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fresh LOOPS BEATMKR 2 02-Oct-12
akai s2000 nicotricot 2 02-Mar-12
Anybody got SYS-503 for S-50? Anonymous 1 01-Apr-10
Vintage Electronic Set-ups and Hardware Samplers Trestles 3 16-Sep-09
MDB Window Recorder sikorsky 2 25-Feb-09
Need help with Brother PDC 100 Sequencer streets 1 17-Oct-08
Number of vst synths installed in a PC clotom 2 31-Jul-08
SF Soft Sampler Users: Rredmatica Seminar Added to Tour puckboy21 2 08-May-08
Single Cycle Sampling Bazziman 2 03-Feb-08
floater 1 19-Jan-08
I need info on Akai s700 sampler... col222 3 14-Jan-08
Digital substitution for Akai S5000 macacox 1 30-Dec-07
Roll of hardware samplers in this day and age alexp 22 20-Dec-07
z4 zip drive rickyb 1 16-Oct-07
moop 1 05-Mar-07
sampler for QY70 qajak 2 16-Jul-06
gemini ds-2024 dj psalm 2 02-Jul-06
Looking for: Roland MSQ700 or JSQ60 UrbanCamper 1 01-May-06
Firewire/USB to SCSI converters and samplers S1nn3r 4 27-Feb-06
MPC-2000XL Sample Storage Options.. anointed2 4 15-Jan-06
Looking at Roland MV 8000 any input/suggestions? E-Kent 4 04-Jan-06
cant decide between 2 samplers, help! domer88 5 29-Nov-05
Free 60 Meg Multi-sampled Trumpet for Emulator X / Proteus X / Proteus X LE at kcrosley 1 04-Nov-05
Akai S6000 - portamento? CoolColJ 6 03-Nov-05
ASR10 screens, new vs old hedpeace 1 10-Sep-05
Platinum Loops CindaP 1 01-Aug-05
what is a sampler? CoolColJ 4 26-Jul-05
sampler? AmbientFusion 5 21-Jul-05
alterego 1 29-Jun-05
the good old days machinapathy 10 20-Jun-05
Some Sound Advice fadetoblack 4 11-Jun-05
land of dinosaurs CoolColJ 5 30-May-05
Roland VP9000 dj_calyx 1 30-May-05
Formatting Akai disks on a MAC ortho 17 16-May-05
s2000 mefjus 4 29-Apr-05
EIIIX or ASR 10? djinn 3 16-Apr-05
I sell Roland SP 808 Sampler edgar_prates 1 08-Apr-05
Emu EOS Sample Disks Neelix 1 03-Apr-05
Re: Discount for members at Loopmasters loopmasters 2 28-Mar-05
willman85 1 08-Mar-05
LinPlug RMIV Drum Sampler Software rundq 4 28-Feb-05
Soft Sampling, midi triggers sec_oif 5 27-Feb-05
Akai s2000 loops triggering from octopoad-HELP! johnfingers 2 08-Feb-05
Need Advice for new Software Sampler sellyour 4 31-Jan-05
sample cds 5$ each leccisi 2 22-Jan-05
Midi Sample Dump Standard for Akai S20 johnfingers 3 13-Jan-05
wav format samplers xsxs 17 06-Dec-04
Yamaha SU700 vs. Korg ES-1 ESwerve 5 08-Nov-04
Hardware Samplers vs. Software Samplers ESwerve 7 31-Oct-04
MP-7 + SP505 vs 2000XL inderjeet01 4 25-Oct-04
junggle 1 11-Oct-04
Roland S330 Reboot problem jasonmd2020 1 24-Sep-04
Roland MS-1 Memory Formatting jasonmd2020 3 24-Sep-04
yamaha su 700 when i want to load it says opration failed KABULAFGHANISTAN 1 19-Jul-04
Roland MS-1 Digital Sampler backup on pc- am I the only one who's trying it??? Sheezy 2 12-Jul-04
Noisy Korg ESX, does it happend to you? xiaoleiqin 1 16-Jun-04
Sample Format Conversion chemosabe 4 13-Jun-04
The Vienna Symphonic Library fishjaco 1 08-Jun-04
Where can I find a site that has S900/ S950 samples? 16 23-May-04
Roland S550 Manual anointed2 1 01-Apr-04
Sample CD's fac 4 31-Mar-04
yamaha su200 problems? elherbus 2 27-Mar-04
lo fi samplers motzekryen 28 12-Mar-04
My first sampler pirulo 15 01-Mar-04
problem with akai s3000 XL who helps ?? zipo 4 06-Dec-03
Roland S-760 monitors dx2 10 25-Nov-03
Your favorite cut and paste sampler machinapathy 3 18-Nov-03
Korg MS 2000/Micro Q combo 4amour 3 18-Nov-03
workstation mgcollins17 0 31-Oct-03
mpc sin83 0 23-Oct-03
mpc sin83 0 14-Oct-03
Linn 9000 replacement batteries JB 4 09-Sep-03
No title illbeats 0 06-Sep-03
No title illbeats 1 06-Sep-03
Gemini DS-2024...DJ sampler LoHr 4 07-Aug-03
Small sampling drum machine type thingees Operator 12 30-Jul-03
sampler for live gig chocky 0 10-Jul-03
Good sampler with these features? elmacaco 22 06-Jul-03
s900 worth machinapathy 8 30-Jun-03
No more hardware samplers? noision 4 28-Jun-03
Using my sampler as a drum playback module? hitjob 5 28-Jun-03
Mirage paddington 2 17-Jun-03
The Best Sampler Under $500.00 US oatbran71 9 14-Jun-03
hw sampler <=> computer silmu 6 01-Jun-03
Prophet 2000 tips/comments? Chris McMasters 1 28-Apr-03
why are all the studio samplers made by japanese companies? LoHr 23 16-Apr-03
soundfont to sampler piano boy 2 09-Apr-03
Akai IB-301S - SCSI card... Where to buy!!!??? stinky 1 08-Apr-03
Boss sp 303 memory transfer url 2 02-Apr-03
boss sp 505 question loophavn 3 29-Mar-03
Akai vs. E-MU Chris McMasters 12 04-Mar-03
Analog sampling chip... what the hell do I do with it? Jiggity 5 13-Feb-03
Emax II additive synthesis Calyx93 1 28-Jan-03
Midi Controller Problems for Boss Sp 202 breakingsanity 1 09-Jan-03
broken akai s950 disk drive dmt10 1 18-Dec-02
Gigastudio anyone? richard45 1 17-Dec-02
Roland S-10 compton 2 04-Dec-02
Emu E4XT vs. Akai Z8 TJ Teru 8 25-Nov-02
