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Pump: Kurzweil (326 of 589 total discussions)  RSS Starter Messages Last
K2000 sampling fotherm 3 25-Oct-10
WTB: Kurzweil PCR-1 ROM JNS 1 05-Apr-10
K2Vx mb 1 28-Sep-09
art of sound 1 05-Jul-09
Roland E16 user manual (Can do) cav2gzz 2 18-Jan-09
kurzweil pc1se kovsky 1 16-Jul-08
New K2600X available ? rohith 25 02-Jul-08
PC88 oriet 1 05-May-08
VA-1 Steveo 1 12-Apr-08
Help With Micro Piano and Midi Volume Jazzooo 1 25-Mar-08
Kurzweil PC2R sounds Aldon Norhaugen 2 13-Mar-08
Piano sounds mikel9 1 19-Nov-07
pc88 battery installation directions Charlievv 5 16-Nov-07
replace battery rogne 3 08-Sep-07
Kurzweil MidiBoard question jhavu 1 15-Aug-07
Can I update PX1000 with HX? greggs 5 31-Jul-07
Kurzweil soundware gore.steve 1 14-Jul-07
Looking for a Kurzweil K2000R manual, please. GMThomas 3 13-Jul-07
Note dropping on the 250 KeyBoarder250 1 20-May-07
rohith 2 08-May-07
pc88mx owners' guide, chips??? marsangel 1 10-Oct-06
kevinkeys 1 22-Sep-06
k2000-samplingoption sdp 1 20-Jul-06
K1000 manual needed 3 12-Apr-06
K250 repairs and parts William Sadler 3 04-Feb-06
K1000 battery installation directions themusicmaster 2 29-Jan-06
K2000R for £395, should I buy into a dream? Mr.Ron 19 19-Nov-05
Micro Ensemble dimasricchi 1 31-Oct-05
What happened to the Kurzwel VA ? Fivers 5 11-Oct-05
replace internal battery in w6nua 2 25-Sep-05
Distorted Reality 2 CD-ROM cowrind 1 09-Aug-05
VA-1? victor_bln 7 09-Aug-05
lookie CoolColJ 3 31-May-05
New keyboards CoolColJ 24 27-May-05
Kurzweil PC88mx selling. marcs 1 25-May-05
will someone help me please? quadrafuzz 5 05-May-05
Kurzweil PC2R Module - Comments? Neelix 1 06-Apr-05
K2000r, 2000rs, 2000vbdbd?? WHAT?! Icaros3 2 22-Mar-05
Mangler/Roumor optinone 6 16-Feb-05
HELP ME PLEASE. kappaterious 1 28-Jan-05
KSP8 monads 16 12-Sep-04
K2600 vs. EMU: questions for pro users shoshin 10 03-Aug-04
Kurzweil VA1 MP3 demo morten 13 22-Jul-04
Kurzweil K2600XS for sale elle nage 1 22-Apr-04
K2000 - Sibelius sdp 8 09-Apr-04
Just got a K2VX!!! headhunter 4 13-Mar-04
Sound List needed! tritonman 1 12-Mar-04
2500 for mangling samples?? ddeez 6 09-Mar-04
K2000 question victor_bln 3 27-Feb-04
XP80 vs K2600 - differences... FIZMO100 26 18-Jan-04
PC88 GM (VGM) expansion card latino 1 05-Dec-03
Saving Akai sounds? dx2 1 13-Nov-03
test birdbrain 1 14-Oct-03
wiring colour code for K2000 mains txformer codshead 2 09-Sep-03
k2000 sounddriver question retry suspekt 3 31-Aug-03
k2000 and Sibelius sdp 3 13-Jul-03
looking for a hard drive for a K2500S JD 2 05-Jul-03
finding schematic for k250 mercurymolasses2 2 30-Jun-03
kurzweil 1200 professional keyboard manual krista 1 18-Jun-03
kurzweil 1200 professional keyboard manual krista 0 18-Jun-03
REQUEST-amateur tyros fan sites???? fanoftyros 1 23-May-03
QUESTION-best machine Kurzweil or Tyros fanoftyros 1 23-May-03
