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Pump: Korg (1280 of 4098 total discussions)  RSS Starter Messages Last
Need Help With Korg I30 ghood 2 26-Feb-12
How to prevent the battery memory effect? herryhuang 2 12-Dec-11
Korg m1 reprogram gunsandyoga 4 28-Dec-10
MONOPOLY construct09 2 14-Oct-10
korg rk-100 help 1 28-Sep-10
Korg T1 internal battery rewood 2 13-Aug-10
MS2000 Sounds tobindack 1 19-Jul-10
korg sq-8 manual? help? doyve 9 25-May-10
batterie korg i40M pepesujar 1 13-Apr-10
M3R low battery warning! Help! 20 09-Mar-10
Korg M3 iguana 1 28-Feb-10
dw 6000 Alexandro 1 28-Aug-09
Parameter list for the DW 6000? Timbo 3 25-Aug-09
DW-6000 User Manual wanted xmailx 5 25-Aug-09
Restore Factory Settings = KORG POLY 61-M Motown 2 25-Aug-09
Korg i30 instrument definitions for Pro Tools Peter Haig 3 30-Apr-09
Yamaha TG100 with Sonuus G2M StormConsort 1 23-Apr-09
In need of Immediate Assistance with KORG TRiton Pro Husleville 1 09-Apr-09
Need Help With Korg I30 ghood 1 27-Mar-09
need a user manual for korg dvp-1 noiseanoys 2 19-Mar-09
Battery powered chicks play MicroKorg copy 1 12-Mar-09
Power Supply for Korg 05/RW? qsblues 1 05-Mar-09
akai xe8 manual edddie 1 26-Nov-08
KORG K61P / M1 LE-- software mishaps! liz73 1 07-Sep-08
Korg R3 Review mrlitt 6 06-Aug-08
keytar rk-100 kosmicjustice 1 23-Jul-08
Korg 01W / X3 / N364 spare parts / external buttons karpathic 2 20-Jul-08
Korg DS 10 availability syntar2002 1 10-Jul-08
Korg SQ-8 OS 2.2 bin-file needed ohmen 3 05-Jul-08
Korg TR vs X50 rohith 1 02-Jul-08
Having problem with getting my Tr rack Phaze Ent. 1 22-Jun-08
Korg P3 Manual CharlieC 1 21-Jun-08
manual for T3 Korg 3 02-Jun-08
korg poly 800 jezzadime 1 25-May-08
Korg pa80 Bongobob 2 19-May-08
korg 01/WFD cant get any sound? 5 18-May-08
I'm looking for manual to m3r arco 1 05-May-08
Replacing Korg 01WFD battery - anyone know how easy it is? bluespiano28 2 20-Apr-08
korg X5-DR question... (before I buy it) easybullet3 2 30-Mar-08
HELP!!! on KORG oasys PCI slimario 7 11-Feb-08
Help RE: Pedal for Korg X2 natephan 2 09-Feb-08
My KORG N264 sequencer tracks won't chace when I try to swicth tham around Etu 1 26-Jan-08
Korg Trident margo 5 21-Jan-08
KORG DSM1 Sampler / SCSI Question olivier8 2 14-Jan-08
Sys Ex to download to 01/Wfd from Logic audio 6.Midi overflows and i have room for just 64 Kbytes. hamaric 1 11-Dec-07
on/off foot pedel doug_m 2 04-Dec-07
dss-1 don392 4 15-Nov-07
MS 10 and voltage controll Oct or HZ ? Surreal Stu 1 06-Nov-07
Korg Trident Mk II for sale js1mom 3 24-Oct-07
korg cx3 how to change key triggering debr 1 14-Aug-07
nonolucio 2 19-Jun-07
MS Series Auctions analoghell 3 19-Jun-07
korg T3 battery thedad31149 2 19-Jun-07
Korg DS-8 Factory Reset MDE1962 1 15-Jun-07
korg drum machine dddorts 10 27-May-07
Live playing gcooley1 5 26-May-07
Korg M1R no output Bim 1 27-Apr-07
Korg prophecy deege 2 27-Apr-07
korg 01 wfd spiritman 2 24-Apr-07
problems with my triton extreme papazotti 1 15-Apr-07
My Korg Poly-61M is dying... requesting advice cekenney 5 06-Apr-07
i want to buy a Korg i40M (interactive module) malletkat 2 04-Mar-07
keys sticking on korg m1 lenward10 2 29-Jan-07
SOUND DISKS joe carreon 2 22-Jan-07
Triton Extreme Vs Motif ES rohith 3 06-Jan-07
dddorts 1 20-Nov-06
kontrol49 MIDI controller couple q's... isLo 2 19-Nov-06
N1 realtime tweak knobs locked up! any ideas?? kevinlane 1 11-Nov-06
Which one is the rack version of the Korg 01/W fd? 03R/W or 05R/W? amrodz1 2 07-Nov-06
Korg N364_Broken disk-drive blbob 3 07-Nov-06
Triton Extreme VS Tracktion 2 MIDI sync problems - H E L P gzaq 5 21-Oct-06
korg ms-20 spare parts astroschnautzer 1 04-Oct-06
I need help starting to use my 01/WFD melindac 3 02-Oct-06
KORG DDD-1 ismaeliso 1 01-Oct-06
korg trinity keyboard manual babyray7jr 1 19-Aug-06
KORG TR or what at that price ? rohith 3 07-Jul-06
"Big" MS 20 korgpork 2 23-Jun-06
Korg Karma new rohith 2 16-Jun-06
Other communities like these Brennen 10 16-Jun-06
Korg DSM 1 tnt1 1 10-Jun-06
Software version of Korg X5DR synth? Mezcla 3 27-May-06
Seeking Basic Tips on Using X3 Sequencer farfisadude 2 23-May-06
korg ds8 service manual jocie-star 1 14-May-06
Korg Electribe MX-1 - can you use with logic? leafy 1 29-Apr-06
Software for Korg01WFD timeless 2 19-Apr-06
Korg Trinity Pro x Basic Guide Manual John Finn 3 14-Apr-06
help with triton extreme usb asirt 1 12-Apr-06
i4s HELP! Keylord 1 04-Apr-06
Attention canadians : Korg Radias for the price of a MS2000 Cerebral Infect 4 30-Mar-06
Wavestation A/D or ProphetVS Rack awetookay 1 19-Mar-06
Korg T3 sounds syx slobo26 1 16-Mar-06
Starting off w/ an emx-1 grovy05 4 21-Feb-06
Korg 01/W diskdrive? Lars A 2 13-Feb-06
Advice on a Polysix burge 1 10-Feb-06
the new radius! synth2themax 3 07-Feb-06
x3 out of tune schuut 2 02-Feb-06
install internal battery on Korg x5? kurt barkdull 1 23-Jan-06
Korg Triton Extreme (is it the right pice? uffe 1 22-Jan-06
Korg M1 sounds mange95 3 12-Jan-06
ms-2000b synth2themax 4 11-Jan-06
GR-A04-PA80 MAIN BOARD tiggre 1 11-Jan-06
ix 300 Manuel St. Jean 1 04-Jan-06
ER-1 vs ER1 mk II h2o 6 28-Dec-05
korg electribe es-1 effects HELP beemee 1 06-Dec-05
Korg i2 initializing paulsh 1 23-Nov-05
Is the Triton so special? tritonman 75 21-Nov-05