Sample CDs Lilith 4 19-Nov-02
looping samples and making them into tones..??? ddeez 4 15-Nov-02
Yammy A4000 and Recycle? pook187 3 12-Nov-02
changing parallel port to scsi matthewnickels 2 05-Nov-02
akai z4 or emu e6400 ultra superkaz2k 7 01-Nov-02
TX16W System Disk JCD 1 30-Oct-02
coolest 12 bit or old ass sampler? caustech 25 29-Oct-02
EMU E5000 Ultra vs. Roland XV5050 FahrenHeit 3 21-Oct-02
Roland S760: Need some info about SCSI port Mr.Ron 11 21-Oct-02
Dynacord ADS specifications? JB 1 17-Oct-02
adding a zip drive to my emu5000ultra matthewnickels 4 07-Oct-02
Akai S2000 Reverb addinquir 1 30-Sep-02
Akai reverb Help!!! addinquir 0 30-Sep-02
Akai S2000 Reverb addinquir 0 30-Sep-02
Casio FZ-1 SCSI? silmu 3 30-Sep-02
kurzweil kdfx against lexicon sdp 1 29-Sep-02
Hardware versus Soft chaz43 7 26-Sep-02
Sampler Comparison Emonkey 6 20-Sep-02
We want KONTAKT to HALion, EXS, and Gigastudio Users DanielR 5 18-Sep-02
which samplers best for drum trax from samples drewspuppet 15 18-Sep-02
No title birdbrain 10 16-Sep-02
SP-505 infos synthelabo 3 15-Sep-02
A3000 problem lail 6 23-Aug-02
I NEED THE AIEB1 I/O expansion board pharus2 1 20-Aug-02
tx16w and sound diver ocho8 2 12-Aug-02
triggering sp505 samples decepticon3107 1 11-Aug-02
Advice on sampler purchase ddrumguy 2 11-Aug-02
Yamaha SU700 help Richard 1 08-Aug-02
Sampler for audio destruction!!! almostnothing 3 07-Aug-02
Another sampler question drewspuppet 1 06-Aug-02
K2500 / DO I NEED THE SAMPLE OPTION? sdp 3 06-Aug-02
Where can I find Tamborine samples? fuqface 2 24-Jul-02
advice reedrichards 7 22-Jul-02
Emax II CD-ROM drives Calyx93 1 12-Jul-02
EMU esi-32 and Sound Forge almostnothing 7 10-Jul-02
Cheap cd drive for Yammy A4000? pook187 1 10-Jul-02
i might get an a3000 llewxamcire 5 10-Jul-02
Gangsta Rap Organ Sound.... fuqface 4 08-Jul-02
Roland S-760 / Ensoniq ASR10/EPS16+ or Casio FZ1-m james002 21 08-Jul-02
Anyone mess with the akai Z series samplers yet? hexfix93 6 05-Jul-02 they work? fuqface 4 30-Jun-02
Anyone else ripped off by jeff1x 1 29-Jun-02
controller keyboard for samplers? JuJay16 11 28-Jun-02
what are the laws about sampling? i dont want to be sued! moon musician 3 27-Jun-02
What are some good sample conversion apps? Glassy 5 21-Jun-02
Phrase Sampler? JuJay16 15 20-Jun-02
best mid level sampler? lail 7 15-Jun-02
Sampletank XL MAS..... fuqface 1 15-Jun-02
Battery Manual anointed2 1 14-Jun-02
battery anointed2 0 14-Jun-02
EPS-16+r F.U.B.A.R. Parakeet 8 11-Jun-02
korg electribe lunarluni 0 10-Jun-02
samplers with analog filters kybernetik 10 10-Jun-02
Dont Sleep on the SP 505 hip hop heads jpeg 15 29-May-02
New A5000 user needs a helping hand Tele 2 25-May-02
How do you save your samples? soulboy 3 21-May-02
The must have sampler dejon 3 20-May-02
ensoniq EPS & Recycle jason_md2020 1 17-May-02
NI Kontakt - Any users out there? phraggle 24 16-May-02
MPC... or RS7000... or ??? spec 6 15-May-02
need motherboard for st-224 SCSI Osbourne 5 13-May-02
For Sale - ST-224 in London, UK area jpeg 1 12-May-02
First sampler!! Garland 23 11-May-02
Lets talt about the Akai MPC4000 hlynur 1 11-May-02
No title hlynur 1 11-May-02
Best Sampler... Akai, Yamaha, EMU superkaz2k 4 04-May-02
Transferring samples between samplers? james002 4 02-May-02
Need a sampler for my metal band.... craig-icabod 7 25-Apr-02
a4k software + w2k jesusboy_ 1 21-Apr-02
Emax or prophet 2000... Archetypo 6 21-Apr-02
Emu E5000 Ultra vs. Yamaha A5000 Raped 8 18-Apr-02
Kontakt! Lava 7 18-Apr-02
need replacement lcd for ms1 geronimo 1 18-Apr-02
S1000 vs S1000PB makroform 5 18-Apr-02
Ok, need some help with my S50... FIZMO100 5 16-Apr-02
Buggy EOS v6.41? soulboy 1 16-Apr-02
Asr-10 thoughts Emonkey 5 15-Apr-02
emu esi32 or akai mpc60/II or ??? locke 16 13-Apr-02
Gemini PS-900i 0hmyg0d 3 11-Apr-02
mapping out samples on an e5000 Hazmat 3 08-Apr-02
Anyone use ReCycle? WTF is SMIDI? hippodrome 6 05-Apr-02
Jaz for EPS-+ Parakeet 4 03-Apr-02
best deal on a sampler? jamesbondmcm 10 29-Mar-02
Good sampler to use for Time Compress? James Smith 5 29-Mar-02
HELP PLEASE simms su700 hiam sadan 5 28-Mar-02
A few questions about the Roland S50... FIZMO100 10 28-Mar-02
Suggest a new sampler polishtomato 8 27-Mar-02
Emu Esynth (EOS) and SoundFont preset banks Analoguesque 1 25-Mar-02
a3000 vs esi-2000? exterminia 1 24-Mar-02
EMAX question anointed2 3 19-Mar-02
Mellotron Sample CDs machinapathy 9 18-Mar-02
e64000 e5000 ultra hexfix93 2 13-Mar-02
Thoughts on the Roland S550 ddeez 20 04-Mar-02
hey esi2000 owners... llewxamcire 3 03-Mar-02
My German Korg DSS-1 manual for your English one. sartre 1 03-Mar-02
is the emax or other old samplers that great ? soviet-pop 6 02-Mar-02
Manual for the Akai X7000 rendaz 1 28-Feb-02
Externally Sequencing SP-808 anointed2 1 25-Feb-02