Difference between K2000 and K2vx? headhunter 10 18-Apr-03
DMTI angeyoda 1 07-Apr-03
DMTI angeyoda 0 07-Apr-03
sampling option compatibility toad008 2 02-Apr-03
kurzweil k1200 pro sloam 1 18-Mar-03
K2000 and sounddriver suspekt 1 19-Feb-03
K250 db 1 29-Jan-03
European-Amercan powerchords sdp 3 09-Jan-03
K2600 Questions Lava 2 03-Nov-02
Darn k2000!! spulk100 4 24-Oct-02
Kurzweil press release on Rumour & Mangler Albert 16 15-Oct-02
kdfx - lexicon sdp 1 29-Sep-02
How to get ballsy Hammond out of PC2? Jeff Popplewell 1 24-Sep-02
Anyone try the PCR-1? Where did you get it? What do you think? dperry9 4 15-Sep-02
Does Kurzweil read Ensoniq? wasabi 4 05-Sep-02
KDFX V2 JB 1 05-Sep-02
No title boy1der 1 24-Aug-02
k2500 k2600 ^_^ 2 06-Aug-02
Sine Wave noformation 4 06-Aug-02
sampling option sdp 5 06-Aug-02
pc2x volodian 1 05-Aug-02
kdfx sdp 1 03-Aug-02
does kurzweil still stinks like before? selur grok 5 24-Jul-02
Kurzweil K1000SE upgrade question cap 4 17-Jul-02
Getting a Kurzweil! syd 9 04-Jul-02
What happened to the Sonic message board? JB 3 26-Jun-02
Why? dirtymike 5 20-Jun-02
k1000 trtalmet 1 19-Jun-02
K2500 PC software noformation 1 10-Jun-02
Is K2600 the best sampling workstation that youy can buy nickey pooh 5 06-Jun-02
Best Sampling CD particularily brushes and tabla lerner 1 03-Jun-02
New Micro Ensemble midiguru 1 27-May-02
New Micro Ensemble midiguru 0 27-May-02
No title nickey pooh 0 24-May-02
K2000 battery problems... help? CyC 5 22-May-02
XM-1 Expression mate? Is it worth it? synthmadness 1 10-May-02
Go back to factory defaults? 0hmyg0d 2 05-May-02
k2000 editors? slumberfud 6 01-May-02
hellow again selur grok 0 20-Apr-02
vast sdp 4 20-Apr-02
Kurzweil Midiboard roll call Yonny 1 12-Apr-02
Internal hard drive 0hmyg0d 7 11-Apr-02
Kurzweil Track Help ninonline 4 07-Apr-02
Please help me select a kurz... mr. rob 6 07-Apr-02
k2000 ram morgan 9 06-Mar-02
SP88x not storing controller settings billy_pty 4 04-Mar-02
using k2000r live D 4 01-Mar-02
This is why I hate Kurzweil... Lava 18 28-Feb-02
k2000 v3 as a controller soulone 1 26-Feb-02
Kurzweil PC2R zonk222 3 22-Feb-02
Kurzweil K1000; "Go get it" or "Stay away"?? MrWalker 2 03-Feb-02
Anyone want to trade some .krz discs??? I have 100+!!! E-mail me teardrop06 2 03-Feb-02
Kurz K2000 and the mac- a good combo? soundninja 10 25-Jan-02
K2600rs Question schism 8 25-Jan-02
Kurzweil K2000R dualworld 5 25-Jan-02
Kurzweil Ensemble Expander syd 1 17-Jan-02
kurzweil k2000 vs. Roland xp-50/60 vinny 6 15-Jan-02
Any of you have or use a Motion Sound KT80? rmcaracol 1 14-Dec-01
Help with 1200 Pro-I dscott11 8 12-Dec-01
Seeking Manual for K2000 jazzydred 2 20-Nov-01
is the K2600 for me? jpyyz 6 18-Nov-01
K2000R V3 SCSI problem Ales 1 18-Nov-01
k2600 filters sdp 1 18-Nov-01
k2600-kenton control freak sdp 1 14-Nov-01
kurzweil users sdp 1 09-Nov-01
