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Pump: Yamaha (1119 of 3809 total discussions)  RSS Starter Messages Last
Yama DX7II "Distorted fuzzy Sound" kooroshi60 2 06-Sep-11
Slider Programming On KX88 westla 2 28-Jun-11
pss 480 memory question mtnmoves 1 09-Jul-10
raz786 1 30-May-10
Yamaha CS-5 help retrorocket 1 07-May-10
Yamaha PSR 2000 jotgates 1 20-Apr-10
MIDI] witty_bugs 1 08-Apr-10
Wanted Yamaha CS80 tolm 2 06-Apr-10
Yamaha VL Editor?? charliesays 2 30-Mar-10
YAMAHA CS-60 FOR SALE! michaelhuffman 1 08-Mar-10
RX7/RX5 RAM 4 Carts Wanted 2 27-Feb-10
Letting go of my beloved CS-80 michaelhuffman 1 26-Feb-10
yamaha rm1x nucleous 4 09-Feb-10
Yamaha psr 9000 dannjan 2 29-Dec-09
bigfoot 2 10-Dec-09
E! gray matter car54 1 21-Nov-09
resolving the timing problem on the motif 8 jsim1022 2 05-Nov-09
Mini-Laptop,USB Cont.,&Sound Lib.? littlejon1971 1 06-Oct-09
yamaha qy 22 barebones 1 25-Sep-09 retail discount brand sweater and wintercoat 1 04-Sep-09 offer discount fashion shoes ,clothing,brand bag,hangbag and purse 1 08-Jul-09
RX5 drum machine aaren002 1 24-Jun-09
128 Yamaha SY35 sounds Whitey 1 19-May-09
Yamaha DX7II sounds Whitey 1 19-May-09
Yamaha VL7? Juventus619 3 12-May-09
Yamaha V-50 OEM voices jwibbens 7 14-Apr-09
Yamaha CS-30 Need IG00151 Chip Zigma 4 10-Mar-09
DX9 Factory Patches syntar2002 2 18-Feb-09
Yamaha EX-5 CS-60 prices croznest 1 15-Feb-09
i buy an EX5:which options do i need? sdp 1 03-Dec-08
SY77 books wildpaws 1 01-Dec-08
I have bought second hand Yamaha RX5 recently, but most of the button doesn't come out with sound ( FAKHOURY 4 19-Nov-08
Need Help With my Yamaha QX5 sequencer streets 1 15-Oct-08
My new Yamaha Psr-70 :-) ozgur 6 12-Oct-08
sy99 reset? 5 02-Oct-08
Manual for a yamaha dmp7 5 08-Sep-08
Best price for Yamaha Motif XS8 in India? Where can I buy it from? achint1919 2 24-Aug-08
psr 740 vs psr s 700 samcheri 1 17-Aug-08
Yamaha QY700 kiwimiss 4 01-Aug-08
Yamaha CS-30L note 1 17-Jul-08
Yamaha DX7II FD not working (Motherboard?) conspiringandroid 1 08-Jul-08
PSR S900 vs. PA 800 (Korg) Bongobob 4 25-May-08
Yamaha DJX direct to computer?? need help bosrocker51 1 11-May-08
Yamaha RS7000 Licou 1 06-May-08
need help with rm1x......... Renegade-Raky 1 23-Apr-08
Yamaha V50 syx files jwibbens 2 18-Apr-08
Absolute beginner on Yamaha CS1x velouria 1 28-Jan-08
psr-620 All C's and C# not working kbrdflipke 2 19-Jan-08
Yamaha DX11 AnthonyJohn 2 29-Nov-07
yamaha dx7 re-initiate internal voices ctyson 1 28-Nov-07
yamaha dx 21 - chorus problems factories 1 06-Nov-07
Missing leg for Yamaha CP-80 Brotha Doug 2 13-Oct-07
DSR-2000 keyboard problem jfowler27 1 11-Oct-07
I have a yamaha a3000 sampler and can't load samples into internal memory. keeps saying disc not rea arnie 1 30-Aug-07
Yamaha P-120 Sounds...available ??? mark4man 1 23-Aug-07
MM6 program change commands Ray58 1 16-Jul-07
mayas 2 13-Jul-07
DX7 sound freaking - battery? Karlin 5 10-Jul-07
Used VL Turbo Chip BgDog 2 09-Jun-07
I want to buy a yamaha w5 or w7 please contact me TUMBZTON(Tombstone) 3 31-May-07
editor for YS100/200 Gaz Station 2 26-May-07
replace key shortcircuit 2 26-May-07
A5000 HDD power cables? semblance 5 21-May-07
rohith 1 07-May-07
TG33 - Factory Reset - Anyone know how? Steve B 4 17-Apr-07
qy70 and qy10 question Qyman 3 15-Apr-07
Yamaha MU15 skoehn 1 23-Mar-07
Chimpy 1 23-Feb-07