SK760 Power Station dirtymike 1 25-Feb-02
Can Halion due what an Akai S5000 Can lucenthorizon 10 21-Feb-02
E-mu SP rumors & possibilities bug 5 20-Feb-02
thinking buying a sampler and need advice please . soviet-pop 14 19-Feb-02
akai S5000 amorphium 3 12-Feb-02
A useful tool for Zoom SampleTrack owners. fac 1 10-Feb-02
I got a problem..(Yamaha A3000 SCSI) S1nn3r 1 09-Feb-02
what is the sampling Keyboard in Ferris Bueller's Day Off? myamoto 7 08-Feb-02
best samplers for touring atticuspaul 8 08-Feb-02
I'm about to buy an E5000... soulboy 8 06-Feb-02
BEST rack sampler that can sample at less than 16 bits ddeez 18 06-Feb-02
Mike Patton in need of help! noiselandarcade 1 30-Jan-02
Zoom Sampletrack owners help devilock76 3 30-Jan-02
need info on file conversion: Roland MS-1 Texas Noise Factory 1 30-Jan-02
mpc4000 Funkatronik 0 29-Jan-02
EP & String Machine sample cds? chromapolaris 2 27-Jan-02
S-760 Monitor? PWM 2 25-Jan-02
Sampler with no time change superkaz2k 5 25-Jan-02
AKAI AT ITS FINEST!! Illacov 8 25-Jan-02
new to samplers, need help PLEASE aldarbeedo 3 24-Jan-02
live electronica AdamOn 4 23-Jan-02
Anyone own a SP-505??? noiselandarcade 2 23-Jan-02
SP-808 to Wav converter problem (Please Read) anointed2 6 23-Jan-02
Latest supported HD for the ESI-32 Gia 0 21-Jan-02
ESI-32 Drivers for Win 2000 Operator 4 20-Jan-02
Emu E6400 Internal Zip Drive possible??? decay 4 20-Jan-02
Question for the DnB folks pine 11 19-Jan-02
E-MU EOS Modulation Matrix Wizard! Bacizone 1 17-Jan-02
E-MU EOS Automatic Multisampling tool! Bacizone 1 17-Jan-02
ESI 2000 help! sub_60 1 15-Jan-02
Staring off sampler! Garland 7 12-Jan-02
Where to find Roland R8 Samples anointed2 4 12-Jan-02
SP-808 Production Tips anointed2 1 10-Jan-02
SP-808 EX Vocoder Question anointed2 1 10-Jan-02
SP-808 manuel? drsmoov 2 10-Jan-02
Advice... mbeaudet 4 09-Jan-02
The ESI-2000 is essentially the ESI-4000 emulator 13 08-Jan-02
Digital Samplers synth-freak 3 06-Jan-02
Yamaha A3000 S1nn3r 2 05-Jan-02
S-770 Memory Board Upgrade Needed rexmedia 1 05-Jan-02
SP-808/XP-60 Questions anointed2 4 05-Jan-02
SP-202 Midi info makroform 4 02-Jan-02
Electrix Reapeater jbfunk 5 01-Jan-02
do akai samplers lack bass response? yea or nay wandering fool 5 01-Jan-02
Roland S-750 curtisdog 1 01-Jan-02
No title curtisdog 0 28-Dec-01
ROland S-series sampler archive here! CoolColJ 7 23-Dec-01
Can any scsi storage device be used on any sampler? hippodrome 5 23-Dec-01
MPC-60 II + Ouboard VS MPC-2000xl anointed2 13 21-Dec-01
Newbie question about Emu ESI-4000 thatsasin 3 17-Dec-01
Looking for Ensoniq EPS modified OS? Ideal 8 17-Dec-01
need new sampler - need advice critikill 1 15-Dec-01
loop points piano boy 2 15-Dec-01
REX files adamjohn12 1 14-Dec-01
What is unique and interesting about your sampler emulator 30 12-Dec-01
I CANT HEAR HALION anointed2 3 12-Dec-01
Another MPC Question anointed2 6 01-Dec-01
Boss dr.sample sp-202, anyone know about the memory card? arttui 4 29-Nov-01
boss SP-505: any impression laser*pastel 1 27-Nov-01
Starting off sampler Garland 9 25-Nov-01
live performances help fizztech 3 25-Nov-01
midi setup fizztech 2 24-Nov-01
looking for manual for akai s700 neurofilter 1 18-Nov-01
What is a good used sampler to buy? synth-freak 5 17-Nov-01
performance-oriented keyboard samplers? The Human Bong 4 16-Nov-01
Once again it's on. dirtymike 16 14-Nov-01
Problem with a3000 and PC ahpook 2 13-Nov-01
How Flexible is the Trinton-R Sampler? - 128mg Sample Keys2001 2 06-Nov-01
What Sampler has the best Software? dirtymike 11 06-Nov-01
A Beginner's Lame Ass Sampling Question mbeaudet 2 06-Nov-01
Reputed 128 mg expansion for Roland S760 Mitchell B. Cook 7 05-Nov-01
ASR-10 SIMM question geoffrey 3 05-Nov-01
SCSI for my EPS Parakeet 2 05-Nov-01
needed: new sampler ves120 6 02-Nov-01
The new Z-series from Akai TRLH 5 02-Nov-01
Sampler recommendation...? thatsasin 4 30-Oct-01
Kurzweil K2500 w/sampling vs Yamaha Motif anointed2 1 30-Oct-01
Good sampler for a newbie superkaz2k 12 29-Oct-01
ASR-X Vs. A3000,4000 .MattmaN. 7 28-Oct-01
Output expander for RS7 alex supertramp 2 28-Oct-01
Keyboard Sampler dirtymike 9 24-Oct-01
Yamha A4000? or Akai s5000xl? please help Riply 3 22-Oct-01
Help with sampler Riply 3 21-Oct-01
How to burn an EOS-EMU cd on a Mac? OSCILATER 1 20-Oct-01
Vp9000 is only $1500 alex supertramp 6 20-Oct-01
SCSI Hookup for ESI-2000 and Laptop Gothicindustrial 2 18-Oct-01
Cheap A4000 or E-mu E5000? TJ Teru 11 18-Oct-01
Akai vs. Emu soulboy 6 18-Oct-01
Akai Z4 "It's about time" dirtymike 27 13-Oct-01
Unity DS-1? Demonic Foreplay 1 13-Oct-01
Can I use the Roland SP-808 as a multitrack anointed2 30 11-Oct-01
Hmmmmmmm. Samplecell II or Akai S2000? ma-chan 12 10-Oct-01
asr x earthgoddess 2 08-Oct-01
