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Anyone still lurking? Jiggity 136 15-Nov-16
360 Systems Midi Patcher Help Please Fracture 13 04-Nov-11
HOME BASED JOBS mnaseem982 3 17-Jun-11
From studio to live set... how do you do it? CKM000 14 17-Jun-11
Get Paid to Read, Surf & Click mnaseem982 1 27-Oct-10
mnaseem982 1 27-Oct-10
For Sale- MIDI MOOG wbeith 2 25-Oct-10
rainy22 1 29-Sep-10
Paging back beyond 2005 Rt.Hon.Beermaster 3 22-Sep-10
Mike Edwards RIP madmax 1 06-Sep-10
mnaseem982 1 19-Aug-10
John Carpenter comparsion? massmovement 3 30-Jul-10
chandresh12p 2 28-Jul-10
guccishop 1 20-Jun-10
Ambient / Classical (debut album) chrisgil 1 05-Jun-10
habeebash981 1 05-Jun-10
Computer Hardware & Software mnaseem982 1 03-Jun-10
Ronnie James Dio RIP madmax 2 17-May-10
replacement for Tracktion2 bishka 2 14-May-10
GURU of 'GangStar' has passed away das1029 3 24-Apr-10
Brazda lui Novac first album release victor_bln 1 19-Apr-10
replacement power supply for Quasimidi Sirius George Grosik 1 14-Apr-10
Make your music shine with Turd Polisher Pro sfxmachine 2 01-Apr-10
ASM2 analog modular synth demo victor_bln 4 30-Mar-10
Mega Percussive Synthesizer (MPS) demo victor_bln 1 23-Mar-10
My Cubase 2.8, 2.0, and asq10 hardware reviews. hexfix93 3 16-Mar-10 New arrive Men Christian Audigier hoody wholesale4shoes 1 10-Mar-10
Industrial Strength Records 1 21-Feb-10
Behringer Tube UltraQ need help .. MaxQ 2 15-Feb-10
Winter NAMM 2010 Peake 7 14-Feb-10
Modular s/w synth purchase. Want your opinion! das1029 13 09-Feb-10
What's up with Digidesign? das1029 5 08-Feb-10
Music Production Course @ Ravensbourne j.pitchers 1 26-Jan-10
look4wholesaler 1 20-Jan-10
How long have you been a member??? CindaP 24 12-Jan-10
What's your current gear list? fac 8 09-Jan-10
New Kurzweil PC3K workstation das1029 5 06-Jan-10
Does anyone know anythng about the K2000 sampling option? sauce 11 06-Jan-10
Ableton Live Packs slowlight 1 05-Dec-09
You MUST check out this BUS COMPRESSOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! das1029 2 24-Nov-09
She's baaaaack CindaP 29 13-Nov-09
Discount brand fashion handbags from 2 13-Nov-09
STUDIO CLEAROUT chrisgil 1 06-Nov-09
High End Tentacles 1 28-Oct-09
Using a snake to make sounds.. Sunseeker 2 27-Oct-09
I need to find a electric cord for the Technics KN2000 Iby 1 27-Oct-09
Apogee Ensemble - on ebay chrisgil 1 22-Oct-09
Solaris Steveo 4 21-Oct-09
peavey dpm c8p sheryl 1 20-Oct-09
Reactive Music RobertThomas 1 19-Oct-09
Choosing a mixing board toolles 2 19-Oct-09 1 12-Oct-09
Where Can I Find a Minimoog Patch Book anointed2 11 05-Oct-09
New Novation Launch Pad controller for Live! SekondThought 1 01-Oct-09
Digidesign is Avid, except... SekondThought 1 23-Sep-09
KORG UK - "Wave Is COming 14-09-09" SekondThought 6 05-Sep-09
discount brand nike af1,dunk sb, air max ,air shox shoes 1 04-Sep-09
the problem is? zengomi 5 29-Aug-09 offer discount brand shoes t-shirt and jeans 2 21-Aug-09
New Fairlight CMI 30A to be $19,000.00!!!! SekondThought 7 20-Aug-09
RIP Les Paul das1029 2 14-Aug-09
Astronauta - new album fac 1 06-Aug-09
Music website design & hosting, some advice needed SpeckO 1 31-Jul-09
michael jackson zengomi 7 24-Jul-09
XXX on Roland UK website? SekondThought 2 13-Jul-09
SekondThought 1 12-Jul-09
ETI 4600 for sale lechaise 6 03-Jul-09
john foxx zengomi 3 28-Jun-09
brazda lui novac victor_bln 10 27-Jun-09
My new setup fac 9 22-Jun-09
Recording for Film Jiggity 2 21-Jun-09
Prophet VS For Sale tonercart 1 04-Jun-09
Rossplayslego titleless thread Cerebral Infect 3 04-Jun-09
rossplayslego 1 02-Jun-09
Propellerheads RECORD, interesting!!!!!! das1029 5 25-May-09
Mott the Hoople R 1 20-May-09
built in general MIDI synth b3tech. 1 16-May-09
Synclavier VPK Steveo 2 12-May-09
midi sync woes!!! flux302 8 06-May-09
what to sell an sh-201 for? flux302 4 06-May-09
beat kangs beat thang flux302 1 04-May-09
do i need to change mt career? flux302 7 04-May-09
philip613 1 25-Apr-09
2cAudio Aether Reverb plugin Group Buy Superfly76 2 24-Apr-09
Chimera Synth- NEATO! Jiggity 3 17-Apr-09
Garritan is buying GIGASAMPLER!!!! das1029 2 17-Apr-09
How do I get my Korg N1 to work with Cakewalk? palacio1 1 15-Apr-09
It's on Jiggity 55 14-Apr-09
Wivi Iphone portable $10 orchestra SpeckO 1 11-Apr-09
Livid Ohm Controllers SpeckO 2 11-Apr-09
Kurzweil Manual Joke Shock Horror!!! FIZMO100 11 02-Apr-09
Loops and Samples BEATMKR 2 01-Apr-09
Telex Jiggity 9 27-Mar-09
Battery 3 Jiggity 2 19-Mar-09
PASS TO NAMM MetalMuse 2 19-Mar-09
Best Live Synth Amp MetalMuse 9 19-Mar-09
STOLEN Korg OASYS 88! Can you guys help me spread the word? Sina172 9 16-Mar-09
home made studio dcmadness 3 03-Mar-09
clashmag 1 27-Feb-09
New songs on the website chrisgil 4 18-Feb-09
what is music? zengomi 29 07-Feb-09
Video projects I'm working on... phraggle 10 06-Feb-09
Talent is overrated? das1029 6 03-Feb-09
NAMM - got your shopping lists? phraggle 6 01-Feb-09
Billy Powell RIP madmax 1 28-Jan-09
music store report madmax 10 26-Jan-09
History: DAWs and plug-ins on top of digital music production niklas_sn7 6 23-Jan-09
What's happening.. sauce 1 21-Jan-09
anyone compared Axiom and CME UF controllers? Jiggity 1 11-Jan-09
Happy New Year!!!!! das1029 8 11-Jan-09
Poly 800 Reversed Keys - too rare to modify? FIZMO100 10 08-Jan-09
NI Kore controller for standalone FX? the Whiz 1 07-Jan-09
Celeste voice? daveneiser 2 14-Dec-08
Hey Guys Im Looking For A New Tabletop Synth kKAYDON 10 10-Dec-08
help: feedback from vocalist JOSSIEJOJO 10 08-Dec-08
heard of this b3 sim madmax 1 03-Dec-08
Munetaka Higuchi RIP madmax 1 02-Dec-08
I got a new toy R 10 29-Nov-08
Prodigy fans? phraggle 1 28-Nov-08
Jobs in Education UK anointed2 3 25-Nov-08
clashmag 1 24-Nov-08
noise coming out of my monitors sdp 6 22-Nov-08
D16 Classic Boxes group buy phraggle 1 19-Nov-08
Some rather synthy music alexp 7 17-Nov-08
Mitch Mitchell RIP madmax 1 14-Nov-08
clashmag 1 14-Nov-08
oberheim newlichen 16 07-Nov-08
soundcard-firewire or pci? sdp 1 06-Nov-08
Omnisphere phraggle 22 03-Nov-08
New @ Sonic 1 30-Oct-08
looking to upgrade I/O to projectmix? flux302 2 25-Oct-08
pawn shop/thrift store report madmax 1 17-Oct-08
The kind of hype that gets my goat... FIZMO100 3 17-Oct-08
No Firewire 400 on new MacBooks or MBP's SekondThought 2 17-Oct-08
mastering roblindsay 3 06-Oct-08
New Oberheim SEM on the Horizon ? ! Rt.Hon.Beermaster 2 06-Oct-08
midi controller with lots of faders and knobs sdp 11 06-Oct-08
acoustics roblindsay 2 06-Oct-08
Indamixx - this is very cool !!!!!!!!!!!!! Steveo 3 05-Oct-08
Clash Mag November Issue out now! clashmag 1 30-Sep-08
WANTED - Logic 7.3 mplayer78 1 28-Sep-08
Canadian Theremin short film nominated iguana 2 26-Sep-08
What a joke... phraggle 6 23-Sep-08
hiring gear in New York woolmans 1 16-Sep-08
simple midi controller for a DAW inocybe 2 16-Sep-08
Rick Wright RIP madmax 2 16-Sep-08
Novation X-Station R 6 15-Sep-08
Pops and Clicks in Digital Connection anointed2 1 15-Sep-08
Talkbox Setup with VST-I synth anointed2 7 12-Sep-08
You're never too young synthesize... phraggle 5 11-Sep-08
Blofeld keyboard victor_bln 3 10-Sep-08
victor_bln 1 10-Sep-08
Finally found the solution to the eternal quest for the perfect piano experience... FIZMO100 2 09-Sep-08
Music played on network without permission >Update< SpeckO 8 09-Sep-08
Good way to find instruments ..... Joseph54 5 03-Sep-08
How to make fat, T1 Snow leads in FL-Studio-Ableton anointed2 5 01-Sep-08
Motu 2408 Mk2/DP5 larbok 1 29-Aug-08
Korg DS-10 vokal 10 22-Aug-08
pawn shop/thift store report madmax 3 15-Aug-08
My Minimoog in action :) CoolColJ 1 12-Aug-08
vocalremoval abdullahi mohammed 8 12-Aug-08
Isaac Hayes RIP madmax 2 11-Aug-08
Has anyone played the Waldorf Blofeld yet? fuqface 8 31-Jul-08
Spam: my cd's now available for purchase fac 8 30-Jul-08
She was so ahead of her time: Rt.Hon.Beermaster 5 28-Jul-08
Studio Upgrade YAY anointed2 2 25-Jul-08
hypersonic 2 csd 1 23-Jul-08
classic sample cd's to swap... newlichen 1 22-Jul-08
musical genius zengomi 1 19-Jul-08
king harvest's dancing in the moonlight semblance 4 16-Jul-08
