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Pump: Sound Cards (486 of 1005 total discussions)  RSS Starter Messages Last
looking for a soundcard for a Roland d10 multi timbral synthesizer anyone have a clue? station 1 02-Apr-10
new audiocard to replace maudio audiophile sdp 2 26-Jun-08
audiofire 4 and firewire 410 zahab 1 19-Jan-08
luna 2 djgo2008 1 04-Nov-07
Opcode SONICport willhowl 1 17-Oct-07
Yamaha sw1000xg card songsparrow 1 13-Oct-07
SoundBlaster AWE32 alien_brain 1 21-Sep-07
PCI-324 issue tiacmusic 3 07-May-07
I am looking for a special card to restore memory and factory settings in my roland u20 synthesizer. cmkdline 2 05-Dec-06
Re: m- audio audiophile 192 or delta 1010 LT sdp 1 05-Oct-06
homemade rom patterns for roland R8? kensington 1 13-Sep-06
Studio Pic-fest aka Studio Pron thread. SpeckO 59 20-Aug-06
Cheapest PCI MIDI with lowest latency gilA 2 13-Aug-06
Help me find a cheap card for a G4 syntax 1 26-Jul-06
PCI sound card suggestions lc 5 22-May-06
Test - ignore, mofo! FIZMO100 1 16-May-06
super pcmcia joshsurma 2 13-Oct-05
Sound Card and MIDI combination cult_13 9 29-Sep-05
can I use delta 1010LT incombination with M-AUDIO midisport 4 X 4 mickeydoo 2 29-Sep-05
Terraec DMX6Fire XP Driver Download Frenchstick 1 29-Sep-05
Mirroring output on MOTU 828mk2 cartran 1 25-Sep-05
Questions about E-Mu 0404 Card I purchased? ESwerve 2 27-Jul-05
Looking to buy M-Audio 1010LT ESwerve 7 11-Jul-05
Need info for Lexicon Core 2 card gjohnson 7 14-Jun-05
MIDI - Emulated? DanS 4 30-May-05
MADI cards for yamaha dm1000 rehearsals 1 15-Mar-05
Anybody ever used a Hardsid? dj_calyx 7 08-Mar-05
best pci sound card mbf 6 17-Feb-05
Behringer BCA2000 - any users? JB 3 17-Feb-05
Delta 1010 stacey douglas 2 02-Feb-05
adding speakers to 5.1surround dnd9000 1 18-Jan-05
pci424 MOTUHD192 3 13-Dec-04
junggle 1 11-Oct-04
Multiple MIDI outs, which hadrware? Razzlesnaz 3 29-Sep-04
advice on usb audio and midi interface argasstation 8 26-Sep-04
soundcard for laptop nationnon 8 18-Sep-04
midi problems creative audigy 2 zs Aenimus 2 07-Sep-04
motu 828 audio interface nationnon 3 04-Sep-04
Echo Indigo fac 2 21-Aug-04
looking for SQ2 cards PIANODUDE 3 07-Aug-04
electric noise from laptop, how to remove it? dubwerx 4 29-Jul-04
Questions about Echo Mia Soundcard mech0001 1 23-May-04
Korg M1 Sound card concoursuph 6 12-May-04
Sound card for Gigastudio CC 3 19-Mar-04
D-A-D Loopback Dilemma madnanba 5 30-Jan-04
Best Dacs? hexfix93 1 23-Jan-04
looking for yamaha db50xg rallen3 1 19-Dec-03
can anyone tell me about midi sound cards laa 2 03-Dec-03
laptop interfaces Steveo 3 01-Dec-03
creamware/ pulsar II owners Caustic Grind 1 18-Sep-03
Win 2000 Drivers for Event Darla D 1 16-Sep-03
A sound card with a decent drum sound jsheridan 2 15-Sep-03
creamware pulsar II owners Caustic Grind 3 08-Sep-03
delta 1010 lt diy break out box birdbrain 3 11-Aug-03
Step up from Emagic AW-8 card? PWM 1 23-Jul-03
scc1 allvan 1 04-Jul-03
test LoHr 13 02-Jul-03
what d'yaz all recommend? shelfman 7 19-Jun-03
LoHr 8 15-Jun-03
m audio delta66 or 44? birdbrain 10 11-Jun-03