sample library for S750-770 samplehappy 1 07-Oct-01
What sampler can resample through external gear? Night3333 2 07-Oct-01
Best sampler for audio manipulation/deconstruction Anaphaser 56 04-Oct-01
Which samplers can do direct SCSI sample dump transfer to PC/Mac? Anonymous 0 04-Oct-01
Roland VP9000 dirtymike 4 03-Oct-01
casio fz1 question! syntax 1 01-Oct-01
Mutec sampler expansion stuff online!! DeltaM 2 30-Sep-01
Need SoundZ anointed2 1 28-Sep-01
New guy needs help known 8 28-Sep-01
what's a better sampler an es-1 or the new boss sp-505 Brian Smith 18 27-Sep-01
Help me pick a sampler Baron Kloff 21 25-Sep-01
Chronic Music LA Riot sampler CD for A3K Noiz 1 22-Sep-01
Opinions on the best sample sounds Hydroaxe 2 20-Sep-01
help me choose my setup Anonymous 3 20-Sep-01
Roland SP303, Zoom sampletrak Rytalin 4 16-Sep-01
Korg electribe vs. yamaha SU range laser*pastel 5 15-Sep-01
Best under $500 Sampler: New Project X 3 15-Sep-01
Sample CD's CD-ROM VS. Audio hitjob 3 07-Sep-01
ASR X Analog Phreek 3 06-Sep-01
SCSI to USB adapter peetr 4 03-Sep-01
i'm a beginner sampler *have questions drewzz 2 03-Sep-01
Inexpensive Orchestra Sample CD DeltaM 3 29-Aug-01
I need ahpook 1 26-Aug-01
A7000 evilteenagetwin 3 25-Aug-01
Are hardawre samplers are coming to an end. dirtymike 52 24-Aug-01
Yamaha AIEB 1 Output Expander Mainline Crux 4 22-Aug-01
Keymapping-HELP .. 8 ....... 2 15-Aug-01
Looking for specialized live looping sampler Malfunkt 3 14-Aug-01
FZ-1 CRISIS. Can´t load sounds via MIDI. HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xnamed 1 09-Aug-01
Yamaha samplers blowout......... joep 10 07-Aug-01
Problems with ESI32 and Recycle dustparticle 1 04-Aug-01
where is teklab? TEKNOID 9 03-Aug-01
Yamaha CD-ROMs DJL/DeadZone Studio 1 31-Jul-01
Good drum/rythm sampler... ElGranPoot 4 30-Jul-01
AKAI S2000 for sale rezononce 2 28-Jul-01
s-750 digital sampler samplehappy 8 25-Jul-01
HELP! Newbie, trying to load WAV into Emu ESI-32 Noiz 4 22-Jul-01
Which Sampler? st303 6 19-Jul-01
Sample Banks w/Sp808 aloe 6 18-Jul-01
Problem with a3000 ahpook 6 13-Jul-01
Help!! Does anyone have the pc software for a Next! DJS-24 sampler Von Hoven 1 12-Jul-01
someone trade with me!!!!!! akai\emu a1operator 1 12-Jul-01
HI!~ z.zentronix 1 11-Jul-01
Yamaha SU10 sample CD's? levarameel 1 09-Jul-01
Casio Fz1 memory expansion board... Promars 2 09-Jul-01
description of v.a.s.t? peripatitis 1 09-Jul-01
Midi-Help: Need Control... .. 8 ....... 1 09-Jul-01
Sample editing software; what should I get? Karplus 4 07-Jul-01
TX16W opinions? skybolt6 9 04-Jul-01
ASR-X (PRO), sampling drum machine or rack mount? 21 03-Jul-01
Simple sampler for live break-beats?? Mr Andersen 14 30-Jun-01
A sampling question: how is it done? h20gun99 13 27-Jun-01
Sampling CD for 1960's Beatles sounds??? Anonymous 0 27-Jun-01
elite rare samplers? 32 25-Jun-01
Prophet 2000 or Akai 2800 ? 8 23-Jun-01
EMU ESI-4000 question: HELP, Pls! 2 23-Jun-01
Yamaha A3000 SCSI/SDMI 8 22-Jun-01
Good sample cd's? Popstop 1 21-Jun-01
Emax vs. S-950 4 20-Jun-01
SCSI Speeds - Any one really know ? Old Al 1 20-Jun-01
Which one should I get the akai s900 or s950? 6 19-Jun-01
Casio FZ1 needs fixing 0 17-Jun-01
Casio FZ1 needs fixing 0 17-Jun-01
Which one should I get the akai s900 or s950? 0 16-Jun-01
A typical post but please help if you can... 3 15-Jun-01
akai s2000 lead the me to a top16 place on!!! 0 15-Jun-01
MPC Note Variation Slider Question 2 15-Jun-01
RS7000 and Smartmedia... 3 14-Jun-01
where do i get the os for an sp1200? 4 14-Jun-01
Akai Filter Board 2 13-Jun-01
EMU ESI-Imac compatibility... 6 13-Jun-01
Need help from EMU ESI 32/4000 owners 8 11-Jun-01
Impressions of the Roland S-550? 1 09-Jun-01
2 questions... 9 04-Jun-01
What sampler best fits my needs? 5 04-Jun-01
A5000 vs. E-MU E5000 3 01-Jun-01
Inexpensive sampler for d & b- bass filtering? dreamsofgrey 23 30-May-01
Anyone know where I can buy a good MiniMoog Sample CD? 5 23-May-01
Anyone know where I can buy a good MiniMoog Sample CD 0 21-May-01
good world/orchestral library's 3 21-May-01
Sample CD advice needed 8 19-May-01
Masos For Mirage DSM-1 1 16-May-01
Drum Triggers? :) 4 16-May-01
live use of sequencer's 2 16-May-01
ES-1 With a 64 mb card question 4 13-May-01
Anyone tried Kirk Hunter Virt. Strings? 3 11-May-01
Can the SP-808 Save Effects? 9 11-May-01
ES-1 How do u assign a diff sample per pad? 1 09-May-01
su200 and cakewalk/cubase/logic 1 08-May-01
A3000 upgrade? 5 08-May-01
Virtuoso 2000 VS ESI 2000 2 08-May-01
HOW TO know which version I have on my a3000? 2 07-May-01
esi 2000 knobs?! 3 01-May-01
Halion, anyone used it yet? 1 30-Apr-01
anyone else had tons of glitches with the yamaha su700? 0 28-Apr-01
help! SCSI ZIP cable problems.... 3 27-Apr-01
SP-808 -- Can it edit WITHIN the sample? 6 27-Apr-01