Radiohead video phraggle 7 04-Jul-08
Yamaha FS1R - Still worth it? fac 10 03-Jul-08
Music played on Major Network, no permission...but good exposure, what do I do? SpeckO 17 29-Jun-08
Pro Tools ...arugggg! iguana 1 27-Jun-08
Interior Decorating for Recordng Studio anointed2 12 25-Jun-08
Something from your childhood perhaps? alles_ist_dada 1 24-Jun-08
macbook pro or mac pro? flux302 4 24-Jun-08
Ultimate new software Plug-ins . Rt.Hon.Beermaster 5 22-Jun-08
MacBook Air .. one let down: Rt.Hon.Beermaster 4 17-Jun-08
Anyone up for a good deed? alexp 11 13-Jun-08
latency problems sdp 3 10-Jun-08
Stop motion music video phraggle 2 05-Jun-08
GlitchDS phraggle 2 03-Jun-08
Synth-centric music zengomi 28 31-May-08
crankitup1114 1 29-May-08
Video Recording Jiggity 5 28-May-08
What's the diff between the AN1 and CS1x anointed2 28 26-May-08
Emu PX7 Groovebox problem!!! Licou 4 26-May-08
Got to love this: Rt.Hon.Beermaster 20 22-May-08
22000 dollar CS80. alexp 14 20-May-08
Novation Nocturn phraggle 1 16-May-08
soulwax interview and win Traktor Scratch 1 16-May-08
John Rutsey RIP madmax 1 15-May-08
RIP x 3 madmax 1 15-May-08
Prophet 08 CoolColJ 11 14-May-08
Linn Drum LM-2 iguana 1 14-May-08
best phat small live module for pk 5a?? kylereece 7 13-May-08 Jiggity 19 08-May-08
Korg TR61 or Roland Juno G ? taffae 13 07-May-08
Why didn't Akai UK give us a chance? SekondThought 16 07-May-08
They're Falling Like Flies: Sound Control file for liquidation too ! Rt.Hon.Beermaster 12 05-May-08
new metasonix design leaked Jiggity 5 03-May-08
Turnkey UK Go into liquidation Rt.Hon.Beermaster 6 02-May-08
Tom @ EFM Jiggity 1 01-May-08
taffae 1 29-Apr-08
any of you in or around Houston? Jiggity 3 29-Apr-08
taffae 1 29-Apr-08
Free Video Tutorials in Ableton/Reason/Cubase/DJing 3 29-Apr-08
advice for new purchases ylandau1 26 25-Apr-08
Fan-fu**ing-tastic! Ha ha ha ha! phraggle 15 23-Apr-08
simple drum machine semblance 5 23-Apr-08
What the hell is going on? Jiggity 5 23-Apr-08
Top Gear theme played with engine noises alles_ist_dada 4 18-Apr-08
Deary me... chavs and studios shouldn't mix... FIZMO100 7 14-Apr-08
panning sdp 5 13-Apr-08
Tenori on ! Rt.Hon.Beermaster 6 12-Apr-08
Grampa's old shit organ Jiggity 10 11-Apr-08
Sound treatment experience alles_ist_dada 3 09-Apr-08
Yamaha N12 & Cubase AI4 alles_ist_dada 3 09-Apr-08
how long do you work on a dance track sdp 4 09-Apr-08
two computers together sdp 7 09-Apr-08
Logic Studio Question anointed2 9 07-Apr-08
Ear Plugs Jiggity 4 07-Apr-08
sequencer for loops sdp 13 05-Apr-08
This is hilarious..... alexp 3 02-Apr-08
Oberheim Matrix 6r.. problem. sauce 5 02-Apr-08
New Moog.. ! ? Revtor 5 01-Apr-08
Finance Management For Musicians anointed2 15 01-Apr-08
an1x or ex5? sdp 7 31-Mar-08
I've had it with all that 'music tech' inocybe 47 31-Mar-08
-SPECTRALIS- Revtor 9 30-Mar-08
music for the national fireworks sdp 9 29-Mar-08
Paia oddity (the 3790 EEG) iguana 3 26-Mar-08
The INSANE Korg DSS-1 sauce 12 25-Mar-08
Some funny gearhumour alexp 13 23-Mar-08
Shit, I've been had... FIZMO100 41 21-Mar-08
Tracktion users? I need help, like really.. Jiggity 9 20-Mar-08
simple sampler recs.. Revtor 5 20-Mar-08
Oberheim Dx Sound Chips cosie 7 19-Mar-08
Revtor 1 19-Mar-08
For Sale: Quasimidi Sirius vinylnotincluded 1 19-Mar-08
wow. things seem slow here inocybe 27 16-Mar-08
MESSE 08 Steveo 6 16-Mar-08
Echo interfaces, latency etc SpeckO 4 12-Mar-08
YAY NEW MIXES-NEW MUSIC anointed2 8 09-Mar-08
Good audio interface for Mac Leopard 10.5.2? SekondThought 3 07-Mar-08
How to get rid of clicks in in fruuty loops floater 1 06-Mar-08
Spore - Algo music CoolColJ 12 03-Mar-08
building a pro tools HD rig from scratch anointed2 3 02-Mar-08
New mixer/monitors... I've finally lost the plot! FIZMO100 13 01-Mar-08
Playing Audio From USB "Thumb Drives" anointed2 3 01-Mar-08
Record a Video for Sonic State Simon Power 13 01-Mar-08
New Autechre fac 10 28-Feb-08
music for national fireworks-how to mix techno and violin sdp 14 28-Feb-08
I started collecting cassettes again. sauce 15 27-Feb-08
one of our own has died morgan 19 26-Feb-08
New audio card to replace fireface - less I/O SpeckO 1 26-Feb-08
Electrix doobwah 2 25-Feb-08
M-Audio trigger finger muzakluvrr 2 24-Feb-08
More Windows XP Questions anointed2 3 24-Feb-08
Where can I find the Bootcamp Beta anointed2 2 24-Feb-08
doobwah 1 22-Feb-08
morgan 1 21-Feb-08
There are 6 registered users and 141 guests online sauce 8 21-Feb-08
Brand new studio.. sauce 23 21-Feb-08
Boss DR-770 - any comments? fac 1 21-Feb-08
Second hand in Berlin? paddington 2 21-Feb-08
PC Upgrade Question anointed2 9 21-Feb-08
KRK room correction SpeckO 4 18-Feb-08
Collaboration - Singer/Songwriter wanted chrisgil 1 18-Feb-08
Synth-Stores in Toronto? sabi123 3 17-Feb-08
More hard drive failure..jeeeeez. sauce 6 17-Feb-08
Hard Drive Failure-What To Do anointed2 8 15-Feb-08
Advanced Sampling Question anointed2 7 14-Feb-08
MPC5000.... hmmmmmm das1029 29 12-Feb-08
felhaven thread : PLEASE HELP! Cerebral Infect 1 11-Feb-08
felhaven 2 11-Feb-08
Picked up a 12" with a DNA Mix.. Nick? jeff1x 2 10-Feb-08
Korg Polysix good for 380? jeff1x 6 10-Feb-08
headphones for monitoring/mixing zengomi 16 05-Feb-08
Check out the Porn on 'Anything Analog !' Rt.Hon.Beermaster 3 04-Feb-08
I feel old...the bands I like are dying off R 18 30-Jan-08
Anyone want a Quasimidi Polymorph... rids 1 28-Jan-08
pps wave 2.2 synth vidrazor 4 28-Jan-08
Need 909/303 repairs in NYC/No. East NJ Randallx 3 28-Jan-08
Jarre's Analog rebellion... FIZMO100 9 27-Jan-08
LTT alert (it's about music y'all) zengomi 3 26-Jan-08
Soundtech/Alice mixers... anyone know anything about them? FIZMO100 2 24-Jan-08
NAMM Gurner Of The Year 2008 FIZMO100 3 24-Jan-08
Brilliant NAMM coverage as usual... phraggle 2 24-Jan-08
How to get started? Barnaby1 19 24-Jan-08
Sparrow music 1 23-Jan-08
Website for free loops? beatkarma 2 22-Jan-08
Alesis and Akai joint venture ? Cerebral Infect 4 21-Jan-08
Solaris... mmmmmmmm *drool* FIZMO100 3 21-Jan-08
NAMM - Voyager Old School Steveo 7 21-Jan-08
and now... Music For One Apartment And Six Drummers phraggle 1 16-Jan-08
Behold the... "Drum Buddy"... phraggle 1 16-Jan-08
NAMM 2008: It's snowing in Germany! SekondThought 7 15-Jan-08
Goodbye to my Miimoog... FIZMO100 23 15-Jan-08
A first release of some of my music: FreeBass EP SpeckO 14 13-Jan-08
Down-grading. Any suggestions? Fantom X7 to Alesis Fusion? moog46 2 13-Jan-08
Modular Synth Question (From Video) anointed2 7 12-Jan-08
Upcoming Radiophonics show Steveo 1 11-Jan-08
I am building a home studio (Hip Hop) Sparrow music 19 07-Jan-08
Merry Christmas!!!!!!!! das1029 12 05-Jan-08
sonic I.S. SpeckO 5 02-Jan-08
I Finally Get It anointed2 4 02-Jan-08
Kawai Q-80 Sequencer question Fracture 4 30-Dec-07
Oxygene 30th Anniv Edition Steveo 10 29-Dec-07
The most sought after sounds & loops? digitalredux 1 29-Dec-07
GForce Virtual String Machine phraggle 10 28-Dec-07
Need help buying workstation! branyangossard 1 28-Dec-07
Sizing down the studio fac 23 27-Dec-07
cover song " software " ?? weakes123 1 26-Dec-07
Oscar Peterson RIP madmax 1 25-Dec-07
Attention TGSers in New York alexp 7 24-Dec-07
New website FINALLY up and running chrisgil 3 21-Dec-07
Casio Manual PT-30 ajbota 1 18-Dec-07
crispin_java 1 17-Dec-07
What do you play when the power's out? Jiggity 28 17-Dec-07
VST'synths, please spot overlap if any SpeckO 3 17-Dec-07
Dan Fogelberg RIP madmax 1 16-Dec-07
New Technology: Compact Disc (who knew?) Jiggity 4 16-Dec-07
Ike Turner dead madmax 3 14-Dec-07
Monitor/latency question BADNEWSBAYER 2 13-Dec-07
Lobo 1 10-Dec-07
Just did something really stupid... fac 6 10-Dec-07
Documentary: "Made in Sheffield" alles_ist_dada 6 08-Dec-07
Where is the new Clavia Synth? Gonkulator 13 08-Dec-07
Karlheinz Stockhausen RIP alles_ist_dada 1 08-Dec-07
Kaossilator SpeckO 1 07-Dec-07
Holy crap! I've been to heaven! FIZMO100 4 07-Dec-07
Lexicon MPX100 cap replacement? the Whiz 1 06-Dec-07
Has anyone got the damn Matrix 6 manual? Jiggity 13 05-Dec-07