test LoHr 3 26-May-03
Anybody use a MOTU 24i/o? biglegomonster 1 12-May-03
No title alive 0 01-May-03
LoHr 0 26-Apr-03

LoHr 7 26-Apr-03
whats a good pc multi-track soundcard and sequencing software that works with it? birdbrain 3 21-Apr-03
whats a good pc multi track card and sequencing software to work with it? birdbrain 0 20-Apr-03
WamiRack 24 Support -Tim- 1 07-Apr-03
ADAT-FireWire converter??? Mr Andersen 2 04-Apr-03
PCI Sound card question Dysonn 2 27-Mar-03
Midiman cards and Win2000 maru859 1 27-Mar-03
new m-audio firewire=24/96 or 24/48? alive 2 22-Mar-03
Getting frustrated trying to find the right sound card ion 8 11-Mar-03
Consumer Alert: M-Audio Audiophile USB moron 0 03-Mar-03
Consumer Alert: M-Audio Audiophile USB moron 1 03-Mar-03
noisy output makroform 4 01-Mar-03
I'm purchasing a computer system for $2000, what do you recommend? Anonymous 9 19-Feb-03
dELTA 1010 pRE aMP david_decibel 0 15-Feb-03
Latency: How do I get rid of half a second of latency? Teebee303 16 06-Feb-03
cheapest 24 bit 96khz sound cards? ^_^ 10 11-Jan-03
cheap asio sound card filterking 4 11-Jan-03
Audiophile Sound Card monitoring problems THOR 1 31-Dec-02
tech support please birdbrain 1 30-Dec-02
Korg Oasys PCI for sale right thru time 1 29-Dec-02
creamware wondo 0 11-Dec-02
Not able to hear audio while recording alles_ist_dada 3 02-Dec-02
soundfont / vienna birdbrain 5 27-Nov-02
Need a good soundcard! jamesbondmcm 1 26-Nov-02
Laptops and Latency zkhandwala 2 13-Nov-02
Looking to buy a creamware pulsar 2 - any good? bodleyhenley 16 08-Nov-02
recording real audio dilate303 1 03-Nov-02
please help me with my delta 44. marty the monitore 1 15-Oct-02
MIDI Bulk Dump semblance 1 15-Oct-02
Re:Can't open the 'audio system setup' sdp 1 10-Oct-02
M-box with Grey iBook Special edition??? Mr Andersen 1 03-Oct-02
Building from step ZERO verboten69 3 25-Sep-02
Roland R-BUS to ADAT geojones 1 14-Sep-02
multitracking on pc grooveboy 3 12-Sep-02
Opinions on Deltra Audiophile 2496 living_in_photographs 12 06-Sep-02
sound cards! ^_^ 1 30-Aug-02
No title Runner 0 19-Aug-02
Advice on DSP audio cards freakydancer 4 18-Aug-02
Creamware Scope Fusion Platform mbeaudet 1 09-Aug-02
Echo Gina24 latency problems skippedthe90s 3 08-Aug-02
The ultimate soft synth? Aurora 1 07-Aug-02
Please see thred in Recording 'rec. w/laptop' drewspuppet 1 24-Jul-02
sw1000xg anthon 1 22-Jul-02
Multiplatform soundcard... DeltaM 1 19-Jul-02
MOTU 828 + Windows.. Bad news? halo five 1 19-Jul-02
E-mu audio card ramanboywss 1 08-Jul-02
soundcard advice makroform 6 08-Jul-02
newbie predictable soundcard question murascaill 2 26-Jun-02
Creamware Luna II 3.01 - Compatability Von Hoven 2 25-Jun-02
E-MU APS PCI Recording Sound Card? Any Good? Von Hoven 4 24-Jun-02
What's a used Event Layla worth? Cogzwell Cogz 1 24-Jun-02
The M-Audio 1010 splodyhead 1 23-Jun-02
I am going to but one opf the following M-Audio 10/10, Layla24, Aardvark Direct Pro Q10 dose anyon splodyhead 4 22-Jun-02
Audio Card for VIA chipset SpeckO 1 16-Jun-02
luna edjwise 0 15-Jun-02
sound card for sync to akai MPC almostnothing 2 27-May-02