how exactly does a sampler send a sound to my contoller? 9 26-Apr-01
a3000 or esi-2000? 11 24-Apr-01
Need SCSI help 2 21-Apr-01
hard or soft samplers? 4 21-Apr-01
Can the SP-808 chop samples? 6 20-Apr-01
What is the BEST sampler for around $500? 9 19-Apr-01
Why did they leave this feature out? 9 19-Apr-01
Can the SP-808 chop samples? 0 18-Apr-01 - a new discussion forum for keyboards ! 1 18-Apr-01
a3000: multiple midi channels? 6 12-Apr-01
Wav to S-550 sample dump utility! CoolColJ 3 08-Apr-01
distortion on A4000? dj_fuzzy 9 08-Apr-01
EMU's online specials 1 05-Apr-01
Cheapest PC SCSI Card for ESi32? CyC 5 05-Apr-01
SCSI headaches continue 4 04-Apr-01
su200 question 1 04-Apr-01
sampler question Nefastvs 23 03-Apr-01
RFX-32 is this the VP9000 killer dirtymike 23 03-Apr-01
A4000 or E5000 dirtymike 34 03-Apr-01
A Sampler For Looping Patterns I Create... Kameron 4 03-Apr-01
Easy, quality phrase sampler: SP-808 VS ESI 2000 Techno Punk 15 03-Apr-01
Seeking EMAX sampler 1 or 2 - Urgent! dtmd 3 02-Apr-01
Whats your opinion about the yamaha a3000 ?? pharus2 3 02-Apr-01
AHH...Prophet 2000 strangeness, PLS Help! DjWeffa 2 01-Apr-01
Better to get an SU700+Rm1x or wait for Rs7000 Atus 21 30-Mar-01
midi question...please help drake 4 30-Mar-01
Sampler selecting trouble. Please Help. JohnnyGrundles 18 29-Mar-01
So, what all can these new samplers do that my asr-10 can't? Rosten 11 28-Mar-01
ESI-2000 synchronization options... Anonymous 0 28-Mar-01
mpc-like controller available? mozzarelladibufala 13 27-Mar-01
Sampler Transfer via SCSI hooptyheaven 2 26-Mar-01
It doesn't matter what equpment u have? blackman 10 26-Mar-01
What's a good phrase sampler?? Techno Punk 3 26-Mar-01
Zoom Sampletrak ST-224 rucchi 5 26-Mar-01
does anybody know the AKAI S 1100? miccom 3 26-Mar-01
parts for old gear poopville 1 24-Mar-01
Akai:  Can the 2000XL use ANY 16MB 72-pin simm?, and other quandaries.... Akai:  Can the 2000XL use Relax... 4 22-Mar-01
Old/upright piano samples PWM 2 22-Mar-01
IS THERE REALLY AN MPC4000, DAMMIT? Relax... 10 22-Mar-01
best sampler for $500 or less.... poopville 9 21-Mar-01
Akia MPC2000xl SCSI input/output type?? dreamsofgrey 3 19-Mar-01
How do you compare the RS7000, MPC, and other samplers to this? Atus 9 16-Mar-01
Layering Sample Ancer 2 15-Mar-01
Best sampler for this task? Metatron 25 15-Mar-01
Akai S950 any good? helio 3 13-Mar-01
newbie needs help pud_mack 2 13-Mar-01
SCSI Help .. 8 ....... 9 11-Mar-01
esi-2000 & SCSI/SMDI Mainline Crux 22 11-Mar-01
smartmedia & machine selection questions. ArchieFunker 1 08-Mar-01
Roland S-330 DrKurv 5 08-Mar-01
Counfused about sample transfer.. please help dreamsofgrey 14 08-Mar-01
historical samples machinapathy 5 07-Mar-01
...emu sp-1200... bug 4 06-Mar-01
Smartmedia Question...Please help rucchi 2 05-Mar-01
ALL-IN-ONE dirtymike 7 05-Mar-01
ASR-10 to Software Sampler: any suggestions? enoch2001 4 02-Mar-01
No title digiko-chan 2 01-Mar-01
Connecting a Sampler via USB to SCSI does it work? mgainey 9 28-Feb-01
need a few Kain 2 27-Feb-01
EMU ESI-32 k-trooper 3 25-Feb-01
Any recomendations for good drum loop house CD's? Stchris 3 25-Feb-01
MPC2k....still IT in your opinions? trique 36 24-Feb-01
Sampling CD-s 1 21-Feb-01
Sampler Stand Off unnofficial ghost 16 19-Feb-01
External sampler, internal SCSI hard drive, why won't they work? [incize] 4 19-Feb-01
Yamaha A4000 sample CDs Gully 5 18-Feb-01
probably a stupid question.. humor me. djparadigm 3 13-Feb-01
some basic questions voodoochild 5 10-Feb-01
Electrix Repeater echoman 5 09-Feb-01
High spec sampler or loadsa other gear? Simon 19 09-Feb-01
EIII Keyboard O/S versions? JB 3 09-Feb-01
S3200xl Compared to Newer Samplers greenloc 3 08-Feb-01
Akai S-950 for $200 a good deal? kybernetik 9 08-Feb-01
Need some advice from sampler users suspekt 5 08-Feb-01
Should I buy an S5000 Disease 18 07-Feb-01
esi-4000 problem weaver.300 4 06-Feb-01
CD 3000i Sampling Board Option????? grog 1 05-Feb-01
MPC2000XL or Yamaha A4000...which should I buy?!? tnolet 9 05-Feb-01
No title quantise 7 05-Feb-01
a sampler that can start/stop loops using drum pads grutko 5 02-Feb-01
How to Update the MS-1's OS HERE! robichca 1 31-Jan-01
Yamaha A4000 stuff gtranz7 4 31-Jan-01
Zero-G Altered States normal 2 31-Jan-01
Yammies samplers: How slow is the SCSI (IDE) transfer? remy4music 1 30-Jan-01
Which Sampler ? Roland XV 5080 or Yamaha A5000/4000 6 30-Jan-01
SCSI Problems ESI-32 raiden77 2 30-Jan-01
Emagic EXS24 Sampler-Logic Silver?? Good Idea?? anointed2 2 30-Jan-01
ESI-2000 vs S3000XL (Sample Editing, Sequencing) 6 30-Jan-01
That horn sound from "The Ten Commandments" anointed2 4 30-Jan-01
Which sampler? THC 2 29-Jan-01
Best Sample Libraries anointed2 2 28-Jan-01
