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Pump: Roland (1922 of 5729 total discussions)  RSS Starter Messages Last
Roland s 10 sampler belts fddunning 3 07-Dec-12
RD 500 keyboard parts nicq 2 04-Aug-11
TB303 + other vintage gear for sale krusty23 3 17-Mar-11
kneelever 1 25-Oct-10
Which should I buy? glenn82 2 14-Oct-10
roland jx 3p help coreybarhorst 2 08-Sep-10
Question about SC-D70 Richard Dudgeon 2 01-Aug-10
The History of the TB-303 suddi 1 19-Jul-10
roland gaia sh-01 challenge cresshead 1 15-Jul-10
VSR-880 Rackmount Portable Digital Tracking blackcatsound 1 05-Jun-10
D70 factory presets agstew 1 31-May-10
roland re-1000 echo how good is this unit for vocals mystics 1 14-May-10
Receive Tranmissed dump ijbandman 1 25-Apr-10
Roland Jupiter 4 for Sale on eBay Roland Man 2 27-Feb-10
octapad pd-8 jdb 1 17-Feb-10
I need help with my XP80 Workstation on Recording Tracks new with this make it simple Kenvideo1 1 17-Feb-10
Roland MC-80 Hard Drive caddy Bobby G 1 25-Jan-10
Roland XP30 schematics Bud 1 22-Jan-10
Using Bass drum pedal justin_ooty 1 07-Jan-10
Desperately need help with Roland R8m mlilienfeld 2 29-Dec-09
sending syx to Roland JD800 timbocountry 1 15-Dec-09
Roland MC-500 powering on issue tokyomonamour 3 01-Jul-09
Need to open up RD-500. Can anyone advise who has done this? bcannon3 1 27-Jun-09
New Juno-G tutorial on how to sequence NOlivarria 1 22-May-09
XP-80 EFX in Perform Mode (question) DickJ 1 21-May-09
Roland G-800 Kttchgamikwe 1 16-May-09
2 Roland VK8m midied together? badbuddhist 1 02-May-09
Problem with PWM in Juno 106 stalker 1 28-Apr-09
MKS-70 Ebay Auction citysoundman 1 27-Apr-09
roland sh-201 korg R3? robbiesho 1 08-Mar-09
dj-70 saxnviolence 1 21-Dec-08
Looking to buy an sh-1000 Joelchevallier 1 21-Dec-08
Which one? ginge6000 4 03-Dec-08
i need a service and parts manual for roland rd500 coslac 1 21-Sep-08
Boss DR 55 Tonys 1 16-Sep-08
Roland Cables tigerlillian 1 26-Aug-08
R-70 Battery low or out Magiamusical 3 14-Aug-08
Roland MV-30 mckeet 1 06-Aug-08
Roland RD-600 m1bobbyd 1 14-Jul-08
SH-2 whodabigguy 1 13-Jul-08
roland s50 franklinneil 2 09-Jul-08
roland s330 nowhanded 1 04-Jul-08
Fantom FA76 carybaskin 1 29-Jun-08
How to use the Roland D-50 duweyjm 2 22-Jun-08
Roland HP 1700 davidm 1 10-May-08
Roland JV1000 turns off without warning just-alan 1 26-Apr-08
TR-808 Problems with a kenton retrofitted machine deadsilence 2 23-Apr-08
Roland Juno D musto 1 21-Apr-08
Roland MC 500 System Disk Srgd78 2 16-Apr-08
Roland Equipment Wanted barronhardison2000 1 10-Apr-08
JUNO G LCD Problem frank1024 1 27-Mar-08
help with roland 303 groovebox willgrayomer 1 23-Mar-08
suggestions for a decent brass sound on a Roland Juno D Brogeo 2 16-Mar-08
does anyone know what's price for used in good condition ROLAND G 1000 goldy59 1 16-Mar-08
does anyone know how to open an mv30. I need to replace an output socket kenherbie 1 15-Mar-08
Help with MV-8000 phono input and Dj mixer Threadbare_Ree 1 15-Mar-08
Help with JV-880 and JV-2080 set-up bluedawe 3 10-Mar-08
mks-30 upgrade enyap0001 1 07-Mar-08
roland r-8m rivieraservices 2 01-Feb-08
G-800 as master keyboard fabrev 1 30-Jan-08