24i Torbjorn Frisk 0 17-May-02
24i Torbjorn Frisk 0 17-May-02
Korg P3 facoz 1 17-May-02
Audiowerk8 help cydonia 1 15-May-02
Yamaha SW1000XG right thru time 1 11-May-02
Motu 828 and 2408 - Which is better? ridszero 10 09-May-02
M-Audio Delta 66 Scotobiotic 2 04-May-02
SB Extigy - external usb interface mindcurve 2 27-Apr-02
Did anyone else buy a Dell with the shitty TB Santa Cruz drivers? Looter 1 24-Apr-02
Digidesign MbOx? Input? Digital Cold 1 20-Apr-02
concerning audiophile drivers akirax 1 18-Apr-02
Digi001 clearside 3 18-Apr-02
The infamous sound card question... probe3 5 11-Apr-02
Is anyone using a Terratec EWS88??? spacehelmet 1 10-Apr-02
system to slow.... with a xp1900+ 1 gig ram? Phasio 2 05-Apr-02
what about sw1000xg? Panayiotis 1 02-Apr-02
Best deal on a sound card? jamesbondmcm 2 01-Apr-02
Recording with Audiophile... z-ko 7 18-Mar-02
hoontech Tarek 1 15-Mar-02
RME Hammerfall 9652 ViS 1 14-Mar-02
Aardvark audio cards: impressions? etherdesign 3 07-Mar-02
The audiophile card? any good/bad experiences? inocybe 4 04-Mar-02
latency high with my delta 44. any help? djparadigm 1 27-Feb-02
soundcard feedback` poloblunts 2 26-Feb-02
Delta version of logic? epiphanius 16 24-Feb-02
What cards are available for laptops? Gossi 4 21-Feb-02
VIA PCI Patch Confusedis 5 11-Feb-02
what soundcard should I buy?! rendaz 6 06-Feb-02
Latency Tuning? mbeaudet 6 05-Feb-02
NOISE problem with yamaha dsp factory and pc CHRIS COIL 1 03-Feb-02
PCMCIA to PCI Question Tribal 6 02-Feb-02
Amd 761 and soundcard compatiblity Emonkey 5 01-Feb-02
Sis 735 chipset and audio card compatibility Emonkey 3 01-Feb-02
The Quest For A Holy Sound Card Pioni 9 01-Feb-02
Soundblaster ASIO raphe_nuclei 4 01-Feb-02
CPORT. SpeckO 3 28-Jan-02
Sound Card Delema Disease 1 26-Jan-02
M-Audio Delta Audiophile 24/96 ? madnanba 11 25-Jan-02
Creamware Elektra vs Audiophile 24/96? zycho 3 23-Jan-02
Thinking of Multitracking ... 88MT ? or other ? N-Zyme 1 23-Jan-02
SB Extigy pine 3 22-Jan-02
just got a Montego II Digdug 3 22-Jan-02
layla24/cabling ligux 1 22-Jan-02
---> Sample software ! ! ! phunster 1 11-Jan-02
Soundcard question... STicKX 10 08-Jan-02
Roland MPU something pine 3 02-Jan-02
PSR-330 Len 2 02-Jan-02
Terratec EWS 64 XL for sale Tsaba 2 29-Dec-01
Pulsar XTC - thoughts? ADINFINITUM 8 21-Dec-01
audiofile 2426 on via chipset and amd processor nationnon 0 16-Dec-01
MOTU 24i avonrepus 1 14-Dec-01
No title DirkBigler 6 29-Nov-01
audiophile 2496 win2k drivers wandering fool 4 13-Nov-01
Luna II mixer scosta 3 13-Nov-01
Luna II mixer scosta 0 13-Nov-01
what audiocards are compatible for the mac G3 and G4 sam&dudley 11 11-Nov-01
Great news from Creamware DeltaM 4 02-Nov-01
need help finding the right card mozzarelladibufala 1 30-Oct-01
absolute lowest latency audio card (mac) machinapathy 5 23-Oct-01
Cakewalk giving problems SynthX 2 20-Oct-01
any recommendations for pc-based daw setup? dj4tunes 1 19-Oct-01
Question about creamware dsp card soviet-pop 1 17-Oct-01
What is the best reasonable sound card? DirkBigler 5 17-Oct-01
Delta1010 Midi Help! Anonymous 3 16-Oct-01