Yamaha RX5 wwmidi 1 18-Feb-07
Volume pedal nev 1 13-Feb-07
QY 70 problem jiggar 1 09-Feb-07
tritonman 1 08-Feb-07
internal zip for rm1x benice 1 06-Feb-07
KX88 Problem jdmmusic 6 04-Feb-07
S90 ES & Motif ES/XS difference rohith 1 27-Jan-07
How to access all samples, particularly harpsichord in an ancient SY55 vivi 3 19-Jan-07
New Yamaha Motif XS6/7/8 tritonman 1 05-Jan-07
Softsynth space sound EVOHE7 1 04-Jan-07
Motif ES vs Triton Extreme rohith 1 29-Dec-06
yamaha djx gcents 1 18-Dec-06
mu10 ajp1 2 15-Dec-06
weighted keys storch 2 20-Nov-06
ozgur 1 16-Nov-06
Yamaha DX7 breathe controller highvoltj 2 06-Nov-06
Logic an KX88??? ThaBolks 1 05-Nov-06
yamaha qy22 dazballistic 1 29-Oct-06
looking for seller: Motif 7 tritonman 1 08-Oct-06
Why remove the MIDI in/out jacks? morganames 2 23-Sep-06
Smart Media Card for Motif?? jnmelvin 1 17-Sep-06
Motif replacement between now and jan. NAMM? tritonman 1 15-Sep-06
KX88 fredwilson 4 02-Sep-06
MOTIF questions babyray7jr 2 31-Aug-06
power not comming on my psr-510 stan60 2 26-Aug-06
Memory For Yamaha V50 antonio1971 1 14-Aug-06
Yamaha V50 Preload memory antonio1971 1 14-Aug-06
PSR 620 Steve C. 1 13-Aug-06
kx88 jesper 3 13-Aug-06
Yamaha DX11 western_star 2 10-Aug-06
Alexandro 1 04-Aug-06
QY70 RECORD DEVICE FOR STAGE qajak 1 15-Jul-06
looking for a manual for TX-802 maytagstudios 2 11-Jul-06
Yahama PSR 70 manual wanted Jacksprat 1 10-Jul-06
las 1 04-Jul-06
las 1 02-Jul-06
Want to know the opinion about S90 ES as a synth and as a piano rohith 1 22-Jun-06
SW 1000XG Sound Card hardware problem jesu 1 20-Jun-06
yamaha S90,wanna know abt other sounds thant the piano rohith 4 12-Jun-06
yamaha a3000 sampler ChrisCraft 2 03-Jun-06
yammaha an200 cd doiesnt work asirt 1 18-May-06
good tone modules tom1953 1 10-May-06
Yamaha QY700 help needed... parallel66 2 07-May-06
Sustaining problems with Motiff 7 RBOOGY 1 29-Apr-06
aeib1 board for sale rcon303 1 22-Apr-06
How to Load new patches into Yamaha DX7 ruudz 3 22-Mar-06
CS1x fireman4104 2 02-Mar-06
Yamaha DX200 bundled CD Cerebral Infect 2 17-Feb-06
qy 700 rivrundry 1 30-Jan-06
Different drum-data in the SY85 sequencer / patterns haan 1 30-Jan-06
logic VS a 3000 ChrisCraft 13 20-Dec-05
Yamaha PSR 550 the whole keyboard transposed one key higher LuisRene 1 12-Dec-05
Yamaha PSR 550 keyboard is in D instead of C LuisRene 2 12-Dec-05
Yamaha PSR-340 bd0220 1 09-Dec-05
Yamaha SY85 Factory Settings and Disk Drive aguillen1 9 05-Dec-05
a 3000 loops ChrisCraft 3 05-Nov-05
zip disc for yamaha a 3000 ChrisCraft 1 26-Oct-05
a 3000 assigning wav files ChrisCraft 5 24-Oct-05
yamaha psr7000 jjm 1 21-Oct-05
Motif ? ES? tritonman 2 19-Oct-05
Yamaha DX7II cartridges Whitey 2 17-Sep-05
Yamaha Motif Rack CindaP 1 15-Sep-05
Yamah VL-1 CoolColJ 86 04-Sep-05
MIDI problems with the Yamaha A3000 + AN1x + RM1x sybariten 1 22-Aug-05
dd5 help(from no link thread) madmax 3 10-Jul-05
Virtual Acoustic? johnfingers 7 07-Jul-05
yamaha psr-12 mauiredrach 2 26-Jun-05
psr9000's..whatcha think'ov'em? 2bitz 1 20-Jun-05
Cobb Web 1 19-Jun-05
Yamaha V50 Drumbeat chuckiehow 4 03-Jun-05
Hooking up a Tyros to a Roland RA-50 or 90 pogybait 1 12-May-05
hotrod 1 09-May-05
Silver Droid 1 07-May-05
RS7000 for sale Revtor 1 04-May-05
SY22 question jamesbondmcm 1 14-Apr-05
TG33 clicking Steve B 1 04-Apr-05
DX7IID plus Whitey 2 27-Mar-05
SY85 Sequencer Smarts Steve B 1 22-Mar-05