roland e 80 relu_kvaua 1 29-Jan-08
Help- Roland Space Echos Parts? 10thSolution 2 25-Jan-08
Roland jupiter 8 for sale on e-bay firebear45 1 10-Dec-07
my jd800 display is flickering on and off does this mean the memory battery needs changeing diskodog 1 26-Nov-07
SC-88 Roland sound canvas, I am trying to record midi with it thru my Delta 1010LT easyrocker 1 21-Nov-07
Roland TR-808 Pattern Tempo Problem HQ.17 1 19-Nov-07
Piano sounds mikel9 1 19-Nov-07
AX-1 'keytar' martymenard 2 18-Nov-07
About S-750... kingmark 1 03-Nov-07
Roland RD300 nickdrew 1 02-Nov-07
Roland Juno Apha 1 obeycar 1 14-Oct-07
JV 90 some keys are lossing sound Poly738 2 12-Oct-07
How i can buy the roland R8 MK2 lemon 4 07-Oct-07
Roland Sc 50 Module Squid lee 1 03-Oct-07
Transpose Bongobob 1 26-Sep-07
Roland Juno-60 stereo output Battle Hand 2 21-Sep-07
PG800 as a midi controller? TimL 3 11-Sep-07
X8 or XR ?? Matt H 1 11-Sep-07
mc505 problem jamesbondmcm 1 27-Aug-07
Roland mkb1000 Amosdad 3 16-Aug-07
JUNO 106 question.. parham1 1 07-Aug-07
Roland sh-3a... I'm thinking of selling it bushbasher 1 06-Aug-07
roland d50 -patches mrmacky 1 31-Jul-07
Anyone know how to put new battery in to a roland pro e intelligent arranger keyboard ?? guitarman42 4 31-Jul-07
hoe can I backup an extension board? sun_king 2 29-Jul-07
MV-30 Looking for LCD display renolant 2 28-Jul-07
wanted...Roland MV30 sequencer jazzer12 4 24-Jul-07
roland xp-10 newbie guccini 1 09-Jul-07
wanted, roland pma 5 sargea1 1 05-Jul-07
manual roland E16 slayerb 1 25-Jun-07
Roland MC80,... i need one for one,.. help me Dreamislands 3 16-Jun-07
wanted - help for roland A90 upgrade glertman 2 10-Jun-07
Need help for Roland A90/EX Reichen 3 10-Jun-07
Roland A90 Problem mindless06795 3 10-Jun-07
MKS-20 Manual Im looking for one gdaddy2468 2 08-Jun-07
hollyhalo 1 07-Jun-07
roland jv1000 rubbers tera 1 07-Jun-07
Roland d-50 power supply... i need one but where? ineverwenttoprom 1 05-Jun-07
Fantom X8 upgrade from ver 1 to ver 2 keys_88 1 24-May-07
Trigger different sound bites “at will� during a live performance jimskee 1 21-May-07
Roland JX-3P Solina Strings deege 1 20-Apr-07
Roland S220 needs belt skeet311 2 11-Apr-07
mikeinminnesota 1 11-Apr-07
Roland D20 won't boot up skeet311 1 09-Apr-07
Roland E16 serious68 1 08-Apr-07
instrument definitions for roland xv-2020 scuba 2 31-Mar-07
Where is the battery in the R-70 Drum Machine? tangletown 1 07-Mar-07
Roalnd V-Synth GT Tony Borwn 1975 1 22-Feb-07
Tony Borwn 1975 1 22-Feb-07
s-550 mugabi7 2 21-Feb-07
B3 sound from a u-220 dirtbag 1 30-Jan-07
svq to midi convertors biser 1 14-Jan-07
PC editor available for VS-880? menninsv 1 08-Jan-07
Roland U-220 samples kumpa56 1 04-Jan-07
Roland XP 30 musicaldea 1 21-Dec-06
Roland DR 770 recycleman 1 18-Dec-06
Roland U-220 noob question AudibleSmiler 2 17-Dec-06
Roland JUNO-G user review plzz rohith 4 26-Nov-06
PCR-50 - Dead Keyboard after storage. Any ideas? Steve B 5 11-Nov-06
Roland E-68 manuals !?? xi 1 08-Nov-06
Roland D110 Sound Module ScottyT 1 08-Nov-06
roland jx-3p satyricon gold 2 07-Nov-06
For sale Roland Jupiter 8/Juno 60 yazzofever 1 31-Oct-06
MIDI ACCORDION wulliemac 2 28-Oct-06
