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Pump: Cubase (413 of 670 total discussions)  RSS Starter Messages Last
Instrument definition files THE spike 1 29-Dec-09 retail discount brand sweater and wintercoat 1 04-Sep-09
cubase does not export my soundfonts zarrie 2 20-Jan-09
latency problems sdp 2 26-Nov-08
how to record mixermovements sdp 2 20-Jan-08
Recording automation in cubase nrugas 3 14-Jan-08
When Recording from the start! yotanka72 3 04-Dec-07
Cubase SX3 HOLD arpeggiator How to derocker 1 24-Nov-07
Mac G4 capacity Dr. Phex 1 30-Jul-07
importing a midi device mindofprizm 1 23-Jul-07
Help with Cubase 4 please! Dave T Rave 5 24-Jan-07
midi bank selection geoffb24 5 21-Oct-06
Sample rate problem? geoffb24 3 19-Oct-06
rokuez 1 20-Jun-06
Cubase Keyboard johncasey 2 04-Jun-06
cubase export problem glazed123 4 04-Jun-06
new PC that refuses the copy protection key Joost van Dijk 2 30-Sep-05
absynth with cubase celery stick 5 17-Aug-05
johnhughselleck 1 07-Jun-05
cubase gate sidechain? divykecks 9 26-May-05
complete list of cubase plugins xsxs 3 02-May-05
12th note quantize?? alexp 3 27-Mar-05
pdelay with cubasis and sx philmchugh258 2 27-Mar-05
Automation optinone 3 27-Mar-05
optinone 1 12-Feb-05
No Audio Activity.. HELP zombie13 2 28-Jan-05
cubase 2.0 crashes on record nationnon 3 23-Oct-04
patchfiles: for roland sh-32 and virus kc? hsk 2 29-Sep-04
Buy SX2 or wait for SX3????? Razzlesnaz 9 16-Sep-04
SX3 is coming.... Cerebral Infect 1 29-Aug-04
cubase sx or rm1x prob???? philmchugh258 8 03-Aug-04
vst fx? philmchugh258 1 03-Aug-04
Cubase requirements morley 10 02-Aug-04
The ol' drifteroo shattocks 4 26-Jul-04
shattocks 1 26-Jul-04
philmchugh258 1 07-Jun-04
Reason Or Cubase?? OR Cakewalk?? interdependence 9 27-May-04
Finally a Cubase SX 2 Upgrade ! Cerebral Infect 1 21-May-04
midi track not exporting with other tracks in file kitten24 2 15-Apr-04
lm7 kits Pidster 1 08-Apr-04
Master Cubase SX track Steveo 7 04-Apr-04
Cubas SX with Motu 2408 or Mbox spirit 1 16-Mar-04
Cubase SX, pitchshift question... xavier 1 01-Mar-04
anybody tried tracktion? sunli 4 20-Feb-04
note delay when playing VST instruments enyap0001 4 18-Feb-04
No title geribet 0 22-Dec-03
SX 2.0.1 With 4 Screens Kevin Bowden 1 22-Dec-03
qubase vst raptor 2 03-Dec-03
help with cubase sx sleeptight 2 28-Nov-03
Help with Installing Cubase on Mac teethpaste 5 25-Nov-03
Yet Another Cubase SX Problem! opaeque 2 04-Oct-03
Cubase SX 2.0 Cerebral Infect 0 25-Sep-03
Effects on VST instruments hedpeace 1 22-Sep-03
waveform moving????????????????? alexp 2 13-Sep-03
Stupid question Cubase SX Bubblejah 2 09-Sep-03
SX Midi Quantize Problem daviddecibel 5 07-Sep-03
midi help in cubase elektro 1 17-Aug-03
help with cubase sx and emu xk6 this one should actually have a message brianjdc 0 11-Aug-03
help with cubase sx and emu xk6 brianjdc 0 11-Aug-03
help with cubase sx and emu xk6 brianjdc 0 11-Aug-03
help with cubase sx and emu xk6 brianjdc 0 11-Aug-03
Copying parameter modulations snappar 1 31-Jul-03
Using Dr. Rhythm DR660 qekanem 1 21-Jul-03