motif es8 dernalia 1 15-Mar-05
Regaining lost SU200 factory presets jpetts 1 09-Feb-05
Any Easy Web site to aw16g..besides 101! Johnny Ringo 1 03-Feb-05
Any info on the new Motif Rack ES? criostoir 2 04-Jan-05
Worse than newbie tech questions. lgchristianson 2 22-Dec-04
How do i reset my RM1X to factory settings? sLaYv 1 15-Dec-04
SY85 - Still relevant and fun Steve B 14 08-Dec-04
Yamaha TG100 Tone Sound Module Midi PC western_star 1 03-Dec-04
How to: Use A4000 as effects processor? digiphallus 5 26-Nov-04
Yamaha Sampler johnward1 1 14-Nov-04
MU100 techncial query on Audio inputs simonB 1 09-Nov-04
I am looking for a psr740/640 manual dawpups 2 07-Nov-04
LOOKING FOR P80 mada 1 04-Nov-04
PSR-SQ16 - I need a power adaptor, please help! linzeeebe 1 02-Nov-04
Can i download FM7 patches to use on my DX7? headhunter 8 31-Oct-04
Yamaha Motif 6 or Motif Rack CC 1 18-Oct-04
Power cord fuadmyahya 1 09-Oct-04
TX802 anyone??? Icaros3 3 09-Oct-04
parts for sy77 thebigugly 1 04-Oct-04
Split points in psr 220 Glenda Hortop 3 29-Sep-04
Split points in psr 220 Glenda Hortop 2 28-Sep-04
I'm looking for an pc editor for the yamaha tq5/ys200 ElektracidZ 2 13-Sep-04
NEWBIE QUESTION Jewelee 6 12-Sep-04
DX7 ORIGINAL ROM cartridges headhunter 5 22-Aug-04
Yamaha RM1x: questionable build quality? fritzcrumb 8 19-Aug-04
Replacing A3000 knobs Heicktopiertz 1 14-Aug-04
Does Anyone Own A Yamaha A4000? Lawrence 16 28-Jul-04
rx7 manual guide whyamigrey 3 22-Jul-04
yamaha - rx7 latestar 3 22-Jul-04
Yamaha KX88 frozen and unresponsive. Any suggestions? torch58 3 15-Jul-04
SU700 Sampler Upgrade Godisafairytale 2 30-Jun-04
Rm1x or Cubase sx prob?? philmchugh258 1 09-Jun-04
MOTIF ES the king of workstations! ncheri 14 05-Jun-04
Hello to All Members!! p120dUde 2 31-May-04
p120dUde 1 28-May-04
VL70 Fabio 1 23-May-04
dx-7 iid fac. restore dcrobinson 6 23-May-04
A4000 Questions panopti 2 14-May-04
TG33 vs. TG77 fm 2 26-Apr-04
PSR SQ16 pepperedkingken 1 24-Apr-04
I need to understand what the Programme change screen means on my QY700 David Carter 1 13-Apr-04
recording hothots 1 12-Apr-04
Help with Programme change message to Proteus 2000 David Carter 3 08-Apr-04
Yamaha FM synthesis...guidance needed dwaldman61 28 30-Mar-04
Yamaha SU700 memory silmu 6 24-Mar-04
circuit bending lowpulse 1 15-Mar-04
newbeginner with Yamaha su700 , any tipps??? WOD 1 07-Feb-04
a5000 soto 2 04-Feb-04
Yamaha DD-5 Busted Chad_III 1 24-Jan-04
Does the motif really have good ep's? tritonman 3 21-Jan-04
No title ncheri 1 21-Jan-04
motif rack pcate 2 19-Jan-04
A3K samples saved as .wav DisasterArea 2 17-Jan-04
cp 80 grand mat roberts 1 15-Jan-04
yamaha cp80 eletric grand mat roberts 2 15-Jan-04
Yamaha DX7 jhavu 13 15-Jan-04
qy10 midi "thru" gcox 1 14-Jan-04
yamaha v50 MIKI_2004 5 07-Jan-04
yamaha ex5 macattack 2 02-Jan-04
looking for a sy99 for sale melody 2 31-Dec-03
TG77 repair keith_c 0 17-Dec-03
YAMAHA PSR6000 mick888 0 16-Dec-03
need TX81z or DX11 factory sounds Andreas 7 14-Dec-03
sy77 k1enneth 7 09-Dec-03
Akai samples with the Motif ES Gonkulator 3 02-Dec-03
Sy22 silverglitter 7 28-Nov-03
A4000 wav import question: pook187 2 27-Nov-03
FS1R and vector control? the Whiz 1 24-Nov-03
Y DX7IIFD problem Racquel 7 08-Nov-03
Any one here using the PSR 2100 ? midiw 1 07-Nov-03
CS1X and the hammond organ sound swede01 2 06-Nov-03