Roland midi controller A-37 with alesis QSR girena1 1 28-Oct-06
Roland ra 50 wulliemac 1 25-Oct-06
Roland JV880 LCD problems A Fifth Column 1 13-Sep-06
Homemade preset ROM card patterns for R8 kensington 1 13-Sep-06
Help Please. Roland vs840ex situation Jim56 3 07-Sep-06
Anyone know where to replace a TR 909powercord? FlickDillorama 1 07-Sep-06
Which monitor screens are compatible with S-750? ocelot 2 14-Aug-06
d2 patch editor razorriley 4 03-Aug-06
Newbe needs help! Tweak 1 31-Jul-06
D-50 Repair? jonathanmroe 3 27-Jul-06
Rhodes model 660 G man 2 15-Jul-06
Roland Juno G review rohith 2 12-Jul-06
using the Roland AX-1 audiomodder 1 06-Jul-06
BOSS DR-770 information needed ac4yy 2 02-Jul-06
Roland JV90 paferrucci 1 29-Jun-06
Roland E600 larryd 1 22-Jun-06
Roland E-15 Intelligent Synthesizer speakers Longnect 1 21-Jun-06
Juno D or Juno G..what's the difference,which is better ? rohith 1 09-Jun-06
Need to know abt the EXR 7 arranger rohith 2 05-Jun-06
roland jupiter 4 glazed123 1 27-Apr-06
V_SYNTH Version 2 claudiu 3 15-Apr-06
sh-3 andcunning 3 11-Apr-06
WTB: Roland R5 Human Rhythm Composer manual Tassie Em 1 05-Apr-06
Jupiter 8 colored caps replacment yazzofever 1 03-Apr-06
Roland JV1000 workstation with internal voice expansion card bozza 1 03-Apr-06
is the Roland P55 a RD600 in a box rjb2000 1 28-Mar-06
what to replace my aj-1 with bobsonjazoe 1 24-Mar-06
D-50 vs D-70:Which Sounds The Best? awetookay 3 21-Mar-06
JP-8080 sync Brennen 1 17-Mar-06
Roland MC-50 MkII manual promar 2 13-Mar-06
new sh-201 synth2themax 1 08-Mar-06
Roland R-70 slapax 1 03-Mar-06
Roland D50 Synth Sounds TheDivil 1 28-Feb-06
Roland MC505... Please Help..!!! paulfelix 2 23-Feb-06
Roland R-70 Battery replacement-need help waldo 1 20-Feb-06
Zip issues with SP-808..Help! pjw 1 17-Feb-06
XP60 MANUAL valaji_bdp 1 16-Feb-06
how do i use this website...i'm new to pc's k.butler 1 15-Feb-06
Accessing Roland XP-80 drum patches from DP wanuchie 1 14-Feb-06
juno 106 6 voice dropout oldguy 2 09-Feb-06
Octapad problem bizillcizole 1 03-Feb-06
MC909 OSv2 Petition digiphallus 1 12-Jan-06
WANTED! ROLAND S-330 STARTUP DISKS! angst 1 11-Jan-06
JD-800 vs JP-8000 MidiChimp 4 08-Jan-06
slimdirty86 1 30-Dec-05
rhythm composer tr626 moyo 3 26-Dec-05
Roland D-20 player of music 3 15-Dec-05
Roland MKS-80 LFO "delay"..... kez 1 11-Dec-05
xp50 pepz 1 07-Dec-05
Roland! possible connect to my pc whit MIDI line wolf343 2 05-Dec-05
Roland u-110 ... Help! reidoh 1 01-Dec-05
Kids with Synths macam 23 21-Nov-05
JP8000 LFO Midi Sync DanS 1 15-Nov-05
hey up can an bod help i need system disk for roland mv30 nackered without it !!!!!!!! WeAvEr 2 27-Oct-05
need an environment two my roland jd 800 ChrisCraft 2 25-Oct-05
anyone have sp808 to pc software? owltranslator 1 23-Oct-05
Power Adaptor Replacement Kyle LaBrake 2 17-Oct-05
Digital Delay SDE 1000 - Help! Please... Firstpoet 2 17-Oct-05
Plz Help... Problems with MC-80 Sequencer Christina 2 17-Oct-05
rolland spd 11 page 1 29-Sep-05
Need manual for Roland Rd-500 mccombgal 1 25-Sep-05
Roland 707, malfunction of dispaly window stalkb 4 25-Sep-05
Looking for Jupiter 8 patch sheets francois 2 16-Sep-05
Roland space echo db10 2 16-Sep-05