Sequencing sampletrak with Kawai q-55 .MattmaN. 1 25-Jan-01
How does the SP-808 sequencer work?? anointed2 3 24-Jan-01
What are all the differant things you can do with a sampler???? 18 24-Jan-01
favorite analog sampler 24 24-Jan-01
stupid wav. file question on hardware sampler, HELP zebra_meat 7 24-Jan-01
Sampler accessories (please help) .. 8 ....... 14 23-Jan-01
d50- anybody? 2nd_cmd_Marty 1 21-Jan-01
MPG's into Wav - - - The Best Way ?? gsm5 3 18-Jan-01
Akai S2000 CD-ROM compatibility greenloc 1 17-Jan-01
sample editting... the entity of the self 2 17-Jan-01
Soft or hard? 10 16-Jan-01
cheap sampler for drum hits 13 12-Jan-01
S330+continuous controllers CoreBacK 1 12-Jan-01
best sampler for live performance haobz 2 08-Jan-01
What kind of SIMMS (for A4K)?? 7 08-Jan-01
soft samplers vs hardware? 19 07-Jan-01
Serious musician needs help finding cheap, fun sampler 11 06-Jan-01
ESI 4000, SCSI and PC: alternative to an external media storage? 5 06-Jan-01
Disk Drive for Emax? 2 06-Jan-01
Who uses the Sp808? 11 05-Jan-01
Recycle question 3 03-Jan-01
No title 1 31-Dec-00
Good sampler for making pad sounds 3 30-Dec-00
whats the best for "my first sampler"? 6 30-Dec-00
s950 triggered by sr16 11 28-Dec-00
are there any software samplers that can actually record/sample sounds ? 8 28-Dec-00
E-MU's new sampler E4 Platinum same old 13 28-Dec-00
which CDs? any format 3 27-Dec-00
Places to get good hip-hop drum samples free 9 24-Dec-00
Vote for your favourite brand, Akai or Emu? 40 23-Dec-00
MPC vs. S5000 4 22-Dec-00
Vintage sounds from the seventies (TD, Schulze) 2 22-Dec-00
My Sp808-Should I Keep It? 12 19-Dec-00
S1100 or S2000? 2 18-Dec-00
A bit of a stupid question, but hey 18 18-Dec-00
Akai 3000XL VS. Yamaha A3000 4 17-Dec-00
Sampler for Lo-Fi Hip Hop Beats 51 14-Dec-00
SP808 > SP808EX Update Trouble 4 11-Dec-00
Orchestral Sounds Module!!! 7 11-Dec-00
Who makes a good sampler with lots of memory? 6 06-Dec-00
MPC2000XL midi files and filter 6 04-Dec-00
E-MU ESI/E4 Arpeggiator? 2 04-Dec-00
cheap sampler options 4 04-Dec-00
need help with ESI, SCSI and Win 98 5 02-Dec-00
How bad does th asr-x suck? 8 02-Dec-00
bob clearmountain's drums 2 cd rom 4 01-Dec-00
mega disk 2 for the EPS16+ anyone? 1 30-Nov-00
What Sampler To Get??? 6 29-Nov-00
<500 dollar(s/h) 1st sampler? 28 29-Nov-00
Penbook sampler? What is the smallest sampler? 12 27-Nov-00
Best Microphone for the job.. 6 23-Nov-00
Need to know about DJ-70mkII 5 20-Nov-00
Problems resampling with myA4000 Yamaha. 3 18-Nov-00
Zoom Sampletrak 4 16-Nov-00
Cutting Frequencies 7 15-Nov-00
How large a part does your sampler play in your productions? 10 14-Nov-00
An MPC2000XL VS MPC3000 2 09-Nov-00
On Mpc3k,can I make temporary storage it's own sound then send it to a pad in a program 1 09-Nov-00
sp-808ex? MPC200? SU700? HELP! 3 09-Nov-00
SU700 vs MPC200xl ? 2 09-Nov-00
Sampling Beat Machine (Cost Alternative 2 MPC) 25 08-Nov-00
sci st.440 - recover memory function 1 06-Nov-00
Sampler Comparison Website 1 02-Nov-00
How good is the ESI-2000? 10 27-Oct-00
mapping out drum kits... 4 25-Oct-00
The Best Internet Sample....? 2 23-Oct-00
Roland SP-808(EX) users... Help me !!! 7 20-Oct-00
Who makes good orchestral libraries? 5 20-Oct-00
E-mu Platinum Ultra 1 16-Oct-00
What other sampling drum machines are there? 10 13-Oct-00
personal preference 10 11-Oct-00
Custom-built samplers: why not? 14 11-Oct-00
yamaha A3000 VS Emu ESI4000 4 09-Oct-00
Looking for S-50 mouse pin schematics 1 08-Oct-00
Breakbeat Scientists! Your Advice Needed! 10 08-Oct-00
Zoom st224 to pioneer pdr 509 rec. 1 07-Oct-00
Akai MPC 3000 memory expansion 10 05-Oct-00
su200 vs st224 12 03-Oct-00
+test 1 03-Oct-00
When to Sample (Discussion) 16 02-Oct-00
Loop sampler showdown... MPC, SU700, SP808 31 01-Oct-00
S900 OS update 5 29-Sep-00
Controller nr. of filter S1000 1 26-Sep-00
Lets exchange Cords-specs for Emu-samplers 6 25-Sep-00
crappy sampler fun 26 12-Sep-00
best equipment for live performance?? 8 10-Sep-00
best keyboard sampler for live, tweakability?? 17 03-Sep-00
ASR-10 vs. ASR-X vs. ASR-X Pro 7 02-Sep-00
sound question 14 29-Aug-00
su700 VS electribeS 4 26-Aug-00
Yamaha PCI Sampler 7 26-Aug-00
ASR 10 8 24-Aug-00
Zip drive installation 1 18-Aug-00
Info On Sample Cds 2 14-Aug-00
Hard sampler or Acid Loops or.....? 5 10-Aug-00
SSCI 6 08-Aug-00
K2500RS vs. EMU E4XT 7 08-Aug-00
Burning CD Roms? 5 07-Aug-00
EMU ESI2000 or drum sounds (Roland SPD20) 11 07-Aug-00
Studio 440 8 06-Aug-00
burning ROMS with the E5000 1 06-Aug-00
Emax II or S2000? 1 06-Aug-00
buying a EmaxII 2 05-Aug-00
editing loop points in real time 4 02-Aug-00
Whats better? 17 02-Aug-00
How do I do this with my ESI-32? 6 01-Aug-00
Yamaha A4K/A5K VS E5000 SOUND ONLY 16 31-Jul-00
Unity DS-1 3 31-Jul-00
EMU ESI-2000??? 2 31-Jul-00