kurzweil polyphony sdp 1 09-Nov-01
amplification sdp 1 09-Nov-01
K2000 V3: cant get sound to play soulone 5 08-Nov-01
techno sdp 1 08-Nov-01
Is the K2000R limiting compared to the new KX000s? Keys2001 8 31-Oct-01
Is the K2000R limiting compared to the new KX000s? Keys2001 0 26-Oct-01
Kurzweil topsimartin555 4 26-Oct-01
K2000V3 question ninonline 5 16-Oct-01
Kurweil PC88 squeeking cfarrell 1 03-Oct-01
No title boy1der 3 25-Sep-01
Another PC88 Question lifeprod 1 19-Sep-01
PC88 Midi Question lifeprod 1 19-Sep-01
k2000r midi question elmacaco 1 18-Sep-01
KDFX Users aeon 16 12-Sep-01
Does anyone use kurz for hip hop? anointed2 5 12-Sep-01
So how would I go about buying a new K2600 in the UK? JB 6 10-Sep-01
No title audioboy 2 06-Sep-01
is kurzweil going to be releasing any new synths any time soon? carl29 45 06-Sep-01
Anyone looking to trade Kurz sounds on diskettes? I have 150+!! teardrop06 1 01-Sep-01
kurzweil midi Anonymous 0 30-Aug-01
scsi question nationnon 3 29-Aug-01
KSP8 johnnie red 10 23-Aug-01
k2k setting I need to know societynon 3 07-Aug-01
No title Anonymous 0 06-Aug-01
k2000 handling of stereo voices? castol 3 30-Jul-01
88-key MIDI compatible digital synth Page67 1 28-Jul-01
kurzweil problems?:o\ 3001 15 25-Jul-01
128mb on a k2000??!?!?1 3001 7 19-Jul-01
Kurzweil SOUNDS - get em quick! subhuman 2 17-Jul-01
Output assignments societynon 4 17-Jul-01
brief description of v.a.s.t? peripatitis 25 13-Jul-01
test Anonymous 0 08-Jul-01
K2000 VP FX Question... pook187 4 28-Jun-01
k2000 scsi setup societynon 1 21-Jun-01
What if I want a sampling option? 3 20-Jun-01
sampling option 0 16-Jun-01
Granular synthesis on the K2000 - yes or no? 3 15-Jun-01
going to install more ram in k2000 9 14-Jun-01
Granular synthesis on the K2000 - yes or no? 0 10-Jun-01
Kurz k2600rs or Emu e4 platinum...? 7 01-Jun-01
PC2 series ROMS 1 25-May-01
My K2500 is Kill'n me. 13 23-May-01
activating arppegiator on k-2600 0 16-May-01
dx7 patch 2 09-May-01
drum rolls? 2 07-May-01
Kurzweil Vocoder 4 04-May-01
sequencing with a filter 27 30-Apr-01
No title 0 24-Apr-01
K2500 installation 3 23-Apr-01
Sounds on Sweetwater Server 3 20-Apr-01
does the original K2000 have interactive sequence arranging feature? 2 17-Apr-01
On the grape vine - bad news JB 23 13-Apr-01
I just can't get my K2000 to sync to an external source! 2 13-Apr-01
Help! K2000 Effects Function complete failure briangira 4 10-Apr-01
multi-delete? zorak 3 05-Apr-01
is the new kdfx manual out yet? 1 03-Apr-01
Roland XV-88 vs. Kurzweil PC2X or K2600XS wayplo 6 30-Mar-01
somebody send me sound files for krz 2000 acidjazz 1 30-Mar-01
Low output level on the K2500 ChemVein 2 26-Mar-01
ensoniq format on a kurzweil? hERETIC 1 22-Mar-01
direct comparison: A-90EX, PC2X(kurzweil),SGproX(korg),P-200(Yamaha) tastenhengst 1 21-Mar-01
EBM, industrial or Goa-sounds for the K2ooo? systemfehler66 4 20-Mar-01