using oxygen8 in cubase 5 elektro 3 19-Jul-03
what's the deal with steinberg? elektro 1 14-Jul-03
sibelius : kurzweil k2000 sdp 1 10-Jul-03
SL tempo problem chocky 1 10-Jul-03
Recording multiple midi track - SX Cerebral Infect 3 01-Jul-03
Latency correction?? Kens 1 30-Jun-03
Upgrades? (VST->SX) tlotoxl 1 30-Jun-03
i want very old cubase syntax 1 13-Jun-03
cubase 2.x inocybe 2 13-Jun-03
Another Cubase timing problem madnanba 1 09-Jun-03
Cubase midi timing divykecks 6 03-Jun-03
Cubase SX sync problem.... basicsystem 1 26-May-03
Bitta help here biglegomonster 1 12-May-03
Ensoniq Ts-12 or Yamaha DJX device files for Cubase SX? xango man 1 11-Apr-03
maybe we're stupid but... london 4 02-Apr-03
Sync with outboard gear? Kens 6 31-Mar-03
Building a new studio Mac or PC Karplus 1 29-Mar-03
Getting Started tgallagh 9 27-Mar-03
Cubase 2.1 manual? gn 4 18-Feb-03
vst plugins syntax 1 16-Feb-03
Cubase and Reason sensorium7 2 16-Feb-03
micro Q os update using cubase elektro 3 05-Feb-03 syntax 7 05-Feb-03
The easiest way to render VST synths into audio? Turilaslasturi 4 01-Feb-03
softsynth verboten69 0 27-Jan-03
vst system link? bloke 1 27-Jan-03
Cubase or Sonar XL juno0synth 8 22-Jan-03
Hubis Loopback graemegee 1 18-Jan-03
Cubase SL sound card synthpop 5 16-Jan-03
cubase vst/32 Bronze_c4 11 09-Jan-03
some vst plugins for pc syntax 7 03-Jan-03
"Global Disable" not working?! Hoisin 1 15-Dec-02
all topics Bronze_c4 0 04-Dec-02
Cubase routing tip j0e27 1 22-Nov-02
Cubase SX Noise when Recording Cerebral Infect 3 10-Nov-02
VST/32 5.0 tempo probs... larry_k 1 28-Oct-02
No title codysan 0 18-Oct-02
Can't open the 'audio system setup' sdp 1 10-Oct-02
VST instruments automation stacey douglas 1 04-Oct-02
Features: SCSI dump, Pro Tools? zilch 2 02-Oct-02
biased forum! birdbrain 2 23-Sep-02
automation with cubase 5.0 reedrichards 2 20-Sep-02
audio volumes and stuff log 3 10-Sep-02
Cubase SX being lame drifting_away 8 03-Sep-02
Velocity control snappar 3 26-Aug-02
FX returns? where are they!!?! [incize] 1 26-Aug-02
We want KONTAKT to HALion, EXS, and Gigastudio Users DanielR 1 23-Aug-02
Cubase vs Protools lite malignac 1 08-Aug-02
Cubase GOD will "answer any question" samplehappy 20 07-Aug-02
Win XP and Cubase SX optimization Cerebral Infect 2 06-Aug-02
Soundcard for Cubase Violator 10 24-Jul-02
Cubase - Save me from a breakdown!! DirkBigler 6 15-Jul-02
cubase asio problems reedrichards 1 14-Jul-02
What the f**k happened to logic [incize] 0 02-Jul-02
Special Offer for Cubase users arossa 2 11-Jun-02
Rec problems paddington 1 30-May-02
Control, how much do you have? optinone 13 28-May-02
Is this obvious?.. 0hmyg0d 2 27-May-02
Cubase SX and systen link wilco19 1 09-May-02
Multiple KB controllers optinone 3 05-May-02
Over my head? 0hmyg0d 1 05-May-02
can i........... peanut 1 23-Apr-02
Logic v. Cubase VST Score 5.0 0hmyg0d 1 18-Apr-02
General tips? Cubase VST5 w/ Midisport 8x8 campkoala 2 17-Apr-02
Cubase vs Cakewalk dirtymike 6 12-Apr-02
CUBASE VST DirkBigler 3 11-Apr-02
Cubase VST 24 Garland 1 10-Apr-02