Need DX200 Bundled Software oLdFaRt 2 29-Oct-03
yamaha es outsideworld 0 23-Oct-03
Looking for YC-20 depsch 2 17-Oct-03
Does anyone have a copy of DISKY for the yamaha a3000 they can post me ? divykecks 3 06-Oct-03
dumb questions? judy 2 22-Sep-03
TQ5 problem HenryWC 2 11-Sep-03
Auction: Yamaha VSS-30 RARE SAMPLER!!! JohnnyMann 1 04-Sep-03
ex 5 zapwiessel 0 03-Sep-03
yamaha qy10 bobpetro 1 02-Sep-03
Yamaha FS1R matt1 2 27-Aug-03
Old Yamaha DX9 data cassette pjtune 1 19-Aug-03
Yamaha V50 bbertrand 2 19-Aug-03
YAMAHA RS7000 rcook 2 13-Aug-03
2 MIDI Channels at once possible on SY55? Glen 1 25-Jul-03
yamaha sy85 philly 4 25-Jul-03
Yamaha PSR 530 and Cakewalk (wimpy version) Alitham 2 23-Jul-03
No title philly 0 18-Jul-03
No title vikariepoolen 2 22-Jun-03
QUESTION-best Tyros available???? fanoftyros 4 23-May-03
REQUEST-looking for amateur Tyros fan sites???? fanoftyros 3 23-May-03
So hows the CS6x? DjXSoundz 9 20-May-03
FM synthesis paulo 2 15-May-03
I want to buy a yamaha w5 or w7 please contact me TUMBZTON(Tombstone) 0 08-May-03
Psr's problem zahab 2 05-May-03
yamaha motif rack mitchelldean 0 29-Apr-03
Yamaha s-80 arpeggiator xango man 3 24-Apr-03
Yamaha DJX device file for Cubase SX? xango man 3 24-Apr-03
FS1R Formant Sequence Question emulator 1 19-Apr-03
Dx200 any good? AnalogSlug 16 17-Apr-03
An1x and EX7 same board? jeff1x 15 16-Apr-03
USB SCSI -> A4000 pine 3 14-Apr-03
TX81Z and FM7 freakydancer 10 11-Apr-03
O/S of Yamaha TX81Z ? mindcurve 4 10-Apr-03
Yamaha A3000 and SU 700 jeff1x 5 10-Apr-03
FS1R editor/librarian for Windows cuari7 3 09-Apr-03
the Auto Load function of QS300 Yamaha lutruong 2 08-Apr-03
a4000 program lfo??? gammra 3 06-Apr-03
Sound source unlimited patches for the DX7 II dikrek 1 02-Apr-03
Unloading my MINT and FULLY LOADED Motif 7 MichaelMcKane 1 02-Apr-03
DM1000 versus 01v96k Mr Andersen 1 29-Mar-03
A3000 SCSI problem darkcloudboy 2 11-Mar-03
dx200 and sounddiver epiphanius 6 03-Mar-03
sy 85 and cubase studio module shak 9 20-Feb-03
Yamaha PSR 630 midi question brettph 1 17-Feb-03
DX200 Sequencer Live? Texas Noise Factory, I have a question! elsewhere84 2 13-Feb-03
RS7000 VS MC909 vinne35 0 09-Feb-03
looking to buy RS7000 vinne35 1 09-Feb-03
MPC2000xl or RS7000? AtomiX_303 6 02-Feb-03
Question QY10 buffalobill 1 02-Feb-03
Calling the Yamaha QS300/MU80 Specialist!! Errol 2 31-Jan-03
Multimode on the TG33 machinapathy 10 31-Jan-03
No title Errol 1 29-Jan-03
Yamaha Mu 80 Split Errol 5 29-Jan-03
YOUR DEMO WANTED midijim 1 28-Jan-03
Any news/rumors on motif rack? darkhop 4 27-Jan-03
TX 802 jtmurphy 1 22-Jan-03
ROM Mario432 1 21-Jan-03
I need helping making my music llllllt 3 19-Jan-03
i need keys for a cs-5 dj2sday 1 12-Jan-03
motif ktron 0 08-Jan-03
RX5 Rythm Programmer DarthNando 3 29-Dec-02
RM1x help wanted ncheri 0 28-Dec-02
An1x control change!?!? Gossi 4 25-Dec-02
Motif Rack? midi 9 14-Dec-02
NEW RS7k OS available!!! tomfinegan 2 11-Dec-02
No title Freesoul 3 05-Dec-02
yamaha DX7 II question bagface 2 25-Nov-02
yamaha DX7 II question bagface 0 24-Nov-02
yamaha DX7 II question bagface 0 24-Nov-02
yamaha DX7 II question bagface 0 24-Nov-02
Yamaha DJ X 2 Question Dj_Nightcrawler 2 24-Nov-02
Can you recommend a keyboard? memileman 4 18-Nov-02
SY22/TG33/SY35 differences? ThliGrdd 9 16-Nov-02
psr 340 jessie 4 13-Nov-02
Rm1X system reset Jiggity 3 05-Nov-02