The Audio lantency on my Yamaha sw1000 is awfull!! delphini blue 1 16-Oct-01
Creamware Powersampler DeltaM 8 02-Oct-01
what soundcard should I get... help...PLEASE!!! Anonymous 22 01-Oct-01
Digital I/O in Audiowerk 8 soulboy 1 30-Sep-01
hey subhuman... wanderer 9 25-Sep-01
luna 2 + adat expension with vm88 digital mixer ??? soviet-pop 5 23-Sep-01
luna 2 + adat expension with vm88 digital mixer ??? Anonymous 0 20-Sep-01
patchbay help Anonymous 0 17-Sep-01
ews64xl soundcard... meck 4 14-Sep-01
ews64xl soundcard... meck 1 12-Sep-01
RME Hammerfall 9652 / Nuendo 9652... different ??? sebass 4 11-Sep-01
kernel32.dll error after installing soundcard slavinhauser 1 10-Sep-01
Anyone used the Audiophile 2496 soundcard yet? Larry G 5 10-Sep-01
Another Echo MIA question.. t.o.t.s. 1 31-Aug-01
++ CreamWares Luna II Card Review @ Sonic State 18 28-Aug-01
Sound Blaster Audity brucew44 4 21-Aug-01
sound card roland Anonymous 3 21-Aug-01
Anyone using the Echo Mia? spacecase 3 19-Aug-01
Want new sound card w/ DSPs for plugins... which one??? ricanhavok 5 18-Aug-01
Running Logic, Need a Proffesional Sound Card Stchris 9 14-Aug-01
No title hlynur 2 11-Aug-01
EGOSYS 8 09-Aug-01
ASIO drivers? adamjohn12 4 04-Aug-01
Lexicon Core2 Digi OUts greenloc 3 30-Jul-01
Firewire Audio and Midi interface Binary_Man 3 27-Jul-01
Which card for soft synth ? freakydancer 11 18-Jul-01
s/pdif? societynon 3 17-Jul-01
Anyone use an audiowerk8 with reaktoron Athlon system spacecase 1 15-Jul-01
How is the RME DIGI96/8 soundcard??? abstract polygon 10 14-Jul-01
looking for laptop sound cards King Coyote 5 07-Jul-01
Creamware DSP Cards subhuman 1 05-Jul-01
SBLive Internal Midi control c.bill 2 02-Jul-01
Gina vs Layla or what? 10 26-Jun-01
snap, crackle and pop... $HREW 3 23-Jun-01
hontech or terratec? lejdhamre 2 23-Jun-01
hontech or ter?ratec Anonymous 0 23-Jun-01
coupling delta 44's ? man in space 1 22-Jun-01
Cheap sound card w/digital outs 9 20-Jun-01
Optimal sound card for Reason Grin 3 20-Jun-01
Laptop Audio solution? 7 19-Jun-01
MIDI sound card? 4 18-Jun-01
I need more inputs! 4 18-Jun-01
is a 20 or 24 bit soundcard really worth it over a 16 bit? 5 17-Jun-01
SBLive value 3 10-Jun-01
Marian Marc 4 Midi - Multi Client drivers?? 14 09-Jun-01
Midiman Quattro 3 07-Jun-01
SW1000XG = AN200 ? 2 07-Jun-01
Has the wami box been sorted 5 04-Jun-01
What's a good soundcard for recording? 3 28-May-01
M Audio(phile 1 26-May-01
What motherboard with Athlon 6 23-May-01
Hoontech, Marian, Guillem... etc.. 2 22-May-01
MIDI connecters on cheap soundcards 5 21-May-01
A guide to Audio Cards 0 21-May-01
Hoontech, Marian, Guillem.... 1 19-May-01
whats the best Sound Card that does'nt use your cpu power, no latency Atus 6 17-May-01
Audio cards for Laptops 3 14-May-01
Aardvark LX6 2 08-May-01
hoontech c-port?? 6 06-May-01
Whats wrong with AMD. 6 03-May-01
Good sound cards; the decision and comparison... 5 25-Apr-01
midiman/dman users? drake 4 21-Apr-01
Emagic Audiowerk 8 ASIO drivers for Win 2000 1 14-Apr-01
KORG1212IO and G4 MAC 3 14-Apr-01
Home studio sound card on a budget Grin 9 13-Apr-01