microtonal tuning of keyboard notes theholyzero 10 02-Dec-07
Oxygene gilA 9 01-Dec-07
Scanned synthesis alles_ist_dada 9 30-Nov-07
Emu ROMs...Again. sauce 6 27-Nov-07
picked up a bragin from ebay... CoolColJ 8 27-Nov-07
Kevin DuBrow RIP madmax 1 26-Nov-07
Crikey! New audio interface... FIZMO100 9 26-Nov-07
Does Anyone Like Pro Tools MIDI anointed2 4 23-Nov-07
Maplin 4600 problem lechaise 12 23-Nov-07
Freeware Audio/midi DAW for winPC SpeckO 10 23-Nov-07
My Audio Software Site crispin_java 3 21-Nov-07
Profits from SNOCAP or iTunes? Jiggity 4 19-Nov-07
VEMIA - holy CRAP ! Steveo 10 14-Nov-07
Do you know? sauce 3 13-Nov-07
Need a bit of Sonic aid with my songs... SpeckO 4 13-Nov-07
Timing Question Answered' anointed2 1 09-Nov-07
Knowing when you need a co-producer-how to pick one anointed2 8 09-Nov-07
10 bizarre musical instruments alles_ist_dada 21 08-Nov-07
new track in LTT SpeckO 4 08-Nov-07
Free mangling sampler here fac 5 08-Nov-07
I Don't Like Midi (Timing Question Part Deux) anointed2 3 07-Nov-07
How To Get Positive Traffic on Myspace anointed2 18 07-Nov-07
My Free Vsti Site crispin_java 7 07-Nov-07
LOL!!! Minimal porn..! sauce 2 07-Nov-07
MySpace.. sauce 140 06-Nov-07
Reflection from the past Cerebral Infect 8 04-Nov-07
MV 8000 $800 bucks-What'dya think? anointed2 2 03-Nov-07
Timing Question Concerning Software Sequencers anointed2 4 03-Nov-07
Prophet 10 - Keep / Sell ? - NEED ADVICE ! prophet11 6 30-Oct-07
Studio Pics- Finally Got Mine Up..-What yall think? anointed2 4 30-Oct-07
Please Critique My Music (Be Harsh and Critical) anointed2 11 28-Oct-07
Peoples experience of TAXI, songlink, and similar sites chrisgil 3 27-Oct-07
Networking in London, where to go? chrisgil 2 27-Oct-07
Ableton Live - SpeckO 6 26-Oct-07
Roland Fantom X importing question... das1029 1 24-Oct-07
Check out the New Music and Family Pics anointed2 1 24-Oct-07
4 Must Have Hardware Synths anointed2 21 24-Oct-07
The Quickest Way To Build Your Sample Library anointed2 6 23-Oct-07
Anyone get Underworlds new album yet? alles_ist_dada 8 23-Oct-07
Your thoughts on Intersample Peak Cerebral Infect 2 19-Oct-07
Reason 4 Dr. Whammo 12 18-Oct-07
where to buy vengeance cd's rave808 8 16-Oct-07
Twizted Nation Volume 2 out now!! Twizted Nation 3 14-Oct-07
Worst synth to work on... FIZMO100 8 14-Oct-07
d4dirty 1 11-Oct-07
akai mpk49 controller - any opinions? mindcurve 7 10-Oct-07
New Arturia product? SekondThought 16 09-Oct-07
Mixer Jiggity 4 07-Oct-07
Here we go again.... Ableton Live 7! das1029 5 06-Oct-07
Top 5 Samplers - Mirage footage? Simon Power 1 05-Oct-07
Oh how I loathe computers... FIZMO100 17 05-Oct-07
String Thing went "Pop" lechaise 5 04-Oct-07
Mobile Recording Rig Questing anointed2 3 04-Oct-07
AES in NYC anyone? nick@sonic 2 01-Oct-07
The growing value of vintage gear Rt.Hon.Beermaster 3 01-Oct-07
Best Plugin Drum Machine (Synthetic)? SekondThought 19 01-Oct-07
M-Audio Microphone Question anointed2 12 30-Sep-07
Note-Don't let your clients mix your music anointed2 11 29-Sep-07
Wireless Networking Question anointed2 3 26-Sep-07
Workflow Solutions for those with short attention spans anointed2 23 23-Sep-07
pawn shop/thrift store report madmax 5 23-Sep-07
some stuff for sale on thuk side of the atlantic myamoto 2 22-Sep-07
Tenori-On - get me one! FIZMO100 15 19-Sep-07
Stuff for sale Jiggity 13 19-Sep-07
logic 8! myamoto 3 13-Sep-07
can anyone help me out with a bit of mastering? myamoto 5 13-Sep-07
name of new vocal software rave808 3 12-Sep-07
Name of drum machine plugin rave808 1 12-Sep-07
Password change? FIZMO100 5 12-Sep-07
Joe Zawinul/Hughie Thomasson RIP madmax 4 12-Sep-07
JX8P output problem victor_bln 6 11-Sep-07
Info For Ableton Live Users anointed2 10 11-Sep-07
Live Playing - Songlists and automatic patch changes? Levite 5 11-Sep-07
Luciano Pavarotti RIP madmax 4 10-Sep-07
Hammond Novachord...1938?! sauce 3 07-Sep-07
Want a Record Deal or a Free Music Review? Now seeking talent... imgmusic 2 07-Sep-07
Strange noise problem Jiggity 6 07-Sep-07
Artists & Producers: We want your lounge / chillout music! unisonproductions 3 06-Sep-07
Ensoniq MR 76 woodrufflori 9 06-Sep-07
MF/thrift store report madmax 8 03-Sep-07
Did I get a good deal? madmax 5 02-Sep-07
Mc505 problem jamesbondmcm 5 30-Aug-07
Daniel Hansson, one of the founders of Elektron, has died sauce 5 29-Aug-07
Getting Bills Paid-The Big Picture anointed2 9 28-Aug-07
Confused victor_bln 3 28-Aug-07
Going portable... phraggle 11 27-Aug-07
Mixing with Two Computers (old plugs) anointed2 8 27-Aug-07
Amazing new synth video!!! alles_ist_dada 3 26-Aug-07
Sound programming recommendations das1029 14 23-Aug-07
Going To Engineering School vs Paying To Mix and Learn anointed2 15 22-Aug-07
Reverbs Plug-in Cerebral Infect 10 22-Aug-07
FAT32 or NTFS for dualboot? das1029 5 21-Aug-07
anyone use the dbx 266xl? bobsonjazoe 8 21-Aug-07
Fill My Rack! JohnNyC 16 20-Aug-07
Brand New Mobile phone for sales at the rate of $300 kachiga 2 20-Aug-07
palm oil kachiga 9 18-Aug-07
Dave Smith's New Prophet-08? SekondThought 19 18-Aug-07
Farfisa Combo Compact analogcontrolfreak 13 15-Aug-07
running windows xp on a new computer?? anointed2 6 13-Aug-07
Nord Lead 2X highvoltj 1 13-Aug-07
Tracktion 3 Jiggity 1 13-Aug-07
Anybody Seen the SP-555 anointed2 7 11-Aug-07
Speeding Up Studio Workflow anointed2 3 11-Aug-07
Mac G4 drivers?? Dr. Phex 3 10-Aug-07
Parallel to USB Adapter zengomi 3 09-Aug-07
Daft Punk @ Red Rocks in Colorado *afterparty* sauce 8 08-Aug-07
Vocal Production Techniques- Actually Singing anointed2 4 08-Aug-07
Summer NAMM 07 Cerebral Infect 13 08-Aug-07
Software auto chop? SekondThought 4 07-Aug-07
We are bringing Shpongle and Hallucinogen! sauce 10 07-Aug-07
Weird Project-Turn a cargo van into a studio anointed2 4 04-Aug-07
What is this song?! Jiggity 14 01-Aug-07
Mac G4 power question Dr. Phex 6 01-Aug-07
My new favourite act... phraggle 1 30-Jul-07
Since when Casio made CS50 KZ 2 30-Jul-07
TGS needs to emabrace the modern zengomi 10 30-Jul-07
Ong's Hat release on Insectorama out of Berlin sauce 3 28-Jul-07
Touch controller for us poor folk! sauce 2 27-Jul-07
anointed2 new move anointed2 13 25-Jul-07
Ong's Hat sauce 3 23-Jul-07
cheap analogs? spindle 25 23-Jul-07
Got some more music up... alles_ist_dada 8 19-Jul-07
Anyone use the Nord G2 Modular Engine? das1029 1 18-Jul-07
How about a "Top 20 Greatest Samplers"? SekondThought 34 16-Jul-07
Advanced sound designing question das1029 14 16-Jul-07
Just got home from the Cave Rave sauce 13 16-Jul-07
modding a piano Jiggity 11 15-Jul-07
Harpsichord/clavi plugs Jiggity 9 15-Jul-07
At last karma smiles on my ass... FIZMO100 1 14-Jul-07
win festival tickets clashmag 3 12-Jul-07
ReacTable fac 6 12-Jul-07
Korg EMX-1... Again JohnNyC 18 11-Jul-07
Like the man's creative techniuques Rt.Hon.Beermaster 3 10-Jul-07
Starting a Laptop from another laptop vokal 8 05-Jul-07
pls recommend good freeware vst limiter.. mindcurve 11 05-Jul-07
I have a real problem.. Help? sauce 3 04-Jul-07
Logic Pro been used on a network - Huh? syntax 1 02-Jul-07
It's Been Awhile - Studio Pics JohnNyC 14 30-Jun-07
crazy 303 Chris McMasters 56 28-Jun-07
extra synths for symphonic music sdp 11 27-Jun-07
Good recent synths for dub/reggae jamesbondmcm 2 23-Jun-07
Trying to finish a MySpace like SpeckO - HELP!!!!! das1029 17 23-Jun-07
Midibox SID CoolColJ 8 23-Jun-07
Question about AG-10, also SoundDiver sauce 10 20-Jun-07
how dr who theme was made COALSLAG 2 19-Jun-07
gear dreamz... ^_^ 16 18-Jun-07
Aphex 204 alles_ist_dada 8 17-Jun-07
Yamah BC3 breath controller issues CoolColJ 9 16-Jun-07
HOLY COW THIS THING IS COOL bobsonjazoe 16 16-Jun-07
Install internal battery? thedad31149 2 16-Jun-07
Looking for high-quality plugin for Nuendo 2.x das1029 9 14-Jun-07
Finally got a myspace page up...bout freakin time. SpeckO 46 13-Jun-07
can not load movie (in sibelius) sdp 7 10-Jun-07
Kazantip sauce 1 09-Jun-07
Music Theory fundamentals... phraggle 5 08-Jun-07
Music for film FORUMS: Any exceptional ones known? SpeckO 6 08-Jun-07
Core 2 Duo SpeckO 18 08-Jun-07