Cubase 6.0 features? machinapathy 2 25-Mar-02
Help with Studiomodule dirtymike 1 19-Mar-02
Batch processing Opcode files? bluzgtr 1 18-Mar-02
Got VSTiHost Today! DrummerBoy 0 02-Mar-02
No title bluzgtr 2 28-Feb-02
M-Tron compatibility with VSTiHost DrummerBoy 1 28-Feb-02
Cheapo option DrummerBoy 7 25-Feb-02
Is Cubasis worth getting?.. xiombarg 7 22-Feb-02
Cubase Freeze on Startup (PLEASE HELP!) machinapathy 3 17-Feb-02
No title REALMETS 1 16-Feb-02
can you automate vst plug-ins sinewave 3 07-Feb-02
Cubase + Roland XP MIDI Sync Error lucenthorizon 3 05-Feb-02
missing a step in step mode griffin 1 02-Feb-02
Is cubase compatible with JV1010 Shaun 2 31-Jan-02
Cubase VSTi not responding beatdriver 4 26-Jan-02
About Recording :) N-Zyme 3 23-Jan-02
Cubase VST drivers avail. for XP? Oberday 2 22-Jan-02
need some cubase help new user 2 21-Jan-02
Cubase Mastertrack help Andrew 1 17-Jan-02
does cubasis VST (mac) support REX files? breakstyles 5 12-Jan-02
Does Cubase do anything? galaxis 8 09-Jan-02
Reason + Cubase problem skinnyjap 2 08-Jan-02
Does Cubase Do Swing? hippodrome 2 04-Jan-02
How do I control VSTi from an RMX? Room6 4 29-Dec-01
Cubase and swing/quantizing hippodrome 1 21-Dec-01
controlling cubase with O1v elamin 1 21-Dec-01
cubase with yamaha o1v elamin 0 21-Dec-01
Cubase as Multitimbral Module mable 3 19-Dec-01
Cubase/VST Virtual Memory Issue smity1333 1 13-Dec-01
No title mable 1 12-Dec-01
Does Cubase require a control synth to...? alternatronic 3 27-Nov-01
Cubasis Garland 2 21-Nov-01
Sound card compatability Silvertrees 2 19-Nov-01
i need some CUBASE help ... very bad... abstract polygon 17 19-Nov-01
No title jskanter 4 13-Nov-01
No title jskanter 0 12-Nov-01
Urgent Cubase VST Set Up Problem DirkBigler 4 11-Nov-01
can you use acid loops with cubase vst 5 rave808 1 11-Nov-01
rewiring indy rebirth drum and 303's in cubase sphrone 14 11-Nov-01
how different is cubase from logic?? 2de 3 10-Nov-01
seq Nord Lead and play notes on c VST sphrone 2 01-Nov-01
I need a hand please...:) apjs 4 27-Oct-01
Dear G-d(cubase)WAV file help,please renecoman 2 26-Oct-01
Where can I find instrument definition files for Cubase? Plastic Pulse 2 26-Oct-01
how would i go about recording knob movements? FlukeWurm 8 26-Oct-01
Triggering wav samples with midi in Cubase Jarobi 7 26-Oct-01
I need the hand of the Cubase God sphrone 8 26-Oct-01
Cubase Patterns DirkBigler 6 24-Oct-01
cubase volume snypr 3 23-Oct-01
multi-track WAV files renecoman 2 23-Oct-01
Basic MIDI question maniaco 1 21-Oct-01
Hey GOD, here's one for 'ya... Revtor 1 20-Oct-01
Can i build my own cubase console? delphini blue 3 19-Oct-01
Why do I have to keep switching drivers? aloe 3 13-Oct-01
Question: audio-recording in cubase cirspy 1 09-Oct-01
VST Score 0hmyg0d 1 08-Oct-01
recording software...HELP!!! heartleech 7 07-Oct-01
How Do I Record A VSTi Aww Yeah 1 26-Sep-01
VST instrument reviews? nubilee 7 16-Sep-01
Tempo Changes in Cubase .. 8 ....... 4 15-Sep-01
making your own vst effects slavinhauser 3 14-Sep-01