PCI slots LabyaMynora 1 30-Mar-01
Echo Darla 24 and G4 Problems jlerma 2 29-Mar-01
ADAT/EDIT woes QuasiMojo 1 26-Mar-01
MARIAN MARC sound cards? miccom 2 25-Mar-01
Yamaha DS2416 vs Korg 1212 ? miccom 4 21-Mar-01
sound blaster live plat. 5.1. digital out 1 21-Mar-01
What audio/mother card do you use with your YamahaDB50XG? FearofFours 1 19-Mar-01
Line In's for 4 tracks SmokeNchains 2 19-Mar-01
Questions about Echo Layla 24 raiden77 3 17-Mar-01
anyone use a creamware scope /sp? bp 3 14-Mar-01
USB laptop sound device. eshefer 1 08-Mar-01
Prolems with ADAT EDIT/yamaha01V? roto13 3 03-Mar-01
MIA good or bad ? DrKurv 5 01-Mar-01
10 28-Feb-01
Soundcard feedback dilema bjdj45 1 27-Feb-01
ensoniq PCI soundcards... caseyluvsgzus 2 26-Feb-01
D10 2 17-Feb-01
New Starter 4 10-Feb-01
Whats the point of 24 bit / 96 Khz cards? 45 08-Feb-01
Audiowerk8 arghhh! MR.REE 2 07-Feb-01
SPDIF input on SB Live! 1024? olafmol 4 06-Feb-01
Terratec Sound Cards Binary_Man 7 28-Jan-01
soundcard with more separate outputs? thein 6 25-Jan-01
Hoontech DSP 24 with ADC&DAC 2000 Kens 3 23-Jan-01
Echo Darla24 / Echo Gina24 7 08-Jan-01
sorry, more questions... 3 08-Jan-01
Digi 001 Price Mr. S 2 07-Jan-01
anyone using an EMU APS. 3 06-Jan-01
TerraTec AudioSystem EWX 24/96 or Audiotrak Inca88 or.... 1 06-Jan-01
The EMU E CARD 3 05-Jan-01
Good audio soundcard, with this setup 2 04-Jan-01
Anybody use the Delta1010 or Seasound with DP? 1 01-Jan-01
PCI card for VST plug-ins??? 7 31-Dec-00
Best quality recording device for £200 ?? 2 31-Dec-00
What's best for timing in a MIDI system? 1 27-Dec-00
Event Gina - opinions? 6 27-Dec-00
boot up disk or instructions 2 24-Dec-00
the midiman Audiophile 2496 3 23-Dec-00
cheap audio interface 4 20-Dec-00
powerbook audio interface 2 17-Dec-00
HD-recording solution for a P133 ? 13 14-Dec-00
ASIO latency survey !! 3 10-Dec-00
Midiman Delta 44 vs. EMAGIC AudioWerk 2 card 3 10-Dec-00
m audio delta 66 and omni i/O 1 08-Dec-00
Soundcard Inputs 5 07-Dec-00
fostex fd-4 questions 3 06-Dec-00
roland 1680 1 05-Dec-00
EZbus 1 03-Dec-00
recommend a pc/soundcard for hd recording 14 30-Nov-00
Terratec EWS88 MT or D? 1 29-Nov-00
soundcards for pc. What should i get? 1 27-Nov-00
Pulsar synths clicking 5 24-Nov-00
Arghhhhh!! GadgetLabs has closed! 2 21-Nov-00
cheep mac souncard to be used with cubase 1 16-Nov-00
got a mac g4:-oasys,pulsar or protools 17 15-Nov-00
Emu APS - Please help 1 11-Nov-00
digi 001 av disk 2 10-Nov-00
Lexicon Studio Core 2 2 08-Nov-00
RE- commend 1 06-Nov-00
multiple outputs? 1 06-Nov-00
Lets talk Digital (Mixing that is) 4 03-Nov-00
PC Cubase VST 3.6 & MOTU 2408 help me please! 1 02-Nov-00
delta66: pros vs. cons 5 29-Oct-00
cheap decent mac soundcard 5 28-Oct-00
How to use midi on the Korg X3 1 27-Oct-00
Korg 1212 problems 2 26-Oct-00
Can an audio file be saved with some kind of MIDI markers? 2 26-Oct-00
audiowerk 8 1 24-Oct-00
Pops & Clicks 7 18-Oct-00
EZbus 2 15-Oct-00
1 15-Oct-00
Layla(20bit),Yamaha DSP Factory or..what else? 2 13-Oct-00
portable audio card for powerbook 1 09-Oct-00
Who's using what around here? 25 09-Oct-00