Korg N1 MIDI Wont work! (MBox Pro Tools LE 7) chrisrich 1 20-Nov-05
Microkorg Appregiator herre 1 17-Nov-05
Korg Maxikorg alexp 1 08-Nov-05
Korg M1R synthesizer mahaffc 2 01-Nov-05
Korg DW-8000 pbj4887 4 20-Oct-05
How do I upgrade my trinity O.S.? tritonman 3 19-Oct-05
korg01x pro nurse_bailey 1 16-Oct-05
M1Rex factory data 9 13-Oct-05
Korg KW8000 user manual waynbrit 4 07-Oct-05
Korg SG Pro X: how to install a Rhodes voice? Korgasborg 2 07-Oct-05
korg ms 2000 gilles 1 04-Oct-05
Korg X911 guitar synth calibration oryjen 4 23-Sep-05
Korg MIDI problems Cambelmmmmgood 2 14-Sep-05
EXB-MOSS - Underwhelmed FIZMO100 16 17-Aug-05
Korg N1-- can't get a the pedal to work... jdmiller28 3 09-Aug-05
Trinity sequencer AmbientFusion 1 30-Jul-05
n1-- replacing plastic control knobs? fredphooey 2 20-Jul-05
Krog X2 workstation jpayonk 1 28-Jun-05
korg is40 parts cmb 1 22-Jun-05
Korg electribe er-1 vs er-1 mkII - differences? blutac 3 06-Jun-05
korg 01/w FD in perfect condition for sale remyartista 1 30-May-05
microkorg / tone changes. shelfman 10 26-May-05
X5D% and Portamento Ted David 4 22-May-05
My MS 2000 has gone wacky iguana 8 09-May-05
how to work the korg to record 3 01-May-05
low internal battery eileen b 2 29-Apr-05
Korg Z1 manual vedzat 4 15-Apr-05
Korg ES 50 Robb 2 25-Mar-05
Korg M3R General MIDI config posvibe 1 24-Mar-05
Korg T3 EX - noisy output w/some patches SF_USER 4 23-Mar-05
Korg i3 Manual lgv_nr 1 22-Mar-05
Korg X3 Manual wdithrich 2 18-Mar-05
Translator for Win Xp and Korg NS5R? Riverdan 2 08-Mar-05
Trinity Harp Gliss jasenbrown 1 08-Mar-05
Korg ER-1, Decent piece of hardware? ESwerve 14 03-Mar-05
Problem with korg M3R can you help? How do I put the factory defaults back in? bw 7 23-Feb-05
MS-20 Pulse Width Modulation Silver Droid 2 06-Feb-05
Korg Poly-61 page analogcontrolfreak 1 06-Feb-05
Triton Studio Hard Disk question... Gonkulator 1 01-Feb-05
Korg X5D Rainfall sound effect valhalla 2 30-Jan-05
Korg M1R Help tw0912 1 29-Jan-05
Transmitting data with "Sound Editor" valhalla 1 28-Jan-05
New Korg Monster 3DarkHours 32 26-Jan-05
Korg N1R vs X5DR - opinions? criostoir 2 13-Jan-05
Does MS-2000 read MicroKorg patches? CC 2 04-Jan-05
Loading PCMs into a Triton... FIZMO100 5 20-Dec-04
newbie poly 61 user - questions! help! johnnytaco733 1 15-Dec-04
DSS-1 support site updated wiseguysynth 1 12-Dec-04
Any Triton owners using the Karma software? FIZMO100 1 22-Nov-04
New Korg Analog Modeling Synth burster1 30 19-Nov-04
Korg LambdaES 50 trebor 8 19-Nov-04
N1R, worth the trade? 5 15-Nov-04
triton studio yaheerah 3 29-Oct-04
Triton LE 88 daniel11 3 20-Oct-04
baffled by the prophecy jpeg 8 07-Oct-04
Where can I find the ER-1's balls? FIZMO100 18 28-Sep-04
ms10-ms20 together alexp 1 12-Sep-04
Tour Talk tritonman 4 02-Sep-04
Buttons needed for T1 boxcar 1 31-Aug-04
korg M1 jimandtara 5 14-Aug-04
DSS-1 Sounds fatherbert37 9 11-Aug-04
Korg Z1 experience... confession requested Cerebral Infect 27 01-Aug-04
headhunter 1 29-Jul-04
Korg 01/W Sequencing question fjeldsl 1 25-Jul-04
PolySix Help analogprobe 1 20-Jul-04
Korg MS2000 matramoros 2 14-Jul-04
Korg EMX-1 matramoros 1 14-Jul-04
Looking for Poly800 / M3R demos... deuce_hexx 3 13-Jul-04
Korg DSS-1 fatherbert37 8 08-Jul-04
Korg EM1X Mods matramoros 6 07-Jul-04
Noise Korg ESX-1! does it happend to you? xiaoleiqin 4 02-Jul-04
ER1 manual needed frequent 2 29-Jun-04
holy mods alexp 2 16-Jun-04
Triton Extreme a huge disappointment! ncheri 33 06-Jun-04
Keyboardist needed! tritonman 2 05-Jun-04
Poly 800 ENV Mod hv909 3 27-May-04
korg softsynth preset demos montana25 14 19-May-04
What happened to Devine Masquerade? hv909 1 18-May-04
Korg exb pcm-08 install Bruce Wade Hews 5 17-May-04
Battery for DW8000 slikrickabn 8 15-May-04
Problem with Triton display... *please* help! synthmax 4 02-May-04
The new Electribes. The Sixth Boro 3 30-Apr-04
X911 whodabigguy 1 30-Apr-04
what keyboard should I purchase? kellapse 5 29-Apr-04
Looking for DS-8 Black Keys wafwot 1 22-Apr-04
KORG X-911 MODS whodabigguy 1 21-Apr-04
Triton and Trinity pad-sounds CC 2 21-Apr-04
what is the difference between the electribe es-1,ea,em,and er? killbill 2 15-Apr-04
TEEN KEYBOARDISTS tritonman 30 08-Apr-04
Discussions about the Triton/Motif tritonman 39 08-Apr-04
Triton Extreme midi 1 06-Apr-04
looking for the manual carol 1 03-Apr-04
New Korg Electribe-S mkII bambamstudio 2 30-Mar-04
Then new Triton Extreme- WOW! tritonman 27 15-Mar-04
Korg RK-100 lowpulse 1 15-Mar-04
korg ms20 alexp 8 12-Mar-04
microkorg xscrabsx 2 10-Mar-04
midi analog modeling synth??? (@#*$&*@#($ dedspyder 2 09-Mar-04
Korg i3 Modulation yohayblo 1 01-Mar-04
My 01wfd is only playing the piano sound... StringBent 3 23-Feb-04
My Poly-800 died :( madnanba 2 12-Feb-04
Triton Pro-Rec sounds anyone ? josch 1 10-Feb-04
what to get: Korg 01/wfd or Wavestation argasstation 9 06-Feb-04
Trinity V3 or Triton Rack CC 4 05-Feb-04
Korg D12 Digital Studio desmondo 2 02-Feb-04
Korg Trinty Pro sounds and Cubase SX1 gregor 1 02-Feb-04
Korg Z1 - Spill your beans... Zwopper 1 28-Jan-04
korg legacy pricing/avalibility? dj2sday 2 23-Jan-04
TEEN KEYBOARDISTS tritonman 2 20-Jan-04
I would like other Triton users' opinion on the Triton's (classic) piano sunds tritonman 24 14-Jan-04