does anybody have an old yamaha cs5 for sale? spot 1 03-Nov-02
qy 70 and qy 100 poyao 4 30-Oct-02
Whats wrong w/ my CS1X? jamesbondmcm 1 30-Oct-02
yamaha mep4 topaapobwaii 4 30-Oct-02
an200 and an1x... Same synth engine? nermidi 2 27-Oct-02
TX-7 instruction manual soundcamera 2 25-Oct-02
EX5/R vs Motif darkhop 6 24-Oct-02
Yamaha EX Series VS. CS6X oatbran71 4 22-Oct-02
Does TG77 respond to polyphonic aftertouch?? Yonny 2 22-Oct-02
Sub for NS10's Yang 1 22-Oct-02
cs6x reason dracfly 1 18-Oct-02
Yamaha announced officially NEW OS for RS tomfinegan 4 17-Oct-02
Sound Modules semblance 23 10-Oct-02
Triton-like stereo Piano sample for Motif 8? ufriendly 2 06-Oct-02
yamaha an200 emf909 2 03-Oct-02
Yamaha QY700 T 0 02-Oct-02
A3000 Versions Lilith 1 02-Oct-02
A4000 Internal HD optinone 3 01-Oct-02
DX-200 worth? machinapathy 27 24-Sep-02
DX-200 question living_in_photographs 3 17-Sep-02
Yamaha DX 11 skakavac 1 14-Sep-02
AN200 pitch bend Parakeet 4 09-Sep-02
TG500 and the SY85 the same machine? lejdhamre 2 08-Sep-02
FS: Yamaha CS-80 rlabarbe 3 08-Sep-02
New to Midi beeweb 3 08-Sep-02
qy10 - note problem? geronimo 1 03-Sep-02
W7 emergency! chipster 1 01-Sep-02
RS7000 update? right thru time 4 26-Aug-02
FS1R editor for Win+AlgorithmSheet? Freesoul 7 23-Aug-02
RM1X- why is this thing breaking? Jiggity 2 22-Aug-02
how do you load imported samples for Yamaha A4000? robroth 2 18-Aug-02
how do you load imported samples? robroth 0 16-Aug-02
Logic Template For CS6x???? synthetictone 2 16-Aug-02
yamaha s90 drt 0 15-Aug-02
yamha motif vs. triton studio mattmcalne1 1 10-Aug-02
fs1r-an1x sdp 5 09-Aug-02
DX200 & AN200 software zipo 2 05-Aug-02
No title zipo 0 05-Aug-02
crappo drum box...RX15 shelfman 1 01-Aug-02
Osc sync on AN200/AN1x Parakeet 1 31-Jul-02
SY85 avon 1 30-Jul-02
PSR 620 - Registration Memory call up per MIDI rainbowman 1 28-Jul-02
AN200 - any good? Parakeet 6 28-Jul-02
Portable synth with best Rhodes sounds?.. DiscoKing 4 27-Jul-02
Yamah VL Plg board syd 3 27-Jul-02
Yamaha 01v as a midi controller Aurora 3 25-Jul-02
rx7 -- help!!! jojoboxer 2 22-Jul-02
Yamaha V50 floppy died, can I use computer to back up the sequences and sounds I have on disks??? hunky_artist 2 18-Jul-02
A4000 cd rom question jbfunk 1 16-Jul-02
No title DarthNando 3 11-Jul-02
any motif-owners using it primarily for sampling? The Human Bong 4 09-Jul-02
a4000 spec 0 01-Jul-02
DX-200 sequencer bug fac 5 01-Jul-02
trading QY100 synthonic 5 28-Jun-02
RAM-card Parakeet 1 27-Jun-02
New DGX-300 keyboard?? tolletje 1 25-Jun-02
No title tolletje 0 25-Jun-02
Converting samples on the A4000 CDs to wav? Glassy 2 24-Jun-02
New songs Sys-Ex 1 23-Jun-02
P80 acoustic rain 2 22-Jun-02
RS7000 using Motif PLG Exp Cards? 3DarkHours 14 22-Jun-02
Changing sounds on Yamaha S30 Tatal 1 20-Jun-02
Get some money back from Yamaha! fac 2 17-Jun-02
Increasing the VL7's polyphony jhaible 8 13-Jun-02
MOTIF - Restoring "USER" presets?? Agent707 2 10-Jun-02
yamaha SY85 backwards 1 09-Jun-02
VL1 / VL7 keyboard mechanism jhaible 1 08-Jun-02
Yamaha RX7 adhrar 2 07-Jun-02
if u own cs2x, what genre do you produce? metaGauge:Zero 7 03-Jun-02
RS7000 OS update is in the pipe! tomfinegan 2 01-Jun-02
AN200 or DX200 for industrial noize? almostnothing 6 30-May-02
a4000 "standard boot mode" problem redize 1 27-May-02
DX7II patches for sale giorgiorobino 1 23-May-02