korg electribe + djx 5 28-Jul-00
Powersampler/Gigasampler etc 3 27-Jul-00
Advice needed on Peavey SP 2 25-Jul-00
Which samplers have 'load while playing'? 34 24-Jul-00
Kurzweil K2series samplers 1 22-Jul-00
SCSI QUESTION - Akai/Ensoniq 3 22-Jul-00
Rip-off? 6 20-Jul-00
sampling tips & tricks etc... 18 19-Jul-00
Drum sounds 2 19-Jul-00
I want to sample my church hammond: HOW?? 2 18-Jul-00
ES-1 Filters ? 2 17-Jul-00
yamaha A4000/A5000 scsi slow? 4 16-Jul-00
Key Restrikes 6 15-Jul-00
G4/E5000 SCSI problem. 1 13-Jul-00
Easy looping, time-stretch, etc. 23 13-Jul-00
MPC2000XL Questions? 2 12-Jul-00
1 11-Jul-00
darkish vocal/choir samples for drum 'n bass 1 11-Jul-00
Anyone doing any software sampling? 9 11-Jul-00
AKAI S3000XL vs EMU ESI 4000? 2 10-Jul-00
Korg es-1 (sampling electribe) vs Yamaha SU700 2 06-Jul-00
Akai + Compressor vs. E-MU 12 03-Jul-00
i need ideas on midi ing up my su700 drumtracks djx and cubase 2 03-Jul-00
help on finding the right sampler 5 02-Jul-00
a sampler or a synth? 16 29-Jun-00
creamware powersampler 2 28-Jun-00
Sampling, mono & stereo... 3 28-Jun-00
Can the Roland VP9000 stopgap an Akai? 13 27-Jun-00
Ensoniq ASR-10 vs. EPS 1 26-Jun-00
Newbie Question: Akai S-20 or MPC2000(xl) 26 23-Jun-00
Best sound storage.. 9 21-Jun-00
underwater sounds (bloop, bloop) 12 21-Jun-00
Akai or EMU sampler? 11 20-Jun-00
EMU or Yamaha 4 19-Jun-00
A3000, Mac G4 and Digital Performer 2 17-Jun-00
Newbie Sampler question 5 16-Jun-00
What should i start with? 5 16-Jun-00
Fairlight IIx 3 15-Jun-00
Sampler acting as a Controller...? 1 13-Jun-00
Sampler For Under 1000 8 13-Jun-00
A5000 or E-5000 46 12-Jun-00
GEAR ADVICE FOR A BEGINNER?????????? 14 10-Jun-00
does anyone know of a good sampler/sequencer wrkstation? Preferably KB 12 09-Jun-00
A thought on samplers... 8 07-Jun-00
Does the E4XT Ultra have a good sequencer? 17 07-Jun-00
EOSLink software anyone? 7 07-Jun-00
Tired of rack samplers 47 02-Jun-00
workstation sequencer 3 31-May-00
Please answer this dumb question :) 7 31-May-00
PowerSampler now or wait for Reason? 4 30-May-00
What does Recycle do, exactly? 4 28-May-00
emu esi-32 vs akai s2000 1 27-May-00
AKAI vs. EMU discussion continues here... 11 26-May-00
SP 808 question 2 26-May-00
Korg electribe ES-1 sampler 4 25-May-00
Vintage keyboard samples 1 25-May-00
ESI 2000 6 25-May-00
Casio RZ-1 repair question 2 20-May-00
Casio Sk-1 4 19-May-00
ASR-X Pro vs MPC-2000 5 18-May-00
eg-101.....does it sequence? 3 17-May-00
Roland DJ-70mkII MIDI sample dump problems 6 17-May-00
8 - 12 Bit Sound - Loops vs. Single Hits 5 14-May-00
Sampling Workstation vs Workstation & Sampler 4 14-May-00
budget sampler+reaktor vs."pro" unit 7 12-May-00
A4000 8 11-May-00
asrx-pro won't work with zip drive! 2 10-May-00
Software Beat Munging 4 10-May-00
Sample-cd's for industrial sounds 2 09-May-00
Yamarama !!!!! 3 09-May-00
8-12 Bit Sound 15 08-May-00
Gigasampler questions 5 08-May-00
another poor lost newcomer seeks guidance 3 30-Apr-00
Editing on a sampler v's a computer 10 28-Apr-00
Yamaha A5000? 4 28-Apr-00
Purchase advice - Akai vs. Emu 34 27-Apr-00
What to choose? 48 26-Apr-00
Sampler: original vs. sampled sound 5 17-Apr-00
AKAI Samples 3 16-Apr-00
Anyone have A4000/5000 yet? Opinions? 10 14-Apr-00
New to Sampling 2 11-Apr-00
recording midi notes triggerd from and external keyboard thru a rack module.. 8 03-Apr-00
SU-700 Best for Live Performance? 1 03-Apr-00
Akai s950 ..advice for a newbie?? 7 30-Mar-00
Akai MPC 2000 & 3000 7 28-Mar-00
Yamaha A3000 OS v 2 5 21-Mar-00
ESI-32 RAM 5 19-Mar-00
best sampler for timestretching vocals? 16 19-Mar-00
E-mu format compatibility 1 18-Mar-00
Casio SK-1 music! 3 17-Mar-00
Computer editors? (HELP!!!) 3 15-Mar-00
Conga Samples 2 07-Mar-00
CD Samples? 3 07-Mar-00
Any suggestions? 10 06-Mar-00
EMU EMAX vs ROLAND S550 ? 5 03-Mar-00
What`s the point of the "Test Tone" on samplecd`s? 6 02-Mar-00
A3000 Filters 7 01-Mar-00
deciding between Su700 and A3000???? 3 01-Mar-00
E-mu ESI 2000 6 25-Feb-00
recommend a cheap old sampler 30 23-Feb-00
Trx0x pro samples 4 22-Feb-00
ESI 2000 vs. ESI 4000 2 22-Feb-00
Which one MPC2000, ASR-X Pro, Su700 11 21-Feb-00
Sample libraries 3 21-Feb-00
Should I trade an ESI32 for A3000 2 15-Feb-00
Did someone tried out the EXS24 Sampler on NAMM? 1 09-Feb-00
RM1X Sequencer vs EMU E6400 Sequencer ? 3 08-Feb-00
LIVE sampler/sequencer 17 31-Jan-00
yamaha a4k/a5k sampler 3 27-Jan-00
SP-202 bug or Cakewalk bug? 1 27-Jan-00
zoom sampletrak 5 23-Jan-00
Esi 4000 Memory 4 20-Jan-00
Is the Akai S20 anygood ? 4 18-Jan-00
NAMM rumors? 1 15-Jan-00
How does the Akai S20 compare to the Remix 16? 1 15-Jan-00
Electribe and MIDI sequencing / sampling 4 14-Jan-00
EASY Middle/Top End Sampler 4 12-Jan-00
Good controller with keys & knobs etc.. ? 4 11-Jan-00