Z1 to replace KS4? FIZMO100 5 11-Jan-04
Korg M1 musikerin 3 10-Jan-04
sounds of korg dss-1 francisus 3 09-Jan-04
Korg Polysix jhavu 2 09-Jan-04
Triton's MOSS vs. Z1? dwaldman61 4 09-Jan-04
Korg SRC-512 charlienet 1 08-Jan-04
Korg M1 EXK-M1 expansion headhunter 1 05-Jan-04
wavestation doomfairy 13 24-Dec-03
korg m1 Pagey 2 18-Dec-03
M1 card MCR03 battery replacement headhunter 2 10-Dec-03
Korg Electribe emx1 arjan 1 08-Dec-03
No title arjan 0 08-Dec-03
Korg Microcontrol any thoughts? synth-freak 2 08-Dec-03
korg tr rack manuel SIMPLYTRACKS 1 05-Dec-03
Korg x3 Bryan Meyers 3 02-Dec-03
Korg 707 internal battery replacement swingguy 2 27-Nov-03
Korg X5 and 05R/W Forum opened Janne Simonen 4 25-Nov-03
korgx5d ian2003 1 24-Nov-03
Korg i30 flash rom problem datashock 1 12-Nov-03
Korg TR Rack 1989e34 5 04-Nov-03
Korg Trinity Pro v3 Online Manual carradkins 2 02-Oct-03
Korg T1 LB 1 14-Sep-03
Maxi korg dualvco 3 06-Sep-03
Korg Electribe MX....what? when? where? complex66 14 05-Sep-03
korg i5m help capt-biggles 0 29-Aug-03
korg i5m help capt-biggles 0 29-Aug-03
Korg Triton Phantom Kwauntumleap 2 19-Aug-03
Anyone experienced at modifying arrangements in Korg i-3? trader$rick 0 12-Aug-03
does any one remeber how to program a dw6000? if so help a friend out. email me at mjones 1 10-Aug-03
KPR-77 impossiblesound 6 08-Aug-03
Korg MS-20 - Mono/Poly CC 2 29-Jul-03
Quick Soundchange? Maurenon 1 15-Jul-03
Moss Tri Expansion Board for Trinity ProX Luk 3 11-Jul-03
the new electribe MX worth it? AnalogSlug 1 10-Jul-03
No title menyq 1 08-Jul-03
korg dw 6000 manual needed soundsounds 3 04-Jul-03
what's a Korg MR-16 sound like?? LoHr 3 03-Jul-03
power cord Rich E 2 27-Jun-03
Korg DSS-1 mckewans 1 20-Jun-03
MS2000 troubles :-( Aurora 1 19-Jun-03
Looking for Korg X3 w/ manuals, cables L-Boogie 0 13-Jun-03
Need info on korg c-7000 concert digital piano juanf 2 08-Jun-03
Triton effects in a rack? Smurf 5 02-Jun-03
Learning MIDI rexb 0 31-May-03
No title rexb 0 31-May-03
KORG 01/W ProX JimM 2 30-May-03
MS2000 compalint! synth-freak 20 22-May-03
MS2000 synth-freak 2 16-May-03
trinity hdr problem jimmyb 0 03-May-03
Synth/MIDI questions. . . marooned 3 30-Apr-03
Poly 800 Envalope Mod? hv909 1 28-Apr-03
looking for x5d manual chocky 1 26-Apr-03
Korg MS 10 For Sale!!! Rogue 1 24-Apr-03
n1 repairs elektro 1 23-Apr-03
korg ms2000 vs. micokorg what are the differences rave808 35 17-Apr-03
dss1 for $125 good? machinapathy 12 15-Apr-03
broken key, open a trinity? wblake 3 09-Apr-03
I need some advice... sgrrush1 2 08-Apr-03
Triton Le Tay 1 07-Apr-03
yamaha EX5 or korg trinity rack lejdhamre 7 30-Mar-03
korg x5d user guide backhander 3 22-Mar-03
Anybody like the Trance Attack expansion? lyday 1 08-Mar-03
Korg Mono/Poly worth? CC 13 08-Mar-03
jack hotop pj8789 1 05-Mar-03
Korg 01wfd software? timeless 2 05-Mar-03
ms2000 distorting? carnifex 2 03-Mar-03
need help with trinity- mac connection, will talk through email strikingtwice 1 27-Feb-03
Korg ElecTribe EA-1 Manual needed Kryon 2 26-Feb-03
korg is40 don1 2 25-Feb-03
Korg N364 info dono 1 22-Feb-03
Korg N364 newbee dono 1 20-Feb-03
Korg Poly/EX800 differences fac 4 17-Feb-03
D16 jeff1x 1 17-Feb-03
Korg Z1 norwoodie 1 12-Feb-03
CX3 vs VK8 cassp 2 05-Feb-03
tribal progressive house lyday 1 30-Jan-03
new korg forum Olson5 2 29-Jan-03
YOUR DEMO WANTED midijim 1 28-Jan-03
M1r manuals 3jim 2 22-Jan-03
Prophecy Training Video Steve B 1 15-Jan-03
I'm just a closet er-1 lover blinkylight 11 01-Jan-03
DW-8000 poly1 poly 2? hv909 3 30-Dec-02
new patterns for Korg EM-1 ridgewaysound 2 27-Dec-02
Korg Z1 patches lost ridgewaysound 3 27-Dec-02
reset factory programs for N1 gayers 1 22-Dec-02
SED-01W Sound Editor for Korg X5D valhalla3 0 20-Dec-02
reset factory programs for N1 gayers 0 19-Dec-02
Restore factory programs in Wavestation SR iguana 3 17-Dec-02
Wavestation problems Parakeet 1 14-Dec-02
N5EX as a MIDI Controller AJPrayner 0 14-Dec-02
N5EX as a MIDI controller AJPrayner 0 14-Dec-02
where can i find a pc connec. cable my korg n5ex alphonso 1 13-Dec-02
I need 01/wpro. leonel 2 10-Dec-02
microkorg poyao 24 10-Dec-02
FA: Korg Triton Rack w/Moss DSP Expansion Card... Chlorine-dream 1 07-Dec-02
Poly 800 Joystick problems hv909 5 07-Dec-02
Please help me... How can I edit sounds? leonel 4 04-Dec-02
korg n1 sandorpolak 0 03-Dec-02
Trance and My Korg N1R Sunstream 1 18-Nov-02
M3R Module DjXSoundz 4 16-Nov-02
M3r Battery replacement Reggaematic 1 15-Nov-02
where does the z1 fit in? machinapathy 17 15-Nov-02
Wavestation questions abcdefghi 8 14-Nov-02
pitch & mod wheels for a T1 or ProX 88 puck 1 10-Nov-02
"Sample Assault" Triton format sample cd Olson5 1 09-Nov-02
M3R Module DjXSoundz 0 06-Nov-02
Poly 800 DCO synthetic_ 8 04-Nov-02
Korg Oasys for sale free shipping norsez 7 28-Oct-02
korg elecribes zipo 2 22-Oct-02
Wavestation EX "PLAYER'S manual" WTB NormV 3 17-Oct-02
Prophecy manual fastboy 1 17-Oct-02
Korg Oasys PCI card Jimi Jones 1 10-Oct-02
Is there a possibility to get the old Korg PCM Soundsets for less money? aykman 3 05-Oct-02
cards soulpwr 0 04-Oct-02
Wavestation EX NormV 4 02-Oct-02
T3 recording rodblood 4 01-Oct-02
problems installing drivers for x5 raven57444 2 26-Sep-02
got an er-1 for sale riddlela 3 25-Sep-02