YAMAHA SW1000 XG PCI right thru time 11 22-May-02
Replacemend drive Parakeet 13 19-May-02
Wave cards for TG77??!! rendaz 3 14-May-02
QY100 synthonic 1 12-May-02
TX-816 editor for Mac puck 3 11-May-02
qy10 geronimo 2 09-May-02
Anyone have a CS01? jamesbondmcm 2 29-Apr-02
where can I find the sound card for the sy22 bassboy 1 23-Apr-02
can i............ peanut 1 23-Apr-02
yamaha sy 22 bassboy 2 22-Apr-02
DX7: Let’s all help Araby get an “A+” Araby 3 22-Apr-02
EX5/EX5r comments DJL/DeadZone Studio 2 22-Apr-02
Cs6x Riply 2 16-Apr-02
Yamaha ASIB1 & AIEB1 VS ASIB2 AIEB2? DJ NSA 5 15-Apr-02
su10 sampler synthonic 1 11-Apr-02
DJX midi xmit 4 10-Apr-02
a3k - SIMM configuration error tlotoxl 1 10-Apr-02
yamaha set up synthonic 4 10-Apr-02
TG-77, any good? Parakeet 22 10-Apr-02
FS1R and TX81z james002 10 10-Apr-02
Yamaha DJX and Yamaha QY10 portable music sequencer willchili 2 09-Apr-02
rm1x the_viirus 4 06-Apr-02
FS1-R and Micro Q synthelabo 6 05-Apr-02
su700 bclarke421 0 04-Apr-02
Yamaha Sample Remix Function Jonl 2 04-Apr-02
Using R1mx to control external gear OrpheuZ 7 03-Apr-02
Who's got the illest AN1x patches??? Pooty T 1 03-Apr-02
looking for Smartmedia card synthonic 6 31-Mar-02
Yamaha A3000 sample playback problem rmc 1 27-Mar-02
EX5,CS6x or Trinity + DJL/DeadZone Studio 1 27-Mar-02
Yamaha SY-77 analog patch banks Analoguesque 1 25-Mar-02
SY99 SY77 mikol 14 24-Mar-02
QY700 polyphonic aftertouch Yonny 22 23-Mar-02
QY100, takes too long to upload a file or... billy_pty 3 23-Mar-02
Kelly64... I need some input.... silverglitter 1 21-Mar-02
Yamaha EX7 - Layering Voices paulstobitzer 3 20-Mar-02
TG-77 backlight replacing?? Yonny 11 18-Mar-02
DX7IIFD vs DX7IIFD w/Greay Matter E! daughter board Racquel 4 18-Mar-02
PSR 2700, anyone ever have this problem with a Yamaha? Kyslin 1 17-Mar-02
AN1x v AN200 james002 7 16-Mar-02
Replacing TG77 for FSR1 - Right Move? 5 15-Mar-02
DX11 vs V50 Mert 14 12-Mar-02
organic synth sounds newskin 3 12-Mar-02
WTB Yamaha DB50XG Daughter Card jcland 2 11-Mar-02
Great S80 / S30 / CS6x sounds! prorecsynthsounds 1 10-Mar-02
mu100r audio routing cyanhue 3 10-Mar-02
Sysex patches for the Yamaha TG-77 5 08-Mar-02
TG-55 vs. TG-77 Spectralab 5 08-Mar-02
Yamaha SY99 9 08-Mar-02
No title Bazziman 17 08-Mar-02
7 DX7 modules in a 4U black??? Teebee303 14 07-Mar-02
Yamaha shs 200 Manual neede. HELP! paul smith 2 06-Mar-02
need more MEMORY for my SU 10. I know it,s hard wired but does anybody have a solution. Mr.Frank 2 05-Mar-02
An1x JohnnyGrundles 4 04-Mar-02
Rs7000 running out of tracks... JohnnyGrundles 13 02-Mar-02
Where can I get hold of data cards for the SY55? grayzer 3 01-Mar-02
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S80 or S30?? 4 23-Mar-00
QY 70 Question 4 23-Mar-00
New S80 7 23-Mar-00
YS200 Question 3 20-Mar-00
An1X and TB 303 emulation/FSR1 is it good? 4 19-Mar-00
question for S80 owners 3 17-Mar-00
yamaha sampler OS type stuff 3 14-Mar-00
tx7 - downloading patches on cassette? 7 09-Mar-00
cs1x 4 08-Mar-00
SU-10 going price? 1 07-Mar-00
Yamaha YS100 parts? manual? help!!!!! 1 04-Mar-00
Yamaha AN1x Sound problem 3 03-Mar-00
RM1X control over midi ? 2 01-Mar-00
rm1x filter noise 3 01-Mar-00
SPX1000 question 13 29-Feb-00
Glide question in RM1x.. 1 28-Feb-00
DX5 & DX7 max velocity 3 27-Feb-00
Can a DX7 send MIDI Transpose out 5 26-Feb-00
loop-sequences possible on su-700? 2 24-Feb-00