roland S-50 hard drive needs replaced anyone know where to get one? willard 5 11-Sep-05
DanS 1 08-Sep-05
tpisc 2 23-Aug-05
roland xp 80 tpisc 1 18-Aug-05
v-synth bryla 4 17-Aug-05
Need Help choosing? tecee 4 10-Aug-05
TR-909 breakdown... please help! e.gee 3 02-Aug-05
beatfunky 2 13-Jul-05
Please help with a Roland Jv-50 Smarty85 2 05-Jul-05
Roland Discover 5M ritchie1 1 01-Jul-05
Juno 60 Service Manual KTO 1 29-Jun-05
Juno 60 questions???? youkreeps 2 27-Jun-05
Roland MV-8000 loyal1 1 27-Jun-05
Juno 60 mods; do they exist? okto 2 17-Jun-05
Rolan G-800 floppy disk (question) tonykiek 1 01-Jun-05
s760 users (question) flyboy99 2 24-May-05
JD800 vs. D550? dj_calyx 11 19-May-05
Roland Baseline Manual steve14 2 18-May-05
JV-2080 noise at decay of sounds/reverb johnbezjian 5 13-May-05
JV10 Sounds? supjup10 2 15-Apr-05
I sell Roland SP 808 Sampler edgar_prates 1 08-Apr-05
V-Synth OS2 released!!!! dwaldman61 1 28-Mar-05
dwaldman61 1 28-Mar-05
jp8000 confusion nationnon 2 27-Mar-05
roland RD-600 littleb 1 25-Mar-05
MV-8000 mjames4208 1 22-Mar-05
sh32 and jp8000 rhinosaurus 4 16-Mar-05
jp8000 nationnon 1 12-Mar-05
Fantom FA Problem HogRider 3 07-Mar-05
roland xp80 and XV3080 module honda 1 28-Feb-05
Roland XP80 honda 1 27-Feb-05
roland ready guitar LPK 1 25-Feb-05
roland exr-5 sounds jerryonline 2 20-Feb-05
List of JV-80 PCM cards? okto8 1 14-Feb-05
Need help jcmix1 1 13-Feb-05
roland exr5 instrument definitions amber 1 11-Feb-05
SH-32: anyone used this synth? Will W 27 10-Feb-05
roland space echo re 201 rockabillybadboy 1 09-Feb-05
MT100 smallprince 1 29-Jan-05
burning to disc chris52 1 27-Jan-05
V-Synth: What say you? Gonkulator 2 26-Jan-05
rd600 manual putz 1 21-Jan-05
XV-88 Gospel organ raquan20 1 20-Jan-05
Roland MC-909 or Access virus C for trance music? Gazzam 23 16-Jan-05
spd 11 texas-drummer 3 13-Jan-05
JV1080 vs JV2080? digiphallus 5 11-Jan-05
JP8000 stevecart 3 29-Dec-04
manual for JX-1 1 29-Dec-04
U-220 Outputs drheqx 1 27-Dec-04
Is there a way to make the SRX cards on the Fantom, have vintage presets arsino 2 22-Dec-04
jv-90 no audio/sound output Chuckk1 1 12-Dec-04
Roland MT32 western_star 1 03-Dec-04
JD 800 foofie 4 03-Dec-04
MC-909 - can't get cubase to externally control SilverShadow 2 30-Nov-04
JP8000 FIZMO100 9 26-Nov-04
Roland Echo Tech Wanted... Mini-Freak 1 25-Nov-04
MC-909 vs MC-305 Gazzam 5 17-Nov-04
Roland R8 manual needed stenzo 2 13-Nov-04
Roland cmu800 & LAPC-1 musicira 3 08-Nov-04
Roland Juno-D, why oh why?? CC 1 03-Nov-04
Roland EP-9/Powerbook G4/MIDI tbuzbee 1 30-Oct-04
How much is my Roland CR-78 worth? soundpig 1 28-Oct-04
What to replace Roland D-5? derice 23 27-Oct-04
Need Roland MC 500 System Disk mfb_typ 3 20-Oct-04
rolandrd500 base 2 19-Oct-04
Where can I go to view an R-8 manuel? JGC 1 18-Oct-04
roland jw-50 Stixx 1 17-Oct-04
roland jv880 truemargrit 5 10-Oct-04
sh32 synch problems pfeif 1 08-Oct-04
Roland 100M Alexei 2 05-Oct-04
roland dj 70mkII shanespa 2 05-Oct-04
sp808 bobsonjazoe 1 04-Oct-04
Roland CMU 800 xsxs 1 03-Oct-04
Fantom X and Juno-D taffae 5 29-Sep-04
D50 vs JD800 FutureBop 2 22-Sep-04
manual Chello 1 16-Sep-04
Fantom for sale representeast 1 12-Sep-04