KSP-8 at NAMM JB 27 20-Mar-01
need to download new operating system for pc-2. have a question. JohnG 2 16-Mar-01
how can i channge velocity in my k2000 acidjazz 3 16-Mar-01
extended vesion for K2000 manutd 3 14-Mar-01
K2000RVP dirtymike 4 28-Feb-01
rom cards tuesday 1 16-Feb-01
Leslie and kurzweil benner 4 13-Feb-01
What's the going rate on K2500 RAM? Wiggum 3 05-Feb-01
Patchman music sounds Rouzi 2 01-Feb-01
help me ,i want irc chanels too chat about k2000 acidjazz 1 23-Jan-01
K2000R - Problems with changing channels 3 21-Jan-01
send me programs for k2000 v3 acidjazz 1 17-Jan-01
K2000 and the Phat Boy 5 16-Jan-01
k2500 sneakysi 4 15-Jan-01
Two K2500 questions???? Just wondering 2 05-Jan-01
Problems with K2000 program changes 2 04-Jan-01
1000 series modules 2 29-Dec-00
upgrading ram on the k2000 12 20-Dec-00
Replace the K2k LCD?? 6 20-Dec-00
Transfering K2000 programs to a K2VXS 2 18-Dec-00
k2000 good for psychedelic trance? 26 18-Dec-00
Anyone heard Animator for the Kurzweil? 1 15-Dec-00
Kurzweil K2600 - 220V power supply to 110V 2 11-Dec-00
Kurzweil's semi weighted action keys 6 08-Dec-00
What are the differences of the K2500 and K2600? 2 04-Dec-00
Who has a Kurzweil SP76/SP88? 1 13-Nov-00
K2500 upgradable to K2600? 4 08-Nov-00
Kurzweil Mark 10 - Instructions for sequencer 3 07-Nov-00
pc2x? 6 27-Oct-00
Any fans of the K2xxx sequencer? 8 18-Oct-00
k2500vsk2600 7 11-Oct-00
Physical Modelling for K2xxx series 1 11-Oct-00
New ROM Boards 4 K2600?? 1 05-Oct-00
What do you guys think of the Kurzweil SP88 3 25-Sep-00
using kdfx for external processing not live mode 4 14-Sep-00
Kurzweil PC88 Manual & Tips 3 09-Sep-00
K1200 Pro76 help 1 07-Sep-00
So what's the deal on Kurzweil, crap, overpriced & unreliable, or misunderstood? 7 29-Aug-00
K2000 & Apple G4 & SCSI 1 15-Aug-00
K2000 opinions 17 15-Aug-00
k2000 P-RAM 3 03-Aug-00
old 1000SX String Expander repair in Boston 2 25-Jul-00
K2VXS vs K2600 8 24-Jul-00
New PC2 1 12-Jul-00
2500XS midi problem 3 07-Jul-00
k2000 programming question 2 06-Jul-00
k2 internal HD 5 29-Jun-00
Live Mode Question....... 3 29-Jun-00
New OS for K2500? (calling Kurzrep) 1 25-Jun-00
Bass Sample CDs 3 20-Jun-00
k2000rs manual? 2 30-May-00
K2600 Version 2 released 1 29-May-00
Is PRam option woth getting? 1 29-May-00
K2000 bolts? 1 27-May-00
how hard is it to install ram yourself 3 26-May-00
Anyone selling a 2500.........? 8 21-May-00
K2600 ... anything groundbreaking yet? 2 16-May-00
how often does your disk drive need to be replaced 8 16-May-00
Where can I find SP 76 audio demos on the Web? 1 09-May-00
k3000 a real machine? any info? 2 05-May-00
64 MB Upgrade of K2000VP 2 04-May-00
Bass 2000 3 02-May-00
DMTi 3 21-Apr-00
Uleashing the power of the K2000? 12 17-Apr-00
K2500 sample prob 2 14-Apr-00
Bank select problem with Cubase 1 14-Apr-00