(How do I..?) Automation in Cubase (v3.7) tlotoxl 5 04-Sep-01
undo more tahn one step bloke 1 29-Aug-01
Notes not holding? mbeaudet 7 26-Aug-01
cubase + reason cpu and other.... bloke 2 22-Aug-01
Wait for note? arpmoog 1 22-Aug-01
Mixing/Effects Automation? tlotoxl 1 16-Aug-01
Midi managment :( adamjohn12 5 10-Aug-01
Latency issues??? adamjohn12 23 09-Aug-01
external effects --------HELP kektech 3 08-Aug-01
Displaying patches in Cubase Jarobi 6 08-Aug-01
cubase bank and program name displaying Coyyote 2 01-Aug-01
Can i send patches 2 my D-50 ? syseX kektech 1 31-Jul-01
New to computer!!! ellaguru 3 30-Jul-01
Cubase problems with Win2000 ElGranPoot 1 23-Jul-01
Cubase vs. Logic 4 20-Jul-01
X5D/Cubase 5/Soundblaster question Sacrifice 1 13-Jul-01
Where am I wrong? andrljuzibar 2 10-Jul-01
plugins speedygonzales7 4 08-Jul-01
Andromeda & cubase problem (help needed) jimmyb 1 02-Jul-01
whats a good pc interface to use? adamjohn12 2 28-Jun-01
where can I find cubase updates? + 1 23-Jun-01
Where can u download Cubase manual? Angus 1 22-Jun-01
cross fades in cubase? 1 11-Jun-01
Syncronizing 2 computers 2 10-Jun-01
CAN Someone PL:EASE Help ME???????????? 6 08-Jun-01
question about cubasis vst 5 08-Jun-01
How to use mixer maps?? 1 06-Jun-01
Midi controllers editting 1 04-Jun-01
Basic Cubase Mac Question 5 01-Jun-01
cubase "freezing" 4 24-May-01
Beginner question 1 23-May-01
Midex 8 vs. Akai Mpc 1 18-May-01
Linux IS the future!!!!!!! 2 17-May-01
CubaseVST32+APS 1.5 whats wrong?????? 2 08-May-01
Compatibility with Athlon 2 07-May-01
cubase audio performance settings 2 02-May-01
Cubase or Cakewalk, whats the big deal? 1 24-Apr-01
Windows ME problems? 1 23-Apr-01
need cubase3.7 1 20-Apr-01
Announcing a new forum for keyboards ! 1 18-Apr-01
Using Cubase on a laptop without a serial port 1 15-Apr-01
sblive,cubase and sf sets 1 14-Apr-01
No title 0 14-Apr-01
No Audio Recording 1 11-Apr-01
Audio Delay Problems SCRuss21 7 11-Apr-01
Cubase users please help! 1 10-Apr-01
cubase and rebirth 1 10-Apr-01
Problems recording MIDI Note one events VST32/v5 2 10-Apr-01
VST instruments latency when i record lejdhamre 2 04-Apr-01
More MIDI ?'s Anonymous 0 31-Mar-01
Getting MIDI Signal on Cubase SaLoan 1 29-Mar-01
live sequencing with cubase 2 28-Mar-01
steinberg producer vst32 Anonymous 0 27-Mar-01
Nuendo System normal 1 24-Mar-01
Upgrade problem payman 1 23-Mar-01
cubase and sound forge, and working together Untermensch 1 22-Mar-01
cubase/virtual instrument trouble machinapathy 4 22-Mar-01
what type of copy protection does VST 5.0 use??? satan-inc 7 21-Mar-01
Cubase VST questions abstract polygon 1 21-Mar-01
i should know this but i hate computers aloe 3 20-Mar-01
No title Anonymous 0 19-Mar-01
Two kinds of problems.. Gossi 1 15-Mar-01
HELP!!! tomylee 4 13-Mar-01
Step Record normal 6 12-Mar-01
Does TimeBandit support 24 bit? swordfish 1 05-Mar-01
Cubase 3.7 mixdown? firewire 4 02-Mar-01
Cubase vs. Cakewalk - Please, no holy war! mumeh 2 02-Mar-01
PLEASE HELP! abstract polygon 2 02-Mar-01
how does one... abstract polygon 3 01-Mar-01