Remix Competition : Winning Tunes Pressed on Vinyl! microwave 6 07-Jun-07
Poly-ana vst... CoolColJ 11 06-Jun-07
good piano sound for house? away 19 04-Jun-07
Kurzweil expansion woes... whaddaya reckon? FIZMO100 4 04-Jun-07
Usage of Vintage Synths in Pop Music anointed2 8 04-Jun-07
Arp Soloist Restoration Trus1te 4 03-Jun-07
For those in Central Texas.... bobsonjazoe 1 03-Jun-07
Too Beautiful ! ! Rt.Hon.Beermaster 20 02-Jun-07
Virus TI Goldfilter... funky! FIZMO100 12 02-Jun-07
Mellow myspace up SpeckO 1 01-Jun-07
How To Make Quick $$ As An Artist anointed2 12 01-Jun-07
'CODE' SE Omega 8 Rt.Hon.Beermaster 10 01-Jun-07
Arturia Jupiter-8V demo available SekondThought 25 31-May-07
Prog that extracts audio file from Video file please help. SpeckO 11 31-May-07
Best Tr909 emulator yet! CoolColJ 13 31-May-07
Oh stupid computer.... bobsonjazoe 15 30-May-07
Indie project opinions... das1029 17 30-May-07
Strong Triple tier stand needed? CoolColJ 34 30-May-07
mpc1000 users... Pashmina 1 29-May-07
Anointed2's New Studio anointed2 8 28-May-07
Voice altering plugins for movie FX work SpeckO 11 28-May-07
mushroom powered Dr. Whammo 3 25-May-07
Anyone else got this logic problem ? Rt.Hon.Beermaster 4 25-May-07
Fantastic short interview!! sauce 1 25-May-07
great videos and podcasts! SpeckO 2 25-May-07
New studio!!!! alexp 5 24-May-07
propecy or virus ? liorr 16 24-May-07
Migrate from Tascam fw-1884 & Digi001 to Digi003? bentropy 1 23-May-07
My Little Phatty Review! hexfix93 9 23-May-07
Anyone remember the horror of Rie and his Little Phatty? FIZMO100 12 23-May-07
single out today... myamoto 11 22-May-07
HEy I am Back bobsonjazoe 5 22-May-07
Sonicstate Video reviews made me buy... Cerebral Infect 1 21-May-07
Prophet VS.. I'm in love CoolColJ 5 21-May-07
Nick, is Sonic state the true maker of this one ? SpeckO 12 21-May-07
The loudness wars... (Great little vid) phraggle 3 21-May-07
Anyone here got an MKS-80? phraggle 18 20-May-07
Admin: Podcast promotion ideas nick@sonic 9 18-May-07
Lexicon LXP15 fx unit CoolColJ 6 17-May-07
TGS changed to "FORUMS" victor_bln 6 17-May-07
How much should you put up for a band? jeff1x 15 16-May-07
Virtual 909 CoolColJ 4 16-May-07
Sooo.. How about that Korg Zero 8? sauce 7 14-May-07
WOOooo HOOOOO ! Rt.Hon.Beermaster 10 10-May-07
A bit of French quirkiness.... phraggle 4 08-May-07
Monitors (Automatic Room Correction-Calibration) anointed2 11 08-May-07
Could use some help alexp 15 07-May-07
Yeah baby, rock that keytar!!! phraggle 6 05-May-07
Advice please. Rt.Hon.Beermaster 40 04-May-07
How Much Does It Take anointed2 11 03-May-07
High res mouse for audio editing? FIZMO100 4 03-May-07
Fantastic! sauce 5 02-May-07
Drum machine pads cleaning gilA 8 30-Apr-07
Bringing Value to What You Do anointed2 35 27-Apr-07
Native Instruments - Buy two, get one free phraggle 7 26-Apr-07
Using Mac CPU Upgrades anointed2 7 26-Apr-07
Sampling Breaks sauce 11 26-Apr-07
old Themes with great synths (or just synths full stop)... SpeckO 17 25-Apr-07
What's The most important part of the signal chain anointed2 29 25-Apr-07
Really amazing Native Instruments demo sauce 3 23-Apr-07
Best Roland R8 Sound card? ^_^ 26 20-Apr-07
wall of sound SpeckO 2 20-Apr-07
The Ones that got away. Rt.Hon.Beermaster 9 20-Apr-07
It's picking up around here sauce 7 19-Apr-07
Best Recording Interface (Questions) anointed2 6 19-Apr-07
Richie Hawtins site SpeckO 11 18-Apr-07
Jarre's new album gilA 10 17-Apr-07
Synth Shoping Time JohnNyC 26 16-Apr-07
Big M-audio controller rig question anointed2 12 16-Apr-07
For those of you in the US: sauce 6 16-Apr-07
Why Can't Things Just Work anointed2 21 15-Apr-07
Demo Time! semblance 4 14-Apr-07
Russolo: The Art of Noises alles_ist_dada 7 13-Apr-07
The all new obligatory gear list thread... syd 28 12-Apr-07
Benchmark test for Digital Audio Workstations -sweet! like a mini toms h'ware shootout for DAW's SpeckO 1 12-Apr-07
Dance Music Mixing technomonster 27 11-Apr-07
Keyboard for children delon 7 11-Apr-07
Rack mount synths/sequencers semblance 22 11-Apr-07
Simply Amazing! sauce 13 10-Apr-07
Surge - Vember Audio, quite interesting synth SpeckO 9 09-Apr-07
Can someone please help me with Korg N5? Christo86 2 09-Apr-07
Yamaha A5000 sampler.... CoolColJ 15 08-Apr-07
Winter Music Conference in Miami sauce 4 08-Apr-07
Notebook for mobile recording and composition SpeckO 46 06-Apr-07
twould be interesting to see some links / hear some sounds in listen to this... SpeckO 1 05-Apr-07
Synth cross breeding... FIZMO100 1 04-Apr-07
New Synths matrix 39 04-Apr-07
VISTA or stay with XP? SpeckO 7 04-Apr-07
VEMIA - New Look Rt.Hon.Beermaster 2 03-Apr-07
JACK audio routing server sauce 2 02-Apr-07
Strange Ebay conartists sauce 9 01-Apr-07
Top 20 Greatest Synths alles_ist_dada 15 31-Mar-07
technics ax7 ajosh 4 29-Mar-07
Here we go again... FIZMO100 24 28-Mar-07
Arturia Origin KEYBOARD VERSION!!! SekondThought 2 28-Mar-07
Dr. Who a Yamaha CS-80 and an ARP Odyssey! SekondThought 5 27-Mar-07
BM15As Incoming... FIZMO100 17 24-Mar-07
Plogue Bidule sauce 9 23-Mar-07
Synth of the future! COALSLAG 5 23-Mar-07
BT's studio robbed again! SekondThought 14 22-Mar-07
Music to picture virgin seeks advice! FIZMO100 9 22-Mar-07
Creating a new sample set sauce 20 22-Mar-07
Fat tape sound out of a Fostex R8?? alexp 1 20-Mar-07
Oxakachaka sauce 1 19-Mar-07
Effects help alexp 7 17-Mar-07
Roland Jupiter 6 FIZMO100 17 13-Mar-07
New Hardware samplers? CoolColJ 11 13-Mar-07
New Waldorf synths? KZ 15 12-Mar-07
"listen to this" has but one regular contributor... sauce 5 11-Mar-07 sauce 15 10-Mar-07
USB/Midi Keyboard Controllers? Anaxamander 5 10-Mar-07
Akai DL-4 alexp 4 09-Mar-07
Deep electro mix by Pearsall sauce 3 09-Mar-07
Antares Auto Tune alexp 8 07-Mar-07
Sauce...Live in Denver...Halloween.2006 sauce 2 07-Mar-07
SNAFU Live in Calgary sauce 1 07-Mar-07
Digidesign Digi 003 goes official SekondThought 5 06-Mar-07
dave smith/roger linn morgan 13 28-Feb-07
Sample CDs JohnNyC 7 28-Feb-07
musical innovation of the century!! mindcurve 10 27-Feb-07
My birthday present... FIZMO100 13 26-Feb-07
Looking to build a Modular - Advice on modules? rids 8 25-Feb-07
WTF item of the day gilA 3 23-Feb-07
Nord Lead 3 Al_Bot 4 22-Feb-07
Roland V-Synth GT Tony Borwn 1975 2 22-Feb-07
Live H/W Sequencer Recommendation syntar2002 7 21-Feb-07
Cubase question alexp 6 19-Feb-07
Skinny Puppy "Mythmaker" sauce 11 19-Feb-07
Another nice studio for drooling purposes! FIZMO100 50 19-Feb-07
Mixing Audio for TV Commercials prototrance 4 18-Feb-07
Powercore (firewire) & Liquid Mix together JB 3 18-Feb-07
prototrance 2 17-Feb-07
If you like Renaissance Jiggity 3 15-Feb-07
Program that can make loops for you from a given audio file? marksamuelson 6 13-Feb-07
Holy MIDI-triggered drums, Batman! phraggle 1 12-Feb-07
Best Keyboard for Live Performance rockinroller 8 09-Feb-07
Audio Sequencing Programs? Klayfox 8 09-Feb-07
Rackmounting a space echo? fattcamp 3 07-Feb-07
PCI-324 issue tiacmusic 4 06-Feb-07
Jean_Jaques Perrey - Video Steveo 13 04-Feb-07
It's become quiet around here... swordfish 185 02-Feb-07
Wedding Song Suggestions... FIZMO100 17 02-Feb-07
MIDI controller victor_bln 4 01-Feb-07
Prophet 10 for sale... from my hometown too! FIZMO100 10 01-Feb-07
How to fix an SX 240? god problem 8 31-Jan-07
korg radias vs. korg ms2000br rave808 25 31-Jan-07
news page problem madmax 4 30-Jan-07
For you composers - checked this out at NAMM das1029 12 30-Jan-07
Here's a classic for ya alles_ist_dada 11 30-Jan-07
Interesting audio article... phraggle 1 27-Jan-07
Best keyboard demonstrator poses... FIZMO100 16 26-Jan-07
Tried out the Akai MPD24, briefly das1029 5 26-Jan-07
Beth_Mus's post: Best piano sound in a rack? FIZMO100 3 25-Jan-07
beth_mus 3 25-Jan-07
NAMM Stuff Steveo 3 25-Jan-07
Brilliant idea... seems so obvious now! FIZMO100 4 22-Jan-07
Arturia..."hardware"...??? SekondThought 30 22-Jan-07
UK prices double those of US! FIZMO100 14 21-Jan-07
New Waldorf gear, website updated! SekondThought 30 21-Jan-07
song from '24 Hr Party People' mindcurve 8 20-Jan-07
morgan 1 19-Jan-07