Roland Fantom X8 The SynthWizard 2 26-Aug-04
D-50 boot problem spyros 1 25-Aug-04
wanted: mkb-300 manual derekd 2 22-Aug-04
JV1080 Manual Graeme 3 12-Aug-04
TR 626 manual PDF needed mysterio 1 07-Aug-04
Roland A-90....Should I buy it? l8rdood 3 03-Aug-04
Juno 106 vcf/vca chips soundninja 5 29-Jul-04
Attention Fantom S Users representeast 1 21-Jul-04
Roland D-20 pepepollo5 7 20-Jul-04
303 madness. shelfman 4 13-Jul-04
mc 202 VS sh 101 vie_electrique 2 12-Jul-04
sp 505 midi acid pro SODL 1 07-Jul-04
QDs for my Roland S-10 3sleeves 1 01-Jul-04
Korg DSS-1 fatherbert37 1 29-Jun-04
Help! Roland MC-909 programming issue iwozere76 2 25-Jun-04
Roland U-220 Manual wanted oxygeneuk 1 19-Jun-04
Roland SH-09 and SH-101 opinions CC 2 18-Jun-04
I NEED HELP! Fantom-X or Triton-EX! tritonman 23 17-Jun-04
tricky.duke 1 17-Jun-04
Finally got my PG800! headhunter 1 17-Jun-04
juno 106 chorus repair vincedarkangel 1 06-Jun-04
Roland SPD-6 adaptor power questions 3 03-Jun-04
XV owner considers going to the Fantom XR Gonkulator 13 02-Jun-04
GR20 Fabio 3 28-May-04
Up & Coming MV-8000 site lc1200 1 24-May-04
Top trumps Araby 2 24-May-04
Roland SH-2 whodabigguy 9 22-May-04
need change my Drvie Zip 250 for SP808ex Dhan 2 05-May-04
ROland-SPD 20 Razzlesnaz 7 04-May-04
JUNO 60 same battery as JUNO 106? headhunter 1 04-May-04
Juno 106 Problems Zeswitz 3 04-May-04
roland m t 100 castironbob 2 25-Apr-04
where to get some good roland xp-10 mp3demos? wilcoss 1 21-Apr-04
Juno-106 - demo samples Patrik 1 21-Apr-04
roland mc09 mrtunes 1 18-Apr-04
JP 8000 Battery SalmaN 1 12-Apr-04
Roland Jx-305, crashy and buggy? SyNtHpLaYa 4 08-Apr-04
Juno 6 Trigger Sync extraboom 2 04-Apr-04
Sampling on Fantom X parhelion 2 31-Mar-04
Fantom X6 mini review Greg 8 27-Mar-04
roland u20 rduke 2 25-Mar-04
CR-68, oh joy. shelfman 4 25-Mar-04
Electrostatic disharge and JP-8080 test mode. nSCOURGE 11 22-Mar-04
ROLAND'S MISTAKE!!! tritonman 77 20-Mar-04
Juno dows not react on sysex 145dB 1 20-Mar-04
XP-80 tritonman 26 20-Mar-04
juno 106 papasmoke 1 18-Mar-04
Now Roland makes sense tritonman 22 08-Mar-04
Next step up from Groovebox? LiquidMotion 2 07-Mar-04
Fantom-X midi 9 06-Mar-04
roland E M 50 user´s manual hugocosta 1 28-Feb-04
V-Drum FD-7 Question Cerebral Infect 1 27-Feb-04
midi krib deth 2 21-Feb-04
juno 106 tuning dj2sday 2 14-Feb-04
Roland JV/XP/XV Pro-Rec sounds anyone? josch 2 12-Feb-04
Roland XV-5080 reads JD-990 patches? DeadZone 1 06-Feb-04
data cards for jv1000 martin@greenwood 1 05-Feb-04
mks 80-mpg 80 ajames81 4 03-Feb-04
SH32 drum sounds machinapathy 4 31-Jan-04
Help setting up my V-drums Relax... 2 30-Jan-04
JP-80x0 vs SH-32 CC 9 27-Jan-04
juno 106 on the fritz cheshurecat 1 26-Jan-04
How much is a JX-305 worth? macam 3 23-Jan-04
Roland ram cards fgrii 1 22-Jan-04
Roland MKS-80 and MPG-80 Strange303 2 19-Jan-04
Fantom S mixed bag zephonic 12 18-Jan-04
TR-505 timing issues whodabigguy 1 16-Jan-04
jupiter 4 vs. 6 (again) ajames81 2 07-Jan-04
jupiter 4 vs. jupiter 6 ajames81 0 07-Jan-04
mc 909 macam 4 05-Jan-04
JX1 jhavu 1 03-Jan-04
jx-3p tape library ajames81 1 03-Jan-04
Just got a Roland MKB-200 TimM 2 02-Jan-04
MSL-15 Roland adco88 1 02-Jan-04