Converting Cubase Waves to Mp3... aloe 5 27-Feb-01
Cubase VST MIDI clock problem Pioni 1 25-Feb-01
Korg X2 patchname script for VST 5.0 Tboyette 1 23-Feb-01
Step Record? normal 1 19-Feb-01
Can krelle 2 19-Feb-01
Cubase tech alex20 15 16-Feb-01
Cubasis VST "Upgrade" Steve B 1 14-Feb-01
Help! Midi thru not working! djparadigm 1 10-Feb-01
GRM tools... shuffle, combfilter and manipulation adama111 2 10-Feb-01
Akai CD 3000i sampling board??? grog 1 05-Feb-01
URGENT! Question re: Atari w/ Cubase staplesound 3 02-Feb-01
VST 5 vs. VST/32 cosmikfox 4 01-Feb-01
Cubase - MAC or PC? 2 30-Jan-01
laptop setup....please help trique 2 29-Jan-01
Stoops Mohajuwan 2 29-Jan-01
any good download sites???? grog 5 26-Jan-01
more then 8 tracks in cubase 4.1 machinapathy 4 24-Jan-01
I'm such a good friend! aloe 10 24-Jan-01
more track outbuts? thein 2 24-Jan-01
Cubase users alex20 14 23-Jan-01
please tell me the price off cubase 5.0.thanks acidjazz 3 17-Jan-01
Step sequencing in Cubase THC 2 12-Jan-01
help setting up midi vst/24 v3.7 3 07-Jan-01
upgrade 3 07-Jan-01
Cubase 5.0 and midi? 2 29-Dec-00
What's best for timing in a MIDI system? 1 27-Dec-00
midi loop? 4 27-Dec-00
Pentium 3's extra instruction set? 1 26-Dec-00
midi fx 2 20-Dec-00
Step Recording in VST 5.0??? 2 16-Dec-00
midi messages on cubase 2 16-Dec-00
Samplitude 1 08-Dec-00
I am in serious need of help. 6 05-Dec-00
why should I get Cubase? 2 04-Dec-00
why is Cubase so good? 5 01-Dec-00
Cubase 5 PC and Yamaha DB50 XG Daughterbooard. 1 01-Dec-00
Cubase output? 1 23-Nov-00
I know nothing of Cubase 3 23-Nov-00
How to use VST's Arpeggiator function?.. 3 15-Nov-00
IS Cubase for PC really just a dumb idea?? 7 14-Nov-00
Cubase VST ver 5 Midi timing - fixed. 2 04-Nov-00
HELP! PC VST 3.6 & MOTU 2408 PLEASE HELP! 1 02-Nov-00
How to setup Midi with Korg X3 and Cubasis Vst 1 29-Oct-00
How to setup Midi with Korg X3 and Cubasis VST 2 29-Oct-00
Anyone got Cubase VST/32 yet? 2 22-Oct-00
audio editor 2 18-Oct-00
Arpeggiator in Cubase?... 2 17-Oct-00
Cubasis VST -> Cubase VST 1 16-Oct-00
bad sound quality when recording in cubase 11 14-Oct-00
needing help when using cubase with rebirth 1 14-Oct-00
Version 5 Midi timing drift 6 11-Oct-00
Audio volume level help? 5 09-Oct-00
Cubase in "media production" 1 04-Oct-00
Cubase VS. Logic 1 04-Oct-00
crack for cubase 5.0 demo 2 02-Oct-00
Arpeggiator in Cubase VST? 5 02-Oct-00
3 29-Sep-00
Cubase and Cool Edit Pro... 2 25-Sep-00
Cubase performance with AMD Athlon Chip? 4 12-Sep-00
Cubase for beginners resources? 1 12-Sep-00
Low latency audio for Cubase 3.7 PC 2 12-Sep-00
double display in cubase 1 04-Sep-00
me vs cubase, the new 'nam 7 01-Sep-00
Cubase Mac to PC 4 31-Aug-00
ReCycle and Groove Quantize 3 18-Aug-00
am i doing something wrong? 15 17-Aug-00
How do I finish . . . 6 17-Aug-00
Cubase Sync 1 09-Aug-00
whats the phrase sequencer thing for in cubase vst 6 08-Aug-00
Will there be a "free" upgrade? 5 27-Jul-00
multi-track midi lag 3 24-Jul-00
When importing audio files into Cubase..... 3 16-Jul-00