cv/gate ms-20 ray-man 7 19-Sep-02
No title skakavac 0 14-Sep-02
ex 800 manual wanted! geronimo 1 05-Sep-02
A couple of TR-Rack questions lprisan 3 03-Sep-02
Triton Rack - Note on/off data using Combis keydoggy 1 03-Sep-02
Any opinions on the Triton expansion boards? Smurf 5 30-Aug-02
Korg DDD 1 Rom card question hv909 4 29-Aug-02
ea-1 poly elektro 1 28-Aug-02
Internal Battery pianomanbw 3 22-Aug-02
MEX-8000 question hv909 6 22-Aug-02
Korg 01 w pro// Help Seq. channels A18-A99 disappeared. Does anyone know how to retrieve them? GDAWG 1 20-Aug-02
T1 newbie goldy 1 18-Aug-02
Is there any way to loop ES-1 song mode? pine 1 17-Aug-02
triton studio vs. yamaha motif mattmcalne1 4 15-Aug-02
How to use EXB's w/ midi? eyalc 2 14-Aug-02
Prophecy memory cards jason_md2020 2 12-Aug-02
replace battery (help!) DJAdrianCollazo 2 12-Aug-02
Just bought a used IX 300. Any Tips? todeemax 1 06-Aug-02
Pops in the electribes sound LO Tech 5 03-Aug-02
microkorg rpieket 9 03-Aug-02
X3 bank number? Hadley 0 28-Jul-02
No title sdr 4 26-Jul-02
Korg x5 power failure sdr 0 26-Jul-02
does dust destroy your synth? nithen 5 20-Jul-02
sticking buttons on X5DR jeray 1 20-Jul-02
best korg analog synth abcdefghi 18 19-Jul-02
Trinity Help michimoby 1 18-Jul-02
Korg S3 inocybe 1 15-Jul-02
SoundDiver for Karma news 3DarkHours 3 15-Jul-02
Triton as a sampler dirtymike 3 11-Jul-02
EA-1 Problem elektro 1 06-Jul-02
T1 soundbanks on disk noehill 1 28-Jun-02
Wavestation hexfix93 5 26-Jun-02
Korg sticky keys - new models too? Andrew 1 26-Jun-02
Wher can I find a rackmount for EX 800? jeff1x 4 22-Jun-02
the Trinity, Triton, and Triton Le which would be the best? synth-freak 0 20-Jun-02
Korg M-1 programs savila 1 20-Jun-02
wanted korg o3rw djfiness 1 20-Jun-02
Ms 2000 rack better vocoder than Electrix Warp? jeff1x 14 20-Jun-02
Portable synth with best Rhodes sounds?.. DiscoKing 3 20-Jun-02
Karma OS 2.0 released - now waiting for MW! 3DarkHours 1 18-Jun-02
Sys-Ex for the X5DR Sys-Ex 5 16-Jun-02
KORG KARMA & AKAI MPC 2000 together... freq3 1 15-Jun-02
DS-8 synth Fessler 9 14-Jun-02
Is the Korg Karma built like a piece of plastic shi* ? kypski 10 13-Jun-02
oasys driver updates dropped right thru time 7 12-Jun-02
old korg gear Kenbone 4 11-Jun-02
Korg MS20 midi->CV question.... STicKX 4 09-Jun-02
Electribes Riply 30 07-Jun-02
Korg newbie questions... sayhitobaldy 3 04-Jun-02
What is your favorite sound you made on the Z1?! Dr. Whammo 1 03-Jun-02
midi dump with korg EA-1 and Cubase dngd 1 03-Jun-02
Somebody give Korg a Calendar 3DarkHours 10 03-Jun-02
HowMuchPay42ndHand M1 ? ? ? Four30 2 31-May-02
Can anyone compare the MS2000 and EA-1? fac 20 29-May-02
Trinity FX question Lith 2 25-May-02
effective patch librarian for KORG X5D lungfish 4 22-May-02
Having fun with the ms20... STicKX 7 21-May-02
Anyone got the Karma in here? freq3 1 20-May-02
oasys for sale on yahoo groups right thru time 2 18-May-02
which sinth to play reggae music? help me! yaman 4 16-May-02
Noise Generator RYAN MOD 1 15-May-02
MS2000 dirtymike 12 14-May-02
Need info on sequencing for Korg X3 Therth 2 11-May-02
Have free korg X3 manual..also need help Therth 1 09-May-02
korg prophecy manual the_viirus 2 08-May-02
I5M Octave Wraparound & Bass Pedals markmentzer 1 08-May-02
Triton Rack Question ! James20 2 07-May-02
Triton looping Layla 2 05-May-02
Syncing a Polysix jason_md2020 2 03-May-02
x2 jbm455 0 03-May-02
Electribe R as a sequencer - question skinnyjap 14 01-May-02
Korg M1 patches braddallof 1 27-Apr-02
Korg Poly 800EX question hv909 8 26-Apr-02
KORG M1 (PCM DATA AND MEMORY) goneriding 1 26-Apr-02
Help; is my Korg MS20 broken? dirtrock 2 25-Apr-02
connecting an i series to an external sequencer myamoto 1 25-Apr-02
Where to find ex800 or ply800 manual? jeff1x 3 25-Apr-02
Electribe Effects....Real Time? Apocope_Mode 2 24-Apr-02
Z-1 memory cards aekorpvo 6 24-Apr-02
New Karma OS and SOFTWARE 3DarkHours 2 23-Apr-02
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Buy Triton or MPC2k? Tell me about Triton's Sequencer... YPD1138 6 08-Apr-02
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X5D - the best choice for low-budget portable synth?.. Boogieman 6 24-Mar-02
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Patches for Korg Z1 fligsy 3 22-Mar-02
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Question for Triton with MOSS board owners. Smurf 3 18-Mar-02
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Pro-Rec releases 7 great Karma disks! prorecsynthsounds 2 13-Mar-02
Poly 800 A great synth, the sound will never be matched! OvidHermes 2 12-Mar-02
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My German DSS-1 manual for your English one. sartre 0 03-Mar-02
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So what does the V3 upgrade do to the Trinity? FIZMO100 10 28-Feb-02
PC/IF driver in XP? TuttleHarry 1 26-Feb-02
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Korg Triton LE or Clavia NordLead2? Riply 0 18-Feb-02
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9 GM banks in Triton? P80 1 17-Feb-02
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using the korg oasis w/ digi001 on a mac g4 mandala 2 10-Feb-02