Which is better? 2 08-Jan-00
Is SU700 for any good ? 3 06-Jan-00
Sampler advice 6 05-Jan-00
Samplers Under 500 USD 2 29-Dec-99
Yamaha SU700 1 29-Dec-99
Whats The Best Sampler For Dance Music 25 23-Dec-99
E-MU Ultra Samplers 3 22-Dec-99
emu esi-2000 13 21-Dec-99
Sampling Keyboards (Analog) 10 17-Dec-99
950 sample compatibility with S3000/2800 1 14-Dec-99
RAM for older samplers? 4 meg 30pin 1 13-Dec-99
grrrr! 6 03-Dec-99
Drum Sample cd? 8 30-Nov-99
Sound manipulations? 9 30-Nov-99
Please help me choose a sampler :) 6 29-Nov-99
roland samplers 2 26-Nov-99
RAM Mod - TX16W 1 24-Nov-99
A3000 SCSI Termination 1 22-Nov-99
EMU E4XT Ultra Ext.SCSI HD? 1 20-Nov-99
E4XT Ultra factory presets? 1 20-Nov-99
S950 & MPC-60 Memory Expansion 1 18-Nov-99
Yamaha A-5000 6 17-Nov-99
Sampler for Hardcore 6 05-Nov-99
Any info on the A4/5000 2 04-Nov-99
Best sampler for around....$500 10 29-Oct-99
S3000XL Question 2 29-Oct-99
Esi-4000 funny problem 7 25-Oct-99
synth or sampler? 8 20-Oct-99
FS: ASQ-10 (Mint condition, OS 2.03) $599 Firm. No trades. ( 3 19-Oct-99
IS my AKAI MPC2000 100%? 2 19-Oct-99
Akai Vs Yamaha 1 19-Oct-99
SU700 bugging the crap out of people!!!!!!!! 4 17-Oct-99
casio FZ-20m??? 2 16-Oct-99
Are there any modern samplers that have analog filters? 11 15-Oct-99
akai s900 8 15-Oct-99
DSM-1 3 15-Oct-99
file formats 8 14-Oct-99
SCSI-101: two samplers , a CDr and a Zip. 6 07-Oct-99
Could an S2000 share a ZIP with my ESI4000? 6 04-Oct-99
Yamaha TX16W $$$$$$ 4 29-Sep-99
SCI studio 440 2 28-Sep-99
Roland MS-1 2 17-Sep-99
Best sampler for sound manipulation? 17 16-Sep-99
Looking for nice, compact sampler 9 13-Sep-99
What mic for sampling? 6 09-Sep-99
asrx pro or roland a6??? 3 05-Sep-99
SP808 TIPS + TRICKS... 2 03-Sep-99
Is the Roland A6 really the SP808's bitchin' twin brother? 5 01-Sep-99
Orch Tuning Up Sample NEEDED! 1 30-Aug-99
Need an Orchestra Tuning Up sample... 1 26-Aug-99
What do they mean with "Akais are so easy to use"? 19 24-Aug-99
Does anyone know where I can get an Akai S-3200 XL?? 5 24-Aug-99
Do I need a sampler? 19 23-Aug-99
A3000 vs Emu Ultras 1 09-Aug-99
Is a sampler all you need? 23 03-Aug-99
getting started 3 03-Aug-99
x7000 4 19-Jul-99
Curious...What is it with Wav's? 36 15-Jul-99
Public Domain? 11 14-Jul-99
TR-707 .wav's? 11 10-Jul-99
S-2000 vs. ESI-4000 6 08-Jul-99
DIMM's 1 06-Jul-99
reverse looping? 10 30-Jun-99
S2000 or something else? 2 29-Jun-99
roland s-550 HELP! 5 24-Jun-99
can the s2000 trigger samples at different points? 2 23-Jun-99
TX16W 5 22-Jun-99
Obreheim 1 21-Jun-99
Akai S-612... 5 21-Jun-99
6400s, reliability and sequencing 3 17-Jun-99
s760 and filter tweaking 1 17-Jun-99
Strange akai s900 envelopes 8 14-Jun-99
Akai CD3000? 2 14-Jun-99
S-220 Quick Disk Drive 1 09-Jun-99
A3000 or E4ultra 15 05-Jun-99
Deciding on a sampler... 46 03-Jun-99
Corrupt Sampler 1 02-Jun-99
sampler/synths. What are the options?? 3 28-May-99
Roland S760 and scsi 6 27-May-99
What's the coolest PRE-1988 sampler? 56 27-May-99
SCSI sample transfer...Mac or PC? 1 26-May-99
Roland SP-700 5 25-May-99
Saving to Disk Question on Akai s5000 1 16-May-99
asr-x turbo 2 16-May-99
How do yo keep the quantisation from wavesurgeon-midifiles when moving them around in cubase? 4 15-May-99
M-M-M-M-Max Headroom? 1 15-May-99
What is the difference between a S1000 and a S1100? 6 14-May-99
If you wanted a Sampler which stores all your songs and samples which would it be? 9 14-May-99
beware of jamie downing 1 14-May-99
Yamaha A3000 VS. Akai S5000 2 13-May-99
Entire FZ Shareware CD now On-Line 3 13-May-99
Kyma 4 13-May-99
SU700 1 12-May-99
S5000 & cd-rom drive compatability 1 10-May-99
can someone elaborate on "sample merge" for me? 3 09-May-99
Mirage vs Casio FZ1 vs Korg DSS1 22 09-May-99
MPC2000 vs JUNGLE -- trade loops with me via email 1 07-May-99
akai s2000 - multiple out board WHERE?? HELP! 1 07-May-99
S-1000 opinions? 2 05-May-99
Yamaha A3000 ??? 7 04-May-99
how do i Trigger sampler with drum pad 2 02-May-99
Which FX to use together with Sampler? 3 29-Apr-99
need drum kits 1 29-Apr-99
EMU 4XT Ultra !!! 4 28-Apr-99
techno rhythm samples 4 26-Apr-99
Roland s-770/750 9 22-Apr-99
Emax Users 4 21-Apr-99
SoundFonts 1 19-Apr-99
ASR-X vs. S2000 6 18-Apr-99
ESI-32 vs. S-2000 2 18-Apr-99
ASR-X - SCSI 7 15-Apr-99
sp 202 7 14-Apr-99
Emax 2 14-Apr-99
Akai CD-ROMs 1 14-Apr-99
AKAI or EMU? 3 13-Apr-99
I need help on a setup for using samplers LIVE/with a band. 5 13-Apr-99
MXR Drumcomputer samples 2 13-Apr-99
Drum Programming 7 09-Apr-99
MPC2000 Memory Problems 2 09-Apr-99
How to upgrade memory on Akai S-2800? 1 09-Apr-99
What is better ... the Akai S-3000 or the Casio SK-5? 7 08-Apr-99
SU700!!! 1 02-Apr-99
Theatre Sampler 2 02-Apr-99

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