To TX816....or not to TX816? 13 24-Feb-00
Beginner needs help with the RM1x.. 2 22-Feb-00
an1x as a masterkeyboard 6 19-Feb-00
An1x availability 7 16-Feb-00
WaveForce WF192D availability 1 16-Feb-00
FS1R list? software? 4 14-Feb-00
CS6x User Forum 1 14-Feb-00
TX816 factory patches needed 1 04-Feb-00
dtx 1 03-Feb-00
CS6X/CS6R bug???! 1 03-Feb-00
Editor For TX7? 3 02-Feb-00
CS6x Arpeggiator tempo/midi clock 4 29-Jan-00
CS6x Cakewalk Instrument Definition 1 29-Jan-00
TMX manual/copy needed... 1 28-Jan-00
SU700 Totally rockin 2 28-Jan-00
Ex5, fs1r, mu100, m90 discontinued! 22 27-Jan-00
QY70 backup problems 4 26-Jan-00
MU80 1 25-Jan-00
CS6x BUG??? 2 24-Jan-00
VL1m Hardware Failure 2 23-Jan-00
DX7 memory loss 2 23-Jan-00
PC Editor for thr TX81Z 2 22-Jan-00
SY99 1 21-Jan-00
v50 broken belt on disc drive 1 21-Jan-00
Ex5,FS1R, Mu100,m90 notdiscontinued 3 19-Jan-00
Manual for TX81Z 6 16-Jan-00
comments on cvp5,511 clp87a 1 16-Jan-00
Yamaha A5000/A4000 17 15-Jan-00
S80 Midi Timing question 2 11-Jan-00
rm1x questions 2 10-Jan-00
RM1x continuous record 2 09-Jan-00
Adding knobs to DX series 3 08-Jan-00
EX5r, What is the latest OS? 1 06-Jan-00
DX7IIFD MIDI Velocity 9 06-Jan-00
EX5r blowout? 11 03-Jan-00
Yamaha An1x C stock available soon 1 02-Jan-00
AN1X Users Forum 1 27-Dec-99
TX816 question 10 25-Dec-99
The exciting world of 2 Operator FM! 6 21-Dec-99
cs1x midi implementation. 3 20-Dec-99
TX816, Mixer and MIDI 41 19-Dec-99
TZ Quad+ 2 19-Dec-99
2 19-Dec-99
Rm1x INS file wanted!!! 1 19-Dec-99
Roger Troutman Drum Machines 14 18-Dec-99
checksum error with mu90r 3 18-Dec-99
TQ5 - ? 5 17-Dec-99
any rumors of a new qy for 2000 2 16-Dec-99
DX7 Sending Aftertouch 2 14-Dec-99
dx7 velocity. 5 12-Dec-99
Repairs on a DX7IID? 1 12-Dec-99
Initializing my Yamaha RX5? 4 10-Dec-99
TX81Z 37 04-Dec-99
QS-300 Floopy Drive Problem 3 04-Dec-99
FS1R 1 02-Dec-99
Ryuichi Sakamoto sounds 1 30-Nov-99
rm1x review 9 30-Nov-99
Should I get ANOTHER An1x? 12 29-Nov-99
My PSR8000 keyboard gives me electric shocks!!! 2 23-Nov-99
CS6x effects 5 22-Nov-99
A3000 SCSI Termination 1 22-Nov-99
DX100 1 21-Nov-99
cs1x arp midi send? 6 19-Nov-99
AN1X Aftertouch 2 19-Nov-99
AN1x Sequencing problem/1st note hangs 2 19-Nov-99
RY-30 memory cards? 1 18-Nov-99
DX/TX Editor problem 10 17-Nov-99
AN1x control FreaK? 8 14-Nov-99
Anyone using YAMAHA MT4X cassette recorder 5 11-Nov-99
TG-500 owners 1 09-Nov-99
Anyone else using FS1R? 5 08-Nov-99
AN1X programming question 2 05-Nov-99
Cs6x?? enlighten me here please... 28 02-Nov-99
Send AN1X voices to computer??? 1 01-Nov-99
Yamaha VL1/7?...or is there anything else 13 26-Oct-99
I need a manual 3 25-Oct-99
RM1X Q's 2 24-Oct-99
Where's mLAN? 3 22-Oct-99
Too bad for CS6x... 13 18-Oct-99
TX-812 6 18-Oct-99
2 18-Oct-99
Changing of tempo/beat in the same song on PSR2700 2 18-Oct-99
TX81Z Repair 9 15-Oct-99
DX27 Aftertouch? 10 15-Oct-99
An1x Programming Tips 6 13-Oct-99
EW-20 Wind Controller 2 12-Oct-99
MR10 Drum machine? 1 12-Oct-99
SY85 SOUNDS 2 09-Oct-99
SY-85 Sampling 4 07-Oct-99
1 07-Oct-99
Yamaha S80 1 23-Sep-99
FS1R users 3 22-Sep-99
QY70 and PMA5's sequencing capabilities 3 14-Sep-99
DX7 Cards for TX802? 5 13-Sep-99
Transfering things to my PSR-510 1 06-Sep-99
TX-81Z Fault (?) 13 06-Sep-99
The Yamaha KX88 7 06-Sep-99
Info on yamaha BC series breath controllers? 20 05-Sep-99