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Prophecy (RIP) expansion cards? JD 14 07-Feb-02
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Do you use your Wavestation Multitimbrally? fac 5 03-Feb-02
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replacing the wavestation sr's battery - which one? tlotoxl 3 03-Feb-02
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Wavestation SR Battery Low??? tlotoxl 21 31-Jan-02
ms2000r sequencer questions... elsewhere84 4 30-Jan-02
korg triton for sale. brokentoys 1 30-Jan-02
Need Hard-Shell case for an X-3 freedug 1 28-Jan-02
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where can I buy a used ms2000 for 500-600$ zman 1 26-Dec-01
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Please Where I can get the 01/Wfd Disk manipulator gharibi 1 26-Dec-01
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Can the Electribe EA-1 act as MIDI controller? midihead 3 18-Dec-01
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What about the New Triton Cheap? Karplus 11 15-Dec-01
Any of you have or use a Motion Sound KT80? rmcaracol 1 14-Dec-01
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Korg X3 sounds: How di O get 'em from my computer to my keyboard? freedug 7 28-Nov-01
M3r ,What controler numbers TOMMY SNAKE 1 27-Nov-01
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why would anyone buy a prophecy over a Z1? mrpooka 8 26-Nov-01
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Anyone Seen the New Oasys Patches? hooptyheaven 1 25-Nov-01
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I need basic help restoring a Korg M1 daver 1 23-Nov-01
live performances help fizztech 1 23-Nov-01
your midi setup fizztech 1 23-Nov-01
maybe it can be the korg n1 and the help I need to decyfer the owners manual , please help keysign5 1 22-Nov-01
Triton Rack and Cakewalk headsnack 1 20-Nov-01
m3r 2 20-Nov-01
kaoss pad broken ouput geronimo 2 19-Nov-01
korg Z1 algoritm manual BBLima 2 17-Nov-01
does anyone know where to get the midi editor software for korg trinity TR Jae Signal 2 17-Nov-01
ms2000 alesis mmt8 electribe es-1 midi help fizztech 2 15-Nov-01
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W.S.SR and ER-1. Finally got them! fac 8 17-Oct-01
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Korg Z1 PCMCIA datacard: Type I or Type II ? DeltaM 10 23-Sep-01
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where I can obtain information of symphony korg O3 ibarra_oscar 1 22-Sep-01
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Want to Buy: Korg i3 kat 1 14-Sep-01
Making a Rhodes patch on a DW-8000 or a 707? kittyglitter 1 13-Sep-01
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how do i develop synths for korgs oasys card? corruptdata 2 12-Sep-01
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korg Trinity pitch bender problem R.Jayaraj 3 10-Sep-01
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Electribe users-- have you seen the new Toyota Rav 4 commercial? 6 23-Jun-01
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Can you still get hold of the old X5? 7 13-Jun-01
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Wavestation A/D OS revisions? 3 29-May-01
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anybody know when the new o/s for this piece of triton i have is gonna come out? 1 26-May-01
EM-1 electribe has it crawled up its own arse and died? 2 24-May-01
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ER-1 and MIDI 2 23-May-01
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Is the Trinity bad for techno, d&b, etc? 5 17-May-01
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Oasys Opinions? 1 08-May-01
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Did Korg U.S. move? 1 30-Apr-01
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Patches and performances? 2 09-Apr-01
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Help on programming drumkits in the Trinity... 2 06-Apr-01
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korg em1 is it analog modeling? 4 04-Apr-01
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Korg Poly 800 ii Editor/Librarian 1 03-Apr-01
Thanks Guys for all the Help, Specially Mauricio Novoa... 1 03-Apr-01
ms20 VS Frostwave system9 4 02-Apr-01
How do you reset the Korg X-2? LaMesa 2 01-Apr-01
MIDI sysex dump on EA-1 elektro 4 01-Apr-01
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Electribe EA-1 for pads/ambient? rucchi 11 31-Mar-01
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I finally received my Korg Trinity v3!! ITs a beauty!! Now Plese help me... keyman 12 30-Mar-01
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How can I tell if my cable is scsi 2 compliant? keyman 9 24-Mar-01
Korg ER1 Midi Dump Please Help 2 24-Mar-01 to activate sub outs on Tr Rack Reggie 1 23-Mar-01
Internal Hard Disk for the Triton, check it out.. keyman 4 22-Mar-01
Triton 61 key can I install a zip drive??? and how Atus 5 22-Mar-01
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i know i want a korg-but which one-trinity, triton, karma.....? brokentoys 13 21-Mar-01
direct comparison: A-90EX, PC2X(kurzweil),SGproX(korg),P-200(Yamaha) tastenhengst 1 21-Mar-01