super jx mckewans 2 31-Dec-03
Manual Roland U 20 ricardoargentino 1 29-Dec-03
Setting up XV-5050 in logic Brennen 1 28-Dec-03
XV-2020 Instrument files drew70 1 26-Dec-03
VariOS-8's & Jupiter-8 Compare? drbryson 6 26-Dec-03
mc909 zawone 10 24-Dec-03
Roland D-20 Manuel ladysweet_1 1 22-Dec-03
What should I gear should I get? macam 6 20-Dec-03
Mc 505....Is it right for me? Hempire 3 19-Dec-03
Fantom Help!! DJ Don 3 13-Dec-03
Just got a PG1000! headhunter 5 10-Dec-03
mks70 - Super JX rack mckewans 4 09-Dec-03
Will a (US) PG800 work on 220v? headhunter 3 04-Dec-03
XP-50 damage-reinitialize sing 3 01-Dec-03
roland pma-5 Manual alanesner 2 30-Nov-03
PG800 din cable headhunter 7 28-Nov-03
Roland D-550 Display Keys64 13 26-Nov-03
fantoms? the_popes_astronomer 6 24-Nov-03
I cant decide Roland Jd 800 or Kawai k5000s?? ddeez 30 22-Nov-03
JV / XP series Windows editor rockmanrock 1 20-Nov-03
S series samplers machinapathy 4 19-Nov-03
compressor for analog Roland ultratrash 3 18-Nov-03
CakeWalk to Boss DR-660 promar 1 15-Nov-03
Changing D-50 to factory presets ihargrove 3 12-Nov-03
Roland D-20 quebec88 2 11-Nov-03
Roland CR 68 rhythm computer thing shelfman 1 11-Nov-03
sp808ex vocoder omarpichette 1 09-Nov-03
MV-8000 vs. MPC...Round 1 MAK-90 5 09-Nov-03
Roland d20 and sync siyork 2 07-Nov-03
Roland JD 800 Kassy 2 03-Nov-03
On a Roland jv1000, What would be the best stop for "warm strings" and a "fender Rhodes (bell like) tonnis 1 30-Oct-03
who can help to a Roland R5 manual? u-lit 1 30-Oct-03
No MC-909 reviews? midi 3 09-Oct-03
boss dr660 michal 1 08-Oct-03
Syntecno 303 emulator fred vindictive 2 02-Oct-03
Jp8000 for a kurzweilk2000 sdp 0 25-Sep-03
Jp8000 for a kurzweilk2000 sdp 0 25-Sep-03
Jp8000 for a kurzweilk2000 sdp 0 25-Sep-03
Help!! Roland D70 can´t send MIDI from keyboard alfbergner 2 19-Sep-03
How reset Roland D70 to factory settings? alfbergner 0 19-Sep-03
Roland XV5050 editor and expansion board problem jpwrunyan 1 18-Sep-03
Roland RD-170 pablinius 4 15-Sep-03
Syntecno 303 emulator fred vindictive 0 05-Sep-03
How to use TR707/727 to output midi z-ko 1 29-Aug-03
sick alpha juno 2? teknogrl 1 29-Aug-03
i am looking for a user manual Roland SC155 koos 1 29-Aug-03
schematics for cv/gate MOD for TB303 zipo 1 28-Aug-03
xp-30 effects djcogz 2 14-Aug-03
No title ezzi 0 09-Aug-03
d-5 to d-110 transfer of patches MARKP 1 05-Aug-03
XV-2020 editor can't see expansion waves. rpieket 1 01-Aug-03
help with msq-100 cleverandsmart 4 30-Jul-03
FantomS revelation 5 30-Jul-03
Juno 106 replacement parts dualvco 2 29-Jul-03
sluggish sh-101 bender/pitch wheel davetron5000 3 28-Jul-03
Director-S S550 sequencer milton 2 28-Jul-03
Roland Sampler s550 RAfBOy 2 28-Jul-03
check out the new production sampler by roland dee_luvdj 3 28-Jul-03
D-70 uppgrades and sounds !!! meadman 1 28-Jul-03
Can you program your own fills on 808? patches 1 27-Jul-03
Is the JD 800 good for heavy punchy bass? ddeez 4 23-Jul-03
Boss Dr. Rhythm DR 660 qekanem 1 21-Jul-03
Roland Drum Pads eth0 1 21-Jul-03
Roland Synth Plus 60 - SH 60 TheoTN 3 19-Jul-03
Roland MC202 handbook nachtsmeer 2 16-Jul-03
roland mv-8000 edjwise 3 14-Jul-03
RD-300 Module splinterkeys 7 14-Jul-03
