Transwave Ensoniq? 7 09-Oct-99
What`s a TS10 in relation to the rest. 9 04-Oct-99
Emu APS 2 02-Oct-99
ASR10 opinions needed. 12 26-Sep-99
E6400 Ultra Advice... 4 26-Sep-99
E5000 4 21-Sep-99
Cakewalk and the SD1 1 20-Sep-99
Routing on ESI turbo-board? 6 18-Sep-99
ESI-32 + phatboy 5 17-Sep-99
problems with drum machine midi.... 8 17-Sep-99
E-Synth price 1 12-Sep-99
E4x, SCSI and WIN98 3 11-Sep-99
EPS 16+ disk incompatability problem,help ! 8 10-Sep-99
EPS16+? 4 09-Sep-99
Price of s/h ESI32 8 09-Sep-99
has anyone got a proteus 2000?? 10 07-Sep-99
Sound Diver 2.08 and Emu Audity 2000 Problem 2 06-Sep-99
EPS16+ it dead? 8 06-Sep-99!!!! 5 03-Sep-99
ESI32 Loop problems. 1 03-Sep-99
EMU 9102 PROFORMANCE 1+ 4 25-Aug-99
E64 or K2000VPR??? 4 24-Aug-99
Sound Engine 1 20-Aug-99
e4xt ultra 7 17-Aug-99
EPS vs Mirage 9 16-Aug-99
ESQ-1 - MIDI in not working... 2 14-Aug-99
Simm Converters with ESI models 1 13-Aug-99
SQ-80 disk drive problem. 1 13-Aug-99
exp-5 1 04-Aug-99
Ensonic SQR plus 2 27-Jul-99
SQ-80 MIDI / DIN SYNC ? 1 26-Jul-99
Finding SIMMs for the ESI 4000 5 20-Jul-99
Does the Proteus 2000 have the same amount of drum kits as the Procussion Module?? 2 20-Jul-99
Syncing E4XT and Roland VS-1680 1 20-Jul-99
ESI-32 SCSI problems 1 20-Jul-99
E synth vs. XP 60 3 19-Jul-99
Proteus 2000 editor... anyone? 4 14-Jul-99
Heat problems with Emu E4x Turbo 1 11-Jul-99
ESI-4000 vs. S-2000 6 11-Jul-99
sp-1200 sounds- .wav files 1 09-Jul-99
emu vintage keys - midi mixer help needed 1 08-Jul-99
Need an Emulator III OS.... anyone can help? 1 08-Jul-99
emu morpheus - should i buy? 19 06-Jul-99
PLEASE help me, my asr-10 is going mental !! 4 04-Jul-99
asr 10 VS ESI 32 AND AKAI S2000 Anonymous 16 29-Jun-99
Esi-32 - Filters, what filters? 6 23-Jun-99
ESQ-M SYSEX Specs, Version 1.2 1 22-Jun-99
Emax 1 3 22-Jun-99
ESI32 cdroms WTB 3 22-Jun-99
Proteus 2000 vs Roland JV 1080,etc 28 18-Jun-99
ESI4000 cutting highs 5 17-Jun-99
Emu Audity tips or manual, anyone? 3 09-Jun-99
eps/asr continous control #'s 1 05-Jun-99
Ultra BBS? 2 01-Jun-99
Anyone got their hands on a Proteus 2000? 9 31-May-99
SD1 battery replacement 1 30-May-99
e-synth 5 28-May-99
ESI 4000 question; more than 1 filter per Preset ? 7 14-May-99
ESI in "trigger" mode. 6 07-May-99
hello !! 5 07-May-99
asr-x pro features 5 07-May-99
Proteus 2000 vs JV 2080 2 04-May-99
EMU SP-12 3 04-May-99
Mail me if you hear about the R-Chip FX Board!! 1 04-May-99
asr-x pro turbo 2 04-May-99
vintage keys plus upgrade 1 02-May-99
DC Filter - ESI 4000 9 30-Apr-99
SCSI transfers messing up presets in my ESI4000. 2 30-Apr-99
You guys make or deal drumkats? 1 29-Apr-99
ESQ-1 battery replacement 4 28-Apr-99
esq1 question... 2 28-Apr-99
How fat is the Planet Phat??? 4 26-Apr-99
EMU 4XT Ultra !!! 1 26-Apr-99
How do YOU guys connect the sub outs?(ESI4k) 3 25-Apr-99
Worth getting a e64? 1 23-Apr-99
Proteus 2000 Expansion.. 1 23-Apr-99
Extra outs for ESI-4000 ? 4 19-Apr-99
need RAM upgrade for emax2 2 13-Apr-99
strange problems with my ESI4000 15 13-Apr-99
Anyone wanna walk me thru Emax sample dump? 5 08-Apr-99
Ausity 2000 3 08-Apr-99
EPS16+ vs. soundcard 11 07-Apr-99
MIRAGE sample dumper 1 06-Apr-99
Emergency ?-Will my EPS 16+ sounds work on a standard EPS ? 3 05-Apr-99

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