What sound card should I get? 4 05-Oct-00
Hammerfall !or?/yes or no ..........? 4 27-Sep-00
Pulsar 2??? 1 26-Sep-00
Zoom PS-02 2 25-Sep-00
laptop question 7 21-Sep-00
is this soundcard ok for midi? 2 18-Sep-00
Egosys Wamirack24 2 11-Sep-00
Layla or Toolbox XP? 2 09-Sep-00
rme hammerfall le 1 30-Aug-00
pulsar2 and g4 450 is it the ideal set up for midi and audio 11 28-Aug-00
Stand alone harddisk recording 2 15-Aug-00
Roland VS-880ex and LogicVS 1 15-Aug-00
Yamaha AW4416 any good? 2 14-Aug-00
Sorry! Previous message title is "Yamaha MSP5? or JBL 6208?" 1 05-Aug-00
PCI sound card? Or Korg D8? 1 05-Aug-00
Inexpensive PCI sound card for Mac 7300 6 04-Aug-00
Samples in the Maxi studio isis, how the ???? 1 03-Aug-00
RME Hammerfall question 2 31-Jul-00
Mixer/Computer set-up question 2 27-Jul-00
Noise from my sound card? 6 26-Jul-00
Lexicon core 2 system 3 24-Jul-00
best sound card for under $1000 4 23-Jul-00
TDIF to ADAT using SPDIF 1 22-Jul-00
making my studio +4db.Need advice. 4 21-Jul-00
Soundcard for laptop? 2 18-Jul-00
Alesis AI-3? 2 16-Jul-00
SCSI speed vs Firewire speed 4 15-Jul-00
Audiowerk 8 & Macintosh 1 11-Jul-00
Is USB really reliable enough to carry an audio signal? 1 05-Jul-00
Mastering with the Digi001: is it possible? 2 03-Jul-00
SCSI or FIREWIRE drives wich are better for digital recording? 5 03-Jul-00
Wavecenter PCI for Mac - steer clear! 1 27-Jun-00
Turtle Beach Multisound MIDI cables 1 25-Jun-00
ISA A/D happiness (thanks) 1 22-Jun-00
Greetings, how does SoundBlaster Live! sound like? 3 22-Jun-00
Soundcard for Mac G4 2 17-Jun-00
Laptop sound card options? 5 13-Jun-00
Fast G3 or 400mhz G4? 8 08-Jun-00
digital audio card 6 03-Jun-00
Cheap card for PC +Cubase? 4 23-May-00
new soundcard prob - ASIO (Gian & SB PCI 128) 1 23-May-00
Orchestral PCI cards? 1 23-May-00
montego problem... 3 22-May-00
newbie needs help picking a card!!!! 4 20-May-00
Beginner question: bouncing sequenced tracks? 6 19-May-00
Roland ED U-8 4 19-May-00
Advice on a new card.... 13 13-May-00
Creamware Pulsar 1 12-May-00
Sound card suggestions 2 07-May-00
'Budget' card with digital in? 5 01-May-00
Anyone tried M Audio brand? 7 21-Apr-00
Anyone using Gadgetlabs? 1 21-Apr-00
Guillemot Isis & Logic Audio 1 21-Apr-00
Specific question 5 16-Apr-00
QS7.1 INTO ADAT PCR 1 15-Apr-00
Care to help? fostex fd-4; no manual ARRGGH! 1 15-Apr-00
Aardvark Users 1 12-Apr-00
On-line Recording Studios 1 12-Apr-00
2 input Sound card 8 11-Apr-00
Gina 24 2 11-Apr-00
ISA D/A converter 4 08-Apr-00
Digi 001 5 08-Apr-00
WAMI box... 5 04-Apr-00
EIDE vs SCSI 6 03-Apr-00
aardvark or echo.... 8 29-Mar-00
Mastering? 3 27-Mar-00
Question? 2 27-Mar-00
what's up with Event ? 7 20-Mar-00
Lexicon Core 2 is Crap 9 17-Mar-00
Alesis vs Event? 2 17-Mar-00
sonicPORT Optical users? 1 15-Mar-00
Who has Korg banks in Soundfonts?? 1 14-Mar-00
MOTU 2408mkII 2 10-Mar-00
Anyone running Pulsar on a Mac? 1 09-Mar-00
Gina's Software? 3 08-Mar-00
Technical problem with Akai DPS12 1 27-Feb-00
ADAT lightpipe cards 4 15-Feb-00
soundblaster live line in troubles? 2 11-Feb-00
02r infterfaced with a PC and VST? 9 03-Feb-00