motif vs. triton vs. fantom rave808 4 19-Jan-07
Arturia Jupiter 8V SekondThought 11 18-Jan-07
Things keep getting weirder... impossiblesound 2 18-Jan-07
Art of Can... FIZMO100 2 17-Jan-07
RIP Michael Brecker Rt.Hon.Beermaster 1 16-Jan-07
RIP Mr Curtis Rt.Hon.Beermaster 2 15-Jan-07
Casio CT-6000 and midi Route Down 2 13-Jan-07
New Roland V-Synth @ NAMM! SekondThought 8 13-Jan-07
Anybody here work in surround sound? Smurf 5 10-Jan-07
what is the difference between a midi thru box and a midi patchbay rave808 17 08-Jan-07
4x Pro-One's, to go? SekondThought 6 08-Jan-07
DIY audio gear newbie das1029 22 07-Jan-07
PAIA kit question MetalMuse 2 07-Jan-07
Oscilloscope necrolich666 11 05-Jan-07
yamaha motif question rave808 1 05-Jan-07
recomend a good USB audio interface for Mac Rt.Hon.Beermaster 13 05-Jan-07
Any USB to SCSI connectors for Mac? rids 2 05-Jan-07
My late Christmas Present Rt.Hon.Beermaster 13 04-Jan-07
Roland SRX bank select hitjob 2 01-Jan-07
Good 303 emulator with extras 0gre_jr. 13 27-Dec-06
g'day TGS macam 3 27-Dec-06
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! phraggle 7 26-Dec-06
James Brown RIP madmax 4 25-Dec-06
new demo track with S-1000 Wretch metasonix 6 25-Dec-06
Synclavier II up on eBay FIZMO100 64 23-Dec-06
who from tgs made "sports festival"? mindcurve 5 23-Dec-06
Listen to this zengomi 7 19-Dec-06
so nice to b gettin back to making music:-) ^_^ 28 18-Dec-06
Virtual reverb? Convolution? Pah! phraggle 6 15-Dec-06
Preamp Opinions Jiggity 7 15-Dec-06
9200 vs E520 vs Optiplex vs XPS Jiggity 1 15-Dec-06
Interface Opinions Jiggity 6 13-Dec-06
Hardest sounds to program... FIZMO100 22 12-Dec-06
Band names FIZMO100 3 12-Dec-06
Conroe CPU... CoolColJ 4 11-Dec-06
Emagic Unitor 8 MkII Midi Interfaces on Intel Macs, new OS?? chrisakaneelix 3 10-Dec-06
Albert 1 08-Dec-06
TC M-OneXL/patchbay wiring issues FIZMO100 3 08-Dec-06
whats your take on TC Electronic's Assimilator program? COALSLAG 1 07-Dec-06
Decline of Music education in UK Rt.Hon.Beermaster 22 07-Dec-06
Are you using NI Massive? morgan 4 05-Dec-06
Albums that should be SO good but fail to impress Rt.Hon.Beermaster 16 05-Dec-06
My first gig in London victor_bln 6 05-Dec-06
Now I have a legit data compression question Jiggity 7 04-Dec-06
Automated Patch Change linearbit8 5 04-Dec-06
Keyboard Amps impossiblesound 5 03-Dec-06
Anyone "out with the new", "in with the old"? das1029 17 03-Dec-06
out of the loop... CoolColJ 8 01-Dec-06
views on edirol um-880 rave808 3 01-Dec-06
ASR-X PRO - Any good? digiphallus 3 30-Nov-06
Data Compression + Audio Jiggity 2 27-Nov-06
SonicLab: Focusrite Saphire Pro Coming nick@sonic 13 26-Nov-06
removing vocals or music from track rave808 7 24-Nov-06
Anatek Pocket Split Instructions dxman 1 20-Nov-06
Native Instruments "Massive" phraggle 4 20-Nov-06
Desktop Rack Kit das1029 6 17-Nov-06
What a convincing auction... FIZMO100 2 16-Nov-06
flaming lips... myamoto 6 16-Nov-06
Mod wheels and pitch benders Rt.Hon.Beermaster 15 15-Nov-06
Studio pics - finally ! Steveo 14 13-Nov-06
The reactable victor_bln 2 12-Nov-06
Cubase SX strange midi message problem D 3 12-Nov-06
Synthesizer Patel is back Steveo 5 11-Nov-06
Streaming Samples from USB drive, good idea or not ? Cerebral Infect 7 10-Nov-06
Does anyone have a PDF manual for the Redsound Darkstar fuqface 4 10-Nov-06
Genesis Reunion Tour Steveo 9 08-Nov-06
vanguard vs. albino vs. v -station rave808 14 08-Nov-06
EMX-1, ESX-1, OR RM1-X for a newb? DJXJ 8 07-Nov-06
Podcast Sonic TALK 20 today nick@sonic 4 07-Nov-06
Realistic strings, horns etc in a rompler COALSLAG 4 06-Nov-06
TROY - probably Horner's Worst ! Rt.Hon.Beermaster 37 06-Nov-06
PANIC ATTACK!!! alexp 4 05-Nov-06
If this isn't a scam for yet another analog.... rids 14 05-Nov-06
What's a good ~Crunch machine~ rids 13 04-Nov-06
Studio chairs FIZMO100 17 02-Nov-06
Looking to buys some efx. UAD, Powercore, or a small number of Vinatge EFX? Chitowndj77 6 30-Oct-06
Where did you find Shorn Rah?!? FIZMO100 2 30-Oct-06
I see Mr Batt gets around! FIZMO100 5 30-Oct-06
roland tnsc1 style cards wulliemac 1 30-Oct-06
Waldorf is cooking something and it looks awesome!!! victor_bln 21 28-Oct-06
Hey Guys JohnNyC 10 27-Oct-06
set up my roland ra 50 wulliemac 2 27-Oct-06
MADMAN ON CLAVINET Jiggity 14 27-Oct-06
Why do people like playing keys over guitar? rids 7 25-Oct-06
Good music video Jiggity 6 24-Oct-06
using backing tracks live. any advice..? myamoto 2 23-Oct-06
SSL AWS-900 alexp 18 22-Oct-06
LAG dammit! Jiggity 4 21-Oct-06
Things that don't exist but should exist ! Cerebral Infect 25 21-Oct-06
iso: software daw reviews/pros/cons mindcurve 12 20-Oct-06
Filminute victor_bln 8 20-Oct-06
Creative DVD5241E - Not reading burned DVDs or CDs Steve B 2 17-Oct-06
My Halloween song to download here, Enjoy! rids 10 17-Oct-06
Any Ensoniq SQ 1 owners out there? Tonspuren 3 16-Oct-06
Creamware demo victor_bln 3 16-Oct-06
More Copyright Issues! Jiggity 12 15-Oct-06
Kurzweil pc88mx owners' guide, add on chips???? marsangel 4 15-Oct-06
Awesome - Battle of the Bands Steveo 5 15-Oct-06
I just got Fostex Pm1's macam 3 12-Oct-06
Cubase 4. The same old Cubase SX 3? das1029 14 10-Oct-06
how can i slice up a drum beat in soundforge or wavelab rave808 3 09-Oct-06
Back on the learning curve... music is exciting! FIZMO100 1 08-Oct-06
M-Audio NVR10 questions, speculations, concerns... Dr. Whammo 2 08-Oct-06
Question about Pure Energy Jiggity 2 08-Oct-06
A type of hardware sampler for live perfomance... passedover 3 08-Oct-06
Are widescreen monitors better for music apps? FIZMO100 20 07-Oct-06
Andreas Kolinski aka AKMusique CoolColJ 10 07-Oct-06
Just bought a 24-inch iMac Core 2 Duo SekondThought 7 07-Oct-06
Analog Factory "Reloaded" with 1,000 new sounds! SekondThought 1 06-Oct-06
Better for acoustic or analog signals? das1029 5 06-Oct-06
m- audio audiophile 192 or delta 1010 LT sdp 8 06-Oct-06
korg is a meanie kybernetik 1 06-Oct-06
Can you hear this? alles_ist_dada 9 06-Oct-06
Cubase with external sequencer gilA 1 05-Oct-06
O1X or FW-1884 Brennen 1 04-Oct-06
Cheap studio furniture in the UK FIZMO100 1 04-Oct-06
Anyone into spy stuff? Jiggity 4 03-Oct-06
Music in Chaos Rt.Hon.Beermaster 3 03-Oct-06
Selling on eBay. prophet11 11 03-Oct-06
Every studio needs this tool!! vokal 6 29-Sep-06
midi to cv...PC to Analog synth bloke 4 29-Sep-06
The Rolling Stones... phraggle 5 28-Sep-06
Cubase 4 or Sonar 6? lejdhamre 1 28-Sep-06
Reposting GiLA's post alles_ist_dada 3 27-Sep-06
pro tools without hardware sdp 15 27-Sep-06
DIYers... Patents! Jiggity 2 27-Sep-06
how long can it be ghaia 2 26-Sep-06
gilA 1 26-Sep-06
Want a Record Deal or a Free Music Review? Now seeking talent... imgmusic 14 26-Sep-06
jomox x base vs machine drum rave808 10 25-Sep-06
what kind of hardware and also software for house music rave808 42 25-Sep-06
Little Phatty's target market? Jiggity 25 24-Sep-06
need headphone advice shufflingdata 6 23-Sep-06
Rob G and DJ E Z Rock alexp 21 23-Sep-06
Retro sound Jiggity 4 22-Sep-06
sx2 vs samplitude 8 vs sawstudio hexfix93 24 21-Sep-06
Voltage Conversion Questions 0gre_jr. 8 20-Sep-06
Creamware boxes Steveo 5 20-Sep-06
Need A Program That Can Record Live Sets Stchris 8 18-Sep-06
Ableton Live Questions prophet11 2 17-Sep-06
Performance Photos Jiggity 14 17-Sep-06
Kaoss Pad - everyone should have one! FIZMO100 1 14-Sep-06
Best cheap drum sampler for live use? panopti 2 14-Sep-06
Kontakt 2 or GigaStudio3 on a PC? das1029 9 12-Sep-06
turntables (orgasmic) Jiggity 6 12-Sep-06
Any UK'ians...This 'may' interest if u are self employed and know gear. SpeckO 2 12-Sep-06
Arturia Prophet V controller... passedover 4 11-Sep-06
Need Advice on Audio Interface 0gre_jr. 13 10-Sep-06
More retro digital for AlexP alexp 1 10-Sep-06
Syrinx up on eBay... FIZMO100 7 10-Sep-06
OSX Universal Editor/Librarian - what's the best now? chrisakaneelix 2 09-Sep-06
TECHNOMANIA Vids Steveo 4 07-Sep-06
My video victor_bln 3 07-Sep-06
OHOMBoyz delay tutorial... phraggle 1 05-Sep-06
Big copyright question Jiggity 18 05-Sep-06
Rebuilding Chris McMasters 13 05-Sep-06