Can you program a Sitar sound on a Korg Z1? Dr. Whammo 2 21-Mar-01
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Does anyone have info. about SG-Prox? Is it a good stage piano? Rock85 8 20-Mar-01
HELP ~ Z1 or Prophecy? Chemical Christ 31 19-Mar-01
How does the SG_ProX compare to A-90EX. Anonymous 0 17-Mar-01
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anybody heard the piano exp or vintage synth? xpriton 1 11-Feb-01
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N364 in a rackmount? 4 06-Jan-01
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Korg Triton users 1 27-Dec-00
ER-1 midi 3 23-Dec-00
Korg N1 and Midi Channels (help) 1 23-Dec-00
AX100G or AX1000G aux input quality? 1 22-Dec-00
Korg N5EX 2 18-Dec-00
TR-Rack vs 01W 8 16-Dec-00
Is Korg ES-1 what I want? 1 09-Dec-00
Trinity Sequencing 8 09-Dec-00
Disappointed in the MS2000... 64 07-Dec-00
Korg 03R/W problem HELP! 3 06-Dec-00
Trinity Orch Sounds 2 06-Dec-00
Mono/Poly problems *help please!* 2 06-Dec-00
Korh01w/fd 3 05-Dec-00
Piano sounds in Korg's. 2 05-Dec-00
Trinity Pro X as MIDI controller 1 29-Nov-00
I heard that a new Workstation would replace Triton... 5 28-Nov-00
KORG exM1R lost my memory 2 27-Nov-00
Korg MS-10 7 23-Nov-00
nx5r vs. jv-1010 anyone? 3 22-Nov-00
Z1 voice expansion dectection. HELP? 6 21-Nov-00
Tweaking the MS2000 8 20-Nov-00
X5D 5 18-Nov-00
es-1 issues with deleting and writing data 2 17-Nov-00
Electribe S 4 17-Nov-00
Elecctribe A 6 16-Nov-00
Korg Trident... Reviews 1 11-Nov-00
Korg Lambda... Need service manual..HELP!! 1 11-Nov-00
triton prices 11 10-Nov-00
Triton dilemna. Help? 10 10-Nov-00
Korg Trinity as sampler playback ? 3 10-Nov-00
Z1 vs JP8080? 23 10-Nov-00
The Infamous DDD1 1 09-Nov-00
Anyone know of any good audio demos of the Z1? 2 07-Nov-00
MS-2000 a poly Prophecy? 8 06-Nov-00
Zi with raised key. Help? 4 05-Nov-00
Korg Triton SCSI Compatible Drives 4 31-Oct-00
X3 Bank Assign Mixups from Cakewalk 1 29-Oct-00
Triton vintage plug in board 3 27-Oct-00
es1 1 27-Oct-00
Considering a Triton... 5 25-Oct-00
Question about how MOSS works 2 24-Oct-00
ms-2000 X-MODULATION and sequencer features ? 2 23-Oct-00
Korg and their crap piano sounds! 13 22-Oct-00
01/wpro it is still a kick ass machine! 3 20-Oct-00
Prophecy? 3 20-Oct-00
Korg MS20 power supply problem... 1 20-Oct-00
Future Musics Review of the Triton Rack - Help!!! 7 20-Oct-00
Is "Psycho Kit" from the Triton on the Trinity? 2 19-Oct-00
Does having a brake-up inspire good music. 6 17-Oct-00
Circuit-Diagram for Korg X3 wanted 3 14-Oct-00
Bank select messages confusion 2 13-Oct-00
Korg Triton and Trinity sounds 9 13-Oct-00
N1R Adaptation for SoundDiver 1 12-Oct-00
that electribe 2 10-Oct-00
ER-Pro? 2 10-Oct-00
I have some breaking news for you !! 6 10-Oct-00
Last step in ER-1 ? 5 08-Oct-00
MS2000 Oscillator Oddity 7 07-Oct-00
Triton+MOSS vs. Z1: redundant? 19 05-Oct-00
Where is the Undo function on Triton 3 04-Oct-00
Should I get the Korg SP100 if I am going to learn to piano? 8 03-Oct-00
MY NEW TRITON PRO-X (YAY) 54 03-Oct-00
Reviews of the Korg Triton Rack 1 01-Oct-00
Triton-Rack in stores now 2 01-Oct-00
Korg X-911 Guitar Synth 1 29-Sep-00
Benny K's corner 13 25-Sep-00
nx5r instrument definition 2 21-Sep-00
the korg n5ex gives me leprosy.. 4 17-Sep-00
floppy drive for korh x3 2 17-Sep-00
z1 'clicking' 4 13-Sep-00
KORG CX3 anyone? anyone? 2 13-Sep-00
Poly61 users 11 08-Sep-00
Why the MS2000 bashing? 14 06-Sep-00
NX5R Module-Yamaha card 1 05-Sep-00
Tr-rack 2 04-Sep-00
Trinity Flash Rom ? 4 04-Sep-00
No Digital Out on Triton? 4 04-Sep-00
Keyboard action of the ProX's 1 02-Sep-00
Is Prophecy extinct? 6 02-Sep-00
KORG Wavestation EX, LFO problems 4 29-Aug-00
05R/W users? 3 28-Aug-00
mono/poly tuning help 5 27-Aug-00
electribe s to pc?? 1 24-Aug-00
Trinity Pro X (V.3) vs. XP80, JV80 & EG 101 2 24-Aug-00
KORG CX-3: When does it ship? 1 21-Aug-00
Korg N5ex 2 20-Aug-00
EA-1 internal memory 4 16-Aug-00
Trinity vs Triton 8 15-Aug-00
Friends of MS2000 - new Korg users group 13 14-Aug-00
Synth module idea 10 14-Aug-00
Alesis 6.1 vs. Korg N5EX 2 12-Aug-00
Polysix Question 3 10-Aug-00
MS2000 website? 1 09-Aug-00
ElecTribe R on line User Manual available! 1 07-Aug-00
WTB: ER1 Anyone Selling Theirs? 2 06-Aug-00
korg triton rack and vintage card group buy!!!! 1 05-Aug-00
korg... oasys... reviews... why so quiet? 7 04-Aug-00
Korg Triton for sale 16 03-Aug-00
Trinton Rack is due in Oct. 2000 6 03-Aug-00
restoring poly800 II presets 4 02-Aug-00
Editing Tr-Rack from a G4? 1 27-Jul-00
I need an advice concerning Trinity 3 24-Jul-00
what happened to nooloop 1 24-Jul-00
Sysex problems with my new Tr-Rack 2 23-Jul-00
korg z1 arpeggiator 3 21-Jul-00
NAMM - New Korg CX3 2 21-Jul-00
Seeking insight on the DS-8 2 18-Jul-00
Korg DDD1 4 18-Jul-00
TR Rack - Sequencer ? 2 18-Jul-00
still can't work my ms-20... 5 17-Jul-00
there is a line on my touch screen 15 17-Jul-00
Unbiased Advice request regarding MS2000 32 14-Jul-00
What do you think of the piece of poop DSS-1? 3 12-Jul-00
Poly61 any good? 6 09-Jul-00
Triton Alternative SCSI Options 1 09-Jul-00
Triton Sequencer Issues 1 04-Jul-00
Korg Prophecy 8 29-Jun-00
I like the Prophecy but the number of voices sucks!! Is there something better I should look at? 38 28-Jun-00