MPC or Cubase 5 29-Jun-00
Midi stress! 2 25-Jun-00
Cubase AV 2 25-Jun-00
I'm new to Cubase- How do I step sequence? 14 13-Jun-00
mac usb midi 5 09-Jun-00
VST24(Mac) bugs ironed out yet? 3 25-May-00
Cubase 3.0 won`t sync to MTC - help! 1 24-May-00
new soundcard prob with ASIO (Gina & SB PCI 128) 1 23-May-00
Download to MP3 2 09-May-00
Cubase Loading Problem 5 04-May-00
Virtual Instruments 17 01-May-00
HELP!! I'm Confused! 5 01-May-00
2.01 1 28-Apr-00
Cubase 1.0? 2 20-Apr-00
Cubase updates for Mac & PC 1 20-Apr-00
Cubase 3.5VST +AudiomediaII sound problem 1 09-Apr-00
Bank select problems with Kurzweil PC88mx 1 05-Apr-00
NO PRO TOOLS??? 3 05-Apr-00
Copy protection key problems 2 04-Apr-00
What audio card to buy for VST instruments 1 23-Mar-00
Setting up Cubase VST 4.1 with the Korg M1 1 23-Feb-00
Sample sync reference or DMA blocks? 4 13-Feb-00
general Cubase help needed 3 10-Feb-00
syncing problem-help 8 09-Feb-00
Openning 3.05 songs in VST24 2 09-Feb-00
Help with Cubase setup 2 24-Jan-00
Cubasis VST 1 22-Jan-00
Custom patch listings? 1 21-Jan-00
Midi Clock 7 13-Jan-00
USB support for Cubase? 2 01-Jan-00
newbie help 2 24-Dec-99
Midi Echos 2 24-Dec-99
Synching MIDI across TCP/IP 1 23-Dec-99
syncing mmt8 with cubase 1 14-Dec-99
Midi File Dump 1 12-Dec-99
Syncing TR-727 to Cubase 4 09-Dec-99
Cubase monophonic instruments 1 08-Dec-99
Recording plug in parameters in real time 1 08-Dec-99
studio module for korg z1 1 26-Nov-99
Wanted: VST Manual in *.pdf 2 20-Nov-99
Got a little problem. 2 12-Nov-99
korg1212 2 08-Nov-99
Cubasis, XP80, G4??? 3 03-Nov-99
problems installing vst 3.7 on win98 3 21-Oct-99
where to get software 6 04-Oct-99
Roland XP-30 studio module driver for Cubase VST?? 1 04-Oct-99
Problems with receiving midi 3 14-Sep-99
MROS 6 13-Sep-99
atari st users? 3 28-Aug-99
cubase on Win NT 4.0? 2 24-Aug-99
No MIDI in Cubasis 4 19-Aug-99
Old Atari files 10 16-Aug-99
Continuous Controller Data 1 12-Aug-99
Terrible VST performance with a PII300Mhz and 64 megs ram!!! HELP! 2 05-Aug-99
PC w/Cubase 10 29-Jul-99
cwu 1 22-Jul-99
Cubase VST 24 vs the Roland 1680 3 13-Jul-99
Does anyone know a good way to teach yourself Cubase? 9 12-Jul-99
help with midi mixer please 3 09-Jul-99
synchronization with cubase 3 09-Jul-99
Waldorf D Pole 1 26-Jun-99
Velocity questions 1 21-Jun-99
Tempo changes? 2 17-Jun-99
Newbie woes 3 10-Jun-99
More newbie, questions 7 10-Jun-99
4.0 8 02-Jun-99
Midi through problems 5 31-May-99
Why won't mixermap work with my Alpha2? 1 29-May-99
PLUGGO - 74 new VST plug-ins.. 1 29-May-99
VST 24 and the MOTU 2408 problems 2 04-May-99
Cubase midi problem 5 01-May-99
Rebirth or Afterbirth - Which Is Best? 6 26-Apr-99
Midi instability problems 1 13-Apr-99
Problems using Sound Forge to edit wave files in VST/24.... 1 03-Apr-99
Real-time control knobs for VST Anonymous 1 03-Apr-99
Celeron or Pentium? 1 02-Apr-99
Cubase-Audiomedia 3+Ultra2 SCSI drives 1 01-Apr-99

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Cubase Mac to PC 4 31-Aug-00
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