click track alexp 13 04-Sep-06
New studio pics (more) vokal 5 04-Sep-06
XioSynth and the technicians of the museum of techno! SekondThought 2 02-Sep-06
Intel Mac Universal plugins...taking too long? SekondThought 7 02-Sep-06
Tarkus intro Jiggity 6 02-Sep-06
tascam fw-1082 macam 3 01-Sep-06
It lived... Gear war stories gilA 1 01-Sep-06
Studio Tuning Brennen 3 01-Sep-06
Great VSTs Jiggity 1 01-Sep-06
SOnar problem. Pls help elektrik 4 31-Aug-06
New studio pics FIZMO100 33 31-Aug-06
Universal backs free downloading... phraggle 3 31-Aug-06
roland sp-606 vs akai mpc 1000 rave808 1 30-Aug-06
speaker translation Chris McMasters 4 30-Aug-06
difference between technics 1200mk2 and 1210 mk2 rave808 6 29-Aug-06
Need name of guitar software rave808 1 29-Aug-06
Korg Z1 iguana 6 29-Aug-06
Need advice on turntables..... rave808 9 28-Aug-06
ebay scam... macam 3 28-Aug-06
Woe is me and my Alesis HR16B!!! vaughanm 4 27-Aug-06
Accoustic foam install alexp 22 25-Aug-06
Podcast 09... phraggle 2 25-Aug-06
Funny + Promotion! hexfix93 5 24-Aug-06
Jomox Mbase being repaired for 3 months!? Bach2 11 24-Aug-06 the notion TheSoundkeeper 4 24-Aug-06
TV Show theme tune Jiggity 9 24-Aug-06
Cast your lugs at this, what do you think???? whisperloud 2 23-Aug-06
Best Hardware Sampler? hexfix93 28 22-Aug-06
Can you guys please do me a favor? alles_ist_dada 14 22-Aug-06
Tight Sequencers? hexfix93 55 21-Aug-06
recording multiple Colossus DXi's in Sonar help! benmate 3 20-Aug-06
Anyone use an Alesis DM5 or similar drum trigger brain? vokal 6 20-Aug-06
benmate 1 20-Aug-06
PODCAST: MUSIC PLEASE nick@sonic 37 18-Aug-06
That's what I'm talking about! madmax 2 17-Aug-06
Virtual Drum Machines-one of the coolest sites I've seen alles_ist_dada 6 16-Aug-06
compressor gear question... dj_calyx 9 15-Aug-06
WTF are you doing? zengomi 42 15-Aug-06
Cheapest PCI MIDI with lowest latency gilA 12 14-Aug-06
Depeche Mode Sound.... alexp 4 14-Aug-06
Good effect processor at max 500$? victor_bln 13 13-Aug-06
Looking to replace my V-Station, sort of... das1029 14 10-Aug-06
Ensoinq Mirage help!! alexp 2 09-Aug-06
Tried an Alesis Fusion... not sure what to think! FIZMO100 2 09-Aug-06
Who makes this Mic Pre? vokal 4 09-Aug-06 zengomi 8 08-Aug-06
Are there any good books for learning the basics? DJXJ 7 08-Aug-06
Casiotone 701 Leerock 6 07-Aug-06
80's New Wave! hexfix93 21 07-Aug-06
Does anybody have an (unbiased) opinion of the Andromeda? cstar 10 05-Aug-06
Unbelievable production price, but true!!!! das1029 57 05-Aug-06
Anybody know a good sample cd for psytrance? cyberchime 4 03-Aug-06
Is your sound kinda crap? Maybe you need new knobs. alles_ist_dada 5 03-Aug-06
How come my post was removed? cstar 9 01-Aug-06
Tool worship vs. Art zengomi 57 01-Aug-06
Tight Midi in the age of the DAW! hexfix93 19 01-Aug-06
Waldorf Wave on ebay rids 6 01-Aug-06
Help me find a cheap card for a G4 syntax 8 31-Jul-06
cstar 1 31-Jul-06
M-audio Ozone question orbay 11 30-Jul-06
Andromeda a6 question panopti 17 29-Jul-06
Sound Booth 3DarkYears 17 28-Jul-06
build ur own 303 analog synth MetalMuse 15 27-Jul-06
KSP8 as synth! CoolColJ 3 26-Jul-06
Anybody here used the 34one tap tempo pedal Cerebral Infect 1 26-Jul-06
total fruitcake beatboxing...! chubby grooves 1 25-Jul-06
New Age Bee Gees sauce 4 25-Jul-06
Reason vs. Hardware semblance 7 24-Jul-06
I'm having too much gas per day.... Cerebral Infect 20 24-Jul-06
kurzweil k2000 sampling option, sdp 5 24-Jul-06
Ralph Myerz & the Jack Herren Band!! CoolColJ 4 24-Jul-06
Boy the scammers are out of control these days! cstar 7 22-Jul-06
How important is a video card for A/V scoring? das1029 10 20-Jul-06
Moog Sonic Six iguana 10 19-Jul-06
FS: Rare Yamaha CS-01mk2 & Monopoly! rids 6 19-Jul-06
A bit last minute . . Rt.Hon.Beermaster 9 19-Jul-06
splitpoint 1 16-Jul-06
Alesis Prolinear DSP820 Monitors klebey2 7 15-Jul-06
Novation KS Rack reset ? help dx2 1 14-Jul-06
Finished with MOTU. New suggestions? sellyour 11 14-Jul-06
Circuit bent video online alles_ist_dada 1 12-Jul-06
programming in time signatures other than 4... myamoto 16 11-Jul-06
Tried out the TR-909 and recorded samples Jiggity 19 10-Jul-06
nobudy talks about hardware these days quadrafuzz 13 10-Jul-06
Very Silly but fun. Rt.Hon.Beermaster 16 09-Jul-06
Looking for a owners manual to a QSC Model 1400 Amplifier . Can anyone help me with this ? golden ears 2 09-Jul-06
thoughts on Acid Pro 6? passedover 1 08-Jul-06
Octopus - looks interesting Rt.Hon.Beermaster 7 07-Jul-06
Freaky !! - the Space Axe Steveo 5 06-Jul-06
i need to know who does this song??? 26 05-Jul-06
Which is better, master fader or limiting? das1029 6 04-Jul-06
The Flashbulb sauce 1 03-Jul-06
Control Surface phraggle 7 03-Jul-06
roland mv-8000 vs. akai mpc 25000 rave808 2 01-Jul-06
Hardware Multitracks with tempo maps? vokal 4 30-Jun-06
Snap, dawg! Modular synth solo a youtube featured video! Jiggity 3 29-Jun-06
Analog factory - nice design Steveo 6 29-Jun-06
Tried out the TR-606 Jiggity 5 28-Jun-06
O/S for the Novation K Station oatbran71 3 28-Jun-06
wow... macam 14 28-Jun-06
Documentary about Bruce Haack alles_ist_dada 5 27-Jun-06
Problems with distortion when recording through MBox2? ESwerve 5 27-Jun-06
Want a Record Deal or a Free Demo Review? Now seeking talent for showcasing to Top imgmusic 14 26-Jun-06
Laptop for music. Help me out please. SpeckO 36 25-Jun-06
Attention Londoners: concept 2 24-Jun-06
Gary Numans mate selling Virus on ebay. SpeckO 1 24-Jun-06
New Keane album alexp 14 23-Jun-06
Moog Came In Jiggity 6 22-Jun-06
Is your studio hot? vokal 9 20-Jun-06
NI Kore JohnNyC 3 19-Jun-06
Some music up in LTT. Shameless plug. SpeckO 3 18-Jun-06
good sample cds for electronic drums? caustech 4 18-Jun-06
Thinking about a 2tr das1029 11 16-Jun-06
Twango matrix 3 12-Jun-06
Billy Preston RIP madmax 3 08-Jun-06
Guess who owns a Moog? Jiggity 17 08-Jun-06
Jiggity's Lair: The Virtual Tour Jiggity 10 08-Jun-06
DAW question Jiggity 21 07-Jun-06
Freeware E-MU SP1200 as a VSTi? SekondThought 10 07-Jun-06
subject28 / other Detroiters... pls help mindcurve 28 03-Jun-06
Antares flippin ilock authorisation SpeckO 24 03-Jun-06
check and hit me with feedback of a constructive nature re: site, music and layout... SpeckO 8 03-Jun-06
Looks like us TV and media composers are out of a job... phraggle 6 01-Jun-06
can anyone help me find this website again? myamoto 17 01-Jun-06
Synth Recommendation Al_Bot 7 30-May-06
Mac software suggestions CKM000 3 29-May-06
Keyboard/piano teaching software needed SpeckO 4 28-May-06
Never Ending Story music - Klaus Doldinger & Giorgio Moroder - SpeckO 15 27-May-06
Need a decent Mixer for home studio? ESwerve 21 25-May-06
Ant infestation - any threat to gear? FIZMO100 12 25-May-06
Music as a Commodity 3DarkYears 41 25-May-06
The definitive guide to Hip Hop jigginz 14 24-May-06
EML Polybox video - pretty cool! FIZMO100 3 23-May-06
What synths achieve the Roland SH(2) sync sound? rids 5 23-May-06
Mixing desks with lfo's? jigginz 7 22-May-06
Need conversion help. alexp 7 22-May-06
This is my advice zengomi 17 22-May-06
Some tracks in Listen to This. Would also like to hear other peoples... SpeckO 1 21-May-06
Yamaha VL1.... CoolColJ 40 21-May-06
Wireless MIDI? CKM000 7 19-May-06
Laptop/Mini Keyboard Transport Cerebral Infect 11 19-May-06
MacBook Pro - anybody pick one of these up? CKM000 11 18-May-06
What's attractive for Music CDs? PART 2 rids 14 17-May-06
Who wants to trade Emu and AKAI CDs? swordfish 2 17-May-06
Moog movie on Sky TV tonight Steveo 7 15-May-06
What do you guys use to rip samples from divx...etc. scum 9 15-May-06
Elektron pricing - weird! FIZMO100 11 14-May-06
Seperating individual samples that are bunched onto single tracks on sample CD's SpeckO 16 13-May-06
Now thats how you make a record ! Rt.Hon.Beermaster 8 12-May-06
Linn LM-1 - £500, what say you? FIZMO100 28 12-May-06
ShoUride's blank thread madmax 3 11-May-06
Free Ambient/Chill Out drum loops and drum kit babura 3 11-May-06
18 hours of flying...what to read? Brennen 16 10-May-06