electribe 1 28-Jun-00
one very simple Q about the MS2k 2 27-Jun-00
working w/only the electribes? 40 26-Jun-00
Triton Hip-Hop extreme CD-ROM 1 25-Jun-00
Trinity Sequencing question? 16 21-Jun-00
ES-1 Sample Loading (Solution) 1 21-Jun-00
Has anyone else touched the ES-1? 3 20-Jun-00
Korg Trident: what are the reviews... 3 19-Jun-00
Where can I still buy N1R?? 1 15-Jun-00
Trinity Pro and Z1 discontinued - ARE THOSE GUYS NUTS?!?!? 12 15-Jun-00
Any TRITON users? 16 14-Jun-00
HDR-TRI? 2 14-Jun-00
i need a trident manual! 1 14-Jun-00
Would you rather have a Yamaha DX-100 or a Korg Poly 61m? 2 13-Jun-00
Poly what? 2 13-Jun-00
Korg Z1 filter-Very Sensitive 8 13-Jun-00
Give me a price example please 12 09-Jun-00
ex-800/poly-800 mods + filtering 4 09-Jun-00
Poly61? 20 08-Jun-00
cd-rom format? 2 07-Jun-00
first experiences with electribe ES-1 9 07-Jun-00
Korg O1-W for $700 Good Buy???? 5 05-Jun-00
Wavestation SR 4 30-May-00
Korg ES-1 Sampler 5 25-May-00
PBS-TRI? 1 23-May-00
Trinity Question??????? 4 19-May-00
Triton GEN 8 15-May-00
Trinity plus 2 14-May-00
01W sound cards 5 11-May-00
Korg MS-2000 any good 32 11-May-00
Are the Drums on The Trinity the same as the Triton? 11 10-May-00
New Triton module to hit the streets soon?? 4 10-May-00
M1 Patches 4 09-May-00
New Keyboard from Korg? 2 08-May-00
Korg T1 or Korg 01/w pro 2 06-May-00
Trinity Programming / Dance Sounds 1 04-May-00
ER-1 vs 909 27 03-May-00
Where to find EA-1 patterns? 4 03-May-00
ES-1 ? 3 03-May-00
Triton 3 02-May-00
Are the n1 sounds the same as the nx5r sounds? 3 01-May-00
Sample Conversion 1 30-Apr-00
Anyone familiar with Korg T-2 ? 4 30-Apr-00
EA-1 Bulk Dump - To What? 4 29-Apr-00
NX5R 1 28-Apr-00
M1 Question 15 28-Apr-00
Korg N5ex Performance question 3 26-Apr-00
Wavestation aftertouch?? 6 25-Apr-00
Any opinions on the Korg Prophecy? 18 21-Apr-00
ea-1 problems 4 20-Apr-00
Korg ZI Studio Driver for Cubase 3 20-Apr-00
Korg Wavestation 10 18-Apr-00
ea-1 3 17-Apr-00
EXP-2 pedal 5 17-Apr-00
where can I get mixer maps for the Prophecy?? 2 16-Apr-00
ER-1 vs DR-202 3 16-Apr-00
Poly 800 butchering... 11 13-Apr-00
Anyone with the inside on the ES-1 yet? 7 12-Apr-00
Is the N264 a good keyboard 26 12-Apr-00
Anyone already played with the MS2000? 37 11-Apr-00
ES-1...Have you seen him? 1 11-Apr-00
Wil KORG please make black synth? 83 10-Apr-00
Korg Kaoss 4 06-Apr-00
ER-1 snares...ick 4 06-Apr-00
ER-1 suggestions 1 05-Apr-00
Trinity & Roland TD7? 1 05-Apr-00
polyphonic electribe 6 01-Apr-00
What's up with you Korg guys? 15 01-Apr-00
Venting My Anger: I CANT FIND MY TRITON PRO-X 5 31-Mar-00
External input on the Korg Poly 800II 7 30-Mar-00
4track Trinity option? 4 30-Mar-00
Fellow Korgies unite!! 14 29-Mar-00
Problem with a Micro Preset 3 29-Mar-00
5!! Count them, 5!!! 12 24-Mar-00
Korg Z1 8 20-Mar-00
Can the prophecy be used as a controller? 17 19-Mar-00
recording? 2 18-Mar-00
ER-1 Question 2 18-Mar-00
Good News for DW8000 owners 1 18-Mar-00
ER-1 Problems, Anybody Else? 4 17-Mar-00
korg oasys pci 1 16-Mar-00
wierd noise from the ea 1 5 14-Mar-00
Starting A Home Studio: Any Great Ideas?? 2 10-Mar-00
X3 and MIDI connection. 5 09-Mar-00
Korg PCM cards 3 08-Mar-00
whats up with the m3r's re-1? 2 08-Mar-00
Benny K's corner returns 4 04-Mar-00
X5: good for something? 10 02-Mar-00
Korg DIN plug for "traveler control"? 1 01-Mar-00
poly8002 1 29-Feb-00
Korg I30HD Hard Drive Backup from 3 1/2" Floppy Drive? 1 29-Feb-00
Bad M1 Price? 8 23-Feb-00
New Sampling Electribe? 6 23-Feb-00
Cubase VST 4.1 and the Korg M1 1 23-Feb-00
please help with bx3 organ 1 22-Feb-00
Triton Vs. E-Synth? 2 20-Feb-00
General Musics"EQUINOX " vs. "TRITON" 3 18-Feb-00
i3 vs ix300? 1 16-Feb-00
Triton & G3 7 14-Feb-00
Send start command to EA-1? 2 13-Feb-00
Anyone using an electribe? 10 13-Feb-00
manual for DW8000 6 08-Feb-00
new sampling electribe question 3 08-Feb-00
DW8000 Sounds 1 08-Feb-00
MS-2000 5 05-Feb-00
electribe midi question 1 03-Feb-00
Looking for PCM card for M1 4 29-Jan-00
X-3 os upgrades??? 3 29-Jan-00
Will KORG please make a sampler? 13 28-Jan-00
how to get korg O1'S tabla card 1 27-Jan-00
Sound Bank Quiz 4 25-Jan-00
er-1 question 5 25-Jan-00
TR-Rack software version 1 25-Jan-00
Manual for Poly 800 2 24-Jan-00
ER-1 sync from Cakewalk/etc.? 1 24-Jan-00
3 20-Jan-00
Where to buy N5EX? 3 17-Jan-00
Where to get i5s? 1 17-Jan-00
Mac users who own a prophecy or two 3 15-Jan-00
Z2? 1 14-Jan-00
prophecy manual 1 10-Jan-00
what was the oasis? 5 09-Jan-00
TR Rack for studio work 5 09-Jan-00
Z1 KORG 1 03-Jan-00
prophecy 2? 4 31-Dec-99
Korg vs Technics? 2 24-Dec-99
Korg S3 =8 tracks of sequencing? 1 22-Dec-99
Korg Triton and hanging notes 3 20-Dec-99
Korg D16 recorder- more information please! 1 20-Dec-99
Korg needs to get some customer service!!! 9 18-Dec-99
Trident upgrade? 2 18-Dec-99
Equinox vs Triton 4 17-Dec-99
X5D Factory reset 7 17-Dec-99
EA-1 1 13-Dec-99
Electribe and MIDI sequencing 1 13-Dec-99
Korg 707/DS8 opinions! 6 09-Dec-99
D8 2 08-Dec-99
HELP A NEWBIE OUT! (click here) 3 07-Dec-99
Korg ix300 vs i3 2 07-Dec-99
poly 800 mod? 6 30-Nov-99
EA-1 audio in 6 20-Nov-99
Prophecy cards? 2 18-Nov-99
Sliding the bass? 4 15-Nov-99
ER-1 Question 2 12-Nov-99