does anyone else think the 'live mode' is about the most badass thing on the planet! 1 13-Apr-00
V.A.S.T. questions... 10 12-Apr-00
Kurtzweil K2000 vs Korg Trinity V3 16 06-Apr-00
k2000 rom1 chip & k2vx to k2000 factory software 2 03-Apr-00
trouble with live mode 2 02-Apr-00
I spent some time with a K2500 tonight... 88 25-Mar-00
PC2 Audio Demos available 1 14-Mar-00
A question for KurzRep... 2 04-Mar-00
whats the deal on the new k2600 OS ? 7 03-Mar-00
Ordering K2600 from overseas? 2 28-Feb-00
VAST query 7 22-Feb-00
New Kurzi products at NAMM 6 14-Feb-00
loading krz files into k2000 2 14-Feb-00
K2000 question 3 01-Feb-00
An apology 7 26-Jan-00
small joke at PC88 18 24-Jan-00
PC2 7 24-Jan-00
K2500 and Triton 6 20-Jan-00
How do you K2000 users deal with this...? 7 10-Jan-00
any kurz sequencer ideas 1 06-Jan-00
k2000vp for sale 1 06-Jan-00
PC88 dream 1 05-Jan-00
K2000VP Hardware Problems (?) 3 05-Jan-00
K2000 triggering 127 all the time 29 16-Dec-99
So why should I buy K-2600? 8 15-Dec-99
Info on SP76 15 13-Dec-99
The poor Kurzweil interface 15 03-Dec-99
Kuzweil continous controlers 3 02-Dec-99
Can't seem to get the Phat-Boy to work with my K2000... 2 24-Nov-99
...another gig, another PC88 failure 50 12-Nov-99
Digital Bacon 2 29-Oct-99
Kurzweil K1000 - operating instructions 2 25-Oct-99
K2600 30 08-Oct-99
Will the KDFX price change ? 4 07-Oct-99
my k2000 vp is running hot 3 05-Oct-99
K2000 sample help 6 29-Sep-99
places to have simms installed 2 29-Sep-99
Setting rates to midi clocks 2 10-Sep-99
Will there ever be a Kurzi MPC rival? 8 07-Sep-99
PC88 owners please read this... 1 17-Aug-99
Questions about SP88/76 6 16-Aug-99
1000PX screen is blank 20 04-Aug-99
New Products?? 67 28-Jul-99
Kurzweil 1000Px Plus 9 28-Jul-99
Kurzweill K1000 Mod Wheel Parts? 1 17-Jul-99
can k2000vp read newer akai samples? 2 12-Jul-99
K2500 sampling 4 08-Jul-99
1000 PX Plus Manual or equivalent needed 1 07-Jul-99
k150fs docs and software? 1 03-Jul-99
Editor/Librarian for K2000? 2 30-Jun-99
Any other games besides Pong? 2 25-Jun-99
ASTRA disks for Kurzweil K2-series 1 22-Jun-99
which kurzweil? 1 17-Jun-99
The Keyfax Phat.Boy and the K2000?? 6 15-Jun-99
How do I access the DSP algorithms in the sample editor? 5 07-Jun-99
k2000 Digital in/out 6 20-May-99
NEW OS ANNOUNCEMENT Anonymous 2 20-May-99
Is the K2000vp right for me? 34 17-May-99
My K2000VP didn't come with the 30-disk analog collection, where can I find them?? 6 14-May-99
should i but a k2000vp for 1000 bucks 3 13-May-99
saving samples as AIFF 3 09-May-99
PC88 and realtime control over Cakewalk 1 08-May-99
k250 opinions/schematics? 4 29-Apr-99
K2000/2500 wishlist Anonymous 59 29-Apr-99
Simulating an Arpeggiator with FUN's?? 4 26-Apr-99
K2000 Power Supply 12 25-Apr-99
K1000 models?? Anonymous 2 12-Apr-99
OS v. 2.88 2 07-Apr-99

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