What soundcards are you using for softsynth?? ShoUride 10 09-May-06
ShoUride 2 07-May-06
Korg Z1 Pashmina 4 06-May-06
How much $ does it take to print off Albums? rids 6 05-May-06
Patchbay tips... before I go mad... FIZMO100 11 05-May-06
Creamware ASB' good, I bought one! SekondThought 4 05-May-06
Best analog percussion sounds vaughanm 6 05-May-06
Mixing with your mind SpeckO 9 04-May-06
studiomaster pro 16-3 maNUAL golden ears 1 04-May-06
Hey Fiz rids 4 03-May-06
where do you want to go with your music? ^_^ 27 01-May-06
OMS + OSX issue Lotic 4 01-May-06
What synth/softsynth would you buy for $800 (£500)? chris-b 17 01-May-06
HELP me identify this sound please... macam 5 01-May-06
What does this mean???? victor_bln 19 29-Apr-06
Boycott DRM. CD as MP3? Blech! SpeckO 12 29-Apr-06
Firewire or PCI Brennen 5 27-Apr-06
Help! My Neumann TLM 170 is sick 3DarkYears 15 26-Apr-06
PC Desktop Flight Case/Protection? elektrik 2 26-Apr-06
Adding to a Nord Lead 2X... SekondThought 25 25-Apr-06
(Correct forum?) Musician wanted for collaboration. kymaru 2 25-Apr-06
monome Giant Robot 13 24-Apr-06
Welsh's Synthesizer Cookbook, patch programming book fvwelsh 2 23-Apr-06
Virus Ti stability Cerebral Infect 1 23-Apr-06
anyone else feel outdated/ ^_^ 96 23-Apr-06
Reggaeton 3DarkYears 7 23-Apr-06
At War With The Mystics phraggle 3 22-Apr-06
Kurzweil K2500 sequencer? dx2 6 22-Apr-06
can you get famous with programs like frooty loops Cola 39 22-Apr-06
Fame from Farts 3DarkYears 2 21-Apr-06
Nice with the Controller Roundup Jiggity 16 20-Apr-06
What Soft Samp to run with M-Audio Trigger finger? ESwerve 2 19-Apr-06
Ensoniq VFX pdf manual victor_bln 2 19-Apr-06
Great Musikmesse Coverage! Albert 6 19-Apr-06
How's it going? SpeckO 43 19-Apr-06
Waldorf Wave XT 30 voice version, how much is it worth? Chitowndj77 4 18-Apr-06
Mystery Synth Sound (Let's play a game) benmate 18 16-Apr-06
This is good.... alexp 2 16-Apr-06
monophony mod for the casio mt-100 Jiggity 1 16-Apr-06
BASS Jiggity 9 15-Apr-06
Hallucinogen in Montreal :D CKM000 5 15-Apr-06
LAPTOPS!!! mac or pc??? synth2themax 4 13-Apr-06
Behringer tube preamp alexp 13 13-Apr-06
Hardware Multitrack recorders? ^_^ 4 13-Apr-06
Kurzweil madness is finally over.... das1029 10 12-Apr-06
MacBeth M3X's available! Ken McBeth 1 11-Apr-06
Skylab 2000... sauce 6 10-Apr-06
DICE II Firewire chips worth a look nick@sonic 2 10-Apr-06
the FAKES ON EBAY thread SpeckO 16 10-Apr-06
Hey FIZMO dj_calyx 6 10-Apr-06
Intel Macs can run Windows XP... phraggle 13 09-Apr-06
somebody Jiggity 14 08-Apr-06
Samples at Eastwest for 19.95. SpeckO 15 08-Apr-06
studio pics!:-) ^_^ 62 08-Apr-06
Recent listens zengomi 12 08-Apr-06
Looking for pure waves..... das1029 21 07-Apr-06
Focusrite Liquid Mix... FIZMO100 43 07-Apr-06
Does anyone use Gigastudio? How hungry and complex is it? SpeckO 5 03-Apr-06
tx81z voice question scum 5 03-Apr-06
Now THIS looks like progress! FIZMO100 11 03-Apr-06
Best preset sounds... FIZMO100 13 02-Apr-06
New Moog synth - 'the little phatty' vokal 8 02-Apr-06
Roland: "Red Is Coming"...? SekondThought 12 31-Mar-06
Gate/Compressor/Limiter/Expander I have seen used interchangeable? COALSLAG 4 31-Mar-06
VST Video player??? Jiggity 6 30-Mar-06
listen my newest commercial song preview newbiesarecute 10 30-Mar-06
Depeche Mode go Simlish... phraggle 3 29-Mar-06
Anybody going to the MusikMesse ? Steveo 10 29-Mar-06
Creamware Prodyssey ASB SekondThought 2 29-Mar-06
copying CDs... myamoto 7 27-Mar-06
Synth jewellery! FIZMO100 4 26-Mar-06
finding collaborators online - where 2 look? analog sylph 11 24-Mar-06
Home Studios @ Flickr silmu 5 23-Mar-06
Help!!!! my S-330 is in a coma robarth 4 22-Mar-06
Are the Ineko or Akira worth it? rids 4 21-Mar-06
Check out the RSF Modular on ebay rids 3 21-Mar-06
JP-8080 sync Brennen 4 20-Mar-06
Kinda neat. alexp 2 16-Mar-06
Gigastudio 3 phraggle 1 16-Mar-06
Cheap Sound Isolation lc 5 15-Mar-06
Casio iPD synths option gilA 10 15-Mar-06
Nord Lead 2 - PCMCIA Cards DanS 1 14-Mar-06
Useful studio aids... FIZMO100 19 14-Mar-06
Simple Ableton Live help please macam 4 13-Mar-06
Best Video/Audio composer syncro > ridszero 1 13-Mar-06
Anyone interested in sound design, check this out... phraggle 7 12-Mar-06
Alesis "Fusion" Pashmina 11 11-Mar-06
VEMIA - this Sat ! Rt.Hon.Beermaster 10 11-Mar-06
Kyma 'Tau' bug 2 10-Mar-06
Studio colour schemes/decor? Need ideas! FIZMO100 13 10-Mar-06
Just thought you should know... sauce 4 10-Mar-06
Didgeridoo samples Jiggity 16 10-Mar-06
copyright issues... myamoto 16 09-Mar-06
Ableton Live 5 vs Acid Pro 5 or 6 passedover 15 09-Mar-06
Pinch me alexp 1 08-Mar-06
portable recorders Jiggity 15 08-Mar-06
Good laptop soundcards D 8 08-Mar-06
Synth Battery mikash 4 07-Mar-06
TGS MySpace users... FIZMO100 24 07-Mar-06
modem sound phraggle 4 06-Mar-06
EBAY FRENZY Jiggity 6 05-Mar-06
Ha ha! Nice site... phraggle 8 04-Mar-06
reason extract tracks macam 1 03-Mar-06
Worst song lyrics FIZMO100 30 02-Mar-06
guess the scam ...again. bug 24 01-Mar-06
WOW. Analog controlled VSTi synth KZ 8 01-Mar-06
Oakley TB303 rids 14 01-Mar-06
Setting up a TGS Profile type thang - jump aboard! FIZMO100 1 01-Mar-06
QY-70 control TG-33 scum 1 28-Feb-06
sound clips of yamaha sy99 electrik noize 2 28-Feb-06
Studios from the 70's onwards... phraggle 7 28-Feb-06
Any E-Bow users here? FIZMO100 4 27-Feb-06
I have the power.....amp chubby grooves 11 27-Feb-06
CDs are bloody annoying ^_^ 84 25-Feb-06
chkdsk unscheduleing venom1000 3 25-Feb-06
Selling faulty gear... FIZMO100 14 24-Feb-06
Need some digital input. JohnNyC 9 24-Feb-06
Stupid Girl is "Funny" das1029 6 22-Feb-06
ebay tips Jiggity 8 22-Feb-06
Normalizing... phraggle 9 22-Feb-06
lifting vocals wooshii 7 22-Feb-06
Cheap all in one vocal effects pedal?ala skinny puppy scum 3 21-Feb-06
can somebody help me with expansion for korg i-3? korg61 1 21-Feb-06
oberheim dx drum machine.....does it have preset patterns built in? kensington 4 20-Feb-06
Favorite Hardware synth? Kelly64 33 19-Feb-06
Attn Beermaster and others doing tv work alexp 8 19-Feb-06
STEP AWAY FROM THE M1 Rt.Hon.Beermaster 28 17-Feb-06
Roland's line of SH synths: 1,2,3,5,7,9 rids 27 16-Feb-06
free kicks Jiggity 13 16-Feb-06
the 'eighth seal' ...signs of the apocalypse, redux bug 14 16-Feb-06
Manhattan Research Jiggity 11 14-Feb-06
Outboard and this digital world... what the hell do I do?!? FIZMO100 14 13-Feb-06
Mackie Onyx Firewire Card and Hmmmm JohnNyC 16 13-Feb-06
Sound in Imogen Heap- Hide and Seek Jiggity 12 13-Feb-06
whats the best way for me to sell my jp8080? cyberchime 6 13-Feb-06
Laptop advice macam 7 10-Feb-06
poly 800 in the garbage - reversed keys model! CKM000 11 09-Feb-06
playing a circusy music type melody? ^_^ 8 08-Feb-06
Waldorf XTK vs Alesis ION iguana 25 08-Feb-06
Step Record llexam 17 08-Feb-06
Antares synth, ever seen it? rids 5 07-Feb-06
Waldorf's Back Baby?!/!? rids 9 06-Feb-06
ableton operator (opinions) bug 2 05-Feb-06
help on picking a 88 key controller with piano feel vokal 3 05-Feb-06
Admin: Sample uploads nick@sonic 23 05-Feb-06
New CME products rids 6 05-Feb-06
kicks Jiggity 12 04-Feb-06
Roland V-Synth? iguana 14 03-Feb-06
Roland CR78 PWM 15 02-Feb-06
anyone know anything about rack cases? ^_^ 29 02-Feb-06
do I swap to a Nord 2x? chubby grooves 19 01-Feb-06
Ableton 5.0 as primary ...? bug 10 01-Feb-06
Bare Bones DAW setup? cstar 5 31-Jan-06
Let the learning begin!!!! alexp 18 31-Jan-06
New samples for Ableton live? wooshii 2 31-Jan-06
Hey Guys! I'm Back! JohnNyC 5 31-Jan-06
NAMM Discussion Steveo 67 30-Jan-06
problems registering native instruments sdp 6 30-Jan-06
Great pictures from NAMM SekondThought 19 29-Jan-06
We synthists don't get enough credit Jiggity 46 28-Jan-06
Acid Pro 6 NAMM video? phraggle 3 28-Jan-06
the new Korg MS200 Analog Moderizing Syntherzer Jiggity 12 28-Jan-06
Best unique filters, Roland JP6/8, Moog, Ober...New? rids 44 28-Jan-06
Sonar 5 producer or Cubase SX3 linearbit8 3 27-Jan-06
Metasonix S-1000 Kelly64 37 27-Jan-06
Light VST synth recommendations lc 14 26-Jan-06
So what's Moog's big announcement? FIZMO100 8 26-Jan-06