Is $1800 too much to pay for an A90EX? juanf 1 14-Jul-03
how can i get localoff on my roland e16 harink1961 3 12-Jul-03
roland kc-550 explr 0 05-Jul-03
Is the E86 Any good? Lawrence 1 01-Jul-03
vm-3100 pro bass1970man 0 26-Jun-03
V-Synth noision 1 22-Jun-03
D-10 connection to SB Live! 5.1 Dark Epic 2 20-Jun-03
SH-2 ~ all together now. shelfman 1 20-Jun-03
JD-800 stripcircuit 16 18-Jun-03
ROLAND ARRANGER MODULES RA-90, RA-95 &RA-800. snowman 1 14-Jun-03
PC300 Elbo 2 13-Jun-03
jv1080 vs... naedx 5 11-Jun-03
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S-760 monitor? james002 0 04-Jun-03
S-760 monitor? james002 0 04-Jun-03
Mint Roland GR-01, w/ GK-2A, & Exp. Kit -- What's it worth? HeHateMe 1 03-Jun-03
Has anyone got a Roland D5 Manual (Roland D-5) Cyclone 2 02-Jun-03
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TR-505 Service notes/manual wanted!!?? BartBral 1 01-Jun-03
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How to stop an XP-10 sending controller 121? merlinzen 2 24-May-03
can anybody share convert tool for roland pma5 for windows? I have convert software for mac tucky 1 24-May-03
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M64c cartridges? headhunter 0 20-Apr-03
Does M64C work with JX8P? headhunter 3 18-Apr-03
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No title lekanut 0 16-Apr-03
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Jupiter 6 gobotz 0 17-Mar-03
Jupiter 6 worth it? gobotz 0 17-Mar-03
Jupiter 6 worth it? gobotz 0 17-Mar-03
SH-101 and Juno Parts?! jamesbondmcm 2 17-Mar-03
Boss DR-660 to DR-770 MIDI upload Yonny 1 16-Mar-03
doesanyone out there know where i can locate a gr700 with the g707 guitar ? thanks, steve STARCHILD01 0 13-Mar-03
V-Synth midi 50 13-Mar-03
XV-2020 instrument definitions ? porterporter 0 11-Mar-03
Roland slider caps for JP4 and paraphonic? headhunter 2 11-Mar-03
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Groove/Encore/Kenton. Which MIDI kit for JP8? headhunter 1 21-Jan-03
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XP-60 for sale DrummerBoy 1 18-Oct-02
does jp-8080 have sine waves in both OSC 1 and 2? samhain 0 16-Oct-02
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Jv1080 a second time around..worth it? SyNtHpLaYa 9 08-Mar-02
JD-800 or Microwave XTK??? signum 2 08-Mar-02
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JP-8000, Nord Lead 2, Or Waldofr Micro Q Keyb Lilith 12 05-Mar-02
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-s550\330 what kind of mouse can I use with these? jeff1x 8 18-Dec-01
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Any of you have or use a Motion Sound KT80? rmcaracol 1 14-Dec-01
JX-305 for a starter synth? alternatronic 2 13-Dec-01
I'm looking for "the" killer guitar patch for XV3080,XP80.Anybody got one to share? tunesmyth 0 12-Dec-01
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Connect to PC Garland 1 26-Nov-01
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We should send a petition to Roland CoolColJ 13 17-Nov-01
Halp! CoolColJ 5 16-Nov-01
Roland SPD-20 Bobmac51 2 15-Nov-01