Turtle Beach Montego II problem 1 31-Jan-00
God aweful noise coming from my terratec EWS88mt 6 29-Jan-00
Anyone using Soundscape Mixtreme? 1 27-Jan-00
SB live platinum, Crap or OK? 3 25-Jan-00
Anyone use DMAN PCI? 1 18-Jan-00
What is a PCI Audio Accelerator...? 2 09-Jan-00
logic and soundcard 1 04-Jan-00
aardvark soundcard? 1 29-Dec-99
suggestions for first card w/g4... 2 20-Dec-99
TC Final Master 2 19-Dec-99
Suggestions for Hard Disk recording into PC.. 6 15-Dec-99
Digital In/Out's quality - all the same??? 2 15-Dec-99
question about digidesign soundcard 2 12-Dec-99
Building my Mac system--your opinions? 11 11-Dec-99
Soundcard help needed 1 04-Dec-99
Soundscape 1 29-Nov-99
MidiMan 2044 problems 1 28-Nov-99
Sound Card to replace sampler? 7 24-Nov-99
CD-R questions 9 20-Nov-99
SCSI HD/MAC G4/EMU E4XT Compatability 1 20-Nov-99
Gadget Labs Wave824 or TerraTec EWS88 MT? 1 16-Nov-99
Ego Sys WaMi Box - Opinions? 2 02-Nov-99
sound card with onboard synth 3 21-Oct-99
Midiman DIO2448 1 14-Oct-99
Soundblaster live value 1 13-Oct-99
Frontier Dakota cards(any good?) 1 04-Oct-99
Dithering 1 23-Sep-99
digital in sound card 4 16-Sep-99
Who can recommend a sound card for my system? 5 08-Sep-99
Sound Forge - Mastering House 2 25-Aug-99
Soundcard for use with MC-505 (low noise level) 3 22-Aug-99
Is anybody using Cremware TripleDat ? 2 19-Aug-99
digital i/o options 4 13-Aug-99
SW1000XG or Soundblaster live!? 13 11-Aug-99
Good foley artist mics 1 09-Aug-99
Midiman Winman 1x1 5 02-Aug-99
yamaha md4s vs. roland vs-840EX 2 22-Jul-99
Ardvark Aark 2 17-Jul-99
Looking for a Sampling Soundcard 4 15-Jul-99
MX300 soundcard 1 10-Jul-99
Sb64 gold any good? 3 06-Jul-99
Event Soundcards 6 05-Jul-99
I recommend this card to everyone 5 01-Jul-99
Soundforge XP 4.5 Vs. CoolEdit96? 3 01-Jul-99
Paris quality 9 26-Jun-99
SW1000XG feedback...? 1 22-Jun-99
terratec ews64...? 1 21-Jun-99
Recording on a Sound Blaster Pro 3 15-Jun-99
Yamaha Waveforce soundcard? 1 14-Jun-99
PAIA TubeHead vs ART Tube MP 2 10-Jun-99
who can tell mw what I need 2 10-Jun-99
EMU Audio Production Studio 2 10-Jun-99
pro tools 17 09-Jun-99
Sonorus Studi/o? 2 04-Jun-99
Aardvark Consumer Warning 1 04-Jun-99
What's the best Mastering software? 1 01-Jun-99
DSP effects on sound cards??? 1 01-Jun-99
keyboard + sound card = ? 2 31-May-99
Soundcard output 3 31-May-99
soundblaster live 2 29-May-99
pluggo 1 29-May-99
What are the best blank CDR/ CDRW's? 5 28-May-99
live mix to mp3 3 26-May-99
E-mu 8710 and Seer system Reality 1 17-May-99
Akai DR16 manual 1 06-May-99
Guillimot ISIS 5 05-May-99
pc users? 1 05-May-99
SB Live - Driver 1 04-May-99
Audio CD burning info? 3 01-May-99
DPS 12 & the Jaz drive 3 29-Apr-99
is S/PDIF considered "pro" , or do is AES/EBU the king? 5 28-Apr-99
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seprating lyric and music from song Anonymous 5 22-Apr-99
Speaking of DAT 3 21-Apr-99
DAT stuff 8 20-Apr-99
PCI vs ISA 3 20-Apr-99
MOTU 2408 8 18-Apr-99
Optical Output Audio Cards? 3 17-Apr-99
Akai DR-8 anyone? 1 08-Apr-99
1 07-Apr-99

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