CMX-5 computer 1 05-Sep-99
Cakewalk... 2 02-Sep-99
RM1X advice 2 01-Sep-99
how to it all to work together? 8 29-Aug-99
SW1000XG digital addon? 2 27-Aug-99
New S80 Synth Shown at NAMM 5 26-Aug-99
AN1-X tricks,tips,advice,help 8 24-Aug-99
What's a TX-7 worth? 2 23-Aug-99
Tg500 or SY85? 2 21-Aug-99
a home studio ??? 8 21-Aug-99
CS1x as masterkeyboard ? 7 18-Aug-99
P-farm? 1 18-Aug-99
looking for a kx5 1 17-Aug-99
Yamaha DX7? 11 17-Aug-99
O3d mixer 3 17-Aug-99
An1x vs. JX305 6 16-Aug-99
CS2x as a good 1st MIDI controller? 6 12-Aug-99
CS-01 MK2 questions... 4 12-Aug-99
DS55 Manual DESPERATELY needed! 1 12-Aug-99
SU700 SCSI board 2 03-Aug-99
Vector synthesis programming tips, SY-22, SY-35, TG33 2 02-Aug-99
Tg33 14 27-Jul-99
AN1X retrieving voice data from seq. 2 27-Jul-99
realism of cs-1x/2x 7 26-Jul-99
New Yammie gear this summer 4 23-Jul-99
Current AN1x Information 1 20-Jul-99
DTS-70 2 18-Jul-99
Yamaha P-Series 2 18-Jul-99
AN1X - Knob increments of +/- 1 3 14-Jul-99
Somebody help me please! 3 14-Jul-99
RY-30 power supply 2 08-Jul-99
AN1X Sync Problem? 3 07-Jul-99
AN1x Knob Zipper Noise? 3 05-Jul-99
AN1x Bug? OS Updates? 4 03-Jul-99
SY77 or SY85 18 30-Jun-99
TX, what does it mean? 5 30-Jun-99
Yamaha Waveforce soundcard? 5 30-Jun-99
SU700 6 30-Jun-99
A3K importing .wav problems... 1 29-Jun-99
TX81Z Program Changes 1 29-Jun-99
SW1000XG drivers? 1 28-Jun-99
PSR-530 and PSR-520 1 27-Jun-99
QS300 9 23-Jun-99
TX816 sound quality vs. original DX7? 10 22-Jun-99
SY99 system upgrade 1 21-Jun-99
An A3K, SCSI, TWE and hair loss... 1 19-Jun-99
MR10??????????? 2 16-Jun-99
TX802 7 12-Jun-99
RX5 Drum machine - Any good? 5 10-Jun-99
Yamaha QY70 & A3000 1 09-Jun-99
QY300 Manual 1 08-Jun-99
MIDI File To QY70 File Conversion 7 01-Jun-99
Favorite DX7 patches [recommendations] 4 01-Jun-99
Dead battery in DX7II? 3 28-May-99
How can I link the CS1x modwheel to my samplers cutoff ? 3 26-May-99
How do you stop the RM1X from sending program changes??? 1 25-May-99
PSR620 and DigitalPerfomer/FreeMIDI 1 23-May-99
Help me somebody, my RM1X is killing me !! 10 21-May-99
Sample RAM size on the SY85 3 21-May-99
special brews cd 1 20-May-99
anybody got a 3rd party manual DX7II? 14 19-May-99
how to I reset an sy55 1 19-May-99
SY85 Matters 2 18-May-99
I can't stop RM1X from sending program changes!?!? 1 18-May-99
JP8000 sounds on AN1X 5 17-May-99
EX5 1 16-May-99
RM1x environment? 1 14-May-99
CS-60 reviews 3 12-May-99
Tweaking a TX-81Z from a Launch Pad. 10 11-May-99
DJX Cakewalk Studioware Panel 1.0 now available 1 10-May-99
Anybody using a SY99? 3 09-May-99
Demos of Yamaha gear online 1 08-May-99
SY-77 Memory cards 1 08-May-99
anybody using the QX5 sequencer? 1 05-May-99
Yamaha P-200 or Korg SGPro X 4 05-May-99
Qy-70 2 04-May-99
New TQ5 user, many questions..... 2 30-Apr-99
rm1x plus othe seq.s 4 29-Apr-99
AN1x - Why when playing led blanking? 3 28-Apr-99
tx81z good choice? 44 24-Apr-99
RX-5 extras... 1 24-Apr-99
AN1x sounding fuzzy 4 23-Apr-99
AN1X sequencer question 2 21-Apr-99
Between DJX and qs6.1 2 20-Apr-99
anybody using the SU700 yet? 7 13-Apr-99
RM1X 4 13-Apr-99
YS200/YS100/TQ5 demo disk? 1 13-Apr-99
A3000 Sample Banks 4 11-Apr-99
FB-01 : pc editor / info 2 10-Apr-99
TG-33 Editor program 2 09-Apr-99
TG-33 - problem with outputs 4 08-Apr-99
QY-20 1 01-Apr-99

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