Polysix troubles (sound familiar?) 1 09-Nov-99
Benny K's corner 2 08-Nov-99
electribe - midi data send 2 02-Nov-99
Kaoss Pad, Gift or Gimmick? 1 02-Nov-99
Live Electribe?????? 4 30-Oct-99
Electribe users wanted for questioning. :-) 10 30-Oct-99
electribes vs. mc505 14 29-Oct-99
Electribe a VS. Prophecy?????? 1 29-Oct-99
er-1 user pattern storage 2 27-Oct-99
KORG DSM-1 2 25-Oct-99
Korg MS-20 and Polysix 7 23-Oct-99
M1R vs M3R 6 20-Oct-99
DSS-2000? 3 16-Oct-99
DW 8000/Poly 800 2 16-Oct-99
WTB:WAVESTATION the differences 2 15-Oct-99
zed-z1 editor 2 12-Oct-99
Electribe ER-1 opinions....... 5 11-Oct-99
will Triton read MPC60 disk 2 06-Oct-99
WTB: Wavestation 8 05-Oct-99
oasys pci 1 03-Oct-99
What think about the Triton? 1 30-Sep-99
Benny K's corner 5 26-Sep-99
Quick Question - $ 2 23-Sep-99
Triton compatibility with Akai? 1 15-Sep-99
Electribe vs. Drumstation 12 14-Sep-99
Z1+supernova 1 06-Sep-99
Korg sp100? 6 03-Sep-99
Electribe vs. Prophecy 2 02-Sep-99
TRITON-MOSS 1 02-Sep-99
Trinity and Triton 17 02-Sep-99
Does the Wavestation have 01/W's Waveshaping? or better? 3 01-Sep-99
Trinity vs Trinity V3 4 01-Sep-99
EA-1 quality synth or a quick buck by Korg? 11 30-Aug-99
Sequencing with the TR-Rack 1 29-Aug-99
ns5r Anonymous 2 27-Aug-99
DSS-1 KICKS ASS!! 2 27-Aug-99
Messed up Triton 1 27-Aug-99
Control Change problem? 1 26-Aug-99
electribe pattern write help 3 25-Aug-99
Triton Combinations 1 25-Aug-99
anybody get freaky with LFOs? 4 25-Aug-99
X3 Factory Disk 2 23-Aug-99
trinity sequence problem. 2 23-Aug-99
Korg X2 5 21-Aug-99
Triton vs K2500KDFX 116 20-Aug-99
Design Your Dream Machine 3 19-Aug-99
NS5R Mac interface 3 18-Aug-99
Z1 vs. Virus 1 17-Aug-99
D16 shipping? 3 15-Aug-99
Where to find Trinity OS upgrade? 3 14-Aug-99
Need opinions about the M1 14 12-Aug-99
Korg 01/wFD Pedal 7 12-Aug-99
NX5r 1 12-Aug-99
Ns5r question Anonymous 1 11-Aug-99
Z1 - 6 voice upgrade 2 11-Aug-99
Has anyone use the Chaos Pad (Khos pad?)? 1 10-Aug-99
Trinity? 5 06-Aug-99
N1r or SC880? 3 05-Aug-99
To triton or not to Triton 1 04-Aug-99
triton shipping? 23 03-Aug-99
I've an idea.... 3 29-Jul-99
Where can find patches for the Poly 800??? 2 28-Jul-99
New Korg OASYS!! 2 28-Jul-99
Korg 01/W 11 28-Jul-99
korg ddd on nitzer ebb? 1 27-Jul-99
Anyone know where I can get a Prophet VS? 5 24-Jul-99
Differences 5 20-Jul-99
Trinity insert effect? 11 20-Jul-99
I Want To Buy Your Korg S3... 1 19-Jul-99
triton 1 19-Jul-99
i5CMv11 for Korg i5M/S new release 1 17-Jul-99
Switching Modes on the TR-Rack 3 16-Jul-99
N1 or N1R users? 2 12-Jul-99
01/wFD soundz 1 11-Jul-99
DW8000 and AWE64 sound card 1 11-Jul-99
Buying Korg, need opinions 8 11-Jul-99
EA-1 Portamento All Notes? 1 08-Jul-99
What compares to the TR-Rack? 5 08-Jul-99
01R/W--03R/W? 2 08-Jul-99
Korg ER-1 workaround? 2 07-Jul-99
Korg P3 piano module 3 29-Jun-99
wanted a data cassette for a korg DW6000 2 29-Jun-99
Synthlegend PCM soundcards for korg. 1 29-Jun-99
Trinity reads emu? 3 28-Jun-99
Polysix questions 2 28-Jun-99
ex-800 problem? 4 25-Jun-99
Prophecy Advanced Programming 2 25-Jun-99
TITAN sounds for TRINITY 1 22-Jun-99
EA-1 vs. Prophecy??? 5 22-Jun-99
Trinity pricing! 7 18-Jun-99
E 'eh' 1 4 16-Jun-99
is the Z1 to be discontinued?? 10 15-Jun-99
Korg N5(EX) 7 15-Jun-99
PolySix Sync 4 11-Jun-99
Electribe EA-1 Filter Controllable Via MIDI? 1 10-Jun-99
Trinity reads N364? 2 10-Jun-99
prophecy sound, ease of transportation 4 09-Jun-99
Electribe R & A Questions 3 09-Jun-99
N1 from Korg or the A-90 from Roland ? 5 08-Jun-99
Problem syncing my MC-303 to the EA-1 1 08-Jun-99
Korg Wavestation SR? 13 07-Jun-99
DW8000 sysex chart 3 05-Jun-99
N5 vs JV1000 3 31-May-99
Electribe Ea-1 8 30-May-99
Electribe Er-1 7 26-May-99
Is M3R GM capable? 3 26-May-99
prophecy patches 1 26-May-99
KLM-1528 board for KORG 01/Wfd 1 26-May-99
X3 and Laptop 5 25-May-99
Any word on the Kaoss pad? 1 25-May-99
01W FX control? 1 24-May-99
Wavestation FAQ 12 17-May-99
N364 to Trinity? 5 17-May-99
Trinity (and others): why do changes on track 3 affect track 2? 4 17-May-99
Wavestation manual 3 13-May-99
Korg T3 Program Change 2 09-May-99
Korg SGPro X or Yamaha P-200 4 07-May-99
What did Korg call there first drum machine? 6 06-May-99
Opinions on "Patch Magic" conversion program? 1 06-May-99
Triton....cheaper than trinity? 77 05-May-99
Is the Korg P3 a good module? 5 05-May-99
Enough arguing about Korg synths!! 16 03-May-99
Better capabilities: Roland or Korg Workstations??? 2 02-May-99
I can't program N1 sound changes!!! 5 01-May-99
Oasys! 14 28-Apr-99
Triton not until summer? 3 28-Apr-99
TRINITY USERS needed!!!!! 2 28-Apr-99
01R/W manual? 3 27-Apr-99
Mods? 10 26-Apr-99
Prophecy ROM Upgrade in New England 7 24-Apr-99
Crappy Korg Ads 5 24-Apr-99
Korg TR-Rack vs Proteus2000 Anonymous 2 24-Apr-99
Programming the Prophesy 1 14-Apr-99
korg trinity options for sale 1 13-Apr-99
Polysix Spares? 1 12-Apr-99
N264 or 01/W... Anonymous 1 11-Apr-99
SQD-8/SQ-8 Questions 1 11-Apr-99
wind controller+KORG? 2 11-Apr-99
New Look (sorry no 01/W vs anything...) 1 11-Apr-99
Korg 01RW,.. 3 09-Apr-99
Poly 800 sysex 2 08-Apr-99
DW-6000 mods... 1 05-Apr-99
Digital Effects O1/W vs Wavestation SR 7 03-Apr-99
Korg N5 Patches 1 02-Apr-99

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