Spring reverbs dwaldman61 16 26-Jan-06
anyone use one of these ribbon mics? Jiggity 5 26-Jan-06
Symbolic Sound (Kyma) @ NAMM ...? bug 14 25-Jan-06
New computer kepoard...waterproof would be good, great action critical... SpeckO 11 25-Jan-06
Seperate Boutique Modulars and ordinary ones _- rids 9 25-Jan-06
Yes this should be in the classifieds but......... alexp 3 25-Jan-06
Any V-Synth users? FIZMO100 4 25-Jan-06
wooshii 1 24-Jan-06
Numark Ipod SpeckO 11 24-Jan-06
The perfectly Silent PC Gonkulator 14 23-Jan-06
install internal battery in Korg X5? kurt barkdull 1 23-Jan-06
Yamaha FS1R - worth it? fac 3 22-Jan-06
New Korg Radius synth- Dig iT! rids 26 22-Jan-06
Choosing the right Amp or PA set up V-Synth XT 1 22-Jan-06
Anyone ever feel like just moving on from music? emulator 35 21-Jan-06
Apogee Ensemble phraggle 3 21-Jan-06
Any Guitarist Synthesists? I need a guitar MIDI pickup.. SpeckO 24 21-Jan-06
need help with roland vsynth cyberchime 3 21-Jan-06
Alternatives to IUMA? markbase 5 20-Jan-06
Any Roland SH 32 Users??? Tonspuren 3 20-Jan-06
Roland SH-201 SekondThought 15 20-Jan-06
Holy G2 OS 1.40!! Gonkulator 1 20-Jan-06
Oberheim X-pander on eBay pretty cheap... FIZMO100 8 20-Jan-06
Namm 2006 Rumours Cerebral Infect 35 19-Jan-06
Acid Pro fans--your prayers have been answered! DJ Don 4 19-Jan-06
Freeware timestretch tool? panopti 6 19-Jan-06
zip disk click of death? ^_^ 12 17-Jan-06
Virus C - oh woe is me! FIZMO100 6 17-Jan-06 no more madmax 1 16-Jan-06
Are the xtra PM models in the Z1 worth it over Prophecy? rids 13 16-Jan-06
The annual bought and sold thread FIZMO100 34 15-Jan-06
audio interface CKM000 6 14-Jan-06
nord modular patches passedover 1 13-Jan-06
Alesis D4- note length too short. Help! swordfish 3 13-Jan-06
Selling Some Stuff Jiggity 27 12-Jan-06
ebayer chipforbrains epiphanius 14 11-Jan-06
Made up my mind: getting an Andromeda :) , possibly selling Macbeth M3X :( rids 32 11-Jan-06
Lou Rawls RIP madmax 6 10-Jan-06
Can my MBox2 work with my E-mu 0404? ESwerve 6 10-Jan-06
FXpansion VST-To-RTAS Wrapper? ESwerve 2 10-Jan-06
ah, joyous day:-D ^_^ 12 10-Jan-06
S2000 won't start up? olih 1 10-Jan-06
Sound Check Castanet 5 09-Jan-06
Ahhh, lost East/West CDs! Kelly64 7 09-Jan-06
Maybe Selling Sidstation... Jiggity 10 08-Jan-06
"BT" challenge for anyone..... das1029 40 07-Jan-06
where can i find sound demos of the roland mdc-1 rave808 4 07-Jan-06
Listen to this SpeckO 3 06-Jan-06
What happened with Chicken Systems? das1029 9 05-Jan-06
Need a new board golem 5 05-Jan-06
Admin...please check filter option. SpeckO 157 05-Jan-06
I am new to keyboarding does anybody here know how to work the split on the studiologic fatar S880? notorious_musician 1 05-Jan-06
Video Cameras Jiggity 7 04-Jan-06
What soft instruments are you using w/ M-Audio Trigger finger? ESwerve 22 03-Jan-06
Quasimidi 309 v. Sirius Tonspuren 6 01-Jan-06
DSI Evolver Keyboard 'MEK' released donato 17 01-Jan-06
Midi interface & midi controller to grab asap SpeckO 52 31-Dec-05
Pls. Help to find the right sound module iasadov75 3 30-Dec-05
Rozzbox Sound Demos Bazziman 5 28-Dec-05
VST drum sampler / sample player needed. Please help me pick one. SpeckO 65 27-Dec-05
seen these alesis mixers? chubby grooves 2 27-Dec-05
Looking for a New Hardware Sequencer... rids 70 27-Dec-05
Nord Lead demo's...more tweaky than the Clavia moi soundclick now for perusal SpeckO 20 26-Dec-05
eastWest Colossus users: please review SpeckO 63 26-Dec-05
mutools has a new whip! .humanoidalert 13 25-Dec-05
Star Wars vocal FX SpeckO 29 25-Dec-05
New Vermona Tiracon Steveo 10 25-Dec-05
I'm pondering getting a MAC, any thoughts? cyberchime 50 24-Dec-05
What is a "fat" sound? vaughanm 47 22-Dec-05
Comparisons between the Nord Modular, and Nord G2? FIZMO100 24 20-Dec-05
JP-80x0 users... ViS 24 20-Dec-05
Like listening to stuff run through tubes? Jiggity 25 19-Dec-05
Aktionist Yank and Harsh Enlightenment nowitsdark 2 19-Dec-05
Acid Pro 4.0 alles_ist_dada 12 17-Dec-05
Sidstation vs Hardsid Anaxamander 85 16-Dec-05
slimming down a setup forlive set? ^_^ 99 16-Dec-05
What are you waiting for? Castanet 74 15-Dec-05
Those crafty fugging dust particles... FIZMO100 74 15-Dec-05
Roland V synth & Alesis Fusion comparison if any SpeckO 81 15-Dec-05
MC505 sequencing vaughanm 5 14-Dec-05
Vintage Mic Comparisons Jiggity 14 14-Dec-05
Mallet Kat & Octave Kat SpeckO 4 14-Dec-05
Eastwest Samples Christmas Presents 35% off SpeckO 4 14-Dec-05
LEDs for sale Jiggity 1 13-Dec-05
Copyrighting JohnNyC 3 12-Dec-05
SK880 power station stops playing MLLC Scott 1 12-Dec-05
After many years of Waiting... Gonkulator 5 10-Dec-05
I would appreciate it muchly if.... SpeckO 30 09-Dec-05
TGS Voice thread- hear your pals Jiggity 10 09-Dec-05
Mackie Traktion users... mindcurve 20 09-Dec-05
What's the easiest way to put music on the internet? fuqface 21 08-Dec-05
old synth- what is it? Jiggity 1 08-Dec-05
What's the deal with Soundclick Charts? SpeckO 2 07-Dec-05
ER-1 (was: cheapish hardware drum sequencer) away 4 07-Dec-05
difference between the mpc 1000 v2 and the mpc 2500 rave808 8 07-Dec-05
Pashmina's question about mastering Peake 52 07-Dec-05
Bad mix of styles in 1 song - need help mixing together! rids 11 06-Dec-05
the reality of now ^_^ 188 06-Dec-05
JohnNyC 1 05-Dec-05
What`s your last coup de coeur toy you bought ? Cerebral Infect 24 05-Dec-05
Major MPC1000 update & new paint job! SekondThought 20 05-Dec-05
whats good with this mv8000? ^_^ 13 04-Dec-05
Kawai K5-K5000 patch conversion, any ideas? Pashmina 4 03-Dec-05
Web Design Virgin! Opinions Please Lawrence 18 02-Dec-05
WORKING MOOG MODULAR FOR $120 Jiggity 150 02-Dec-05
John S. Simonton RIP madmax 2 30-Nov-05
Tgs Electronics Engineers! Castanet 3 30-Nov-05
AKAI MPC2000 on eBay Great Deal sterlingx 5 30-Nov-05
synth prices in japan? ^_^ 22 30-Nov-05
Best portable composers/sequencers D 7 29-Nov-05
GX-1 on eBay, priced to cripple. FIZMO100 12 29-Nov-05
Am I missing something here? Moog Modular? rids 11 29-Nov-05
absurdly impressive Spectralis demo Dr. Whammo 50 26-Nov-05
Opinions needed - studio downsize/upgrade FIZMO100 46 26-Nov-05
who has a PEK here? ^_^ 11 26-Nov-05
Synths with character SpeckO 28 26-Nov-05
Has anyone ever worked at Sam Ash, Guitar Center, etc? breakstyles 23 23-Nov-05
running an old keyboard with a PC into an iMac using iControl annstuart 2 23-Nov-05
PMA-5/QY-70 Battles CindaP 5 22-Nov-05
Band Names (how to find if the name you want is being used) vokal 9 22-Nov-05
Audio Midi Setup Help? rids 5 22-Nov-05
VCS2 Segment Wave Synth Steveo 21 22-Nov-05
Juno 60 question llexam 5 20-Nov-05
interesteing documentary of sorts on the amen break .humanoidalert 3 20-Nov-05
Why won't AMT8 drivers load onto my Hard Drive? rids 2 20-Nov-05
Some good news... macam 5 19-Nov-05
Would I be disappointed to use a Andromeda instead of a MKS70? rids 80 18-Nov-05
TGS Jam Jiggity 10 18-Nov-05
Mics lc 8 18-Nov-05
Can Sony PSP Playstation Do MIDI? dxman 4 18-Nov-05
ProToolsLE for sequencing? das1029 18 17-Nov-05
What are people's views on the best budget digital multitrack recorders ? Duc d'Orleans 4 16-Nov-05
the access virus is kinda like cheating... ^_^ 48 16-Nov-05
Need help with solo synth selection swift_tee 15 16-Nov-05
RMS amplitude alles_ist_dada 7 15-Nov-05
what synth is this? morgan 4 14-Nov-05
difference between the hercules dj console and the mk2 version rave808 1 14-Nov-05
Why are most of the major manafactures not interested in making new analogue keyboards? Duc d'Orleans 47 13-Nov-05
midines CKM000 14 12-Nov-05
Memory Leaks!? rapidix 14 11-Nov-05
Know of various types of gear needed to get a nice bass sound? supersayayin 14 11-Nov-05
what IS IT man? .humanoidalert 6 11-Nov-05
color him father, which record is better? ^_^ 8 09-Nov-05
More samples from your favorite *iggity! Jiggity 38 08-Nov-05
Even more samples: glitch/noise Jiggity 6 08-Nov-05
audio examples of pre/post mastering sirius_cloud 24 07-Nov-05
S950....SCSI Availability? cstar 20 07-Nov-05
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