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can you use an mc 202 to sync a tr 808 to midi? jeff1x 17 14-Nov-01
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Roland JX-305 vs. Korg EM-1 for electronica virgin? Anonymous 3 11-Oct-01
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Roland MD-8 MIDI DCB interface 4 21-Apr-01
HEY! Does the the SP-808 read .wav or .aif? 4 20-Apr-01
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Next SRX Board from Roland (link) 1 19-Apr-01
Lilchips RIP 1 18-Apr-01
JP8080 discontinued, but JP8000 not.... 23 18-Apr-01
Next SRX Board from Roland (link) 0 18-Apr-01
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Pedal Leslie On/Off? 2 15-Apr-01
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XP 80/60 discontinued? 1 13-Apr-01
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Roland HS-60.. REALLY a 106 with speakers? 3 10-Apr-01
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XV 80/60 Workstations?????? b3keys 1 17-Mar-01
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The best bang for the buck from Roland in a good long while Mainline Crux 4 08-Mar-01
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My Jx-305 crapped out/help if you can TeeDigs 8 07-Mar-01
Bulk Data Dump to PC? ohm2 6 06-Mar-01
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909 Rack mod circuit slave 2 28-Feb-01
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XP-80 3 09-Feb-01
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ROLAND R8 M A N U A L ?? 7 06-Feb-01
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Juno 2 / Alesis Datadisk Bulk Dump problem 5 05-Feb-01
XP-50 in a rack???? 4 05-Feb-01
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my pg 300 wont talk to my juno tuesday 2 03-Feb-01
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Set up SRX Expansion Card for Piano Luk 1 02-Feb-01
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alpha juno 2 manual? hepburnenthorpe 3 30-Jan-01
xv-88 - 120v or 220v??? snaxy 3 26-Jan-01
Can the XV-88 send MIDI cc's from the sliders? Wiggum 3 24-Jan-01
XP-60 Help: Is it possible to combine sounds from multiple drum kits into a user-defined kit? umangpatel 1 23-Jan-01
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does the tr505 have shuffle? Colin707 2 23-Jan-01
Does XV-88 kick ass over Kurzweil PC2X ?? boddingtons 6 23-Jan-01
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could TD7 toms sound more natural? exile_studio 1 22-Jan-01
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Anyone use the Handsonic yet? 9 21-Jan-01
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d50 - samples, anybody? 2nd_cmd_Marty 2 21-Jan-01
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mc-307 a good piece of equipment... DRiLoad 2 19-Jan-01
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Recommend a good Roland Service Center in California? percussion boy 1 17-Jan-01
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606 Midi Jack ChrisMenning 5 17-Jan-01
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JV1080 / CS1x editor for 68030 Macintosh hss 3 16-Jan-01
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